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The Rhythm of My Heart

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S: The Rhythm of My Heart Brenda Ann "Jorgeann" Johnson

BC: ...and the beat goes on

FC: The Rhythm of My Heart | A collection of poems and quotes by Brenda Ann "Jorgeann" Johnson

1: As our heart beats with a steady rhythm...so do our minds. From our minds come our emotions that are the driving force of the dance we do throughout our lives...With this book I have put some of my thoughts and feelings into words...Some are sad, some are happy, but they are what I have felt.....From the bottom of my heart I thank you for allowing me to share my book with you.

2: History is the story of what has happened to me My joy, my pain, my sorrow loves lost and found. Places I traveled... People I've met, and the knowledge I have gained from both. My accomplishments and failures Ups and downs ins and outs-- all around. My family; living and dead Some not born. The friends I have had old and new Those who have chosen to remain in my life. Those that I have severed ties with. My battle with cancer... Not knowing how long I will survive. But, while I lived...I was much alive. | Through Davetta and Brenda My story goes on ________ So history is not only the story of my past life. There will be many more stories in the future to be told. The books remains open... Completed 4-23-2008 | Spending a day at the chemotherapy clinic. | History Will Go On

3: I need to be with you, You make my life complete. With you by my side, there's no problem I can't defeat. The warmth of your smile, the tenderness of your touch... your kisses sweet --- that I crave so much. Each time we're together, you give me a feeling brand-new. It doesn't matter what we're doing, as long as I'm with you. You're the core of my well-being, the center of my life.... I hope one day, you'll make me your wife. So baby, tell me you love me... today, tomorrow and forever. There's nothing better for us , than sharing our lives together. To Sonny with much love 1989 | From My Heart to Yours

4: You're more valuable than any precious stone on earth. No monetary value can be set on worth. A person so understanding, a person so dear, I don't know what I'll do when you're no longer here. You taught me what love love is, and for you I'll always care you stood by me in times of despair. My debt to will forever be unpaid, But, I'll try to repay you as much as much as I can. I'll be like a genie, your wish at my command. I'll do everything to make you happy, and do it as well as can be. My greatest goal in life is to make you proud of me.... | For in your footsteps, I will always follow. I want to be the number one mother of tomorrow. To be half the person you are is very hard to do. I don't think another mother could be as devoted as you.... FOR YOU ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT A MOTHER IS. Dedicated to Margaret Johnson | Tribute to My Mom

5: Father, I stand knocking at the door. I want to come in and rest. I have traveled through life, and now I have passed the test. The time has come for me to depart, but I will still keep memories of love-ones in my heart. Had not the time been right, You would have turned me away. So, open the door because I am here to stay. Life was a long journey, and now I've reached my destination. please open the door and give me my salvation. IN MEMORY OF Margaret Jane Hopper Johnson April 17, 1918-September 22, 1987 | Don't worry my children, one day you will find -- the answers to many questions, and obtain peace of mind. I know my death came as a shock but, they took me to that secluded navy dock. I asked them not to hurt me, and they said they didn't care. One took my purse, as the other one pulled my hair. I shouted for help, but no one else could hear. I prayed to my Father in Heaven, and then I had no fear. I was pushed into the river as I held my glasses tight. They stood and watched me for awhile, until my head was out of sight. The secret is not buried with me one day justice will prevail They'll try it once again -- only to land in jail ...Waiting | The Silent Witness | My Mother's Prayer

6: I used to stand real tall my back was strong and straight. I used to take long strides, I had a hell of a gait. Time wasn't a worry I lived so carefree Never worried about time catching up with me. My mind was sharp, the answers came real fast. I lived for the future, what was passed, was past. But, to my surprise... something happened significant. Up popped the question about, "where had time went?" Where did time go? Why did time leave me this way? Now I'm holding on to each hour of every day. | I cannot venture back. It's so plain to see. I'm the loser in this race. Time is now ahead of me. You see time never ages. It defeats us all. Yesterday you're standing straight. Tomorrow you can hardly stand at all. DEDICATED TO Ambus Robert Johnson 1990...Published in 'Something For Everyone' page 152 | Stepping Back

7: I was born to be a poet. | Mr. Bean has big feet. He ties his shoes so nice and neat. He has big muscles, and a very big hand. But, of all this Mr. Bean is a very nice man. | Mr. Bean | Written when I was in the 2nd grade Hunter Elementary School Shelby, North Carolina

8: A black family reunion is more than just a joyous occasion. It's history in continuance, passed from generation to generation. A melting pot of ancestry, blood-lines hard to trace. Variances of features, spreading from face to face.. Coming together.... like no other people can, a beautiful work of art... deepest chocolate to lightest tan. | Nephews looking like great-uncles, nieces favoring aunts too. It's quite amazing.... what black genes can do. Celebrating goes beyond the gathering, it's what they have inside... preserving their heritage, and showing their black pride. --1990-- | Submitted into the Johnson Family history 7-3-1993 | Together in Blackness

