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The Outside Looking In

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BC: Journey's of my past, lessons that I have learned, challenges of my life, and everything that has made me the person that I am today. This autobiography is unlike any other. Why? That's because it is about me. This book has it all, so open, read and I promise that you will like it. | "Bobby Hamrick has redefined the definition of an autobiography. This is a must read that could change your life." - The New York Times | "Fascinating stories that kept me interested until the end. This book has it all."- The Washington Post | Aldie Publishing Inc. Cover by Aldie Publishing Inc. 2011. Art by Aldie Publishing Inc 2011. | US $9.99/$15.99 CAN

FC: The Outside Looking In | By: Bobby Hamrick

1: The Outside Looking In | Bobby Hamrick Aldie Publishing Inc.

2: Copyright 2011 by Aldie Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in review, without permission from the author/publisher

4: FOREWARD | Bobby Hamrick is my older brother. I am in 6th grade at Mercer and he is in 10th grade at Freedom. Honestly, we don’t get along very well, but I’ve seen worse. He sometimes shares his Xbox with me! Bobby likes to yell LOUDLY at the T.V. when the “Final Two” basketball game is on! When he goes hunting, he usually comes back with a deer. When Bobby plays soccer, he usually scores a goal. When we get in arguments, I usually win. Just kidding, he ALWAYS wins! He likes to make fun of me and be rude but I think Bobby is a really good soccer player and a good student. I think Bobby is a good brother and I’m glad he is my brother and not someone else.

5: PREFACE | In this book you will learn many things about me. Some things you may want to know and other things that you may not want to know. You will get a look at my life from when I was a little kid all the way until now in my high school days. You will see all the challenges that I have faced, all the ups and downs, and all lessons that I have learned in my life that have made me who I am today.

6: TABLE OF CONTENTS | Chapter 1: This Is My Home Chapter 2: Pneumonia Chapter 3: Dat? Chapter 4: My First One Chapter 5: My Parents Chapter 6: The Other Two Chapter 7: WANTED! Chapter 8: Dear Sam Chapter 9: His First Day Chapter 10: High School...The Definition Chapter 11: That's A Friend Chapter 12: Bucket List Chapter 13: I Have A Question Chapter 14: The Dream Season Chapter 15: Roller Coaster Ride Chapter 16: Sixty-Five

7: DEDICATION/EPIGRAPH | I dedicate this book to my parents for raising me to be who I am today. | "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (NIV)

9: Chapter 1: This Is My Home. On top of a mountain in Aldie, You will find a little gray house With a family of five that lives inside. There’s my dad, A hunter, a fisher and a hard working man And also my mom, Loving, caring, and always there to hold my hand And of course my older sister Jenna, A senior at Freedom High School Who has her mind set on High Point University, isn’t that cool? Don’t forget my little sister Caroline Basketball and volleyball are her sports And if she isn’t playing one of them Then she’s doing crazy stuff of some sort. You’ll see our dogs and a horse And I’m sure our young pup Anna is being annoying of course. But the old dog Aldie is probably laying down and soaking up life While the horse is standing around wishing we would do something nice. If you don’t like how this sounds, Then you can close the book and turn right around. This is my family and this is where I was raised, So don’t judge and I promise I’ll do the same.

