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The Story of Fargoth

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S: The Story of Fargoth

BC: A young Wood Elf has lost his ring. Now he has to find it. Join him on a quest through the lair of the evil Dagoth Ur to recover his ring and save the world! THEN,join him again on a quest to defeat the evil Azura and recover his ring again! All this inside in...The Story of Fargoth! Based on the popular game Morrowind by Bethesda Softworks

FC: The Story of Fagoth

1: Hi,this would be me. The name's Fargoth. I'm just a common guy, an average-Joe. I lead a simple life here in my town. And I really love my.... oh crap, where did my ring go?! | Maybe Socusius will know where it is. He knows everything! "Hm,well,I don't know of the location of your silly ring, but perhaps Lord Vivec will know..."

2: Well, he told me to ask Lord Vivec, so I guess I'll do that.... these steps might take a while. Cue epic Rocky music! | "Finally, my Chosen One has arrived! Here, don this armor! Let me tell you of your mission! We need you to go slay the mighty Dagoth Ur! Here, take this armor! Take this knife and hammer! Go!" "Um, I just wanted my..." "GO!"

3: Well, I guess I have to slay this Dagoth Ur guy now. Maybe the "Mighty Lord Vivec" will grant me my ring when I return. Or maybe not..... | Well, I guess this is the entry to Dagoth Ur's lair. Well, time to go slay an evil demi-god. Dang it's dark in here.....

4: Ah, I found a candle. OH HOLY CRAP! WHAT IS THAT?! | Whew, got away from that guy..... oh, that was close... OH HOLY CRAP! Why is there a pit of lava in this dude's house?! He must be insane.

5: Hmmm, Facility Cavern. I guess this is a decent place to look. Dagoth might be in here after all. | "Um, excuse me. I'm looking for a Mr. Dagoth Ur. Do you know where he is?" "I am he, the mighty Lord Dagoth Ur! What do you desire?" "Well, uh, Vivec sort of sent me to ki-" "WHAT?! VIVEC?! YOU SHALL DIE!"

6: Oh dear, I shouldn't have mentioned Vivec. Or killing this guy. Well, I'm in his lair now, so I might as well carry out my mission. Time to kill Dagoth Ur! | Ah, the Heart of Lorkhan! Finally, I can complete my mission. Let's do this! Okay, first I strike with this dagger. Then with this little hammer-thing. Then with the dagger again. Then the hammer! And bang! Goodbye Heart of Lorkhan!

7: Oh dear, I might want to get out of here! I'm explosion intolerant! | Whew! I made it up to the top of this cursed cavern! Now I just have to get out of this evil room!

8: Oh no! The door is blocked! How am I going to get out now? I'm pretty sure that explosion is still expanding,and Dagoth Ur's minions might still be in here! What am I going to do?! | Ah-ha! A crank,just like the one I used to get in here! Alright,lets see,I just turn this to the left right and...

9: Perfect! Now I can get out of here! Alright,lets go! Time to escape Dagoth Ur's lair. | Oh,why hello there! And who might you be? "I am Azura,Daedric Prince,and guardian of the people of this land.I have a gift for you,please take this ring." Oh,maybe she's got my ring! Thank you Azura!

10: Oh,thank the Nine! I finally found my ring! Gods be praised! | What the?! This isn't my ring! This is some sort of ring with a lousy enchantment! I killed Dagoth Ur and saved the world, and all I get is this?!

11: Well,I guess I ought to be leaving anyways now. I'm going to go give that stupid Vivec a piece of my mind! | What's this? Another ring? Well,it might be mine I guess...ah what the heck?! Just another cheaply enchanted piece of crap! I'm going to go give Vivec a mean talking to now!

12: "Oh greetings Great One,I thank you for your slaying of-" "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING NOW!" "Please,ask anything." | "GIVE ME BACK MY RING! NOW!" "Oh,a ring you say? Is it a family heirloom? A healing ring perhaps?" "YES! IT IS!" "It's in your house." "...I hate you" "Yes,I know. You may leave me now."

13: Well,Vivec may be a very mean god,but he told me where my ring was...or at least where it should be...time to see if it was a lie or not. | SON OF A SCAMP! IT WAS ON MY TABLE THE ENTIRE TIME?! Well, then,all's well that ends well I suppose.

14: Well, I think it's time I got a well deserved rest. Saved the world, killed Dagoth-Ur, AND saved the world. Wow,what a day. | "Die fetcher!" Hey, that's not very nice. Who are you,and why are you in my house?! "I've come for the ring. My mission is complete,goodbye!" Hey,wait a second. That's MY RING! Oh geez,better report this to the guards.

15: "Hmm,so a ninja busted into your house and stole a useless ring?" It's not useless! And yes. "Talk to my sorceress friend,she'll send you to the more appropriate authorities. | "So,I've got to send you to the High Ordinators so you can get...a ring? Wow,you must fail!" Be quiet,just send to Mournhold!

16: Well, I guess that a place called the High Chapel might be where I find an order of religious knights. Guess I should check in here. | Um,excuse me. I had my ring stolen and I was told to come here so you could help me recover it. So,uh,can you help me out?

17: "Bah! Another Dark Brotherhood strike! Yes,we can help,but only indirectly. We will give you gear so you may recover your ring from Azura, the evil Demi-Goddess." | Urgh! Why do I always have to kill people's evil Demi-Gods(or Goddesses)for them?! Can people do anything for themselves?!.....ooh,I like this armor they gave me though. Well,time to go kill Azura I guess. "Oh yeah,watch out for the Mad God Sotha-Sil." Wait wha- "Bye!"

18: Oh,well isn't that lovely? Oh,what's this label say? "Sotha Sil, the Mad God" Well,at least I won't have to deal with him anymore. Now lets see,where could Almalexia be? | "I'm right behind you fool. Now,what are you doing in my lair?" Well,I had my ring stolen and I was told that you might hav- "STOLE YOUR RING?! I DID NO SUCH THING!" Um,well,sorry if I offen-

19: "YOU WILL DIE MORTAL! FACE MY RAGE!" Um,I'm sure we can work this out! I apologize for making you ma- "BE QUIET AND FIGHT!" | Well,guess I've got no choice but to fight. It was my mission to kill Almalexia anyways. "YOU? KILL ME? HA,DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!

20: Well,that was interesting. Wait a second,this crazy woman doesn't have my ring! Oh well,I'm sure the High Ordinators will know what to do. BACK TO THE HIGH CHAPEL! | Okay you guys,I killed Almalexia,but she didn't have my ring. Any ideas on where it might be? "Was your ring an Engraved Ring of Healing?" Yes. Yes it was. "It's out on the front steps. Thanks for slaying Almalexia. Bye."

21: Well son of a netch, here it is! My Engraved Ring of Healing.....wait a second,was it here the entire time?! Geez,why can people never tell me where my ring is in the first place?! Why do I always have to kill a crazy Demi-God?! | Oh well,at least I got my ring back. Hopefully nobody else will steal this thing. Because if I have to fight ONE MORE evil Demi-God,I'll just get a new ring! The enchantment is kind of useless anyways! THE END!

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