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The Paper Bag Princess and the Seven Dwarves

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The Paper Bag Princess and the Seven Dwarves - Page Text Content

FC: The Paper Bag Princess and The Seven Dwarfs | By: Jasmine Martinez and Allyson Henson

1: You are the Princess of the Kingdom of Surprise. Your lovely Prince Leon has been taken away by an evil witch named Cruella. Now you are being followed by 7 little dwarfs that you met in the woods by your castle. It's up to you to choose your adventure to find your prince. Which way will you begin your adventure? Go to the market....pg. 2 or Follow Cruella....pg. 3 pg 1

2: You are at the market and you see a handsome young blacksmith. He walks up to you and asks if you need any help. You can either... Accept his offer....pg. 4 or Deny his offer and find your prince....pg. 6 pg 2

3: You follow Cruella, but are interrupted when one of the seven dwarfs,Sleepy, trips and falls over a stone. Sleepy falls into a hole. You help Sleepy up then realize the hole that Sleepy fell into was a footprint of a dragon. What do you do? Give up hope....pg. 5 or Continue the search for your beloved Prince Leon....pg. 7 pg 3

4: You have accepted the man's offer and he has taken you and your 7 dwarfs to the forest by a dark cave. In the cave you see a puff of smoke. Although you can't determine whether its coming from the left or the right. Which way should you go? Right....pg. 8 or Left....pg. 10 pg 4

5: As you lie on the disgusting forest floor, you feel as though a 30 pound weight has been lifted onto your shoulders. Then you realize you can't give up on the prince you've dreamed of your whole life. So, when all hope is lost what do you do? Turn back and forget about Prince Leon....pg. 9 or Get your happily ever after....pg.11 pg

6: You have turned down the blacksmith's offer and went to find your prince on your own. You and your dwarfs are hopelessly wandering through the dead forest. When you hear a wicked laugh in the dense air, but there's a fork in the path. You are forced to go straight. To continue....pg. 13

7: Your depressed face has been turned into a giant smile. You now see that there is a path of giant footprints leading to the darker part of the forest. You assume that this is where they're holding your prince. Although the path splits having two different footprints. What do you do? Follow the dragon footprints....pg. 14 or Follow the human footprints...pg.15

8: You've run into a cold cramped cave. The dwarfs are no longer with you. When you turn around you're already too late. A cage slams down and you suddenly hear the cry of your prince screaming your name from the distance. The room turns pitch black and something grabs your leg and tugs! You try to free yourself, but are unsuccessful. No one hears from you again.

9: You turn back and decide that the prince isn't worth all that trouble, so you go back to the ruins of your castle and there you find the castle has been rebuilt. You have no idea who rebuilt it, but all you know is that you did have a fairy god-mother. Now you live in your castle once again with your 7 dwarfs and decide that you don't need a prince to make you happy, so you marry the blacksmith and you live happily ever after. THE END

10: You turn left and you find the witch's cave. From the cave you hear the angry complaints from the prince, "Your claws are so dirty you should really clip them sometime." You knock on the door of the cave and the dragon that was once a the witch tosses the prince out of her cave. You leave with the prince and you live happily ever after. THE END

11: You go to the cave, but when you knock on the door the witch's pet dragon eats you and your prince. In an attempt to free you the 7 dwarfs attack the beast, they unsuccessful and are also eaten. You, your beloved prince, and the 7 dwarfs are never heard from again.

13: You find the witch's lair and you walk up to her door and knock. "Who is it!!" the witch screams. "It's Princess Elizabeth." You reply in a sweet harmless voice. 'Well you're too late! I've already eaten your prince!Hahahahaha!" You run away in tears and decide to go back to the market and look for the man that had offered to assist you before. You find the man and he ends up being an actual prince. You fall in love with him and you marry. You live happily ever after with your prince and the 7 dwarfs.

14: You follow the dragon footprints hoping that the dragon hasn't gobbled up your prince. As you walk further and further you see that the dragon footprints come to an end. You hear a twig snap and you look to see what's going on. Unfortunately it was a trap and you are held hanging in a net. You shut your eyes and pinch yourself hoping that this is all a dream. The 7 dwarfs attempt to release you from the net, but they are too petite. The dwarfs run away and you hear the dragon approaching. You are never seen again

15: You follow the human footprints, but as you go in further you notice that the footprints are slowly fading. You continue following whats left of the footprints. Now, the footprints are gone, but you and the 7 dwarfs suddenly start to sink. Quicksand! You and the 7 dwarfs never see another day again.

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