11: Chapter 2: Pneumonia I felt so sick. Taking medicine everyday but that pain never went away. I was aching so bad that I was afraid I would look down and wouldn't see my legs. I had a fever of 105 degrees but I still felt so cold. My parents knew something wasn’t right but you didn’t need a genius to figure that out. So we went to our doctor to see what was so wrong with me. The doctors did some ordinary tests and then they hooked me up to some machine that would measure the amount of oxygen I had in my body. It started beeping and numbers started running on the was done reading and I was at a 90, which is a low amount of oxygen. With all the symptoms I had, the doctors decided the best thing to do was go to the hospital immediately. So we hopped in the car again and rushed down to the Fairfax Hospital. Nothing was different there, more tests and more machines just reading everything that was wrong with me. But finally, I got rushed to a room on the fifth floor. As soon as I got in the room I laid in the bed and get hooked up to an oxygen machine. They put tubes in my nose that felt like a little bugs crawling around in my nose that would never leave. My mom and the doctor step outside the room while I just lay there looking up at the ceiling wishing that I would just wake up and this would all be just a dream. But of course that never happened. The doctor came back in the room with my mom following behind him. With the doctors fake smile on his face, trying to be Mr. nice guy, it was obvious that I was in some bad condition. He sat down next to me and said, “You have pneumonia.” I can still remember those words today. Even though I wasn’t in a life threatening condition, it still made me feel sick in my stomach. Also, just the sound of that word is horrible. That wasn’t in my first grade vocabulary, and the fact that I couldn’t pronounce either sent a chill down the back of my spine. The doctor gave me a whole lecture on what it was and the procedures that they were going to take in order to get me better. For the next week I spent hours and hours of watching TV shows trying to keep myself entertained. Every night I would pray asking for help from God to get me better. And after a week God answered my prayers because the doctor came into my room and said I was well enough to go home. When I heard him say that I was extremely happy. As I walked out of that place and saw the open air, there was just nothing like it. I got closer and closer to that door and finally it slid open and I breathed in that nasty polluted outside air. But everything was so good, I was free at last.

13: Chapter 3: Dat? It seemed like any other ordinary day, but that’s when bad things always seem to happen. It’s never like the movies when it starts to rain when someone dies. And the sun doesn’t come out when something good happens. There is no foreshadowing to help you know what is coming ahead of you. It simply isn’t real life. It did feel like just another day. I woke up and drug my self out of bed to go to school. Walking in that small brick building I had no idea what was coming. It was just an ordinary first grade day. Learning simple 1 plus 1 math and learning how to read “big kid” books. That day at school was one of the few that I actually enjoyed. The bell rang and it ended the school day, so I grabbed my spider-man lunch box and met my sister outside where we waited for my mom to pick us up. As soon as she arrived we got in the car expecting a “Hey how was your day?” But instead we are greeted with red and tearful faces from my mom and my little sister. My mom turned and looked at both of us. Trying to catch her breath she said, “Dat had a heart attack kids. We need to go down there now to see if he is okay.” After hearing those words I had no idea what was going on. It was almost as if I went into this solitary state. I didn’t think, I didn’t feel, I’m not sure if I was even alive at that time. My sister’s sobbing brought be back to life and I immediately began to do the same as her. We immediately left from school and went down to Virginia Beach to the hospital at which my grandpa was staying at. We power walked our way through the hospital getting plenty of stares and glances from those around us. But it didn’t matter at all what they were thinking of us, I just wanted to see my grandpa there okay. When we got up to the room we saw him laying there, weak looking half asleep. But as soon as he saw us he let a smile that lifted our hearts and gave relief to every single one of us. We all ran to his side and gave him a hug just thankful that he is still with us. I really hate to think about it, but our lives would be much different if he weren’t with us today. From that event I learned that God will throw stuff in our way to test our faith and to make us realize how blessed we are. I know that I am so blessed to have my grandfather still with us today.

