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To kill a mocking bird scrap book

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S: Our Wedding

BC: The End

FC: Life in Maycomb

1: Finch Family Scrapbook

2: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: I was really excited for the first day of school. I was eager to learn different things that wouldn't be able to learn at home. But when I arrived at school, i was really disappointed. Miss Caroline mocked me for being more educated then the other students. I found that I didn't learn that much. | This boy on the left is Walter Cunningham. His family so poor that they pay my father with hickory nuts or turnip greens. Miss Caroline offered him a quarter to buy lunch but he said he didn't want it. Miss Caroline didn't understand him and I tried to explain to her. I got slapped with a ruler

4: During the summer of 1933, I met Dill. Jem, Dill and I became the best of friends. He was intelligent and had a creative mind. | Together we played games of different sorts. We would act out different stories we read, but one day Dill came up with one particular game. "The Boo Radley Game" .

5: Boo Radley or Arthur Radley is our mysterious neighbor. No one has seen him in years because of an incident that happened in Maycomb a long time ago. When Boo was a boy, he got in trouble with the law and his father kept in the house for punishment. He stabbed his father 15 years later. | We found some presents left for us in a knothole of an oak tree at the Radley's place - gum - 2 Indian head pennies -tinfoil

6: Summer: Jem and Dill are getting closer, and I'm feeling more left out. Recently I met Miss Maudie. | She's a very good gardener and baker. Miss Maudie told me today that Boo Radley is still alive! She began to tell me of his strict "foot-washing" baptist father and how he was a kind child. Boo is supposedly still imprisoned in his house.

7: Me, Jem and Dill went back to the oak tree at the Radley's place today. It was filled up with cement. Mr. Nathan Radley told us its because the tree was dead, he filled it with cement. | A new year | Our collection of presents

8: The Family | This is my father, Atticus Finch. He's a well-known lawyer in the town of Maycomb. Atticus is intelligent, wise and a respectable person. He always tries to find the good qualities in people. One day he caught us playing the Boo Radley game. He told us to stop tormenting that man. I didn't understand what he meant by that but we stopped playing the game anyways | Winter

9: FIRE!!!!! | Miss Maudie's house went on fire. I watched the house go up in flames. Luckily the firemen were able to stop the fire from going to the other houses. Miss Maudie's furniture was okay too! Miss Maudie seems cheerful though. She said she hated our old home. Another interesting thing that happened that night. Jem told me that Boo Radley came to put a blanket on my shoulders as I watched the house go up in flames. I nearly vomited

10: Christmas | I went to Uncle Jack's house for Christmas. I cursed in front of him. It's become a bad habit. I also saw my aunt Alexandra. She scolded me for wearing pants instead of a dress like a normal girl. Her grandson, Francis is the most boring, obnoxious person Ive ever met. He called Atticus a "nigger-lover". I beat him real good. I also over heard a conversation that Atticus had with Uncle Jack. They were talking about a fella named Tomb Robinson.

11: Tom Robinson is a negro that my father is defending for in court. Recently everyone in town has been starting to loose respect for him and our family. | Mrs. Dubose, an old crazy lady that lives nearby us in Maycomb shouted at us and told us that our dad was "no better then those niggers and trash he works for". Jem got mad and destroyed all of Mrs. Dubose's camellia's bushes. | As punishment me and Jem have to go to her house every day for a month and read to her.

12: Mr.s Dubose died recently. Atticus revealed to me and Jem that she was addicted to morphine and us reading to her was a way to fight her addiction. | Mrs. Dubose left behind a box with a white camellia in side of it for Jem. Atticus told both of us that Mrs. Dubose still had goodness in her, despite of being racist and mean. Jem doesn't understand that though and is still mad at her.

13: Jem has recently turned twelve. I'm mad at him because he told me to stop bothering him. I was hoping that Dill would come back this year but his letter said that he had a new father and will stay with his family in Meridan. | Our cook, Calpurnia took us to her colored church this Sunday. Her friend Lula scolded her and told her that she had no business bringing white children to their church. Reverend Skyes let us attend though, because Atticus is supporting Tom Robinson. It was a very interesting experience. The church didn't have enough money to buy hymnals so they sang by echoing words from Zeebo. Dill has ran away from his home to live with us. He said that his parents don't pay any attention to him.

14: Tom Robinson's Trial | Tom Robinson has been accused of raping Bob Ewell's daughter. I went with Jem to watch the trial. We sat in the colored section of the court. Tom Robinson was accused of something he didn't do. I think people were just being prejudice against him because he was a Negro. | Aunt Alexandra has also come to live with us to provide a "feminine influence"

15: The Ewell family are looked down upon in Maycomb. Not a lot of people want to associate with them because they're trailer trash. Mayella looks like a lonely girl. Atticus gave a very good argument to defend Tom Robinson. In the end, he didn't win the case but the blacks stood up in appreciation for him.

16: Today Atticus came home looking glum. He asked Cal if she wanted to go with him to Tom Robinson's house to help his wife Helen. Apparently, Tom was shot seventeen times while trying to escape the prison. School starts again: Jem is in seventh grade now and is going to a high school. I'm in third grade . Its like I never hang out with Jem anymore. I only see him in the morning and at mealtimes I always pass by the Radley house. I no longer think of it as a creepy mysterious house. I remembered the gifts that me and Jem got from Boo. I don't know where they are right now

17: Atticus tells me to stop trying to find Boo Radley. He said that its dangerous and that I might get shot. I finally understood why Atticus wanted us to cease the Boo Radley game when we were younger I remember what Atticus said to me once. "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."

18: The Day we met Boo Finally, I was able to meet Boo Radley. It all happened when he saved me and Jem from Bob Ewell. Mr. Ewell accidentally stabbed himself when he fell on his knife. When Jem was unconscious I saw a man carried him safely home. We realized later that it was Boo who saved Jem. Then we saw Boo standing nearby in our house. Atticus and Mr. Tate decided not to report Boo. He is a kind-hearted person, yet society looked down upon him. Boo was what Atticus called a, "mockingbird".

19: Boo Radley

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