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The Gatsby Exculisve

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S: By: Nichol Bizjak, Katelyn Stiles, Twavion Graham, Josh Lingerfeldt

BC: Url's: http://www.forbes.com/2010/04/13/great-gatsby-bio-opinions-fictional-15-10-fitzgerald.html\\Groups_BCHS336_HS_Students\\948264&CE=0 http://www.sensesofcinema.com/2009/52/nicks-i-nicks-eye-why-they-couldnt-film-gatsby/ | The End Nichol Bizjak Katelyn Stiles Twavion Graham Josh LIngerfeldt

FC: The Gatsby Exclusive

1: New York City's Millionaire By: Katelyn Stiles | Jay Gatsby is one of the wealthiest men in Long Island, New York during the 1920's. Gatsby is in love with a married woman named Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy have a secret love for one another that no one will experience. You never know much about Gatsby which makes him mysterious.

2: Interview with the murderer: Mr. Wilson By: Nichol Bizjak NB: How did you feel about your wife and suspecting that she was having an affair? Mr. Wilson: I had some suspicions, but I didn't have any proof, so throughout our marriage I tried to snoop around and catch her red handed, but I never got the evidence. NB: Did you ever find out who Myrtle was cheating with? And if you did who was it? Mr. Wilson: I never did figure out who Myrtle was cheating with but I had a suspicion that it was Gatsby because she was always going over to his house for parties and it didn't help that when Gatsby's car was outside of the shop she ran out there to him. NB: Mr. Wilson can you justify your actions when you killed Gatsby? Mr. Wilson: All I can say is that he killed my wife and I wanted revenge.

3: NB: What was going through your head when you were on your way to Gatsby's house? Mr. Wilson: I really wasn't thinking, like I said, I wanted revenge and it was Gatsby's car that hit my wife and I wanted him dead for putting me through so much pain. NB: I know you were severely disturbed by your wifes death, did you think that killing somebody would make it all better? Did you think that Myrtle was going to come back once you got your revenge? Mr. Wilson: I thought that getting revenge would make me feel like I got some source of justice, but it didn't help matters much. NB: Well Mr. Wilson I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me, I really do appreciate it. Mr. Wilson: Well your quite welcome, thank you for having me.

6: Advice Column By: Twavion Graham | Dear Egg-Answers, My name is Jay Gatsby and I was wanting to know what I should do if I was in the car with someone when they hit another person, hypothetically speaking? What do you think I should do? Answer: Well Jay Gatsby, I think you should tell that person to turn their selves in the police and I would not try to be a hero and take the fall, like most people do.

7: Dear Egg-Answer, Hi, my name is Daisy. I live on East Egg with my husband Tom. I have a little problem, you can say. I am sort of in love with another man and his in love with me, but here is the thing, my husband knows about the whole situation. What should I do about this because I am scared? Answer: Well, Daisy I think that you should find if you want to be with your husband or this man and then go from there.

8: Obituaries By: Nichol Bizjak | Jay Gatsby Died: 1922 Jay Gatsby was murdered at his home in the fall of 1922. Gatsby was a well respected man in the state of NewYork. He had many friends and threw extravagant parties on a weekly basis. Jay never married an has no kids or grandchildren. There will be a closed casket ceremony at Gatsby residence.

9: Myrtle Wilson Died: 1922 Myrtle Wilson was hit by a passing car in the middle of the night. She died instantly. Myrtle was married to her husband Greorge Wilson, they do not have any kids or grandchildren. There will be no memorial service for Myrtle. | George Wilson Died: 1922 George Wilson committed suicide at Jay Gatsby's home in the fall of 1922. Wilson worked and owned an auto shop that he ran with his now deceased wife, Myrtle Wilson. George was a loving husband with no children or grandchildren. There will be no memorial service for Wilson.

12: Want to have a good time tonight? Come to Jay Gatsby's | By: Katelyn Stiles

13: Come take a bite out of the big apple today!

14: Letter to the Editor By: Twavion Graham | Dear Editor, In the book The Great Gatsby, why is Tom so okay with Daisy being in love with Gatsby. Don’t you think that Tom should at least be a little mad? I know I would because if my wife was in love with another man instead of me I would try to kill that man. I can’t see how anyone would be just okay with their spouse being in love with someone else unless you have someone you’re in love with also.

15: Then, I would be okay with it. I believe he is seeing someone else but she doesn’t know. Well, I think that he should show more emotion. Sincerely, Twavion Graham

16: F. Scott Fitzgerald By: Katelyn Stiles | F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, and died December 21, 1940. He was an exceptional author and artist during the twenties. Fitzgerald went to Princeton University in 1913 where he worked on the magazine at the university.

17: Some interesting facts about Fitzgerald were that during the last three years of his life he worked as a scriptwriter in Hollywood. Even though he had a lot of success, he was still in debt. He also moved to Hollywood alone in 1937 where he had a six month screenwriting contract worth a thousand dollars a week. Right after Fitzgerald was discharged from the army in February of 1919, he went to live with his parents back home. F. Scott Fitzgerald did not win many awards. In fact, he didn’t even win an award for The Great Gatsby. He never won a Pulitzer Prize award, but he did win a Peabody award.

18: Book Review: By: Nichol Bizjak The Great Gatsby was written in the 1920's by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book deserves three stars. The Great Gatsby did not have has as much as action as I was expecting. Nothing in the book really fell into place until the very end. I did not stay interested in The Great Gatsby. The characters were realistic but the situations they were in were not very realistic. In The Great Gatsby there is murder, lying, cheating, and jealousy. The setting is in the early 1920's in New York City where the great Gatsby throws extravagent parties every week if not every night. Gatsby is secretly in love with Tom's wife Daisy. Gatsby has been in love with Daisy from the beginning of the book. Nick is new in the city and doesn't have any close friends except for Daisy. As Nick gets more comfortable in his new home, he notices some strange things going on with Gatsby.

19: Gatsby past is never revealed which makes the book more interesting to read. While Nick is getting closer to Gatsby, mysterious things start happening. As the secret affairs start to unfold, there is a murder that needs to be solved.

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