15: Chapter 4: My First One My alarm goes off but the only thing I can sense is this beating inside my head. I turn the alarm off and turn over so I can see the clock. Okay, it’s 5am; I’m tired as you know what, but at least I didn’t over sleep. I finally drag myself out of bed and make my way to the bathroom for a quick shower. After that, I get my clothes on and walk down stairs so clumsy that I look like a zombie. Once I get down stairs I see my dad putting his camo on, so I start to put mine on too. We got everything ready and we hopped in his truck and headed down the road. As we drive down the road the radio is on quietly, and it’s playing like a lullaby just tempting me to fall back to sleep. I love hunting but I hate getting up early, so I’m constantly asking myself, “self. Why did you wake up so early? Is it even worth it?” I decide that complaining isn’t going to make me wake up at all, so I shut up and forget about it. Finally, we pull up to the farm, hop out of the truck and get ready to go. We grab the guns and anything else we might need and start our walk up the mountain. That two hundred yard hike up the mountain felt more like a marathon, as my little legs waddled up the hill. We finally reach our tree stand and we shimmy up to the top. Looking out into the pitch-black woods I sit down and let out a huge sigh of relief. We finally made it up, so then we began to play the waiting game. Everything was so still that I could hear the train going by that’s about ten miles away. But after about fifteen minutes the sun began to rise up. Once that sun comes up it is almost as if God sets off an alarm for all the animals because they all wake up at once. The birds start chirping, the squirrels start to run around, and the bugs start to crawl all over the place. Unfortunately, the only animal not bothered by God’s alarm is the one we’re hunting, the deer. So I watched all the other animals, and think about whatever it was that was on my mind. The sun lights up even more and it shines off the red, yellow, and orange leaves making the woods look like a wonderland. After about two hours of waiting, a big doe comes about seventy-five yards in front of us. My adrenaline started to kick in, I could feel my heart pounding in my head, and I began to shake a little. I took a deep breathe and took away some of the anxiousness. I slowly grabbed my gun, and propped it up against my shoulder and rested it on the armrest of the tree stand. I can still hear my dad’s words today, “Take your time, and squeeze the trigger.” Well, I did exactly that. I squeezed that trigger and POW. The gun fired, I looked up but didn’t see anything. My dad said he saw it go down, so we waited for a couple minutes and then worked our way down to where we thought she was. We finally got down there, and she was lying right where she had been standing before. I go t this feeling of absolute relief and joy. I even go goose bumps that ran down my spine. That was my first deer I had ever gotten before. It is a memory with me now and a memory that will stay with me forever.

17: Chapter 5: My Parents If someone were to ask me something I remember most about my dad during my childhood I would tell them how he was always my coach. My dad used to coach me in all the sports that I played, but the one thing he coached the best was life. And he continues to do that with me everyday now. And as for my mom, it’s how she was and still is always there for me. My mom’s support for me throughout my childhood really shaped who I am today. Hunting, fishing, soccer and basketball can sum up the relationship that my dad and I have. When I was really little, he taught me how to hunt and fish, and we still do that with one another all the time now. And as for soccer and basketball he coached me all the time during my childhood. Every time I think back to when he used to coach me I cannot help but smile. But the more I think back about him coaching me, I realize how much he coached me in life. In every soccer or basketball game there was always some sort of lesson where it could pertain to life. Even if it was something as simple as “never give up,” that lesson helps me today and will help me forever. While we hunt and fish it gives us the chance to talk, and he can always teach me something or give me some advice that helps me a ton. Those lessons he taught me during my childhood have helped me grow up to who I am today. During my childhood my mom couldn’t have been any better. She supported me, cared for me, and was always there for me. She continues to do that for me today and I couldn’t ask anything more from her. I remember how my mom was always around back in the elementary school days. She would pick my sister and I up everyday, and somehow seemed to put a smile on my face even if I had the worst day. Since my mom was around with me so much it made our relationship great. As a kid she was always there to help me no matter what, and that mad me realize that I am so blessed to have a mom like her. Another thing my mom did for me was act as a teacher. Of course she taught me what was right versus what was wrong, but also all the little things that she taught me helped me become who I am today. My parents played a huge role in my childhood life and still play a huge role in my life today. From reading this paper it may seem like we have the perfect relationship, but like any other family we have our ups and downs. I know that whatever they do is just to look out for me and keep me safe, so I try not to get to mad at them since they do so much for me. Everything that I have learned from my parents has helped me grow up into the person I am today, and it will help me continue to grow for the rest of my life.

