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The sushi roll of doom

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S: The sushi roll of doom

FC: The sushi roll of doom

1: Spying Agency T.S. S (Top Spying Service) is known for their high quality spies but not anymore. After sending their two top spies on the mission it unfortunately failed. Both agents Granny Evil-head and Gramps Evil-head were found with a bad case of the Oldies. Now T.S.S was faced with the dilemma of who to send on the mission. Luckily T.S.S was well prepared for if something like this happened. So Bob Smelly-socks would step in and take on this mission.

2: Case: Everyone is acting strangely because of a mysterious sushi roll. Sushi roll contains; chicken, rice and seaweed and condiments. Which one is causing this? To start the mission Bob went to the scene of the crime. The sushi bar waiter Jimmy Jimmyson and his team of chefs all claim to be 100% innocent. Someone had to be lying. A further investigation will help us to find out more.

3: “Jimmy Jimmyson do you have any idea of how these sushi rolls could be harmful to your customers?” inquired Bob. “Look mate if there is anything wrong with the quality of the sushi I am of no use to you. You should go see the chefs,” Jimmy told Bob.

4: Bob observed all the chefs at work. Bob eyed Mr Chicken as he cooked a bit of chicken and then put it on a plate for cooling. Bob glanced over just in time to see Dr Rice finish cooking some rice. Dr Rice gathered it into a bowl and passed it along to Miss Seaweed. Miss Seaweed pulled a sheet of seaweed out ready to spread the rice onto it. She spread the rice, added the chicken and rolled it up. Ms Soy Sauce added the sauce.

5: Bob couldn't understand it. When he had tried the roll nothing bad had happened to him. He paced around trying to make sense of it all. He started walking faster and faster but then he slipped over on a piece of paper. Bob read it to himself. Great taste in the chicken, rice and seaweed though the wasabi is rather feisty. Mr Clue giver

6: Bob gasped in realisation and raced away to settle it, but didn’t get far before he was tripped over and dragged away.

7: Bob awoke with a nasty headache. A man was only 10 metres away, in a science lab. He was throwing ingredients all over the place whilst he mixed furiously. Bob tried to sneak away but the man spotted him and brought him over to the lab. “Firstly I must introduce myself. Mr Wasabi is my name,” the man said sticking out a greasy hand.

8: “I believe you know my secret. I can’t let anyone else know,” said Mr Wasabi. “What are you going to do to me?” asked Bob. “Merely an effective use of duct tape should do it,” said Mr Wasabi sounding bored. Mr Wasabi fumbled around searching for the missing duct tape. This was a golden opportunity for Bob. He slipped away unnoticed and hid behind a stack of crates.

9: Bob scanned his surroundings desperately trying to find a way out. Finding no way he decided his best shot was to climb onto the top of the crates to get better look. Bob heaved himself up and tried to grab at whatever he could to keep him up. Bob just couldn’t get his hands securely on the crate and ended up crashing to the ground.

10: Bob wasn't the only thing that had fallen in that courageous attempt to escape. A piece of paper fluttered down and into Bob's lap. It read: Recipe for super-wasabi *one cup saliva *one teaspoon salt *two cups sewage Blend until smooth. Super-wasabi when eaten is dangerous.

11: A realisation came over Bob. They were in a sewer! Bob glanced up and saw a way out. “Aha,” shouted Mr Wasabi holding up a roll of duct tape. Mr Wasabi turned back to where Bob was and was furious to find out that he was no longer there. By this time Bob had worked out a plan. He was going to fill the room with water and float up to the top. “There you are you rotten evil pond scum,” cursed Mr Wasabi. The chase was on!

12: Bob raced around the room once with Mr Wasabi hot on his heels. As they passed the science lab for the second time Bob pushed over the table holding the super-wasabi. The glass bottles all smashed leaving slippery wasabi on the floor. Bob slipped on his own trap and went sliding into the wall. “Ouch,” he said as he hit his head on something hard sticking out of the wall.

13: Bob turned around to see what it was and was delighted to find a row of taps. He turned them all onto full blast and waited for the room to fill up so he could reach the top. Since he turned on the taps a terrible smell had filled the room as well. Bob raced back over to the taps and he saw in pencil just above the taps was scrawled sewage pipes. Bob had no other choice but to let them say on because he didn't have another idea.

14: The room was more than half filled now. Bob was ecstatic to see that his plan was working. He swam over to where Mr Wasabi was and held onto his hand. “You’re not going anywhere,” Bob told Mr Wasabi. Mr Wasabi reluctantly held on. Now they were at the top. Bob and Mr Wasabi held their breath and braced for impact.

15: Now when Bob looks back on his adventure he thinks of nothing but a lot of fun. “I mean who doesn’t want to be in a room full of sewage,” Bob told reporters who had asked about his daring mission. “So how did you escape Bob Smelly-socks?” asked a female reporter holding up a microphone.

16: “Well when the room was filled up with sewage I was about to open the door out but the air pressure had already built up which caused us to go flying out. We ended right at the door of the police station which allowed the officers to imprison Mr Wasabi. Mr Wasabi confessed and his secret lab has been shutdown,” said Bob. The girl with the microphone turned to the filming crew and said “A truly remarkable story. Back to you Rick.”

17: Everything was true that Bob Smelly-socks had said. All except that Mr Wasabi’s secret lab had been shutdown. Legend says that now the sewer rats are now controlling the Super-Wasabi lab. Who knows? But be careful with your next sushi roll.

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