10: Pensive thoughts..... | Take a trip of the mind: THINK Those who lack self-confidence are untrue to themselves. Education is the key to success... without it the doors to a promising future remain locked. | "My Quotes" | Impossibility If I change the world, What would my choice be? For people to live together in peace, love and harmony. | Forever Christmas Christmas is a special time, a time for joy and cheer. It is a time for peace and family. Yet, it comes once a year. Wouldn't it be something, if we kept Christmas in our hearts each day? Imagine a world of love and peace'Brotherhood all the way. --1989-- My personal Christmas card | The thirst for knowledge should never be quenched. SUICIDE: Life's cop-out Cancer is an uninvited guest.

11: Alone I am alone, I don't know why. When in a crowd, I start to cry. "Reach out for me. Here I am. Can't anyone hear? Don't you give a damn?" I occupy a space, but I'm not acknowledged in the place. People around me just don't seem to care. They look in my direction, but, aren't aware of the lone figure sitting in the back. Where can I obtain this thing that I lack? To be able to blend in with the crowd, so, I'll no longer have to cry out loud... "Reach out for me. Here I am. Can't anyone hear? Don't you give a damn?" | Breaking Up Although we have gone our separate ways, I'll still keep memories of the fun-filled days. When things were so simple, life so care-free, nothing really mattered...just you and me. Our dreams and plans, our hopes and fears. When things got rough, why did we stop? Could we have bound together and made it to the top? Have you ever thought back on the things I've just spoken? Something went wrong and our friendship was broken. It only proves life gives no guarantee... You can start out in bliss and end in misery. --1990--

12: True Friendship We share a common bond that goes beyond primitiveness. Our thoughts pure in nature.. for this is what true friendship is. Sharing two worlds, learning from each other's experiences, having courage to disagree... is what true friendship is about. Wherever our paths lead, or new people we encounter, Time won't change our feelings.. for true friendship lasts forever. --1990--

13: Being with You I feel your presence ever so close the warmth of your breath upon my cheek, the sensitivity of your fingertips upon my skin. A special feeling takes over when we are together, locked in our world... our heartbeats the only sound. Words need not be spoken, we are in touch with each other. Together we do, together we feel. The sad thing is, you are not with me all the time, for you must leave me... when my fantasy is over. --1990--

14: Marriage When two people say I do, What does it really mean? It is a committing statement that is sealed with a wedding ring. A challenge of a lifetime with new territories to uncover. A total relationship with your friend and lover.

15: My Wedding Vow Dear______ As we walk down the aisle, we begin a new life. You are now my husband, and I am now you wife. This marks the beginning of our sharing, friendship and love, stepping into the future that is blessed by the One above. Our tomorrows will last forever. Our dreams will all come true. Nothing but love and happiness lie ahead for me and you. Forever, _______________

16: 27 years could not defeat him. 27 years of hard time. 27 years didn't break his spirit, or change his mind. The South African government had jailed him. They thought his mission would come to an end. But, what they didn't realize was that they would never win. From behind those walls, his message continued to be heard throughout the land, "End apartheid, equal rights, and justice for every girl, boy, woman and man." He asked foreign governments for sanctions, and to keep the pressures on, for as long as apartheid remained in effect, and as long as the South African government was wrong. | The pressure had begun to be felt. Foreign trade was at a low. So, the heads of state met and concluded... Mandela had to go. If they continued to confine him, their empire would surely fail. So, after 27 years of solitude, they released him from his cell. As he stepped into freedom, he stared into the crowd. The people danced and cheered, and called his name out loud. Time had worn his body. His hair was thin and gray. But, those 27 years didn't take his smile away. | 27 Years

17: He gave them the sign of victory and the people understood. this man never went back on his word and he would make his promise good. The 27 years are now behind him but, his demands have not been met. His struggle to end apartheid is something no one should forget. We must all stand behind him and keep the hope alive. For with strength in numbers... how can apartheid survive? THE TIME IS NOW! --1990-- | My sincere thanks to Congressman John Conyers Jr. for contacting The African National Congress which presented my poem to Mr. Mandela. This is one of the most rewarding things I have done.