19: Chapter 6: The Other Two Sometimes I wish I was an only child, but for the most part I don’t. My two sisters, Jenna and Caroline, are the other two kids that make up our family. It is difficult to describe the relationship I have with them, but the fact that I took time out of my day to write about them should show you that they do mean a lot to me. I’ll start with my older sister Jenna. She’s a senior at Freedom High School and will be attending High Point University in the fall. Jenna and I have a pretty good relationship because our ages aren’t so far apart we spend time together and can help one another. We always have each other back and look out for one another all the time. As a child, Jenna and I were able to spend a lot of time together. We went to the same elementary and middle school together, so since we were around each other so much she played a big role in my life. Jenna was and still is a role model to me. She has influenced me a lot in my life, even though she may no know so. Since Jenna has played such a big role in my life, she really made me who I am today. I can remember back in elementary school if Jenna did something then I thought it would be okay to do it too. But if she said to never do something, then I would do just that. All the little things she probably didn’t notice helped me grow to be who I am today. Now I’ll move on to my little sister Caroline. Caroline is going to Mercer Middle School now and she too went to elementary school with me. Way back in my childhood, when Caroline was a toddler, she and I were really close. For example, if her clumsy legs ever made her fall down and cry, I was often the one she would run to in order to make herself feel better. Yes I know it sounds cute and all, but that whole stage didn’t last as long as I wish it would have. Through the end of my middle school years and now, it’s more like fighting between us. We may not fight 24/7 but we do fight more than enough. But even though we may have fought all those years, I would still beat the crap out of anyone who did anything to her, and I hope she knows that. Although our relationship may not go together like peanut butter and jelly, it doesn’t mean we absolutely hate each other. After all, we are still brothers and sisters so not matter what that will never change. Growing up with my sister has helped me grow up into who I am today. Whether it was by being influenced or by learning how to look out for someone, they helped me grow. I’m sure that my sister’s and me will always stay close no matter what.

21: Chapter 7: WANTED! These boys are convicted of winning too many games. This team has won too many tournaments and are making soccer harder for other people. They have been playing together for four years now and they are on the loose. They have last been seen at Ocean City, Maryland playing in a sand soccer tournament. This is a class 4 felony and if they are caught they will be sent to prison immediately. If you have any information about these boys please call 1-800-111-1234 or go to the local police station to give any information.

23: Chapter 8: Dear Sam Dear Sam, Deciding whether to go to Mercer Middle or Wakefield has been a big decision for my family and I. We have all thought out all of the different things that each school has to offer, but our final decision is what we thought would be the best for me. Figuring out the pros and cons of each school was a challenge, but in terms of what is best for me, we have decided that I should attend Wakefield School. This decision was really hard but I don’t think that I will regret it. I’m going to miss all of my friends at Aldie because by now we are like brothers and sisters. As you may or may not know, Wakefield is a college prep school, so we think that school so we think that the level of education will be higher, which will help me. That was one of the main reasons why we made the decision that we did. But to answer your question about high school, we are not sure just yet. I may end up coming back with you guys at Freedom High school, but at the moment we are not sure. The good thing about Wakefield is when you get into high school, they have connections with some of the universities in Virginia, so that may help when I’m looking to apply to colleges. But of course I’m looking way into the future. I hope everybody at Aldie does well at Mercer. Make sure you tell all of them why I’m leaving that way it doesn’t look as if I just disappeared. But I do wish the best to everyone there and I hope I can see you and the rest of them sometime soon. So make sure that we keep in touch that way I can know what’s going on at Mercer. I hope to see you soon. I’m sorry that you’re disappointed but think this decision is the best for me. Sincerely, Bobby Hamrick

25: Chapter 9: His First Day When he first came to high school he wasn’t sure what to expect. Having to come to a new school and make completely new friends wasn’t they best way to start. He just came from a school that only had 500 students in it, and now he’s about to walk in a completely new environment filled with about 1,600 students. It was a foreign concept to him. Walking in on the first day he didn’t know what to think and he didn’t know what he was feeling. Days prior, all his emotions were building up in his head so much that his felt like it was going to blow up. But while he was walking to the front door it was like he was walking in a pitch black hole, he didn’t seem to care what was going on around him. He looked empty and lifeless because he didn’t feel a thing. Normal high school students get excited, nervous, anxious or something, but not him. He just walked up and opened the door like nothing was going on. Is that a bad sign for him? He didn’t know, and he didn’t even care. Once he took a step into the school, he felt that it looked like an educational amusement park. It was filled with all these kids around his age screaming, yelling, laughing, and having a good time. Except they were at a place were they could learn. Trying to make his way to his locker was like going through an obstacle course. Moving left and right dodging everyone that was in his way. After the journey to his locker, he finally sees someone that he knows. One of his friends from elementary school. They both have a little conversation, a little bit of small talk just to catch up. Then it’s back on their way into the rush. He doesn’t know what to do. He feels like an outcast, just some “new kid” that no one knows and that no one likes. He doesn’t know if he fits in with any of the kids here. Everyone seems to be laughing and having a good time, but he looks lost. As if he is walking in a haunted house not knowing what might come at him next. As he walks into the classroom in his haunted house stage he sits down next to some boys he thinks might be nice to talk to. He looks over at the boy sitting next to him and he says, “Hey” And then his journey begins.

