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Touching Spirit Bear A-Z Book (Copy)

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Touching Spirit Bear A-Z Book (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: A-Z Book by Casey Reed

BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

FC: Explore Touching SPirit bear through your ABCs! | A-Z book

4: Table of Contents | a-at.oow-fun fact b-brandished-vocab c-caulking-vocab d-dancing-fun fact e-edwin-character f-fear-conflict g-garvey-character h-hubris-lit. device i-isolation-conflict j-juvie cell-fun fact k-ketchikan-fun fact l-lying...-lit. device m-moseyed-vocab n-nathaniel-character o-orca-fun fact p-peter-character q-quarrel-conflict r-rosey-character | s-sky's lightning-lit. device t-trust-conflict u-until-lit. device v-visibly invisible-fun fact w-whales belly-lit. device x-eXtended-vocab y-youre-lit. device

5: An at.oow is something that is handed down from generation to generation in a Tlingit tribe. Cole's at.oow is a blanket. When Cole has his near death experience, he finds comfort in the at.oow, wgich shows that he is beginning to trust Garvey, who is the one who gave him the at.oow. | Is for at.oow

6: is for brandished

7: brandished: a flourish or waving, as in a weapon. | "This far away, they couldn't see the extended middle finger he brandished at them."(20)

8: is for caulking

9: Caulking: to fill or close seams or crevices of in order to make watertight, airtight | " 'And you'll need to do some caulking to toughten things up before winter' "(169)

10: is for the Dancing of Animals

11: The Tlingit aminal dances helped the dancers show how they felt aminals played a role in their lives. The dances were shown as a connection between a human and his world. | The animal dances are important to Cole because they help Cole realize is not at the top of the food chain; that he has things to learn from everyone.

12: is for Edwin

13: Edwin is one of Cole's main helpers in his healing process. He is a Tlingit and gives Cole a lot of advice. Edwin says: "At first, I was so lonely it hurt. But with time, i felt peaceful inside."(171). This quote shows how Edwin is able to help Cole by seeing from his point of view. | Edwin is: protagonist round static

14: Is for fear | Fear is the type of conflict Man vs. Self. Cole feels that he doesn't feel fear. | Conflict | Inciting Incident- Cole says everyone is afraid of something- except for him. | Inciting Incident

15: Rising action- Cole begins to feel fear of the Spirit Bear. | Climax- Cole is afraid of the Spirit bear and of death; he realizes this as he is mauled. | Rising Action | Climax | Falling action- Cole is saved and treated Resolution- COle goes back to the island and trusts Spirit Bear. | Falling action and Resolution

16: is for Garvey | Garvey is one the the people the Cole begins to trust. For Cole, Garvey is a source of advice and help. Garvey is the one who gave Cole the at.oow.

17: Garvey says: "Here's to the future"(139). This quote shows that Garvey believes that Cole can forget his past and have a better future. Garvey believing in Cole helps Cole believe in himself.

18: is for hubris | Hubris is a literary term for the main character's flaw- his pride.

19: Pride has no place on this island"(149). | Cole's pride was one of the main things that kept him from healing. Once he realized his flaw, he was able to control himself better.

20: is for isolation

21: Isolation is man vs. society because Cole is being put away, in his mind- He feels that society has thrown him beyond reach. | Inciting incident- Circle justice decides to send Cole to the island. | Rising action- Cole gets upset and burns his shelter | Climax- Cole is in the hospital and realizes that he was not abondoned by everyone. | Falling action/resolution- Cole invites Peter to stay with him on the island- they learn to like each other.

22: "...Cole was being kept at a detention center..."(7)

23: Is for Juvenile detention cells | Juvenile Detention Center cells are usually as bare as possible. This is so the resident has little chance of escape or suicide. Cole was kept in a holding cell, a cell used to house the resident before a trial. Residents are usually allowed out to retrieve meals, go to school, or have supervised free time.

