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To Kill A Mockingbird

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S: Ms. Mehl Rocks My Socks!

FC: To Kill A Mockingbird

1: My name is Jem Finch. I am ten years old, and have a sister, Jean Louise, who is four years younger than me. I live in Maycomb County, Alabama, with my father Atticus and our cook Calpurnia. My mother died whenever I was only six years old.

2: This is my sister, Jean Louise Finch, but people call her Scout. She is six years old, and was only two years old whenever our mother died. She is not a girly-girl, but more of a tomboy.

3: This is our cook, Calpurnia. She has been around since longer than I can remember. I guess you could say that she was the motherly figure in mine and Scout's life.

4: This is my father, Atticus Finch. He is a lawyer in our town, Maycomb County, Alabama. Scout and I don't think of him as a father, but more of a very close friend. He's very well respected by us, caring, loving, and fair. He has different views than others about Negroes, and is called a "nigger-lover".

5: This is Dill. His real name is Charles Baker Harric, and lives in Meridian, Mississippi. During the summer months though, he comes to stay with his Aunt Stephanie. He absolutely fascinated by Boo Radley, and has a multitude of crazy ideas to get him out of the house. He told Scout that one day he was going to marry her.

6: This is Walter Cunningham. On the first day of school, he got Scout in trouble because she had to explain why he would not take the teacher's money for lunch. Because he didn't have anything to eat for lunch, I invited him home to eat lunch with us. He graciously accepted the offer after I told him Scout wasn't going to try to beat him up.

7: Molasses. I'll tell you one thing: Walter Cunningham loves molasses. Why, when we had him over for lunch, he about drowned his dinner in it! Scout decided to ask him what the Sam Hill he was doing, but Calpurnia took care of her rudeness.

8: This is Miss Maudie Atkinson. Scout and me have never really had a mother or someone to go to for advice, but Miss Maudie is the woman we go to instead. She even lets us play in her yard, as long as we don't mess with her flowers.

9: One day as me and Scout were walking home, we found a tin foil box that had two pennies in it. We decided to keep it. "Finder's keepers, loser's weepers."

10: Dill is absolutely fascinated with Boo. We all wanted to meet him at least, so we decided to attach a note to the end of a fishing rod and stick it inside of a loose shutter on the Radley house.

11: Will you marry me someday Scout? | Ahh, well, I guess so Dill.

12: Dill asked Scout to marry him whenever they got older. They thought I didn't notice whenever he asked, but I did.

13: Me, Dill, and Scout decided that we wanted top breech through the Radley's fence, and peek into one of their windows on the back porch. I was extremely close to peering inside, when all of a sudden there was a shadow over me. I was crawling under the fence, when all of a sudden my pants got caught under the fence. I would rather have my life than a pair of pants, so i decided to leave them where they were and save my life.

14: Later that night, Scout tagged along when I went back to retrieve my pants. A few weeks later, I told her something that I hadn't told her the night we went back to the Radley's fence. Whenever went back for my pants, I found them laying folded across the fence, stitched up where I had torn them. It was if someone knew I was coming back. for them.

15: When school started up again (I was in the 6th grade now), Scout and me found a multitude of miscellaneous items in the knothole of the tree in front of the Radley's yard. The various items included a ball of gray twine, two small images carved into a bar of soap (Scout and I thought it was supposed to be the two of us), a whole pack of a gum, two Indian head coins, a tarnished spelling bee medal, and a broken pocket watch with an aluminum knife attached on the end.

17: Scout and I decided that the polite thing to do would be to write a thank you note, thanking the person who had graciously left the tiny trinkets in the tree knothole. To their surprise the next day, they saw Mr. Radley filling the knothole with cement.

18: For the first time since 1885, it snowed in Maycomb County, Alabama. Some grown folks, like Mr. Avery, blamed it on the children for being bad. Scout and I had no idea what it was, but Atticus soon explained it to us so that we weren't too alarmed. Me and Scout decided to build a snowman, even though we had absolutely no idea how to make one. It took us awhile, but it was finally completed.

20: In the early hours of the morning, around one or two o'clock, Atticus came into mine and Scout's bedroom and told us that we had to come stand outside. Miss Maudie's house was burning to the ground, and he had to help put out the fire. While we were standing outside, Boo Radley came and put a blanket around Scout because she was shaking so much that he could see how cold she was standing outside.