27: Chapter 10: High School... The Definition High school has been an interesting experience for me so far. Coming from a tiny school to a school with thousands of kids was a big jump for me. Getting used to all the noise and the crowds was also a challenge that came into play. When you watch movies about high school it’s really not made out to what it is supposed to be. High school looks like something that is really fun and memorable. But in reality, it’s filled with work and rules. Now don’t get me wrong, it still has plenty of moments that makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face. Making your high school experience is completely up to you. You can go through the motions, or try to get out, do new things, and make your own memories. I’m doing my very best to make high school an experience that I can look back upon many memories. My favorite thing about high school is my friends. Most everyone here at Freedom is nice and fun to be around. My good friends that I’ve made have been through sports. On those teams we become such good of friends that sometimes I hear and see some stuff that scars me for life. But even though those experiences may not be the best, they make my high school experience fun for me. If I didn’t have moments like those, then I wouldn’t be able to look back and laugh just like I am doing now. My best friend now is my girlfriend Lauren. We met last year and have been dating ever since. Being with her really makes high school so much better. They say that if you have one good friend then you are lucky. So in this case I consider myself to be very lucky. She and I have made so many memories already in high school, and I know that there will be many more to come. All the good and the bad times we have had thus far have been making high school difficult and exciting. Either way, I still end up enjoying every second of it, and that will never change. I hope that I can continue to grow during my high school years. I’ve made friends and many memories. Challenges have some my way but I’ve surpassed them and learned many things from those challenges. I hope my friendships now will be everlasting, but no matter what my good friends will always stay in my heart.

29: Chapter 11: That’s A Friend A friend who is someone who is always there A friend is someone who doesn’t care. A friend is there for the laughs and the cries, But no matter what, that friendship never dies A friend is one who is honest, trustworthy, respectful and courteous But a friend will really do much more than this. A friend never puts himself first, Even if things are the absolute worst. A friend is always your right hand man That will stick with you no matter what the plan. A friend will always have your back, Even if a situation comes with a little smack. A friend makes sure no one gets in the way, And if that happens then he’ll raise a little hay. A friend helps and prays, But he never goes away. A friend is one who you are lucky to have, Because if he left, there would be no one to grab. A friend makes a friendship everlasting, So don’t just go on surpassing. A friend who is someone who is always there A friend is someone who doesn’t care. A friend is there for the laughs and the cries, But no matter what, that friendship never dies

31: Chapter 12: Bucket List 1.See a world cup game 2.Go to a super bowl game 3.Go to the Greek islands 4.See the aurora borealis 5.Go sky diving 6.Go white water rafting 7.Go cliff diving 8.See the Eiffel Tower 9.Go to a Washington Capitals game 10. Win the lottery 11. Get married 12. Have kids 13. Bungee jump off a bridge 14. Go to Hawaii 15. Fly a plane 16. Go elk hunting 17. Go to a WMZQ fest 18. Go to a UNC vs. Duke basketball game at chapel hill 19. Go deep sea fishing 20. Have a personal robot 21. Surf in Australia 22. Swim with sharks 23. Go mountain climbing 24. Stand on the moon 25. Go dog sledding

