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Tommy P.

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S: The Old School Days

FC: The Plain Old School Days

1: "Kyle sit down! Jess stop hitting Hayley.L! Everybody stop!" The teacher shouted. It was so quiet that you could hear the rain drizzling outside. Everybody sat at their desk at attention. Emily(The new girl) came in walking like a dork I would say. OOps! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tommy, at the age of nine. "HI suckers! Don't touch my desk you idiot!" Emily shouted. " Emily please calm down ." The teacher said glaring at me for touching Emily's desk. But what could I do? It was hilarious.

2: Emily pushed the teacher out of her chair. Everyone gasped. " It's my turn to sit in here Mrs.Party-Pooper." The teacher stood up, fixed her glasses and said "Emily Katie Carols! Go to the principal this instant!" Still fixing her glasses. "Why should I?" Emily answered. Kyle stood up. "Listen to the teacher already!" Kyle shouted. "Ha, Look who's talking." She laughed, "What's so funny, dork?" I questioned. "Enough," Mrs.Hovo said.

3: "Okay class let's take out our homework." It sounded like elephants flapping their ears loudly. After we went over that mess, we did writing. Did I tell you I wrote this story during this time? Emily was going to the door when Luke (cowboy guy, also known as tooth-head) opened the door and the door smacked Emily in the face. We all giggled. "Hello, people!" Luke shouted. "Hello,Luke!" I shouted. He was my number 1 best friend. Emily stood up limping.

4: Her hair looked like a mess. We all giggled even more. Tooth-head ( what I like to call him) brought his horse again. Mrs.Hovo said" Please don't not bring Lemonade anymore," she sighed. " Yes Ma'am." His horse, Lemonade, was next to the door waiting. But then we all heard something like a fart. We ignored it. The lunch bell rang and people ran to the lunch room. People budged, people shoved and people fell. There was chaos in the lunch room!

5: Mr.McGrover ( the assistant principal) shouted " Silence!" The lunch room grew silent. I sat next to Luke and said "Hey Toothhead, can I come to the cowboy place with you?" He sighed "Sorry friend. It's way too dangerous." I ran outside and saw bullying. Emily was bullying Linsy. " Hey why are you hurting my friend?!" I shouted. A teacher came over and talked to Emily. While that was getting over with I went to play kickball. Right then the recess bell rang.

6: When we got in our classroom we got the laptops for publishing our stories. We worked on them for about an hour then another class needed to use the laptops. Our class did reading. I don't like reading when you have to write about. It's so boring, don't you agree? Next, the end of school bell rang. We cheered and got our bags and went to go on the bus. Kyle, my brother, made me carry his bag home. Kyle and I had to go to baseball practice. Our team is called Shockers.

7: But before we went , I played Giant's Chamber with Kyle. Our high score was 789,908. Ugh, so close to beating our high score but we had to go to baseball practice. Everyone had to use wooden baseball bats so we don't attract the lightning. Our teammate got a good hit into the outfield and we got 2 home runs. It was the 7th inning. We got three outs and it was my turn to pitch. I was a good pitcher but I got nervous sometimes. I struck out the first batter.

8: I slept and slept when I got home because my arm hurt. It was the next day and I was in a good mood because we won the game last night. We are the undefeated champions. When Kyle and I got to our classroom it was dark. Then the lights went on and everyone shouted " Surprise! It's April Fool's!" I fell to the ground and the next thing I knew was I was in the nurse's room. "You fainted." said the nurse."Sleep more you will feel better." But I got up and got a drink and sat down on the bed.

9: Like always Kyle was with me asking me questions like, " Are you okay ?" I told him he should be at class but the teacher said he could be with me so I nodded okay. I was limping when I got to the class room. Everyone's eyes were locked on their IDR (Independent Daily Reading) book. "Come in and read please." said Mrs.Hovo . Kyle and I sat down and got our IDR book and read. I don't know why but we read until school was over.

10: Kyle and I got home and got a snack. We always choose different snacks. Today I chose cheesy bunnies. Kyle chose gold fish. I crushed 25 cheesy bunnies and sprinkled them all over Kyle. "Food fight!" Kyle shouted throwing gold fish at me. We laughed and and opened our mouths as we threw the food at each other. I ate 13 of his. He ate 5 of mine. I started choking and Kyle got me a drink. Then we wrestled each other to the ground. He got me down first.

11: " Guess what I brought home!" Mom said. "DJ Hero!" we shouted. We hugged her so hard she had to whisper to get off her. Then she swallowed a big bag of air. You can play until we have to go to Kung Fu. We took out the game and connected it to the television and started playing. "Dinner!" mom shouted. "Okay mom!" we shouted back. It was the next day at school and this time Kyle opened the door. All of the other classmates were getting ready for the field trip. Sorry I forgot to tell you that we were going on a field trip.

12: We are going to uhh........ wait I forgot where we are going. I'll go ask my teacher. Okay we are going to Philadelphia Zoo. " Class get your stuff ready 'cause the buses are on their way!" Mrs.Hovo said. We got our lunches and then got out books to read. The buses parked and we got on the bus that we had to go on. The road was so bumpy the bus went up and down up and down. We came back and my mom was waiting for Kyle and me. It was 4:59 P.M.

13: I slept until Kyle woke me up for dinner. After dinner I slept thinking about today because it was the last day of school. I thought of my vacation to the beach. "Beach! Here we come!" I ran in the car and we drove to the beach. Well, I'm going on vacation. Guess what? I became best friends with Emily. She isn't so mean after all. She was bullying other people because she was getting bullied. " Come on Tommy!" " Okay!" Gotta go. Bye!

14: If you are bullied by other people, don't bully other people. Treat other people the way you wanted to be treated.

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  • Title: Tommy P.
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