18: What has gone wrong with with the kids of today? Many have no morals, many gone astray. Killing, robbing and various other crimes. Education has no value, like in their parents' times. Peddling drugs to make it to the top, not giving a damn that their lives might stop. sporting gold, diamonds and carrying lots of cash, living a life based on nothing but flash. BMWs, Mercedes and Jeeps are their toys, cruisin' up and down the streets in convoys, blowin' horns and playing music loud, drawing plenty attention, seems to make them proud. | Communication is often done with a gun. Taking a life is a new kind of fun. Not caring about the grief of one's family. Telling friends, "Better him than me." Stubborn, bull-headed, so super-bad, not giving respect to their mom or dad. When they get caught and land in jail, they call on their parents to pay the bail. "Peer-pressure, peer-pressure" is the reason they give for the careless and dangerous life that they live. Being independent is the wrong thing to do. To be safe, you must have your "homeboys" with you. So, what is wrong with kids of today? They think life is a game to play. No morals, no values, no self-respect, living each day in total neglect. LET'S SAVE OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS --1989-- | Kids Gone Bad

19: Of all the classes that have been here, we hope we were the best. We want to leave behind us a legacy for the rest. We've finally attained our goal(s) after twelve challenging years. we've successfully passed out tests and conquered all our fears. | We would like to thank the teachers for guiding us in the right directions. When mistakes were made-- they were there to make the corrections. To the students following behind us, we would like to say... study hard, do your lessons well, and you'll be on your way. | Written for Davetta Johnson, Valedictorian F.L. Peterson Academy Class of 1986 | From the Graduating Class

20: Society is being held hostage by what is known as crack cocaine.. It doesn't care if you're young or old, it will treat you both the same. It will make you rob your mother, even kill your best friend. It becomes a horrible nightmare... one that will never end. For just a small fee, it will turn your life upside-down. You'll go from day to day, with nothing but a frown. | You see the first time you try it will take you as high as the sky... then leave you very quickly, challenging you to another try. On the streets, its often peddled, in houses its for sale-- this almighty public enemy that becomes a living hell. | Captivity

21: Just look around and see what crack cocaine has done, kidnapping the future, by killing off our young. Just saying, "No", means nothing to the man... who peddles this substance-- poisoning the land. The drug-free must launch an all out war, to tackle this vicious enemy and even up the score. | It takes the actions from citizens, and the government as well, to conquer society's captor... and end this awful hell. --1989--

22: As I stood on the street corner, a young man came my way. He said, "I've got crack, marijuana and any other drug for the money you pay." I told him, "Son I've got the ultimate, Something so divine No drug could ever duplicate the elation on my mind. What I've got is Jesus, the answer and the way. He is my problem solver, each and everyday. | Your drugs bring a temporary relief to misery and pain. They provide you with a dangerous crutch, make you live your life in vain. Do you realize the destruction you're causing throughout the neighborhood? People killing and robbing-- the bad outweighing the good. | Rapping in the name of Jesus

23: What you need is Jesus, the answer and the way. He'll make you throw away those drugs, fall on your knees and pray. Why don't you start a new life and hustle for this man. Tell everyone of the joy he brings, be a part of the master plan. I guarantee you'll find nothing like it, no artificial high can compete. So, go spread the word to everyone on the street. | Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the way. Why not get hooked on Jesus? He's what's happening today." --1990--

24: Bitter cold, over-exposed... can't go inside, got no place to go. Walkin' around to keep my body heat churning... trouble is ain't had no food to keep the furnace burning. People looking, wandering how I came to be. Truth is fate did a number on me. Job left the city, bank took my home. Got no new skills so, now the streets I roam. 24 hours without any sleep... Can't close my eyes, cause death my creep. | Not a shelter around, where I can find relief. Got no family nor friends with whom to share my grief. Some might say I can do better. But, do they really know? They should step into my shoes and find how far they'll go. | Homeless Bound

25: Exposed to the elements... No safety from crime. Living each day in the unknown, never having peace of mind. When you're down and out, it's hard to get back on your feet. You live each day, being a potential victim of the street. So, if you ever see me, please don't laugh and make fun. Fate could strike you a fatal blow... and make you a homeless one. | Began in 1996 Completed January 28, 1998

26: When everything around me is old and brown, I stand tall and straight, sporting my green crown. Winter can't change me, even summer's droughts have tried. autumn doesn't change me, before spring, I'm much alive. I'm somewhat a unique creation, you can't help but notice me. I provide the decoration, among any bush or tree. Sometimes, I'm not allowed to live the longevity that I should. You see, I'm cut down at Christmas, and at times I'm used as wood. | Those who survive me never knowing their fate, standing tall and proud, adding beauty to the earth, hoping never to meet that fatal date, when they are stripped of their worth. After reading the lines above, you know my identity... I'm known as the evergreen the never changing tree. --1989-- | I AM (?)