33: Chapter 13: I Have A Question Bobby: Hey whats up? Lauren: Not much wby? Bobby: Noting really. hey are you going to the game tonight Lauren: Umm I’m not sure why? Bobby: I was jw. If you do, we NEED to hang out there okay? Lauren: lol okay we can deff do that Bobby: So how did school go for you today? Lauren: Eh it was school you know? I’m ready for summer but its only December. Bobby: Me too. Especially since my birthday is in the summer Lauren: Really? Mine is too haha Bobby: When is yours? Lauren: July 27 Bobby: Are you serious? Lauren: uhhh yeah? Bobby: You aren’t messing with me Lauren: Nope I swear to you Bobby: Holy crap that’s so weird mine is July 26 Lauren: What???? That’s so weird!!! We need to party together Bobby: Haha okay that sounds good to me. I know we aren’t dating or anything but that sounds like we’re meant to be Lauren: it does kinda just like in the movies Bobby: Haha yeah I guess so. Hey I gtg eat dinner now. But if you can go to the game please do. It would mean a lot to me Lauren: Alright I’ll ttyl (one hour later) Lauren: Hey I’m going to the game! Bobby: You are? Alright that’s great. Can’t wait Lauren: Me either Bobby: Hey when you get there can you meet me near the concession stand Lauren: Okay? Why? Bobby: B/c I need to ask you something Lauren: Ask me what? Just ask me now Bobby: No I can’t Lauren: Why? Bobby: B/c it would be lame if I did it now over text. I need to ask u in person and private

35: Chapter 14: The Dream Season It was finally the championship game for the sixth grade boys. We worked hard all season and it paid off because we made it to the game that meant it all. In my eyes we had the best team in the league, and it was up to us to prove that to everyone. This season had been a dream. We went undefeated in the regular season, and eased our way through each round of the playoffs. I wanted to keep that dream alive by winning the last game. My dad was my coach and he had always been. But that year was the only time we have ever made it to the championship game for basketball. It was probably the last year my dad was ever going to coach me, so I could see in his eyes that he wanted to win just as bad as me. That whole day leading up to it, I wasn’t thinking about anything except the game. I was picturing in my head what I would do during the game, I was thinking of all the players on their team and what threats they might bring to us. I was about to play the biggest game of my life so far, and I wanted everything to go perfectly. As we pulled up to the school, my nerves started to kick in, and my heart started pounding so fast that it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I was so happy that we made it to the championship game that I could barely control myself. But at the same time I was so nervous that I almost didn’t want to play. Although, just imagining holding up a trophy was enough of an initiative to make me want to play. Getting a pre-game speech from my dad helped the team and myself get control of ourselves. We went out for warm-ups and that’s where the dream started. After a while the ref blew his whistle to start the game. It was probably the best game I have ever played in. It was competitive and fun, which is exactly how every championship game should be. Both teams played well but all the sudden my team had a slump, and nothing went our way. The momentum shifted to the opposition’s direction. They made almost every shot, and they looked like the better team. They went up by eight points, and luckily the half time whistle saved us. We walked back into the hallway with complete disappointment. “Was this really happening?” I asked myself. I couldn’t believe it; this was never supposed to happen. All these negative thoughts built up into my head and ignited a spark in me. I wasn’t going to let this happen, so I told myself to get control of the game and take over. Then it was almost as if someone switched a light on in my head. All of the sudden the only thing that was going through my train of thought was the gamenothing else. We headed back out to the court after half time and were ready to get the show on the road. As soon as the game started again, nothing was stopping us. We were going 100 mph, all out pedal to the metal. All the momentum shifted back our way and we gained the lead. With every second we inched closer to a victory. The final seconds were going down, the crowd was screaming “321,” and the final buzzer went off which made our dream come true. Finallychampions at last. Even though I was young and that game doesn’t really matter on the real scale. It was still one of the best days of my life. That game taught me a lot of lessons and it affected the entire team. That game meant a lot to every single one of us and we were able to end the year with a perfect season. The dream season.

