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The Wizard

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The Wizard - Page Text Content

FC: written and illustrated by: Nathan Held | The Wizard

1: The Wizard | Written by: Nathan Held

2: Once upon a time there was or is or will be a land filled with magical creatures. Among these creatures lived a very old and powerful wizard, he was the last of the wizards of this land so he had set out to adopt an apprentice so the race would not be wiped out by evil intentions. He chose this apprentice very carefully, for he did not want someone who would not take on the task with no desire to become a wizard, and so it was as he searched the land for anyone willing to go through the hardships of becoming a wizard.

3: For many weeks he searched, but to no avail, until he came to a small village on the edge of the magical land. He had rarely ventured to this village, for its inhabitants were for some odd reason non magical, they were ordinary humans that survived on this plentiful land. When he came to the village he immediately searched for children about the right age to become an apprentice. His wish was granted and he set out for his hut with the child excited to become a wizard.

4: And so he set about training the child in the magical arts. Since the child was non magical the wizard had to first teach him how to find magic within himself, this training included accomplishing very grueling tasks such as carrying leaking buckets of water to fill up an empty pond. This work would unleash the magic needed to accomplish them and through the repetition of this the child would learn to summon, harness, and control magic. It was around this time in training when most young apprentices lose their desire to become a wizard.

5: The wizard noticed the apprentice started to lose interest in magic, so he went to the apprentice and asked, “Why do you hesitate when magic will soon be within your grasp?” In reply the young apprentice said, “Most apprentices are already magical and do not need such gruesome training, and even for a non magic my training is going very slowly” at this the wizard replied, “Your magic was slow to appear, but since it did show itself you have progressed normally.” “But, I want to get on with my training and learn the many uses and types of magic” argued the apprentice.

6: “That knowledge could kill you, you have not yet learned how to completely control magic that you release, your spells could disobey you and harm you” said the wizard. Then the apprentice said, “it will take forever to learn how to properly harness magic” “As I said too little knowledge could kill you, that is the same with too little patience” replied the wizard. “I am tired of being patient, it has taken FOREVER to get this far” argued the apprentice At this the wizard smiled, and then with a chuckle, said "there was ounce someone I knew that was quite a bit like you, let me tell you the story!"

7: It was a stormy day, this put Pyrogue in all of a gloomier mood, he had failed to merge rocks with his bare hands he solemnly knelt before his master and told him of his situation, “for most Apprentices merging rocks is very easy, but I have tried again and again without any success I have called upon magic but it will not cooperate. I have thought for many a day about how else I might accomplish this task, but each time it slips from my grasp, and leaves me even more disappointed Not wanting to anger the apprentice the wizard said, “then there is no reason that we should continue today” -a pause-

8: “however, tomorrow I will help you with this problem” “can’t we skip this I want to spend my time doing something that I can actually do, I am not accomplishing anything by lamenting over something that miserably escapes my grasp” “I cannot risk you not fully understanding of the arcane arts, you are too valuable to lose, you started as a non-magic but have increased as a magical creature up until now where you stumbled and fell, but do not want to get up, you even reject my helping hand. Why? Why do you hesitate when you are almost ready to become a young wizard?” argued the wizard.

9: Then Pyrogue through his arrogance, impatience, and pride said, “I am ready to take the test!” the wizard could not imagine why Pyrogue would say such a thing, since the test marked the end of apprenticeship and you either passed it or you died in the process “Why do you lack the patience enough to see clearly in this? However I cannot deny you this I hope you will learn from it- if you survive-”

10: “ I cannot tell you the rest of the story, because the test is kept secret until you take it however I can tell you that Pyrogue survived, but it cost him dearly, and continued his training as a wizard until he learned all the skills necessary to begin his own apprenticeship.” What did it cost him?”Asked the apprentice in a low tone “you must understand magic does not impact you in a physical way, it does not alter you but it alters the conditions of you. Pyrogue never felt the grip of life on him again so he could not enjoy life, for it was not with him, but neither was death

11: As with any magic he was able to reverse this though only through patience, and understanding.” The next day the apprentice came back and said, “You don't happen to be Pyrogue do you?” “I am indeed” came the wizard's reply.

12: About The Author | Nathan Held has had a very meaningful apprenticeship with himself for the past 12 years. This has helped him discover his AMAZING writing skills. he enjoys reading his works, writing(obviously), XC,being alive,and juggling. he is a famous writer worldwide,and his works are often taught with the classics.

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