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The Queen of Kashama

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FC: The Queen of Kashama

1: Created and written by Mackenzie Schafer

3: In the heart of the forest Kirmishir, there was a small Indian village named, Kashama. There lived a wise, old lady who was looking for a young girl to marry her son. Her name was Aditi. | She was the Indian Queen of that tribe and whoever was to marry her son would become the princess and, eventually, the Queen herself. The word spread because many young ladies wanted to marry him. The catch was that the queen wanted someone with wits who knew a lot about her son.

4: Two sisters heard about this and decided to go to the Indian Queen the next day. These girls were greedy and stuck-up. They thought that only one of them deserved to be the Queen of their tribe and no other. They put on their best skins and made themselves look as pretty as possible. Then, they left and went into the village.

5: The sisters quickly ran into Aditi's tent. Inside sat Aditi meditating. Aditi swiftly got up and went over to the two girls. Very politely, she asked their names. Aditi already knew how ravenous and rude these girls were, but she tried to be as gracious as she could with them. For, she also knew how stupid these girls were and that a couple questions about the prince would stump them, and then they would have to leave. The older sister snapped back at Aditi “My name is Jayanti. It means victorious, and I always win. So, you might as well just show me to your son already so we can get married and I can become the Queen of the tribe.” “Hold on Jayanti,” said Aditi. “I haven't even asked you a question about my son to see if you are truly fit to be Queen. But first, what is your sister's name?” Just as rudely, the younger sister said, “My name is Kanaka. It means gold, and I cannot wait to see the mounds of it when my sister or I become queen.”

6: Aditi now realized what she was dealing with. She then led the two girls outside. In front of her tent was a large sycamore tree and as Aditi peered upon this great tree an idea came to her mind. Aditi, then, said to the girls; “since both of you are sure of your winnings, let me ask you a question. Do you know what my son's bow and arrow are made of?” The two girls looked confused and then the older one blurts out; “The Great Sycamore of course!” Aditi smirks and says still very politely, “No, the bow and arrow are not made from the Great Sycamore. Any guesses from Kanaka?” Kanaka replies “Then, it has to be made from oak or pine.” Aditi smirks again and says, “Neither. Since you two clearly do not even know a basic fact about my son, you must go, for you two are not the right fit for him.” “No!” said both girls. “Ask us another question!” “Not today, but come back tomorrow and I will ask you another question.” Aditi said, and she knew those girls would be back the next day. They came back all right. They went to Aditi everyday for a month, when Aditi told them she had no more questions to ask and that they were clearly not fit to be Princess, let alone Queen.

8: Many other girls went to Aditi's tent, but none were able to answer Aditi's question. For a few months every day, Aditi had girls coming into her tent, but none of them were the right fit for her son. Finally, the crowds died down and Aditi was able to get out of her tent without running into several girls begging her to tell them what they had to do so they could marry her son. Aditi went walking through the village one day, when she saw a young girl working on one of the tents, and then helping sew together the skins for the winter. There was something different about this girl, something that caused Aditi to stop. It was surely not her appearance because the girl was covered in dirt and was wearing what looked like very old bits of rabbit skin. It was something about how she worked, so carefully with so much effort. There were extremely beautiful skins lying next to her. Aditi had to ask, “Did you sew those skins?”

10: The girl replied humbly, “Yes, I did.” And then went back to her work. There was something about this girl that made Aditi like her. Aditi then said to the girl “Come with me. First we will go get you washed up in the river and then bring you to my tent.” The girl went with Aditi without question. She got washed up in the river and looked as beautiful as ever, and then they went to Aditi's tent. Inside Aditi asked the girl “What is your name?” The young girl replied very politely “My name is Kalpana.” “Ah, Kalpana, your name means idea, and imagination, doesn't it?” “Yes” Kalpana replied. “Who do you work for?” asked Aditi. “I work for two sisters named Jayanti and Kanaka. I sew their skins together, and every so often fix their tent when it begins to fall. “ “I see,” said Aditi realizing that this was the servant of the two girls that had been seeing her for a month. “Did you hear I was looking for a husband for my son?”

13: “I did, but I am not worthy to be Queen of this tribe,” Kalpana said. “Let me ask you a question. What do you think my name, Aditi, means?” “Mother of the gods,” Kalpana relied quickly. “You are right! Do you know what my son's bow and arrows are made from?” “His bow is the crescent moon and his arrows are the shooting stars. His eyes are the clouds and his mouth is the Rainbow. He sings through the birds, and talks through you. The rain is his cries and the bright sun shows his happiness.” “How do you know all of this? I have never seen someone so clever in all of my many years,” said Aditi very surprised. “As you said before my name means idea, or imagination. Well, when I was born my mother sensed this and that is why she named me Kalpana, ever since I have just known many things. I kept to myself and became a servant because I thought I did not deserve such a gift. The only other person I told was my mother, who passed away a few years ago. Now I tell you because you are the cleverest in the land, and, if anyone, you would know what I should do with such a gift.” Aditi took a minute to think about this. She had just come across an all-knowing young girl. Kalpana had known that her son was the god of the sky. Finally Aditi, the mother of gods, had made a decision.

14: “Come with me to the mountain of the gods and I shall tell you what to do with your great gift,” Aditi said gracefully. They went to the top of the mountain and there lay a large rock. Aditi told Kalpana to sit on the rock. Kalpana did as she was told and then Aditi started.

15: “Kalpana,” Aditi said, “Many have come to me in the last few months to become the Queen of the tribe Kashama and all those have failed to answer my questions. Now I came to you and you did not wish to become Queen but yet you, who know all, have been able to answer my questions and more. | I was named Aditi, mother of the gods, for a reason. I would now like to ask you a question, one that will change your life forever. Do you want to marry my son?” “Yes,” Kalpana replied. | “I now have made a great decision,” said Aditi. All the light of the sky was gone and everything suddenly got dark. Now the sky was full of colors, more than Kalpana had ever seen before. Words flash across the sky. Wisdom. Knowledge. Understanding. Intelligence. Good Judgment.

17: “You are to become the god of Wisdom. You will rule over these people as their god with my son,” Aditi exclaimed as she pointed down from the mountain to the people in the village. “When they ask for you, use your powers to help them and give them guidance. My son will help you and you shall be forever.” “I will do as you say,” replied Kalpana still humbly, even after she was given everything she could ever dream of and more. Just then Kalpana rose into the night sky and became a bright star. She was the brightest star in the night sky.

19: Now the gods of the sky rule together. In the day, Aditi's son watched over the village and at night Kalpana takes over. Aditi's son gave Kalpana his bow and arrow as a gift. Every now and then she will shoot one of her arrows the sky to show her thanks to Aditi. Kalpana also makes designs in the stars, some pictures of animals, others messages. She had gone from being a servant girl to the most beautiful, and brilliant star in the sky. All she wanted to do was thank Aditi, and so she did by helping her tribe. Ever since that night the small village in the forest Kirmishir prospered. With Kalpana watching over them it was a peaceful place. Now that bright star in the sky is referred to as the North Star or Polaris, but to Aditi it will always be Kalpana.

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