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The Note

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S: The Note - Ashley Chan

BC: Sophie's sister gets killed mysteriously just weeks after her mum dies. She must find the killer before she gets murdered as well. Who is it? Mrs McClusky, Dad, Bill or Johnathon?

FC: The Note | Ashley Chan

1: Fun, laughter! All of that swirled round and round in my head. I staggered home in the dim moonlight cradling my splitting head in my arms. Oh the ball how fun it had been. Making it inside I realise. Something's wrong. She's gone. No, no, no she promised. This can't be right. The shock hit me smack in the chest, something that will never mend. Wrenching open the door I find the window open with the curtains billowing in the breeze. The scrunched up note lying on her forgotten bed captivated me but now wasn't the time. Tearing my eyes away from the note I attempted to focus my eyes on the swaying door. Barely making it out of the house I totter down the road as fast as a drunk with an excruciating headache. Not knowing where I was going, I was relying on our sisterly instinct. It was pulling me like a magnet, it was impossible to resist. Not actually wanting to know what was pulling me on the other side I followed still, like a little girl trusting her mother to lead the way. There were trees on either side on me growing thicker as I got deeper into the bush. A beam of moonlight shone down on the clearing ahead.

3: It was all red. All I could see was red, bright, blazing red. Lots and lots of it. My mind went blank as I took in everything that was going on around me. There was a still figure on the ground before my eyes. My knees hit the uncut grass and my arms flung lifelessly over her. Her once silky, brown hair was now a dirty, horrible colour. A soft murmur from under me made me sit up with astonishment. I held her hand as I stared into her caring eyes. Our hands clasped as she whispered, “Be careful Soph, you're next.”A rustle behind me caught my attention, as her hand slackened slightly. When I turned back around her eyes were staring into nothing and everything else around us was oblivious to me. It all felt like a horrible dream. Reaching down to pinch myself I thought, ‘Who am I kidding, we all know this is real.’ Redirecting my arm I lay two fingers over her forehead. Her cold skin pierced my burning hand. Slowly I took off my jacket and lay it over her body. Although I knew this would mean nothing I still did it. I don't know why but I felt responsible for everything that happened. This case has gone down the road one time too many. It felt like hours until the emergency services came and once they did I just wanted them to all go away. Everything reminded me of all the things this horrible day had brought. The bright red lights, the noise, and all the noisy, nosy people. I wish I had I never woken up today. I wish somebody could tell me this is just a dream and I’ll be alright tomorrow. My head spinning with thoughts, my heart aching for forgiveness, I stumble backwards. Falling gratefully, this day is finally over.

4: My name is Sophie Riley Walter-Smith. I am currently in the hospital for whoever knows why. My sister Lily Walter-Smith was murdered yesterday and a couple of weeks ago my mother also died. Coincidence or what? They haven't yet found who killed mum or Lily for that matter. From what my deceased sister said I, apparently, am the next to be killed. I am determined to find out who did this and why. Hopefully without myself being killed. All I know is that this so called ‘killer’ probably hates my whole family and wants to kill us all. I am going to find this person and he or she is going to pay for all pain he has caused. | I finally found out why I’m in the hospital. Three whole days after I was admitted. They think that I, Sophie Walter-Smith, killed my sister, the only living person (before yesterday) who actually cared about me. Sure I was a little bit tipsy and maybe I didn't call the ambulance straight away but that doesn't mean I’m crazy. I have recovered from my gruelling headache so I cannot find any reason for me still being here. The doctors have prodded and poked me and they can't find one reason to keep me here either. I’m going to be released this afternoon. Finally!

5: I get home and dad's out, probably drunk. I doubt it that he even noticed that Lily is dead. Sighing I sat down on the overstuffed couch and closed my eyes. I was whizzing through what had happened on that night. My headache, the lights and... and... the note! Sitting up I take the stairs two at a time and once again I wrench Lily's door open. It was still there as peaceful as ever, not knowing it had just ruined somebody's life. Tentatively creeping towards it, scared that it might leap out and kill me too, I reach it. Opening it carefully, making sure that no evidence was destroyed my pupils scanned the paper. A tear rolled down my left cheek. Hastily I wipe it away. This just can't be true. | How can you live with yourself knowing that your mom died for you? It's you turn now. You have to dye for Sophie. She'll be better of without you. You're just holding her back from all the things she could do. All she does right now is worry about you. Meet me at Fortune Park at exactly 9 o'clock at night. If you don't YOU and your sister will face serious consequences. You don't want that too happen do you? Signed your new best friend

