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The Midnight Massacre

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S: The Midnight Massacre

BC: Two friends decide to have a Halloween party in an old, abandoned house. But, they have to miss a soccer tournament in order to get it ready. Will they be able to face the consequences, or will their friends pay for it with their lives?

FC: The Midnight Massacre | By Jaci Reinbold

1: Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

2: "Hey, Jo!" Sam walked up to her friend. "Where do you want to have our annual Halloween party?" "Hmmm," Jo thought for a moment. Then, with a toss of her blonde head, she snapped her fingers. "I got it! How about that old abandoned house across the street from your house?" Sam's eyes lit up. "Great idea!" Then she frowned. "But, wouldn't that be trespassing?" "Nah. Nobody's lived there in years." Sam still looked doubtful, but she gave in. "Okay.When do you have time to decorate it? We're hosting the party on Friday." Jo hesitated. "Only tonight. Tomorrow I'm visiting my grandparents and Friday we have that soccer tournament." "Shoot," said Sam. "I'm busy tonight. When will we have time to decorate?" "I guess we could do it on Friday afternoon..." "But we have our soccer tournament!" exclaimed Sam. "We can skip that. It's not like we'll win anyway. And when else will we get to go and do it?" "Yeah..." said Sam. She was persuaded, but still reluctant. "Wait - do you remember what happened last time someone skipped the tournament? Coach threw his frozen water bottle at that girl's head and gave her a concussion!" Jo was not fazed. "He's taking anger management classes now," she said smoothly. "He won't do anything crazy..."

3: "If you say so." Sam looked at her watch. "Oh, hey! I have to go. Meet me at the haunted house on Friday at one o'clock sharp!" "It's not haunted..." said Jo. "How do you know?" retorted Sam.

4: Sam paced nervously in front of the dark, gloomy house. It was Friday at 1:15. Jo was late. Sam brushed her dark hair away from her face. Beads of sweat were forming to her forehead. The house creeped her out. A lot. It wasn't as bad in the day time, but at night, it was horrifying. The peeling paint was gray, and the shingles were cracked and crooked. Tattered white curtains hung in the windows, which were broken and dirty. The shutters were lopsided and some windows were missing them. The wrap-around porch was in bad repair. The nails were all jutting out at different angles. She could only imagine what the inside looked like. The landscaping was just as bad as the house. Brown bushes surrounded it and the lawn and backyard was dotted with gnarled, leafless trees. The lack of lawn-care gave the house a deserted air.

5: A car horn honked. Sam turned around and Jo was getting out of the car. "Sorry I'm late," said Jo breathlessly. "Coach almost caught me, so I had to give him the slip." "What did you tell him?" asked Sam curiously. "I told him I was going to the school nurse because my head hurt." "Oh." Sam looked back at the house. "I guess we should get started." Jo nodded. "I told Bob, Devon, and Charlie to meet us here to help. "Good idea." So the girls made their way up to the house, bookbags full of streamers and balloons. They carefully stepped onto the rickety porch. Jo extended her hand and turned the door knob. With a long, wailing squeak, the door flung open. Cautiously, the girls stepped inside. It was a pitiful sight. A battered carpet lay before them. Spindly stairs led to the upper level. Crooked picture frames hung on the walls. Spiders and cobwebs were in every corner, nook, and cranny. Everything was covered in an inch of dust. Slowly, the girls turned their faces toward eachother. "This party is going to be awesome," they said simultaneously and grinned. So they got to work. Sweeping and dusting, mopping and cleaning. "We could get jobs as housekeepers," Sam said. "Yeah," agreed Jo. "It'd look good on our resumes."

6: Pretty soon, Bob, Devon and Charlie showed up. They each brought their fair share of decor and started helping Sam and Jo clean. When the house got as clean as it was going to get, (and as clean as they were willing to make it,) the fun part began. The five kids hung orange and black streamers on the ceiling and decorated the walls with cardboard cut-outs of tombstones and ghosts. About halfway through the decorating process, Bob left to go and use the bathroom. Everyone else continued to embellish the house with spooky decorations. The house was pretty scary already, so they didn't need to put up too much more stuff. Suddenly, Devon asked, "Where's Bob? He left over an hour ago..." "That's strange," said Jo. "He should be back by now."

7: Devon nodded, concerned. "I'm going to go look for him," she decided and went off to search for Bob. But she didn't come back either. "Maybe they met up and went to go and get a snack or something," suggested Jo. "Probably," said Sam. Charlie nodded in agreement. Soon it was time for the party to start. People began arriving in groups of twos and threes, paying compliments to their two hosts, Jo and Sam. Charlie met up with a few of his friends and they went over to the snack table. "Hey Jo. Hey Sam." their soccer teammate, Mia, greeted them."This is definitely the best Halloween party I've ever been to." "Thanks," said Jo. Sam asked how the tournament went. "We lost," said Mia, "as usual. You guys didn't miss out. But, Coach was pretty mad. He had a fit and popped a soccer ball with his bare hands. He left shortly afterwards." Sam's eyes were wide with shock. "That's not good." She took a glance at Jo. "Nope," her friend agreed. "It doesn't appear those anger management classes are doing any good..." Mia shook her head. "I'd watch out if I were you," she advised. "You never know what he's going to do next." Sam watched Mia blend back into the crowd. "Don't worry," said Jo. "It's not like he's unpredictable..." "Yeah he is," whispered Sam, worried.

