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The One Who Stands Out

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S: The One Who Stands Out

BC: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

FC: The One Who Stands Out | By:Sebastian Davis

1: 1. Table of Contents 2. Prologue 3. Introduction 4.Personal Alphabet 6. Room Sweet Room 8. Symbolic Recipe 10. The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse 12. Map of Life 14. Look Who I Look Up To (Part 1) 16. Look Who I Look Up To (Part 2) 18. How to be Known as the Random, Crazy, and Hyper Kid 20. Dream Car 22. Extraordinary Pet | Table of Contents | The One Who Stands Out | By: Sebastian Davis

2: I titled my Mixbook "The One Who Stands Out" because no matter where I have gone or been I have always felt different and like I stood out. The stories and essays in this Mixbook are about who I am because I always felt like I can not be the real me and like I always have to be who others want me to be. This is why I have named this Mixbook “The One Who Stands Out” and I hope you enjoy it. | Prologue

3: I was born in Lexington, Kentucky on May 24, 1997. I went to a daycare called Kindercare for preschool. After that I became a Dixie Dolphin for kindergarten and first grade, because I went to Dixie Elementary School. I moved out of Lexington before second grade started and moved to a small town called Shelbyville. While I was in Shelbyville, I went to Simpsonville Elementary until fifth grade. I was moved to West Middle for sixth grade and half of seventh grade. For the other half of seventh grade I lived with my dad in Lexington and went to Saint Peter and Paul Catholic School. I got bored of that and moved back in with my mom and went to Our Savior Lutheran School for eighth grade. After that I moved to San Antonio, Texas and now go to Lutheran High School. I also have a large family. My immediate family includes my mom, my dad, my step-dad, my step-mom, my half brother (Jordan), my two step-brothers (Scotty and Nicholas), and my two step-sisters (Tara and Katie). | Introduction

4: Personal Alphabet | Abnormal- Not normal Beamish- bright, cheerful, & optimistic Confusing- causing or tending to cause confusion Dangerous- full of danger or risk Excellent- possessing outstanding quality or superior merit Foolish- unwise Gelid- very cold; icy Hyper- overexcited; overstimulated Independent- not controlled/influenced by others Jumpy- subject to sudden involuntary starts Kaleidoscopic- rapidly changing Loud- strongly audible Mature- fully developed in body or mind Nebulous- having indistinct details Optimistic- disposed to take a favorable view Passionate- having compelled by Questioning- indicating or characterized by intellectual curiosity Rapid- swift Stubborn- unreasonably obstinate Talkative- inclined to talk a great deal Ultra- going beyond what is usual or ordinary Variable- inconstant Wondering- expressing curiosity Xenodochial- Hospitable; kindly to strangers Yielding- inclined to give in Zesty- energetic, active | Personal Alphabet

6: Room Sweet Room | People always say that your room is your sanctuary. Your room is suppose to be a place where you can just be you. The place that is yours. Even though all of this is true, my room is not a sanctuary. I can not truly be myself when I am in "my" room. Wherever I go I always hide who I really am. Their room has tan walls, a ceiling fan, three windows with a view of the street. The room I use is in the front of my house on the second floor. It is right above the garage. This is the room that I sleep in. The r00m all my clothes and memorabilia is in, but it is not my room. My room is hidden. It is not seen by anyone but me. My room is blank with nothing. People ask to see my room, but I show them the room that they think is mine. I can never show them MY room, not really, because MY room is not real. MY room is in me. MY room is imaginary. MY room is my secret place where no one can hurt me and cause me pain.

8: Symbolic Recipe | 1 tsp ADHD 1 TBS Creativity 1/4 Cup Imagination 1 Cup Hyperness 3 Cups Fun 1/2 tsp Patience 1. Mix ADHD, Creativity, & Imagination in medium sized mixing bowl. 2. Pour mixture into small pan and heat for EXACTLY 3 minutes at 125 degrees. 3. Combine Hyperness & Fun in a small bowl. 4. Add Hyperfun mix into the pan in the oven and bake at 300 degrees for EXACTLY 9 minutes. 5. Sprinkle Patience onto baked mixture in pan. 6. Let cool in freezer for EXACTLY 27 minutes Serves: Anyone who comes in contact with the finished project.

10: The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse | Well I was coming to school today when my car got stolen. So I started hitch hiking, but apparently I had caught the eye of a top secret government agency, and nobody would give me a ride. Then the government agency kidnapped me and took me to Area 51 in their flying car. They told me that they wanted me to join the Secret Under Cover Teenagers Intending On Never Obeying Adults, or SUCTIONOA for short. I agreed and so they sent me away with some of their "secret alien weaponry". I would show you, but as I was flying to school using my jet-pack backpack, alien platypuses abducted me because I had some of their stuff. They were going to kill me but I convinced them to let me join their secret agency called Practically Legitimate Aliens Trained Yet Pretend Uber Spies, or PLATYPUS for short. They attempted to drop me off using their teleporter but it sent me to the moon so I jacked a spaceship and flew here to school landing just before the bell rang and made me late to class.