24: Ketchikan is home to Edwin and Garvey, the mainland where Cole's island adventure. It is where all Cole supplies are stored and kept. It is also Edwin's home. | Ketchikan was named “One of the Top 100 Arts Communities in the U.S.” Ketchikan’s Blueberry Arts Festival includes a unique event- the annual slug race. Children gather slugs from their yards and bring them to the festival. The first slug to slime its way across the raceway wins.

25: is for Ketchikan

26: is for "Lying to your hunger"(57).

27: This quote is a personification, because it is giving hunger human characteristics | This quote shows that living on an island is not as easy as Cole would expect, although at this point in the book Cole does not listen to Garvey's warning.

28: is for moseyed | "Cole moseyed along slowly, not catching up to Edwin until they reached the trees."(16). | Moseyed: to wander or shuffle about leisurely; stroll; saunter

29: is for Nathaniel Blackwood | Nathaniel is a lawyer Cole's dad hired. Cole feels that Nathaniel is just another "helper" who doesn't care about him. | Bio | "The lawyer looked as if he had been dipped in plastic"(36).

30: is for orca

31: Orcas are also known as killer whales. An average-sized orca will eat 551 pounds (250 kg) of food a day. They are very fast swimmers. | "Cole spotted the glistening keel-like fins of an orca whale guiding her young calf along the shoreline in search of food."(58).

32: is for Peter Driscal

33: "...the skinny red-haired boy..."(7). | Peter Driscal is the boy that Cole beat up. Peter is important to Cole because Cole needs Peter in order to heal, but Peter needs Cole n order to heal. Mutual healing.

34: is for quarrel with Spirit Bear | Inciting incident: Cole sees Spirit Bear. Rising Action: Cole spits at Spirit Bear.

35: Climax: Cole gets mauled by spirit Bear. | Falling Action: Cole feels trust in Spirit Bear Resolution: Cole sees Spirit Bear with Peter.

36: is for Rosey

37: Rosey is the Tlingit nurse who first cares for Cole after he is mauled. Rosey is protaginist, static, and flat. | "If you hadn't guessed, this is Rosey ... She's the best nurse in Drake."(103).

38: is for sky's lightning | "What was death like? Did it come fast like lightning from the sky?"(71). | This quote shows Cole's weakest moments when he is wondering about death: what it feels like and if he'll welcome it.

39: is for trust | Inciting incident/rising action: Cole wants Garvey and Edwin to be afraid of him so he will be able to trust them Climax: Cole is dying but finds comfort in the at.oow, so he realizes he can trust Garvey. Falling action/solution: Back at the island, Cole trusts Garvey and Edwin, and helps Peter trust him. | Trust is a man vs. man conflict because Cole believes that he can only trust someone if they are afraid of him.

40: Is for until he... | "...Until he finally slipped into a troubled sleep."(141). | Quote | This is and exaggeration because you don't literally slip into your sleep. | Importance

41: When Cole goes "invisible", he is performing a form of yoga meditation which clears the mind and allows one to become one with nature. | is for visibly invisible | Climax | "The Transcendental Meditation technique allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought — pure awareness, also known as transcendental consciousness, or the unified field. This is the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness — your innermost Self. In this state of restful alertness, your brain functions with significantly greater coherence and your body gains deep rest."

42: is for Whale's belly

43: Whale's belly, or Belly of the Whale, is a literary term for when the main character is at his/her lowest. Cole's whale moment is when he gets mauled by Spirit Bear. | "...painful memories of the mauling"(117). The Belly of the Whale is significant because it is what causes Cole to change his attitude.

44: is for eXtended | " 'Boo!' he shouted, springing up, arms extended"(173).

45: extended: stretched out; spread out

46: is for You're part of a...

47: When Edwin tells Cole that he is part of a bigger circle, that is literal because Cole is not actually in a circle. | "You're not the only creature here. You're part of a bigger circle"(17).

48: is for zoic confrontations

49: Zoic means relating to or having animal life. Cole has many confontations with animals throughout the book. | "Look at those whales out there breaching."(147). | Observing and learning from the animals is a huge step for Cole and his healing. | Cole expresses what he learns from animals by carving them into his totem pole.

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