37: Chapter 15: Roller Coaster Ride Back in my elementary school days, every year when spring break comes around my household gets a little crazy. Spring break time to us means vacation. Some sort of vacation where we can relax, have fun, and ease our minds. That vacation that we have once a year is like family bonding for us. Usually, we all get along well during those vacations. Looking back, there is one vacation that sticks out in my mind the most. It was in my third grade year, we went to Florida and we were lucky enough to where we got to go to Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld. That April morning, I was all excited about going to Florida. April here in Virginia is moderately warm but nothing like the weather down in Orlando (which is one of the things that I was looking forward to the most). We wanted to beat most of the airport traffic so we made our flight at 7am. We left the house at about 4:15 to get to the airport by 5. We pushed and shoved our way through security and waited at our gate to board the plane. Playing hand games helped occupy our minds while we waited. Finally, the annoying intercom lady came on telling us that we could all board the plane at that moment. So we did just that and soon the plane took off and before we knew it, we were in Orlando. As soon as we landed and got off the plane you could immediately tell the difference. It was warmer, happier, more exciting, just all around more Florida like, and we were ready to experience everything that we could. So we got all of our bags situated and got the rental car and headed to the hotel. The hotel was called the Portofino Bay Hotel. The first day there, we hung out and thought out a plan for the next day. The next morning came around and we were all so excited that we were able to get up early and get going on our way. Our fist stop was to SeaWorld. We got there and watched all of those shows, and let my five year old sister do her favorite thing, which was touch and feed the dolphins. Next, we went on some water rides and ate. While we were eating I was watching the huge roller coaster that goes upside down. I had never been on a roller coaster like that before and that day felt like the day to do it. I couldn’t make my mind up but I decided to grow up and do it. My dad and I walked up to the humungous line and waited like everyone else. We played some hand games to help the time go by us faster. With every step that I took closer, I could feel my heart drop lower and lower into my stomach. Finally, after a good hour of waiting, we boarded the ride and started up the tacks. By this point in time I was about to pee my pants. The cart went up the slope and straight down, and I swear I felt my heart stop. The ride went down then back up straight into an upside down loop. It all happened so fast and it was all so fun. The rest of the ride was like something amazing and I loved every second of it. As soon as it ended I said what anybody else would say, “Lets do it again.” That was the best trip I can ever remember. Something that will remain with me for the rest of my life. That memory was great and now looking back I am so glad that I was able to grow up and do it. The roller coaster ride made that trip a lot more fun for me, and I wish I could go back and relive that moment again.

39: Chapter 16: Sixty-Five Sixty-five seems like a long way away for me, but I’m sure it will come faster than I want it too. I can see myself being old and wrinkly, and probably walking around with a cane. Hopefully by then though, I will be retired, living in Florida, playing golf and traveling all over the place. Who will I be with? I don’t know But I hope that I will have grandkids that I can spend time with. Doing some of those things can make up for any side affects of being sixty-five. My appearance is obviously something that will change dramatically by the time I am sixty-five. Time will take it’s course, and my body will age by getting gray hair and wrinkles all over my skin. Since I play sports all the time now that will probably make my body very achy and hurtful when I get to be sixty-five, which would probably force me to use a cane and limp around like House does on his show. The sound of that definitely isn’t pleasing to my ears, but being like that would be much better than the alternative. Also when I am sixty-five I wish that I would have grandkids. I hope to spend a lot of time with them just like my grandparents with me now. Luckily my grandparents are healthy enough to go out and do things with me. So I hope I can be healthy enough to do whatever my grandkids wish to do. When I am in my middle-aged years I can see myself with some sort of job dealing with telecommunications. By the time I am sixty-five I hope I will have retired from whatever job I may have had, so I don’t have to worry about work any longer. For some reason I don’t’ see myself making any crazy or out of the ordinary accomplishments. Of course I would like to be the one that invents the new computer that can type exactly what you say. Or maybe even invent a new gaming system that all the teenage boys obsess over. But for some odd reason I cannot see myself doing any of those things. My accomplishments in my life would be the fact that I got a good job, hopefully a couple of promotions, and being able to retire. By sixty-five I hope that my accomplishments will carry me far. I believe that if I make any accomplishments they will be in my middle-aged years, and hopefully those accomplishments will help me retire and relax for the rest of my life. If my accomplishments are worth anything, then I hope that they could give me some money so I could travel all around the world and go to places that “you have to see before you die.” Places like the Greek Islands, Hawaii, Bahamas, or Rome. Any place that is interesting and where I could have a good time. I don’t see a reason to stay where I have always lived and do nothing. I should get out and do everything while I still can. Being sixty-five has never really crossed my mind. Turning sixty-five doesn’t sound good with all of the things that come along with it, but being able to not work and just relax tempts me to look forward to it. Wherever my life may carry me, I hope it is towards the right direction. Hopefully I will have accomplished many great things that way I can look back on some great things in my life. Whatever I may be like when I am sixty-five, if I still get to be sixty-five, that’ll be fine with me.

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