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The Past of the World

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The Past of the World - Page Text Content

S: From Past to Present

BC: The End

FC: From Past to Present

1: Table of Contents | Ancient River Valley page 2-3 Classical Greece/Rome page 3-4 Post-Classical Asia/ Africa page 5-6 Post Classical (Medieval) Europe page 7-8 Renaissance/ Reformation page 9-10 | Enlightenment/Revolutions page 11-12 World War I page 13-14 World War II page 15-16 Cold War page 17-18

2: d | About 5000 years ago began early civilizations. These early groups of people from long ago were never forgotten because they influenced the future of the world we live in today. The creation of the infrastucture that they have created using roads and paths to travel is still used world wide today. These early people made settlements with their own people to form them. The nomadic people of our past followed their food by picking up their lives and moving with it.

3: If people had not learned to farm, civilization would have formed much more slowly and the domestication of farm animals would not part of our lives. We would have to hunt animals for food and gather fruits and grasses for food and other remedies.

4: Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. Classical Athens was a very powerful city-state that has it''s own government. Athens was the birthplace of democracy which we still use today. | Athens was home for the arts and learning. Athens political governmental style and cultural ideas of art work and poetry influenced the rest of Europe, the United States and many more.

5: If Athens had not embraced Democracy as their governing style other countries would probably not see the positives about that government style. The people would not be able to vote for what they would like to see happen in their government if Athens had not accepted democracy. This would then lead to overwhelming control by the government.

6: Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongols. He was planning to conquer or gain control of the Silk Road, the silk road is an ancient trading route that was used in the early Chinese civilization. The silk road was a network or bundle of roads for trading goods. Khan tried to stop the intense exchange or trade the the civilization used it for

7: If the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road to safe travels the trading between Europe and Asia would be dangerous and near impossible with the Mongolians strong military. Asia and even Europe would be behind as far as advancements and achievements

8: The Black Death was one of the most deadly disease that took place in history. It originated or began in Asia and spread across Europe. Their was a lot of population pressure meaning Europe was under pressure and needed more people. It was one of the worst natural disasters caused by a natural disease carried by some rats and bugs that infected the people.

9: If the Black Plague did not attack Western Europe, then many generations would still be alive, maybe even making Europe over populated. The Renaissance would have never occurred if the Black plague never happened. Their would be no new beginning to inspire the rest of the world

10: The Roman Catholic Church was very powerful in the 1500s. The church was interested in money and taxes called tithes that were collected from the citizens. The Catholic church had three ways of raising revenue: Relics is a personal object related to religion. Indulgences are punishments the Catholic Church gives people for sinning. Pilgrimages are a sacred journey made to for religious reasons.

11: If the Catholic Church had been quicker to address Martin Luther then Martin Luther's 95 Theses would have encouraged the change in the Catholic Church and maybe even prevented the revolution.

12: During the 18th century a movement or course of change were picked up by Europe and North America. Their were 7 main core ideals or values and goals. For example one important thing that was noted was the idea of having reasonable freedom. Enlightenment means that humans develop mature reasoning.

13: If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists then it would be very hard for future colonies to begin a strong, fair government. The Enlightenment Ideas gave many counties inspiration.

14: World War I was the first war that was fought all around the globe. It involved the axis and the allied powers Some causes of the war were related to conflicts with the balance of power. In a government some were trying to dominate or gain power. After the United States joined the was, Germany ceased fire or gave up on the war. Germany was to blame and come to a huge amount of debt to pay back for war damages in countries Germany fought.

15: If Germany had not been solely blamed for WWI then more counties would not be in debt from the war since Germany could never single-handedly pay off the war. Also Germany wouldn't have such a depression afterward maybe even preventing WWII.

16: The atomic bomb was invented by the United States of America. It was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Hiroshima was the primary or first target of the bombing because of their attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S.A warned civilians in Japan about the air raids before the atomic bombing.

17: If the U.S. had not dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan then we would probably not have gotten too involved. It could have lead to having a better relationship with Japan later in history.

18: Apollo11 was the spaceship that was the first to land successfully on the surface of the moon. Commander Neil Armstrong was the first one to land step foot on the moon with his famous quote ""One small step for man, one Giant step for mankind." Since the Soviet Union had been the first to launch in space, President Kennedy responded by challenging the country to land on the moon with the spaceship Apollo 11.

19: If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first and not the United States then it would have been traumatic for the whole country to have that failure between "The Race to Space." The U.S.A. would have been left far behind in technology trying to catch up with advancements

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