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The Redemption of Spica

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FC: The Redemption of Spica

1: We are | BY: Mikaela Dapremont | And Janzzen Jetajobe

2: Once upon a time, mommy Grenda Gas and Daddy Dusty fell in love in the Milky Way. It was coincidental to say the least because he was more towards the wealthy side and she was from the other side of the asteroid belt. Of course, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it also didn’t last very long. Gratefully, though, it lasted long enough for Dusty and Grenda to collapse together and soon give birth to one bright baby, Spica.

3: Page 1 | Spica | The years rapidly passed as Spica grew older, 10 billion years at this stage. He’s good in looks due to his Nuclear Fusion Exercise Machine increasing the pure hydrogen muscle in his interiors. And, he’s also incredibly intellectual because of the amount of fuel he smartly burns for brain power. Entering college at the Top 5% of his high school graduating class, he has no one to celebrate with. While other kids were throwing “We made It” parties, Spica was alone at his luxurious apartment studying for his Doctorate’s degree and grieving silently. Though on the outside Spica is conceited and obnoxious, he actually just doesn’t know how to express his feelings with people. Instead, he gets nervous and has unintended outbursts of rage. The day after graduation would be the day that changes Spica’s life forever.

4: On his way to tutoring upcoming seniors on their SAT’s, he strolls past an old man. The old man wearing tattered clothing obviously wasn’t very wealthy and although the glint in his eyes showed much pain, that went behind those tattered clothes. “Well you look mighty down for someone of your status,” Spica hears behind him. Taking one glance at the old man, Spica paid him no attention. The old man was right, someone of his status did look mighty down, but also someone of his status did not talk to the lower class. “Well I'm not exactly in the crowd where graduating is all I wanted to do.” “Son, I believe you aren’t in the crowd where you even consider talking to people, I know I am not the hippest man around, but you look like you could use a friend.” Scoffing he replies, “I stand alone, and I walk alone for a reason. It’s because I don’t need people to be dependent on, I’ve done this for most of my life. By this age, I don’t need friends.” The old man stared and cocked his head to the side. “I used to be just like you, not as wealthy, but very stubborn, I always turned away a helping hand, and it’s gotten me to where I am right now. You are young, and can still learn. Now then, you take one good look at all the stars around you. Take a real good look, because all of them won’t be here one day. So take the time to get to know them, and help them when it's needed for you will be granted respect in return. Trust me on this, equality is all we really seek in each other. It's what I've noticed while observing everyone here on this lonely bench. You walk alone, eh? That what you call living? Well, son, to live doesn't mean you're alive. "

6: Spica took this deep into thought. He was not living nor was he barely feeling alive. An epiphany of similar thoughts shot at him all at once and he realized that the old man was absolutely correct in his words. Without registering it in his brain, Spica automatically sat down and began to listen to to the old man, who later would be introduced as Jenkins. Hours passed and Jenkins had shared most of all of his experience with Spica. Giddily laughing as the embarrassing stories went on and on and on, they learnt more about each other and became good friends. Night fell, and they finally bid their goodbyes. Before they left for, they planned to meet again in the same place. As Spica walked home that day, he felt warmth for the first time towards someone other than his mother.

7: The next day came along quite fast as Spica ran toward where he'd met old man Jenkins, the day before. He sat there, waiting for a couple of minutes. It eventually turned into an hour and before he knew it, Spica had been waiting at the bench for an excruciatingly long amount of time. Planning to leave Spica was startled when he heard a quite voice behind him mumble, “Are you looking for Mr. Jenkins?” The voice, he found out, belonged to a girl in his Algebra class. Spica guarded his emotions and speedily said, “Yeah, have you seen him? I've been waiting for hours." The girl shook her head and continued, “You haven’t heard huh? Mr. Jenkins had a star attack a little after midnight.” Spica stood up and clutched at his shirt. Heart pounding wildy against his chest, he felt at a loss for what to do and feel. Suddenly, he took off and started running home. On the way, he let go of the pain held together for billions of years and cried. Days went by, and Spica stood alone, and walked alone. Until he remembered those words that old man Jenkins once told him. “To live doesn’t mean you're alive”. He replayed the saying hundreds of times in his head, wondering what he could do to apply this to his life, as a remembrance of his one and only friend. Jenkins had wanted him to befriend other stars, and share interests with them. If that's what the wise star wanted, then so be it.

9: He met up with some stars from his classes, talking and laughing as the day flew passed. He didn't realize that these stars could share the same interests as him. The same goals. He liked the feeling of having stars to talk to of, of stars he could go to when some when something wasn't right. He liked the feeling of having not one friend, but many friends. That he could too impact their lives as well. He Spica, was finally not alive, but living. Spica old at age, but young at heart just as old man Jenkins was. He began to contract and compensate for the heat and light energy lost. Getting closet to his time in the galaxy. All of the hydrogen was gone, but he continued to burn helium, because he was living. not just alive. It was quite the battle for him to maintain his equilibrium as gravity was slowly, but timely winning over his life. Spica, now a supernova did not know when gravity would take his life. So whenever gravity decided it will take full control, he spent time with the younger stars, and with his friends. Also something many people didn't know that he kept locked away, was that spending time on really late quiet nights.

10: Good times! | Main Sequence stars over 8 solar massed are destined on the "larger mass" death of a supernova. When the star collapses and explodes.

11: He would spend time talking to old man Jenkins, thanking him for showing him the right way. Gravity sneaked up on Spica one night, and he exploded. Turning into various colors that sparkled against the night sky. The greatness at the end of this lifetime of Spica's, was that he died with a meaning. Knowing the difference between being alone, and with people.

13: The gas and dust left behind after Spica's death were recycled providing the building blocks for, a new generation of stars, stars with meanings, stars with something to live for. | In the picture that is an example of star dust. most likely from stellar remnants.

15: The HR diagram is what scientists use to classify stars, and their age also there luminosity and temperature. An example will be the Sun, the central star in our solar system. It is in its main sequence, comparing that to human years, that is between being a toddler to a full grown adult. Also the luminosity the sun is about right in the middle, because the lower and negatives a stars brightness goes, the brighter it is. And as it increases in the positives is the dimmer it will shine. The temperature also has the farther left you are the hotter you are, and the farther right you are the colder you are. The red giants are the coolest, while the blue giants are the hottest.

17: An HR diagram is very helpful to scientists, because with the HR diagram the stars are placed where they are in there lifetime, for an example. The Sun is in it's main sequence, which is about Toddler to Adult age in human years, the HR diagram also explains the temperature the star is, and the Luminosity, the brighter the star is. the lower in negatives it goes, but the dimmer the star is the higher in positives it goes.

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