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The Watsons Go To Birmingham "1963"

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FC: The Watson's Go To Birmingham "1963" By Mathew Hopper Due: 1/12

2: This is the story of a ten year old boy named Kenny. He lives with his mom, dad, and other two siblings in Flint, Michigan

4: Flint, Michigan

5: The Watsons are generally called the weird Watsons. This is so because of a recent accident that happened when me and Byron were sent outside to scrape ice off of the car. The temperatures were below freezing.

7: While scrapping the ice off the car Byron decides to show off and he puts his lips on the pole. He tries to pull back, but the pole is frozen solid. I had no choice, but to go get momma. Momma does the only thing possible and rips Byron's lips off of the pole. Byron was in so much pain he didn't know what to do.

8: Kenny, Byron, and Joetta go to Clark Elementary School.

9: Byron is friends with Buphead. They are both in sixth grade. They are two of the three oldest kids in Clark Elementary School. Larry Dunn is the third and he is in fourth grade .

10: Larry Dunn Larry Dunn is the school bully. Once Kenny found one dollar on the playground. Of course Larry Dunn found out and Kenny thought the dollar I found should have had Larry Dunn's name on it.

11: A Big Save Byron was Kenny's brother, so that meant that he had some kind of authority. Larry Dunn decided to give me fifty cent and he decided to keep the other fifty cent which in my case sounded like a good deal.

12: One day a pair of boys got on the bus. They were country boys with nappy heads and overalls. I said they were gifts from God. The whole school finally had someone else to pick on besides Kenny. In class the new boy was placed right beside Kenny. That was what he least wanted.

13: Him and the new boy together did not make him happy because the two of them would be the laughing stock of the class. What I did not know was this new boy named Rufus would be his best friend.

14: The Stealer Rufus and I were bound to be friends.They both loved dinosaurs. The last friend Kenny had liked dinosaurs a bit to much. His old friend LJ use to love to come over and have dinosaur wars.

15: What I did not Know was when he I to get more dinosaurs out of the house, LJ would take a few that he already had sitting outside. It took him a while to figure it out, but when I finally caught on I was furious. That friendship ended, but with Rufus I knew that I had a true friend.

16: Byron The Fire Starter Byron had started messing with matches and momma told him" the next time he messed with matches, she was gonna burn his fingers." A few days later momma walks in and catches Byron in the bathroom playing with matches. Momma was furious.

17: A few days later momma walked in and caught Byron in the bathroom playing with matches. Momma was furious. She told me to go get some matches. Joetta was in tears and Byron was praying that the matches Kenny was getting was not meant for him. Momma struck the match and she held the matches very close to his fingers.

18: She swore to God that the next time that he played with matches that all of his fingers would be burnt to a crisp. The Bad Hair Day A few days later Byron walked in with that worried look on his face, like he was guilty of something.

19: He knew that momma did not allow hats in the house although he came in wearing one, which made him look even more suspicious. When momma made him take the hat off me and momma found out that Byron had gotten a conk(kind of hair due) and when his daddy found out he was furious. When his daddy got home he cut every ounce of Byron's hair off.

20: Fed Up Momma and daddy were finally fed up with Byron's mess. They called Grandma Sands . The next thing I knew was that the whole family was packed up and on their way to Birmingham, Alabama. When they made it momma was overjoyed. She was even talking like a real Southerner. The Sunday

21: Birmingham, Alabama

22: Sunday had came and it was time to go to church. I was suppose to go, but he was still tired from the tossing and turning that night. I woke up later on and had a strange feeling. He found out that Joetta was the only one who went to church.

23: Just as this feeling came he heard sirens. I ran to the church and found out that it had been blown up by two white men. I went to take a closer look, although he was scared because he didn't know where little Joetta was. While walking through the ashes I discovered two little girls helpless bodies lying in the ash. He thought one of them was little Joetta, but it wasn't. I began to cry like a helpless baby. I may have just lost my only sister because he chose to wake up late.

24: Suddenly out of the dust came little Joetta. Thankfully she was alright. The whole experience brought the family together and showed that you have to always stand by one another. Even Byron seemed like a changed man. He learned that he needed to straighten up because one day he could be the man of the house and he would have to be the one that the family could depend on.

25: The End

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