22: It was Christmas time, which meant going to Finch's Landing. Scout and I weren't too excited about this because every year we went it was pure torture. After everyone had eaten, Francis was messing around with Scout, calling Atticus a "nigger-lover". She warned him to stop, but he continued his taunting about our father. He finally enraged Scout enough that she didn't care that Atticus had told her not to fight anymore; Scout punched Francis, Aunt Alexandra's grandson, square in his front teeth, splitting her knuckles wide open.

23: Trust me, this isn't the worst injury that Scout has brought upon herself.

24: For Christmas, me and Scout received air rifles. Atticus knew they would eventually want to shoot birds, so he told them that they were allowed to shoot as many Blue Jays as they wanted, but that it was a sin to kill a Mockingbird because all they was sing for people; they caused no harm to the world.

25: Atticus had to shoot Henry Johnson's dog, Tim, because he had rabies and was going rabid. Atticus only had one shot to kill poor Tim, and he made it. I guess that's where he got his nickname from back in the day, Ol' One Shot.

26: Mrs. Dubose really does know how to push my buttons. Scout and I were passing her house on our way to town to spend my birthday money, when out of know where she said that my father was "lawing for niggers in the courthouse". On our way back home, what Mrs. Dubose said was still irritating the mess out of me. I let my feelings get the best of me, and I took out Mrs. Dubose's Camellia bushes entirely with Scout's new baton. After I totally annihilated her bushes, I broke innocent little Scout's new baton in half over my knee. Scout started crying, so I dragged her home and told her to hush (you see, she's never seen me act like that before so I scared her a little bit).

27: Mrs. Dubose's Camellia bushes were actually quite beautiful before I ruined them completely.

28: As a punishment for annihilating Mrs. Dubose's Camellia bushes, I was forced to read to her for a month. The first book I read to her was Ivanhoe. Everyday she fell asleep, but an alarm clock went off by her bed; the alarm was mine and Scout's cue to leave.

29: Mrs. Dubose died a few weeks later. She was a morphine addict, but took herself off of the drug. Before she died, she gave my father a box to give me. Inside the box was a Camellia flower. Why would this woman do this to me?!

30: I'm twelve years old now. I'm almost a man for Heaven's sake! In fact, today Calpurnia called me Mr. Jem. How dandy is that? I think I could get used to that...Mr. Jem, Mr. Jem, Mr. Jem...

31: Today we went with Cal to church because Atticus was out of town. Reverend Sykes would not let anyone leave until the church had collected $10.00 for Helen Robinson. I was absolutely burnin' up in there, but I guess it was for a good cause. Helen does need to feed her children after all.

32: When we came in sight of our house, we saw someone on our front porch. It was Aunt Alexandra; she was sitting in a rocking chair as if she'd lived there her whole life.

33: Aunt Alexandra told Scout that she needed to start acting like a lady, and like a Finch ought to act. Scout was terribly upset by what Aunt Alexandra had said, and ran into my room crying. Atticus heard her, and consoled her by telling her that she was doing a fine job at holding up the Finch's name and that she didn't need to change one bit.

34: Scout and I got into a fight today. In fact, it wasn't just a fight, it was a full out brawl. We both were going at it with our best. It all started out with me telling Scout to respect Aunty or I'd spank her. Oh boy, did that get her fired up. After I said that, she was on me like white on rice! If I know how to do one thing, it's to make Scout mad. After our little mishap, Scout decided she would go to bed. She called my name, and said she swore she heard something under her bed...sh said it was a snake so I went to the closet to get the broom. I poked under her bed, but instead of finding a snake, I found Dill! He had couped up under Scout's bed for at least two hours he said. Atticus told Miss Stephanie about our little visitor, and she said it would be alright if he stayed one night, but that he would have to call his parents in the morning to let him know where he was so that they wouldn't worry themselves sick.

36: I heard Atticus leave the house late one night, so I decided to follow him. Scout tagged along (even though I didn't want her to), which meant we needed to get Dill. We found Atticus on the jail house steps reading, and surrounded by countrymen carrying their shotguns. Scout thought they were people she knew, so she ran up to the steps with her father. She looked around the only person she saw was Mr. Cunningham, so she told him to tell Walter that she said "Hello". This somehow hit a nerve in Mr. Cunningham that sent a force within him to go home; all of his fellow countrymen followed and decided to go home also. Scout didn't know it, but she saved her father from something that could've ended badly for him.