6: How could she fall for that pathetic note. She knows it wasn’t her fault. She died all because of this! Pulling myself together I examine the paper picking up a few clues. Firstly, the paper is old and the ink was running out towards the end. Secondly, this ‘person’ is probably American because he wrote ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’ which is how we spell it in New Zealand. Also I think this ‘person’ probably dropped out of school early because his grammar isn’t exactly perfect either. So this ‘person’ is American, hates our family, dropped out of school early, probably poor because the paper isn’t new and the pen was running out. As I imprinted this information into my memory the doorbell rung. Gradually getting up from the bed I start to wonder could this be the killer? Walking down the stairs I make a quick pit stop at the kitchen getting something out of the top drawer. The doorbell rings again, impatient with the wait. “I’ll be right there!” I call dreading the walk there. The doorbell rings again and again as I reach the door. Grabbing the handle I fling the door open and yell,” Who’s there?” without looking.

7: “Hello Sophia,” came a gentle voice. Opening my eyes I realise. “Oh, Mrs McClusky you scared me!” I said relieved. “I’ve come to ask if you would consider hiring me again,” she said proudly, her beady eyes scanning the room. “Hiring you?” I said with a puzzled expression on my face. “You know, the company,” she said expecting me to understand, “you’re the new owner of ‘Retro’.” She said this with such a dull expression on her face that in that split second I could have fallen asleep. I probably would have if it wasn’t for that exciting piece of news. “Oh-my-gosh!” I said collapsing onto the couch. Recovering from the shock my mind suddenly sprang into action. I can’t believe it but I am the new owner of ‘Retro’ and the Walter-Smith fortune. I don’t like Mrs McClusky that much so I put on my poshest voice and say, “I do not know how to make this type of decision, but if mum was alive I doubt it that she would re-hire you.” “What makes you say that, Sophie?” she asked gritting her teeth. “ Oh not just because the last three times you asked, you got rejected but also because you’re a little bit on the older side,” I said as politely as I could. Then it hit me. She’s poor, unemployed and very old. She could be the killer. It fit perfectly. She hates us because we won’t give her a job. She’s poor because she’s unemployed. And she’s old so she could have dropped out of school early to earn money. And if we all die then the company will be owned by someone else and she would be hired. Well it doesn’t matter because I won’t die, I already know who the killer is. But there’s one more thing to check.

8: “Sorry to be so rude – “That’s alright,” she cut in. “But I was just wondering if you’re American and what you were doing on Saturday evening?” I asked hopefully. “Well that’s for you first answer to decide,” she said promptly. “I’ll think about hiring you,” I said cautiously, trying to iron out all the flaws in my answer. “Well think about it real good, oh, and yes I am American and I was having my usual evening walk that night,” she said as she made her way to the door. “And think about it real good Sophia.” She opened the door and it clicked behind her. All the thoughts about hiring Mrs McClusky flew out of the window and in came the suspect. Now all we need is the results from the examination of the body. If it is her I won’t die. Choice!

9: The results have come back. Nothing. No traces of Mrs McClusky at all. However it still could be her, they still haven’t found the murder weapon. She’s very sneaky and she’s probably good at covering up her tracks. I remember once she sneaked into our house and tiptoed behind me when I was on the couch. She made all the way to the upstairs kitchen before I noticed anything. Then she made up an excuse that she thought I knew she was in house. Like I believed her! But there was also someone else’s DNA. Actually two other someones. They found a hair from someone called Bill Sefton. I don’t know but for some reason I think I’ve heard of him. It just sort of rings a bell. There also was a splash of beer on her. I know my sister she would never, ever drink. So this person might have been drunk. They also found some blood from someone called Jonathon Doe. Never heard of him before but heard mum mutter something about him before. It was something like “That Jonathon Doey, still the same as in college. When will he let go?” But that was ages ago. And why would his DNA be on my sister? As well as this Sefton guy, who is he and why does he seem so familiar?

10: Mum and dad’s marriage are quite different from normal ones. Lily and I have our mum’s name. Odd but true. The Walter- Smiths are quite wealthy and our mum left the fortune to us girls. None to dad. Dad could have killed them. Not very likely but I have to consider everybody. It actually sort of fits. They found a splash of beer on Lily and dad’s always drunk. It would be easy for him to kill mum and Lil because he has unlimited access to them and they would never ever suspect him. So dad thinks if we die he’ll get the fortune. Note to self: must write to Salvation Army, they can have the fortune if I die. Carrying on dad is probably running low on cash so he get’s our money and he’s all loaded up for the rest of his life.

