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The Rules of Survival

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The Rules of Survival - Page Text Content

BC: Sarah Kim Period 8/9 Ms. Johnston

FC: The Rules of Survival

1: Background: The purple background was chosen because the main character, Matthew Walsh, goes through mental turmoil throughout his journey.His main emotions are fury (which is usually symbolized by the color red) and despair/sadness (which is usually symbolized by the color blue). When these two emotions (colors) mix, they become purple. The shade of purple is faded because Matt no longer is an innocent, energetic child. He has matured and truly seen the horrors of life, giving him experience but stealing his exuberance. Artifacts: The crumpled paper pinned to the cover has been marked by Matt's wisdom. He put his life and the lessons he learned onto paper for his little sister, Emma, to read when she has grown. On the paper is just a mere outline of what he has learned. The picture of the one boy and two girls represent Matt and his two sisters, Callie and Emma. Since their mother is unstable and divorced, the kids fear their mother and wish to stay as far as possible from her constant and violent mood swings. Because of this predicament, there are no real family moments within the Walsh household which leads to no actual pictures of said children. Since Matt cares for his two younger sisters more than he cares for himself he would do whatever it takes to protect them. That is why the "picture" of his two younger sisters is behind the "picture" of himself, so he can protect them.

2: ....

3: Background: A black background was chosen because when Matt recollects, his childhood is just filled with agony and darkness. His mother was the cause of the dark cloud that constantly hovered over him. Artifacts: When thinking of his first memory, Matt remembers the sound of his mother throwing a violent tantrum in the kitchen. She was taking a chair and throwing it against the wall. Matt knew that if his mother was disturbed at a time like that then she would unleash her wrath unto her children. It was his first victory since he was born to keep his siblings quiet until the tantrum was over. Nikki, Matt's mother, acted stable in public but when she was in the comfort of her home she was a loose cannon and Matt was the target. He was the first born so he had to deal with Nikki's erratic behavior for the longest. Matt's bright and cheery childhood quickly evaporated for his mother was the dark cloud that blocked out his chance of happiness ( the sun symbolizes cheerfulness/happiness). After entering his teenage years, Matt read a book that left an impression on him. It was a book about fear written by a security expert. It told him that "the ability to to become aware of fear is a gift" (8 Werlin) and when fear is recognized, it should be acted upon. But Matt questioned this man's statement, because the man said that fear could be handled but he never said how to handle it when fear lives with you 24/7.

4: Then Came Murdoch...

5: Background: This page is one of the most important to Matt because this page is dedicated to a man that he knew would change his life. This man was Murdoch. He was an average man of average stature and average looks, but so much more. His spirit is as bright and as powerful as fire when ignited. Matt witnessed a scene between Murdoch and another man who had been reprimanding, borderline physically hurting, his son. Murdoch's spirit immediately ignited. Murdoch confronted the father, a much bigger man, with an intimidating stance but calm words. Murdoch had not only caught the attention of the father but also Matt's. Matt instantly admired the Murdoch, even obsessed with the average man. Artifacts: Cumberland Farms Market was where Matt and Callie witnessed the almost-brawl between Murdoch and the father. That was the place where the two kids would go to after their mother had locked them and Emma in their small, dingy apartment so she could go drink and do other indecent things. The two kids would escape to the small market for just a few minutes, buy two Popsicles, then lock themselves in their room and eat their treats with Emma. This small event was a big part of the kids' lives. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cups was the first contact Murdoch made with Matt. A father was lecturing his son because the boy had taken the Reese's without the father's consent. After seeing the way the father man handled his son, Murdoch was fuming with anger. He forced the father into submission with just a few words and an intense gaze. Murdoch gently talked with the small boy and then paid for the Reese's that instigated the fight. Murdoch was going to give it to the son but he and hid father had left. He then tossed it to the nearest kid, Matt. He then left, leaving Matt shocked in awe.

7: Background: The black background was chosen because even thought it was Matt's 14th birthday and it was supposed to be a festive day his mom took away the happiness. The one birthday present he received was snatched away from him by Nikki making the one happy day of his life miserable. Artifacts: The Happy birthday pin, balloons and candles are on the page because it was Matt's 14th birthday and he celebrated it with his two younger sisters. Callie, the middle child, had a special present for her older brother. The note was his only birthday present and the thing he wanted most. After the incident at the Cumberland Farms Market, Matt had be obsessed with finding Murdoch. The man had left a deep impression on Matt and the boy could not stop thinking about the man. His sister had gone to library and looked up Murdoch and found his address and proudly presented it to Matt. But only to have it taken away by their drunken mother. The champagne glasses represent their mother, Nikki, when she swooped into their room inebriated. She snatched the paper from Matt's hand and left with it. Matt felt happiness for only a few moments before the cloud of despair returned.

8: Paradise...

9: Background: After taking the paper from Matt, Nikki went to the address on the paper which led to her and Murdoch dating. Murdoch had an aura of peace and it even calmed Nikki down to an extent. This led to her treating her kids kindly and with affection. Finally, Matt, Callie, and Emma had reached happiness. With Murdoch in their lives, they had nothing to fear. They were in paradise. Artifacts: Murdoch had a big, red couch that Matt and Emma enjoyed quite a lot. It was where the fondest memories were made. Murdoch, Nikki, and the children were a family. They were happy and healthy and similar to the stereotypical family that Matt had always wished for.

10: Help, I Need Somebody. Help, Not Just Anybody. Help, You Know I Need Someone. Help.....!

11: Background: The background is bare because now Matt was an empty soul. Murdoch had discovered Nikki's unstable side and slowly started to drift a way from her, but his appearance had affected the Walsh family deeply. Nikki, who had been level headed for months, was not catatonic. She unleashed all her pent up frustrations unto Matt which in turn slowly tore him up inside. He made Nikki direct all her attacks at himself and not at Callie or Emma for he would be in more pain if he saw his sisters harmed. Artifacts: The picture of graffiti was a cleaner picture than of what Nikki had been writing on Murdoch's property. She was absolutely furious with him for coming into her family, changing their whole lives then just disappearing. Matt was just barely holding on, just as Nikki was.

12: NO MORE | Matt: Murdoch, we need you to act now. | Murdoch: Patience. We will succeed. | Rob: Are you.... NO, I will not back down. | Bobbie: 30 years I've waited for that hag to just WAKE UP

13: Background: The background is a picture of a shadow of a man. A man who stands tall and walks forward. Matt has been pushed over the edge and realizes that Nikki has beaten down so many people that could just easily stand up against her but they do not know how. As if seeing the pathway for the first time, Matt rallied up his troops. Nikki's ex-husband (Rob), sister (Aunt Bobbie), and ex-boyfriend (Murdoch) were all ready to fight. Artifacts: Matt had been given a pre-paid cell phone fromMurodch to use in cases of emergencies. He never let the phone out of his sight. So when Nikki had pushed just a little too much, Matt knew he had to get things moving. He hurriedly called Murdoch who had contacted his father and aunt. With this cell phone, Mat would start a war against Nicole Walsh.

14: To Emma | I AM FREE

15: Background: Matt and his sisters were now free from their mother. Their Aunt Bobbie and their father, Rob, were able to gain custody over the kids and a restraining order against Nikki with the help of Murdoch. The kids were now able t o escape the reign of terror their mother had caused. They could color outside the lines, they could scream to their hearts content, they could go wild, but most importantly, they could be happy. Artifacts:The letter to Emma was what Matt's story and life lesson's. He wrote it for Emma but never intended to give it to her. It was painful for him to live it but even more painful to remember and he did not want Emma to go through that.

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