38: Today was finally the day; it was the day of Tom Robinson's trial. Everyone and their brother had shown up to the Maycomb County Courthouse to see what the verdict would be. Atticus advised us not to come to the trial, but Scout, me, and Dill just couldn't stand it anymore, we had to go! When we got there, we decided to sit in the balcony with Reverend Sykes.

39: The trial was over; Tom Robinson was found guilty of raping Mayella Ewell. I couldn't understand why Tom was found guilty, but I knew that it wasn't right.

40: Later on, maybe a few weeks after the trial, Bob Ewell saw Atticus at the corner of the post office. Bob came up to Atticus, spat on him, then merely walked away. When Atticus got home, the only thing he said about Mr. Ewell's rude behavior, is that he wished Bob didn't chew tobacco.

41: Aunt Alexandra told Scout that she was not allowed to have Walter Cunningham over for dinner, or to have him over to play. After Aunty said this, Scout came running into my room crying. I did the best I could at consoling her by giving her a tootsie roll. This seemed to help a little, but not a whole lot, so along with giving her a tootsie roll, I showed her something I'd kept a secret for a little while; I had chest hair, and under arm hair!

42: Tom Robinson was dead; he had tried to jump the fence at the prison, but was shot just as he almost made it across. Atticus had picked up Cal and were headed to tell Helen the horrible news when me and Dill saw Atticus' car and asked him if we could go with him. He unwillingly let us go along, but only if we stayed in the car.

43: Summertime finally rolled around again. This meant Scout and me could sleep on the back porch again. Well it just so happened to be one of those nights that me and Scout were sleeping outside, when she was finished playing with a roly-poly and was going to smash it. I told her not to because it hadn't done anything to her. Sometimes I just don't understand Scout anymore.

44: I'm in the 7th grade this year, and decided that I would try out for football. The coach told me I was a little bit too small, but that if I gained some more weight I'd be good to go. I was still technically on the team this year though; I was the water-boy.

45: Scout really needs to grow up a little more, and learn to know when to say certain things and when to keep her little mouth quiet. Today she asked me what the difference was between Hitler being prejudice and killing as many Jews as he possibly could, and the people of Maycomb County being prejudice towards Negroes and killing Tom. I sternly told her to never speak of that day at the courthouse ever again.

46: Scout was picked to be the ham in Miss Merriweather's play for the Halloween festival in the high school. No one else in our family wanted to go, so I decided I'd take Scout and watch her performance.

47: Scout had totally embarrassed herself by falling asleep, then waking up and running on stage because she had missed her turn, so we had to wait until everyone had left the building for Scout to even come out from behind the stage. Being her usual and forgetful self, Scout left lost her shoes somewhere inside the gym. I told her that she could get the janitor to open the door tomorrow and she could find them because it was getting late. As we were finally headed home, I started to hear footsteps coming from behind us. I told Scout to be quiet; every time we stopped, the footsteps behind us stopped. Scout thought it was Cecil Jacobs; I didn't know who it was. We stopped once more, but the footsteps didn't stop this time. All of a sudden I felt a large body pulling me around. My first instinct was to fight back, so I did. He was a large man, but had strong arms; his breath smelled like whiskey. I was rolling around with him trying to break free of his grasp when I heard a sharp CRACK! and felt intense pain coming from near my arm.

48: I had never felt any kind of pain like this before. What had this man done to me that could hurt so bad??? During the whole time of our attack, Scout was rolling on the ground in her ham costume screaming, while I too was screaming, hoping and praying that someone would hear us. The next thing I knew, our attacker was being thrown off of me and Scout, and I was being lifted by another stranger; this stranger was nice though, because he took me back to my house where Dr. Reynolds took care of me and sedated me for awhile. Dr. Reynolds told me that I had a broken arm, and that it would take awhile for it to heal.

49: I was later told by Scout that the stranger who had taken me home was Arthur Radley. She even boasted about how she walked him home, and how they had a talk on the front steps. The very scary and horrifying stranger who had attacked us though was Bob Ewell. He had "fallen" on his knife, and had killed himself. Arthur had heard our cries and came to our rescue, thank the Lord.

50: Time has flown by. Emotionally, intellectually, and physically Scout and I have grown. It hasn't always been easy, and we know that it won't be, but we have been through some pretty rough times. No matter what though, I know that I will always have certain people that I can rely on and trust. Even as hard as it's been, I do hope and pray that Scout and I will be able to go through hard times together and be able to grow, Atticus, Cal, and many others included. Maybe Scout will start acting more like a lady; maybe Aunty will let us invite the Cunninghams over for dinner one evening. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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