11: I was lying bed that night for at least two hours and I still hadn’t fallen asleep. Trying to find the position that was the most comfortable I hear a crackle from under me. Thinking I was imagining it, I shuffle around still looking for that position I hadn’t found. Crackle, crackle. This time I was sure I wasn’t imagining it. Sighing and sitting up I stick my head under my bed. Nothing much under there, just cobwebs and a couple of spiders. Urrgh, spiders. Resting my head on the pillow I hear it once again. I’m sooooo stupid. Duh, it was obviously under my pillow. Sleepily reaching under my pillow I feel around. There’s nothing there but still I hear that persistent crackling noise. Oh, too bad. Can’t be bothered looking for it, I’ll do it in the morning. Resting my head on my pillow for the fourth time that evening, or maybe very, very early morning I definitely feel something tickling my neck. Seizing it I toss it to the other side of the room. This can wait for tomorrow.

12: Waking up quite late in the morning I swing my legs out of my bed and make way out the door. Stepping on that very annoying thing that made that crackling sound I turn around and pick it up. I’ll read it at the kitchen table. For once I see dad at the table. He looks a bit woozy but this is a good start. Getting a bowl out of the sink, I fill it to the brim with cornflakes and milk. Reading the scrunched paper I find that it’s a note just like the one I found on Lily’s bed. Is this person trying to kill me now? And how did it end up on my pillow? Well we’ll see I’ll get the better of him. “Is that a note?” dad asked surprising me. “Good morning to you too and yes it is a note, why?” I ask. Notes are very reliable, you know, you should always trust them,” dad said. He surprised me, I thought he wouldn’t be in the right condition to be able to talk. Thinking about his answer does this mean he could possibly be the killer or is he just very drunk? | THIS IS MY DAD

13: I was flicking through the family photo album to comfort myself with photos of me and Lily. We used to have so much fun back then. I came across a photo of our whole family way back before I was born. All the people I never met. There was great grandmamma Josephina and great grandfather Josiah Sefton! Sefton! That’s why the name seems so familiar. He’s family! Why didn’t I realise it before. We’re definitely family but I don’t really know them mainly because Jo and Josi got split up but not before they had kids. They named half their kids Walter-Smith and half Sefton. Great grandfather was really rich when they got married but after they got divorced great grandma Jo took her Walter-Smith children and most of his money. I’m guessing Bill, one of his children’s children wanted to meet their second cousin, Lily, for afternoon tea. That’s why one of his hairs was found on Lily. He definitely can’t be the killer.

14: They interrogated Bill and Jonathon this afternoon. I told them that they didn’t need to interrogate Bill. He's family after all. I mean what family member would want to kill another family member? They still questioned him and what did they find? He was having a cup of coffee with her. So I was right. Now for the other suspect. Jonathon Doe. What a sad case. He was my mum's high school secret admirer. He absolutely hated dad but was crazy about mum. He asked mum to go to the high school prom but she just laughed at him and said “Are you crazy?!” He also could have killed mum. He knew that he would never get mum so he killed her out of hate. But what I still can't figure out is how his blood is on Lily. The police asked him but he just said they must have made a mistake.

15: I think I’m falling in love. Guess who I had afternoon tea with. Yep, you're right Bill Sefton. It was like we were not even related. We were just two strangers who had fallen for each other. We’ve only probably got a drop of each other’s blood. It can’t be against the law. I also think he’s fallen in love with me as well. Every time he looks at me it’s as if time has stopped and we could do this for ever. He gives me goose-bumps every time I see him. I’ve got to practice tossing my hair and wiggling my hips. Darling Bill has invited me to a midnight picnic on Friday! Ooohh!

16: The people who can do that cool DNA things double checked the blood on Lily and they are positively sure that it definitely belongs to Jonathon. We interrogated him again and guess what he folded. He admitted believe it or not that it was his blood. I was watching this from behind those cool window things where we can see out but they can't see in. I got so excited that I couldn't wait for them to prove that it was him. And I did something outside of my comfort zone and I asked the head policemen if I could personally interrogate him myself. Of course he said no but I kept my guard up and I got my way naturally.

