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The Story of an Unknown

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FC: The Story of an Unknown

1: Table of Contents Letter of Introduction Likes/Dislikes Room Sweet Room symbolic Recipe The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Remembrance of Things Present One Medium Suitcase Remembering the Child How to.. Dream Car Extraordinary Pet

2: Title Page The Story of an Unknown by: Cache Bevering Mrs. Melcher 1st period

3: Prologue I chose this title because not only does it sound interesting, but it relates to me. Most people don't know who i am because I'm not popular so people don't really know who i am.

4: Letter of Introduction Dear Reader, This is a little book about me that I wrote for you, the reader. In this book I will talk about me and things that happened to me. A lot of my Time is spent playing video games but i always find time to do homework, most of the time. I'm always quiet around people that aren't my friends, but I talk a lot to them. Every time I go somewhere people always say how tall I am and how I'm getting taller. So thats a little bit about me and without further delay here is my book. Sincerely, Cache Bevering

5: Likes Dislikes Dragon Ball Z School Dragons Sports Coca-Cola Cleaning Video Games Shorts Computers Homework Ninjas Sponge Bob Writing Reading being lazy dogs Minecraft religion class T.V. Shows dinosaurs Weapons Parkour

6: Room Sweet Room My room is a place where I can go and relax during day when i get tired of the world. There are lots of things in my room that make me. Posters in my room are hung everywhere. They are mostly video game posters except for a movie and a couple of dragon posters. hen you first enter my room you immediately know that i love dragons, because I have so many different dragon items.My T.V. is a very old 25 in. Samsung. I got a better one for my birthday but it's in the living room, where I play video games. I also have a big walk-in closet thats to full of stuff so you cant walk into it. My bed is a queen size thats only big enough for me because I move to much in the middle of the night. My bathroom is pretty big but my mom and brother have to use it because theirs' are broken.

7: Symbolic Recipe My symbolic recipe starts off by requiring a cauldron with lava from the hottest volcano. Then you need to add some loyalty with a lot of leadership. Then mix in laziness along with the ultimate amount of video gamer (you cannot make recipe without this VERY important ingredient). Add a normal amount of pure genius with a bunch of strength and motivation. Next you need to add lots of water to get rid of most of the lava and put some cool shades in for my coolness. Before you finish you must add lots of creativity.

8: The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse I'm sorry I was late to English, because last night I was too busy saving the world from a pack of cyborg aliens. They were trying to destroy the world but i managed to stop them just before they sent down the death lazer. Then when there ship crash landed i ended up in Japan and had to fight an army of Dragon Ninjas. I thought it was the end but then i used an energy blast to destroy them all. Then I realized it was too powerful to use, because it left a hole in part of Japan. I had to get across the ocean but luckily there was a nice family at the docks that fed me and took me to Long Beach, California. I walked about 200 miles before I finally got to school but then the mother ship of the aliens found out I stopped there plans. So they took me to a galaxy called Flagnon 18. I knew I had to break free but when I did it angered the other aliens and they started chasing after me with

9: Rayguns. So I had to escape through the worm hole just before they closed it and I landed Right next to the school. So thats when the F.B.I. found me and took me for testing in a secret base. But I wasn't going to let that stop me after all I had been through. There was no other choice but to kill all the F.B.I. agents so they wouldn't find me again. Then I took a cab to school and made it here just before the bell rang to go to 2nd period. Thats why I am late to school.

10: Remembrance of Things Present If you are reading this me then its probably 20 years in the future. I just want to remind you of all the things you used to love and probably still love. I always loved video games and the ladies. In the future you probably aren't shy anymore like i am now. You love the T.V. shows Regular Show and Adventure Time. you always wished you could parkour or be the strongest under the heavens. your best friend is Ivan but I'm sure you already met him. Thats about all that you really enjoyed besides other minor things. So i hope the video game was a success.

11: One Medium Suitcase if I had one medium sized suitcase I would only take a few things. First I would take a spare set of cloths in case mine get dirty or torn. I would also take memory's like pictures I've drawn and things I have written. Another important thing would be $5000 for food, shelter, transportation and anything else I might need.

12: Remembering the Child When I was a little kid I was very mean. My mom said i would bite her I she tried to touch me, and in the grocery store i would cry the entire time.Then as i aged my mom said that I just stopped being mean. Sometimes I would go and spend the night at my grandparents house. At age 4 my brother and his friends would always teach me bad words and then tell me to say them, and i would. They also got me into playing video games, which is a good thing for me. thats about all that happened to me while I was little.

13: How to Write a Book Writing a book doesn't have to be hard, all you need is creativity. First you have to pick a topic for your book and think about possibility's for it. Then you just have to start writing when you think of something you just have to write about it. Try to be creative and think of things the reader wouldn't be expecting to add effect. Then add vivid details about characters or places. When you get to the end if you want to surprise the reader add a twist ending. Those are the bare basics on writing a book.

14: Dream Car My dream car is a 2013 Camero with leather seats. It would be dark green with a black stripe going down the side. The inside has surround sound stereos and 4 cup holders. The outside has a blue under glow with bullet proof glass. The back has a finn and 2 exhaust pipes. Under the hood it has a 7 volt engine that can go up to 220 mph. theres also a button that i can press That will allow me to shoot lazers and missiles. the biggest responsibility is that you can never press the button, because it causes too much damage.

15: Extraordinary Pet I once had a pet dragon named Larry the Dragon. He was a big dragon that flew me around everywhere. He was a mix of black and red with a blue tail and his scales were rough like rocks. His head had horns, yellow eyes,big teeth, and a saddle on his neck for me to sit in. Me and my family had to build a big house for him, because there was no room for him anywhere else. I would usually ride him to the store or through mountains if I wanted to get out. Any time he saw a cow or animal he would either breath fire and burn it or eat it. I couldn't control whether or not he killed animals he just always would. He wasn't all bad because he scared of any intruders that came by. He died one day because the townspeople got angry that their animals were dying. So one day I woke up and there was a notice on my door that said he had died due to disease, but I knew they killed him. So that was the best extraordinary pet I ever had.

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