8: Everyone was having a blast. They were dancing, chatting, and just having a great time. Charlie and his friends came up to the girls. "We're gonna TP the place," he said, juggling some toilet paper rolls. "Wanna come?" "Nah," said Jo. "No thanks," Sam, declining. The two girls continued to dance. "Okay," shrugged Charlie. "You guys are missin' out..." He sauntered out the door, his friends following behind. Instantaneously, piercing screams echoed throughout the night. Everyone rushed to the window to see what was going on. They gasped at the sight. Five charred, smoldering bodies were laying on the lawn. Charlie and his friends.

9: "I'm going to call 911," said Sam. She and Jo rushed down to the cellar. They had left their cell phones, along with the leftover decorations, down there so nobody would steal them. Jo pinched her nose shut. "Ugh," she said. "Do you smell that?" Sam had pinched her nose shut too. "It smells horrible - like burning hair." Suddenly, she screamed and stumbled backwards into Jo. "What's wrong?" Jo asked worriedly. "I think I know where Bob and Devon are," Sam took a deep breath. With a quivering finger, she pointed at the back wall. Two burnt, singed, bodies were slumped against the hard cinderblocks. Jo's face went white with horror. She slowly withdrew her cellphone from the bag at her feet. With shaking fingers, she dialed 9-1-1. As the phone was ringing, they made their way up the stairs. The line picked up. "Nine-one-one, please state your emergency." Jo took a gulp of air. With a small voice, she said, "There's two burnt bodies in the basement and five more on the lawn. I - I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I have no idea what happened or -" The operator interrupted. "Calm down, miss. What is your name?" "Jo," said Jo. "Jo McGee." "Where are you?" asked the voice on the other end. "In a creepy, abandoned house. Er, 666 North Spruce Street."

10: "Thank you," said the operator. "We will send help as soon as possible. Please do not hang up." "Okay."Jo looked at her watch. It was about midnight. She could hear the operator and someone else talking on the other end. She caught a snippet of their conversation. "Sounds like a prank call to me," said one of them. "They think it's a prank call," Jo told Sam. Sam's expression grew hopeless. They were almost at the top of the stairs. "Let's see what the situation is like outside." suggested Sam bleakly. The girls reached the window just in time to see a man leap out of the bushes, a flamethrower in hand.

11: With a wild cry, he started torching everyone outside. Appalled, the girls could only watch in horror. All of the kids within twenty feet of the psycho were instantly torched and killed. Their skin melted off of their bones and pooled on the grass in a rubbery puddle. All of the stragglers were screaming and running away. But for most of them, it was too late. The intense heat made them fall to the ground, smoldering, their eyeballs oozing out of their sockets. The lawn was full of writhing, burnt bodies. Sam started to whimper. Most of the bodies on the lawn had stopped moving. A siren wailed in the distance. The psycho maniac retreated into the darkness. Jo realized that the 911 operator was speaking. "What's going on? Miss McGee, are you still there? Jo raised the phone to her lips. "A man just jumped out of th bushes and started torching everyone and now there's at least twenty dead kids on the lawn and we don't know where the psycho is and I'm scared and -" "Are you hurt?" asked the operator. "No. Me and my friend Sam were inside calling you when the maniac started killing people. I hear sirens now. It looks like the EMS showed up. I gotta go." "No! Don't hang up!" cried the operator. But Jo had already done so. She and Sam sprinted out of the house. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were already loading the bodies onto stretchers and gurneys. A police officer strode up to the girls. "What happened here?" he asked.

12: "You girls shouldn't be playing with fire," said another cop as he walked up. "We weren't!" insisted Sam. "Some psycho came and torched everyone and -" "Likely story, ladies," said the police officer. "I'm afraid we're going to have to take you into custody for interrogation..." He was scribbling something on a notepad he pulled from his pocket. The second cop was fumbling with handcuffs. "No!" screamed Jo fiercely. "You'll never take us alive!" yelled Sam. "I'm sorry, but you don't have an option," replied the officer. "Put your hands where I can see them. You're under arr-" The cop stopped short as Jo's fist met his face. The other yelped in alarm as Sam stomped on his foot. She heard him mumble something about steel toed boots. The girls took off running. A third officer was chasing them, threatening to charge them with 'assault on an officer'. But, being in much better shape than him, they soon outran the police officer. *** Safely in the refuge of their homes later that night, Jo and Sam held a whispered phone conversation. "I think it was our coach," said Jo defiantly. "I mean, think about what Mia said. She said he left shortly after he discovered we skipped the game. So, he could have killed Bob and Devon."

13: "He did kill Bob and Devon," Sam insisted. "And the psycho maniac did look a lot like him," Jo pointed out. "Uh huh," agreed Sam. "But aren't flamethrowers illegal? How did he get one?" "Honestly, I have no idea. But we've got to let the authorities know about our suspicion," said Jo. "Yeah, I'll call the anonymous tipline now," but Sam hesitated. "You know, Jo," she said, "You're a really good friend." Jo smiled. "So are you. Now call that tipline thing. I'll talk to you tomorrow." And she hung up. Sam looked at the clock. It was 1:15 in the morning. Wow, she thought. Only twelve hours ago, I was waiting for Jo to show up at the haunted house. It seems like only five minutes has passed. Sam yawned and rubbed her eyes. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked as tired as she felt. Sighing, she put her cellphone on the nightstand and collapsed into bed. I'll tell the authorities tomorrow, she decided and fell into an exhausted sleep.

14: But the only thing the authorities found out that next morning was that two girls were mercilessly murdered in their sleep, with their burnt, lifeless bodies to prove it. | THE END

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