17: “Good afternoon my name is Sophie Walter-Smith,” I said sitting down at the table. “So you're the other Walter-Smith girl, hmmm,” he replied rudely from my point of view. Wanting to know all the facts as soon as possible I started asking questions from the first moment I could. “Why was your blood found on my sister Lily Walter-Smith?” I asked plainly. “Just like you mother,” he said in a sing song voice. “Answer the question,” I said. He was getting me quite worked up, all this random things. “Rude but irresistible,” he carried on. “Just answer the question,” I said snappily. “My blood was on your sister because she helped me up after I took a great fall,” he said and adding to himself, “just like Humpty-Dumpty.” “And why didn't you tell us this,” I questioned. “Because I didn't want to see you mother, she might think that I was stalking her or something,” he said the last bit in a frightened tone, scanning the room as if she was here. “Why, our mum died almost a month ago,” I said, holding back my tears. “She's what?!” he said as if not wanting not to believe it. “Yes she is dead,” I repeated, “now, since you now know, you can tell us everything.” He didn't tell us anything much after that. Good thing too because I wasn't paying any attention to the rest of the interview. Could he be innocent or was this one very good lie. He was after all a well accomplished actor.

18: Mrs McClusky has been popping over every day since that day she asked me to hire her. I have told her every time that I hadn't decided. If she is the killer maybe I should hire her. If I do then she won't hate us and I won't die. Today is Friday and Mrs McClusky is due to turn up in one and a half minutes. She comes up our driveway to our front door and before she can ring the doorbell I open the door and say “Congratulations you're hired! Now bye, bye go celebrate.” She is speechless for a second and she mutters a stifled “Thank you so much,” and turns around taking my advice. Hopefully she doesn't hate our family anymore.

19: Can’t believe in exactly one hour and three minutes I’m going to be on the perfect date. I’ve got my strapless aquamarine coloured dress on even though it is bitterly cold and my hair is tied back looking very pretty. I still have to choose my shoes and what jewellery I shall wear. I’ve got so many pairs of shoes and different types of jewellery. Ding, dong! Oh, no the door, he’s here early. Shoving on any shoes and putting on a plain necklace, I run down the stairs. Taking a deep breath and with a flick of my hair I open the door. “Hello beautiful,” he said charmingly. “Hello handsome,” I replied sweetly. “Ready?” he asked looking at my shoes. “Couldn’t be more ready,” I said smiling. With a bow he said, “May I escort you to our picnic under the stars.” “You certainly may,” I said taking his hand. We walked in silence to the secret place enjoying each other’s company. Arm in arm, hand in hand, together maybe forever. As we got closer to the place he blindfolded me and led me by my hand. Guiding me, giving all my trust to him. He took my blindfold off and what did I see. “Fairy lights, picnic, stars this is so beautiful,” I gushed, looking around I realise, “Ohh.” “So sorry to bring you here but this clearing was the most private, suitable place.” “Oh no, this is wonderful,” I said plastering a fake smile on my face. Sitting down he took my hand and I looked up at the night sky. Sensing his eyes on me I turn myself towards him.

20: “You look radiant tonight,” he affectionately said. With this I closed my eyes and I could smell him and he could smell me and our lips locked. All of a sudden he grabs my neck and puts me at knife point. Wha - wha- what’s going on?,” I manage to say, “I thought you loved me!” “Your family ruined my life! When your great- grandmother stole all my great- grandfathers money we were broke. Me and my family have lived on the streets our whole lives!” Pushing me to my left he stands towering over me his fist clenching a knife. “I’m so-so-so-so-sorry,” I stutter. “Well it's too late, it's your turn to pay.” “You killed my – our family just over this, I can make it up. If it’s money you need I’ve got it.” “Wrong answer, it’s way too late.” “NOOOOO!” A searing pain shot throughout my body. Everything was swirling around I saw a flash of red then it went black.

21: My name is Sophie Riley Walter-Smith. Oh wait you already know it. I am in the hospital once again. Good thing I wore my emergency button or I would have bled to death. The police and ambulance came just in time. Don’t get it? Let me explain. Just before he came I attached an emergency button onto my left pocket. I don’t know why but something made me do it. When he pushed me I landed on it and that alerted the emergency services. He slit my throat and that is why I am writing everything down. If you didn’t realise I can’t talk. He’s gone to jail now although it took them a long time to catch up with him. Don’t tell anyone but I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t know if it is because I hate him so much or maybe deep down I still love him. Well I better sign off soon. The nurses have been nagging me for the last twenty minutes to go to sleep. My neck is so sore. I think I’ve got at least twenty stitches. Yawn, I soooo tired I think I’ll go to sleep now. Talk- write to you tomorrow if I ever wake up. Good night. | THE END

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