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The Evil Woman

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The Evil Woman - Page Text Content

S: The Evil Woman

BC: Beware of the evils that can haunt you my friend..... There are many spooky things that await you inside!

FC: The Evil Woman | BY:Natalie N. Garcia Mr.Flores 4th period

1: To all of my dedicated, hard-working, and not to mention amazing teachers. Also to my friends and family, you're the best! | Page 1

2: Once there lived a lonely, wicked woman in an old house. | The only thing she had was a magical box. | Page 2

3: With the box, she would bring ghost back from the dead and put spooky spells around the house. | Page 3

4: The poor lady wasn't cared for, which was why she was so evil. | Page 4

5: She passed away, but no one knew about it! | A traveler came and saw that the house was empty, but soon noticed the evil woman. | Page 5

6: With the help from his fellow friends, he buried her in the basement of her home. | Page 6

7: However, not one person knew about her haunting, no good spell she cast on the house. | Which said: "Anyone who dares to live in this house will quickly get old and pass away." | Page 7

8: "Vroom!" the car roared on the drive way of the house. | Page 8

9: "What about this house?" the house seller told the family. | "It has a nice ocean view in the backyard" she added. | Page 9

10: As their parents looked at the house, Margaret and Dan wandered off. | Page 10

11: They found a door that lead to the basement.... | As they opened the creaking door, they started to feel cold as a mysterious voice called, "What do you want?!" | Page 11

12: Page 12 | The children wanted to turn the lights on, but they didn't work. | They left the door opened as they walked down into the basement.

13: Page 13 | The children saw a glowing box. They opened it and found a beautiful book......

14: Page 14 | The name of Elizabeth Judith Edwards was on it | Property of: Elizabeth Judith Edwards

15: Page 15 | Their parents called them with excitement and they rushed back.

16: "We have a surprise for you," they said spiritedly. | Page 16

17: "We're buying the house!" | Everyone cheered up except for Margaret. | Page 17

18: Page 18 | The first night, Margaret couldn't sleep because of the monstrous noises. | She got up to see what it was, but saw a ghost passing her way.

19: Page 19 | With her screaming, she woke her family up.

20: Page 20 | "Margaret, what's wrong?" her mother yawned. | "I just saw a ghost!!" she exclaimed.

21: Page 21 | "That's not true Margaret," Dan interrupted, "just go back to sleep."

22: "But I'm not...ughh!'' Margaret knew no one would listen. | She went to her room and fell back to sleep. | Page 22

23: Page 23 | It was early in the morning, before a warm house party, and Margaret wanted to search.

24: Page 24 | With Dan by her side, she called the house-seller. | They asked who the first person to live in the house was.....

25: Page 25 | and heard the name of Elizabeth Judith Edwards. | "Hey, wasn't that the name on the box?'' Dan asked.

26: Page 26 | "Hey, wasn't this the name on the box?" Dan asked. | "Yes.."Margaret replied. The house-seller told them that the lady wasn't a respectful person, she was mean.

27: Page 27 | Dan, who was brave said,''Let's go get the box!" | "I don't know Dan,just living here is giving me the chills!" Margaret shuddered,'But if we want to get the 411 about this house, we need to get it!"

28: Page 28 | Off they sneaked into the cold basement. | "It's those voices again!" Dan cried.

29: Page 29 | They quickly ran to the box, but it wouldn't move. The box sinked into the ground. | With their hands, they dug it up. Got it!

30: Page 30 | Both zoomed to the door, but it shut closed! | Not to worry though, they found a way.

31: Page 31 | Dan got out first with the box, but when Margaret tried to go,it shut closed again. | Poor Margaret had to stay in the cold, eerie dark.

32: Page 32 | Dan opened the door and tried searching for Margaret. Margaret saw the light and scurried to the door like a mouse.

33: Page 33 | She bumped into Dan without knowing. Terrified, both shot to the door.

34: Page 34

35: They slammed the door shut,but heard something tremble on the other side of the door. | Slowly, they opened the door again and saw two scary skeletons come out! | "AAAAAHHHH!!!!" they both shrieked. | Page 35 | . | .

36: With the screaming, Dan and Margaret woke their parents up. | "What happened?" their parents exclaimed. | Page 36

37: "Margaret is right, what she said is true!I want to leave this house, now!" Dan screamed. | "Me too!" Margaret added. | Page 37

38: "I'm so sorry you're upset children," mother said, "but we are still having a party, no matter what." | Sadly, Margaret and Dan went back to researching. | Page 38

39: They opened the box and found a book. | It was covered with gold and was filled with cursive writing inside. | Page 39

40: The book looked so safe, even with a ton of spells inside it, but it was so evil!! | "Dan let's go get supplies for the party." his parents said suddenly. Dan left with his parents. | Page 40

41: After being alone with the haunted house, Margaret was relieved when her brother and parents came back with the supplies for the party. | Page 41

42: Together, they made just about everything you see in a party. | The party begun ad their were pouring in to see the new house. Margaret and Dan got the book out to show it to their cousins. | Page 42

43: They tried to explain what was happening at their house, but the pages on the book started turning. | When the pages stopped, it landed on a spell that said, "Reverse the Curse." | Page 43

44: All of them stared at the book with confusion. Their cousins left to let Margaret and Dan think. | "Why would the evil lady want to reverse the house's curse?'' Dan questioned. | Page 44

45: "I have no idea." said Margaret. | Margaret's head was going 1000 miles per hour trying to get a clue. | Page 45

46: "Maybe it's not her, maybe it's someone else, the skeletons in the closet!" Margaret said | "They are trying to get us to reverse the house's curse so we can live!" Dan added. | Page 46

47: By now the party was ending and Dan had to get the little gift baskets they made. | Dan went up the stairs and to his parents room, where the baskets were hidden. | Page 47

48: As he went up, he felt a little tug on his shirt. He was a bit frightened but he went up to get the gifts. | When he came back down, he was pushed a some baskets fell to the floor. | Page 48

49: He knew it was the evil woman that pushed him, so he hurried down the steps. | Page 49

50: The party was over and it was night again. "Come on kids, let's go inside." their father said. | They tried to go inside but the door was locked. | Page 50

51: Clouds started to form, waves from the nearby ocean started to rise, tree branches danced through the high winds, windows slammed on the house, and thunder boomed every second. | Page 51

52: It was a war between the old lady and the humble family. | Margaret ran to the tree where she left the book and got it. Together, the family held hands to recite the reversing spell. | Page 52

53: They said it loud and clear. Abahoodoo Calibri | Page 53

54: The war, woman, and all evil was removed from the house forever. | From all that hard work, the family felt tired and went asleep under the tree. | Page 54

55: When they awoke, they found a peaceful, quiet home. | They saw the two skeletons turn into angel and fly away before their eyes. | Page 55

56: Lastly, for Miss Elizabeth Judith Edwards, may she rest in peace. | Page 56

57: THE END | Page 57

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