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The Survival

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S: The Survival

BC: A group of kids from Vogel go on a field trip to Rio De Janeiro and on there way they have engine problems and crash in a rain forest and they have to learn to use there environment and each other.

FC: The Survival By Nicholas Calenda

1: I dedicate this book to my Mom and Dad

2: It was a boring, loud day at Vogel and our teacher was talking to us about our field trip to Rio De Janeiro. Our parents all said yes to the trip and we all have our things already and packed. We left the class in a curved line, we walked down the hall and went out the front door, the bus was ready. We all got on the bus and the bus jerked, then started going. Thirty or so minutes later we were at the airport on the full plane. The plane engine roared to life, the plane turned

3: right and we went down the runway and the plane slowly climbed into the air. We were on the plane (flight 89 to be exact), going to Rio De Janeiro. I was happy to go and when my mom heard we were going she looked

4: up the weather it was sunny and warm. " We are hitting bad weather fasten your seat belts." said the pilot over the intercom. I looked out the window it looked fine no clouds why would they lie. Right then the plane engine exploded in smoke the front of the plane turn slowly to the right. The nose of the plane started going down i looked at the plane window again all i saw was trees. Trees,

5: we can't crash in trees it would rip the plane apart, I thought . The plane hit the first tree the right wing tilted up. The front of

6: the plane hit another tree the metal ripped off and fell to the rain forest floor like missiles. All the kids screamed and closed their eyes but I was too scared to close my eyes. I looked out the window, the right wing hit a tree and ripped off . The plane came to a slow stop in the middle of the rain forest the air was mucky and thick. We lived, I opened my eyes with a major headache.

7: I put my arm to my forehead and when I looked at it, it was covered in blood but I just unfastened my seatbelt and got up. Glass, the glass from the window was laying on the ground, stabbing into my shoes I helped a couple kids up and then I went and examined the plane and all I found was no food, dead pilots, and no right wing!!

8: The plane, the full plane with no food. The next step is to get to the ground and find food. There was no bad injures so that should help us. No one believed me when i said there was no food but they checked the kitchen , up front with the dead pilots, and anywhere they could look so they just wasted about 55 minutes finding out something I all ready knew.

9: Chapter 2 The Ground I had an idea maybe we should climb down and find fruit and bring it back to the plane. All the people thought it was a good idea so we got the people in the best condition to climb down. I went with them, we opened the door and a big inflatable slide came out but it was useless. We just

10: slide down the side and jump to the tree. I did it and all most slipped but we made it to the ground fine. The floor of the rain forest, it was amazing it was covered in reds, blues, and greens. As I was looking at the trees Greg yelled " I found grapes." I ran over to the bush Greg was standing at. He was right for once, the bush was covered in grapes. I picked some and put it in my hat then I

11: took off my belt and wrapped it around the hat so none will fall out. The other kids put them in their jacket but i did not pay attention I was already climbing up the tree. On my climb up I started thinking what will happen if we are stuck here forever and never get home. We got to the plane and we put all the things we found in a bowl. The grapes were gone in a minute tops.

12: The next thing we had to do to live here is to get to the ground. The next days were busy but we got everyone to the ground and we were slowly building camps for people. "Stay together!" a kid yelled as I walked off in the forest. When I was walking there was a bad odor I was thinking of what it might be but I had no idea. I followed the smell and there it was a dead deer. I was thinking

13: how did it die but didn't really i just wanted to get it back to camp. I tired to pick it up but it was to heavy i just dragged it camp. When i got to camp everyone started staring at me "How do we cook that?" a kid said breaking the silence. My mind went blank how are we going to cook it. "Fire!" someone said. Fire, how are we going to get fire but by that time it was getting late. We

14: brought pillows and blankets from the plane so we just laid down on the blanket. I looked up at the stars i always liked looking at stars then my eyes slowly closed and I was fast asleep. Chapter 3 FIRE! I opened my eyes, bugs were all over me. I just knocked them off and got up. I was the very first

15: person to get up but I still had no idea how to make a fire. I looked around there, it was a dead tree next to a boulder I had an idea. I looked around again I found a piece of metal I picked it up. I walked over to the boulder I lift the metal and slammed it to the rock. Sparks flew all over but did not make a fire. Paper, I had paper a twenty dollar bill, I grabbed it out of my pocket. I ripped it up

16: and I threw it in with the dead trees. I picked up the piece of metal and slammed it down the sparks dance down on to the tree and paper it was a fire. The fire was tiny i blow and blow the fire grow to middle size fire. That time a lot of people were up, a couple kids walked over to me and the fire. "How did you make a fire?" Greg asked "I used metal, a dead tree, and a boulder." I replied

18: "We can cook food now." Greg said with a happy tone in his voice. "Yes, but I had another idea" "What?" Greg asked "A signal fire." "Ohhh" Greg said at the time some kids told others about the fire and now everyone knows about the fire. "Share the fire!" someone yelled. I grabbed a branch from the fire and threw it to a kid I just turned around and walked off in the forest. I

19: looked all over. "A plane!" a kid yelled I looked up I heard a drone of a engine louder and louder. A signal fire, I ran to my fire I found a dead tree i threw it in the fire, the fire grow. The smoke raised into the air and the plane just turned and flew away. Emergency pack, I ran to a tree next to the plane I started to climb. I got to the plane and got in "Were would it be?" i asked myself out loud. I ran to the back of the plane in

20: the kitchen. There it was the pack I ripped it open a emergency radio. I found a button on the side that said on I hit a switch "Hello, hello is anybody there?' i asked then I let go of the button. No one answer all I heard was my heart beat. It was useless I just put it back in the pack and threw it over my shoulder.

21: Chapter 3 The End I got to the ground and took the radio our of the pack I tried it one more time "Hello, hello is anyone there?" I asked still no one. The sun was down the air, cold everyone was getting ready for bed I sat down. A plane, a drown of a plane engine, I got up a plane was flying over us.

22: The lake "Get up, get up a plane!" I yelled. The kids got all excited "Run, Run!" I yelled everyone got up and ran to lake the, plane landed in the water and slowly came to a stop. A tall guy about six, one got out of the plane he was wearing big black boots and a leather jacket. "Y'all the ones he used the radio." the man said. The kids looked at each others I raised my hand "I did." I

23: replied "Hop arbored kids." He said in a claim voice. WE ARE SAVED!!!!!

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