11: he best thing about me is

12: Map of life | May 24, 1997: I was born | Beginning of 2nd Grade: Moved from Lexington to Shelbyville | End of 7th Grade: Went from Saint Pater and Paul Catholic School to Our Savior Lutheran School | Half of 7th Grade: Transferred from West Middle to Saint Peter and Paul Catholic School | Half of 7th Grade: Moved in with dad | End of 7th Grade: Moved in with mom | August 2011: Started high school at Lutheran High School | Summer after 7th Grade: Went to Duke TIP and took theater arts course | Got first Dog– Wendell– (German Shepherd Beagle Mix) | Get second dog– Zeus– White German Shepherd | Dad gets Oscar de la Hoya Meyer– Dachsund Chihuahua Mix | Get Kenya– Black Lab Mix

13: January 10, 2006: My little brother Jordan was born | March 6, 2009: Dad marries step-mom | August 24: Mom got married to step-dad | End of 5th Grade: Went from Simpsonville Elementary to West Middle | Half of 8th Grade: Mom Joined Airforce | Summer of 2011: Moved from Kentucky to Texas | Wendell runs away | Second 7th Grade Report Card: Straight A's for the 1st Time | Zeus develops disesase | Dad gets Rooster– Cockerspaniel | Delilah Moves out | Zeus gets put down | Sister's dog– Delilah– (Husky) moves in

14: "Flowers look up to the sun: Children look up to their Mothers." - Jamie Bertucci | Look Who I Look Up To (Part 1) | I look up to my mom because she lived a hard life as a kid and she has gone through a lot, but she is still going. For as long as I can remember she has been going to college. Until she married my step-dad in (insert date) she was a single mom with a full time job and she was still going to college to get a degree. Now she has joined the U.S. Airforce and is finishing up her doctorate degree in psychology. She recently had surgery but she is still going and has not stopped but has always strived to do her best. That is what she taught me, to always do your best even when you do not think you will make it through.

15: It's the little moments that make life big. | Mothers fill our lives with memories and our hearts with love

16: Look Who I Look Up To (Part 2) | I look up to my dad because even though he does not always get it right, he does care. Even when he is far away he tries to reach out. Even though I have to push sometimes. He has always understood what I was saying and I could just talk to him. He was not always tis good he used to not be doing so well. However, to me is an example of how you can turn your life around no matter what you have done in the past.

17: A father is his daughters first love and his sons first hero. | Like Father, Like Son

18: How To... | Be Known as the Random, Crazy, & Hyper Kid | 1. Take "Focus Pills" 2. Every now & then "forget" to take you meds & be REALLY weird 3. Learn random facts & useless bits & pieces of knowledge that will probably never be helpful & say them at random times 4. Draw & build random pictures & origami 5. Bring in random lunch food (i.e. ribs, lamb, 5 minute chocolate mug cake, popcorn, etc.) 6. Be able to talk super fast 7. Reveal the "deep facts about your life that can & will surprise some people 8. Display many different emotions (i.e. depression, overexcitedness, loneliness, anger, etc.) but deny them when confronted

19: 9. Go back & forth between overly calm & laughing so hard that no sound comes out, you can't breath, you begin to cry, & can't stay upright. (also known LSHIFOMDJKIDHADBIIDIWNIW: Laughing So Hard I Fell Off My Dinosaur Just Kidding i Don't Have A Dinosaur But If I Did I Would Name It Wilbert) *If someone mentions how random, hyper, & crazy you are, or calls you their "loser friend", then CONGRATULATIONS you succeeded. *Do not have to do steps in this EXACT order *Results may very

20: Dream Car | My dream car is a car that can help save the world. It is a car that can use solar power, hydroelectricity, and wind power. It is also a fast car and it has GBS. It would change from black to white depending on the temperature and the interior would be clear. It would have a radio and voice programing so that I do not have to do anything while driving. Plus it would also be able to make food and drink. My car would also be able to change the seats into beds for overnight drives. This is the car that I would make and drive if I could.

22: Extraordinary Pet | To be the most remarkable And still be just considered plain To be the pet that is unstoppable My pet that's awesomeness is immeasurable Yet a pet that is a pain To be the most remarkable One that most believe to keep is impossible A pet that people see as vain To be the pet that is unstoppable My pet that is completely plausible Yet is also quite insane To be the most remarkable One that will not be a variable The pet that is like a stain To be the pet that is unstoppable And to help me be responsible A platypus that is mine just the same To be the most remarkable To be the pet that is unstoppable

24: Wise sayings have led me far in life. Here are a few that have helped me in my life.

25: Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away. | It's the little moments that make life big. | Friends may come and go but family is a forever bond. | A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. | "It isn't how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable: it's how you spend the time." - David Brenner | Too cute to spook, but not to sweet to trick or treat | Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. | An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest. | Being together is the best gift of all. | Quotes

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