27: (My Birthday Message) You might be old as an antique but, you perform like a brand new car. Your mileage may be high-- Yet, your love still goes very far. Before things get out of hand, you put on the brakes real fast, getting us safely through the situation.. danger and insecurities put into the past. It's been quite a pleasure... being in your driver's seat, traveling on the road of love, where no one else can compete. You see when you become a classic, you're worth your weight in gold. So, don't put on any rust, Just because you're another year old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! --1990--

28: I woke up this morning so all alone. Nobody to love me, no one of my own. (It's just a loss of love.) A love like no other has suddenly met its end. I've not only lost my lover, I've lost my best friend. (It's just a loss of love.) | Your arms no longer hold me, your lips I cannot touch. There's nothing but memories of what I need so much. (It's just a loss of love.) | Just a Loss of Love | The lyrics to my song... The music has yet to beaten out of my heart.

29: Life's like a puzzle with a missing part. There's no thrill of romance to fill my lonely heart. (It's just a loss of love.) I must find a new love, this loneliness cannot last. I can't start each day reminiscing in the past. (It's just a loss of love.) | So, I'm calling on fate to give me another chance. To let me wake up tomorrow with the start of new romance. (No longer will I have a loss of love.) --1989--

30: Dear Mom, I could give you flowers or shower you with gifts. I want to give you something from my heart, something from my lips. So, I wrote this little poem,to say what is on my mind. I've been truly blessed to have a mother so divine. | You are an inspiration, a bundle of joy. It's been quite an honor being your only boy. There isn't a day that I don't thank the One above, for making you my mother, and giving me your love. You son, | Dedicated to Sonny's mother, Cornelia McCullough

31: I met him on a Thursday, Friday I felt his kiss. It was the beginning of a relationship. I certainly do miss. Love and affection he gave me. He turned my life around. He made me feel real good inside, my feet never touched the ground. | The short time that I knew him, I'll cherish from now on. There was never a dull moment, the lights were never dim. Maybe I was foolish when I thought it would never end. Will I ever find him, and make him mine again? The question remains unanswered: Where can my lover be? I hope he's well and able. I want him back with me. | Inspired by KRJ | The Man For Me

32: From one extreme... | You say you do, and then you don't. You say you will, and then you won't. You pretend that you couldn't, when you know you could. You do what you shouldn't, when you know what you should. The truth is you are full of lies!! -1989- | Who's Fooling Who?

33: ...to the other | You're a special kind of guy with a special kind of touch. You've got kisses soft and sweet that I crave so much. And when you smile in your very special way, I simply lose control, all emotions go astray. You have a special way of walking. All of the ladies stop and stare. They want to know who is that man with that special kind of flair. | The other guys can't touch you. There's nothing to compare. You're my special kind of lover that I never want to share. So, keep doing what you're doing, in your sweet and special way making me feel real good inside, each and every minute of every day. ---1989-- | Special

34: I | In Memorial

35: For every life there is an end, a time for us to rest. If life never stopped, how could it begin, and put us to the test? | Cycle

36: God came to Rena the other day, and said, "It's time for you to go. You've fulfilled your life's assignment, Now everyone must know. So many hearts you've touched, so many days you've made worthwhile. For this I must reward you, so, come with Me my child. | No longer will you suffer, no more sorrow will you bear. Just peace in my eternal valley with nothing but, love and care." Don't cry for Rena-- but, rejoice for what I have done. Remember what she gave you, Let her memory "Shine like the sun." | A Song For Rena | In loving memory of my niece, Rena Renee Miller Written in 1982

37: The grass is greener on the other side. Somehow I know it's true. Why should I suffer in this life? Why should I be lonely and blue? I'll take that final step ahead, no looking back for me. Don't think of me as being dead. I'll just be fancy-free. | Going | Written for my cousin, Neatha, who gave up too soon.

38: There'a a new life coming with sunny blue skies. There'a a new life coming when birds' chatter are the only cries. There will be no suffering, pain or sorrow. Only happiness and peace will fill each tomorrow. Yes, there's a new life coming when I'll be at my best. You see, I've been called to Paradise to take my final rest. | New Life | Written in memory of my cousin Sandra Hawkins

39: Although you cannot see me, and my voice you cannot hear... I'm so glad I had the pleasure of having someone so dear. We had good times together. Together we'll always be, in precious memories of those days that will last eternally. | Written for Renia Kennedy who loss her sister Phyliss | Message for Renia

40: I shall not venture from this place where I have been for awhile, without embracing my family and friends and giving them a smile. I shall not venture from this place leaving you in tears. I shall leave you with precious memories that we've shared throughout the years. | From This Place | I shall not venture from this place without my final say: I love each and everyone of you in a special way. Now I shall venture from this place it is time for me to go. | In memorial of Madeline Phillips, a teenage friend 1994

41: There's a flower in the garden quite different form the rest. Brilliance in color, standing statuesque. There's a flower in the garden that has great endurance: while the others have bloomed and begun to wilt. There was a flower in the garden, until one day... God reached out and plucked it. | The Garden | Written for Sonny's sister, Regina Trice 9-11-1998

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