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The Great Gatsby

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S: The Great Gatsby

BC: The Great Gatsby

FC: The Great Gatsby By T.J. Miller

1: Main Characters | Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, and Jordan Baker

2: Daisy Buchanan | Daisy Buchanan is Married to Tom Buchanan and lives in East Egg. She used to date Jay Gatsby and is also a cousin to Nick. She likes money and possessions and it is part of the reason she married Tom. She also knows how to act rich and high-class. She is very romantic and tries to act happy with her life even though she is truly not.

3: Dear Journal, Earlier today Nick invited me over to his house to have tea. Of course i said yes but he told me to not bring Tom. Later, when I got to his house I was met by an unexpected surprise. My old boy friend was there named Jay Gatsby. I couldn't believe it and at first he was very shy and acted like a little boy, but later, when the sun came out, he became very enjoyable. He then invited me over to his house to see it. His house was beautiful and I loved every part of it. Overall, it was great re-uniting with an old friend.

4: Jay Gatsby has been living in West Egg for five years and purposefully moved their to be close to Daisy. He is still very much in love with Daisy Buchanan even though she is married to Tom. Jay Gatsby tries to continually impress Daisy by having big parties and buying fancy cars, clothes, and other possessions. Almost everything Gatsby does somehow correlates to getting Daisy's attention. | "He is just a man named Gatsby."

5: Jay Gatsby | Jay Gatsby is the next door neighbor of Nick living in West Egg. He knows Jordan Baker from when he was dating Daisy. He throws massive parties at his house just to impress Daisy and to see if she will come to one. Even though he has major parties, Jay Gatsby is anti-social and is also reserved. No one knows who he really is and how he became so rich. Gatsby also fought in World War I and is highly decorated with medals of valor while fighting. Jay Gatsby is also very shady. He continuously seems to say he is from different places and says he inherited his money. We learn later on that Gatsby was involved in counterfeit stock marketing and that's is where we got his wealth.

6: Nick Carraway | Nick Carraway is the narrator in the book The Great Gatsby. He is next door neighbor to Jay Gatsby living in West Egg and is also a cousin of Daisy's. He works as a stock broker and studied at Yale where he met Tom. He is not very honest even though he thinks that he is and is also easily manipulated. He starts to date Jordan Baker in the book and he seems to be romantic. He also does not like rich people very much because of how shallow he thinks they are. Nick becomes a friend of Gatsby's and is one of the few to attend his funeral.

7: Nick Carraway thinks of himself as, "one of the few honest people he knows."

8: Tom Buchanan | Tom and Daisy

9: Tom Buchanan is married to Daisy Buchanan and they both live in East Egg. Tom went to Yale where he met Nick, Daisy's Cousin. He played football there and he also plays polo. His parents were very rich and he inherited their wealth when they died. Tom's personality is very different from other characters in the book. he is violent and extremely egotistic. He is also dimwitted and racist toward African Americans. Tom is also rude, sort of a alcoholic, and many people do not like him. He is used to getting what he wants and tries to find fulfillment in possessions and relationships. Tom is also having an affair with Myrtle Wilson and does not very good at hiding it. He doesn't care if his actions will hurt other people and we learn that it is possible that Tom has had multiple affairs. | "Wreck, good, Wilson will have a Little Business."

10: Jordan Baker | Jordan talking to Nick.

11: Jordan Baker is a Professional Golfer and throughout the story is dating Nick Carraway. She does not live in either West Egg or East Egg, but is staying at one of her family's houses in New York. She is Daisy's best friend and has known her since the teenage years. She knows about Tom's affair and tries to set up Daisy with Jay Gatsby. She dates stupid men so she can take advantage of them. Jordan is very crafty but she is also careless. We also learn that she is a lier, and at the end, she and Nick break up.

12: Tom Buchanan's Journal Entry. | Dear Journal, Today Myrtle Wilson was hit and killed by Gatsby's yellow car. When I came to where she had been hit I didn't think that it was going to be a bad wreck, but as a stopped and got out of the car I could see a large group of people. I went to see what they were looking at and it was Myrtle's body. I was angry that someone would hit her and then drive off. I couldn't believe it and I went straight to George to ask him what color the car was. He said it was yellow and it looked like the one I was driving. At that I left to go home to talk to Daisy about what had happened. When I asked her what had happened, she told me they had hit her but decided not to stop. When she told me this I grew furious at Gatsby for killing Myrtle and cheating on my wife. I can't believe that my love life is over with Myrtle. For now I will just have to stick with Daisy.

13: Nick Carraway's Journal Entry. | Dear Journal, Today my friend Jay Gatsby was shot by George Wilson. George thought that it was Gatsby who was having and affair with his wife and was the one who purposefully killed her. George then decided to shoot Gatsby and then kill himself. Jay was swimming in the pool when I heard the shots. Luckily, it did not kill him but he is hurting very badly and the doctor says he will not make it. I keep trying to find some of Gatsby's friends so they can come say goodbye to him and help me with the plans for the funeral, but no one seems to be home or around. Right now it is just me and Gatsby and I am trying to do everything I can for him. I wish Daisy was here to give him some comfort. I feel bad for him.

14: Six Symbols from The Great Gatsby | The Color White: In The Great Gatsby, White is worn by the rich and the wealthy. White represents purity, power, divinity, and innocence. The rich wear white to make them look like they're the best, most powerful, and perfect. | The Color Green: The color green in the book is from Daisy's lantern at her pier. Green represents money and East Egg. The color green also stands for desire and jealousy because Gatsby wants Daisy but Tom has is married to her. | The Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg: The eyes of Dr. Eckleberg are constantly watching over the people of the Ash Heap. George says they are almost like God is watching over every move you make. They represent the rich no longer living there and no longer caring about them.

15: The Ash Heap: The Ash Heap emphasizes the class differences of the rich and the poor. The Wilson's live here the people who live her are seen as nothing and no one living there is content to be there. They all want to get out of the Ash Heap but they cannot. The rich ignore that they exist. | East Egg vs. West Egg: East Egg represents old money and the people that live there are very proper. The people living there know how to act rich and like to show it. West Egg is old money and the people that live there are the ones who just got rich. They get their wealth from the stock market and fossil fuels. West Egg is wild and they throw crazy and wild parties. They spend a lot of money on possessions and cars. They like to show off their wealth and let people know they have money. | The color Yellow: In The Great Gatsby the color yellow is a indicator and representing pride. Also, it represents a wealthy status and in a negative way represents selfishness. Overall, yellow in the book is seen as a bad thing.

16: Woman Killed by Car, Driver No Where to be Found Last night Myrtle Wilson was hit by a yellow luxury car and killed. On-lookers saw the woman run out into the street toward the car when the car struck her. The driver did not stop but instead continued to keep going. Husband George Wilson is wanting anyone who sees an expensive, yellow car to call his mechanic shop. As of now, police are opening up a search for the driver. Please notify the police if any leads to the murderer are discovered. NY Times

17: Jay Gatsby Murdered at His Home by Killer George Wilson Today alleged killer George Wilson went to Gatsby's home where he shot the millionaire while swimming in his pool. After shooting Jay Gatsby George Wilson killed himself not far from the Gatsby Mansion. Just yesterday George Wilson's wife was killed by a motor vehicle whose driver did not stop after hitting her head on. George Wilson found out about Gatsby's yellow car and believed he was the one who had hit and killed his wife. George decided to take matters into his own hands and decided to murder Gatsby. Right now Gatsby is in critical condition inside his home. NY Times

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