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FC: Warriors: Night Whispers By: Erin Hunter

1: I dedicate this journal to my brother and my leader, Lionblaze and Firestar. My brother has helped me in tough times. Firestar has been taking care of me ever since I was born. I've been lied to by the ones who matter most to me. Now, I only trust Lionblaze, Firestar, and Dovepaw. Dovepaw has powers no one knows about and Lionblaze is her mentor and is responsible for her. This is why I dedicate my journal to them.

2: Entry #1 So many things have been happening lately in the clan. There has been so much sickness spreading throughout the clan. There are absolutely no herbs anywhere within our boundaries. "I need more herbs for the clan." (113) Although, I am a medicine cat who can go anywhere he pleases. I then decided to grow herbs myself. Leafpool helped me in the growing of the herbs.

3: Entry #2 I'm so worried about my brother, Lionblaze. "If he is training to much again, he will eventually get hurt and overworked."(150) I treated his wounds to the best of my advantage. Dovepaw helped me in caring for him. Briarlight is now able to work in the medicine den, even though her back legs are paralyzed.

4: Entry #3 Today was awful. My own mother yelled at me in the middle of the camp, in front of everyone. I couldn't believe what Lionblaze said to her. "Please Leafpool, have some common knowledge." (215) Just because we don't have enough herbs and other supplies because everything is dead in leafbare(winter). Lionblaze helped me though and went back into my den to talk about why she would do something like that. It makes absolutely no sense why she would do that. Unless there is some reason or she has something against me. I went that night to see Flametail. "All battles are first won or lost, in the mind." (Joan of Arch)

5: Entry #4 After what happened with Leafpool, that night i went to the moonpool with Flametail. "I can't feel my paws" (230) Flametail said as we walked through the deep snow and blaring winds. We met up with Kestrelflight from Windclan. Mothwing, the Riverclan medicine cat didn't come because she doesn't believe in her ancestors. When everyone else there fell asleep, i stayed awake and wandered throughout their dreams. They were being talked to about the same things that were said to me. I wish i knew what this "battle" was that we were being warned about is.

6: Entry #5 After I got back from the moonpool with Flametail, Dovepaw was upset for some reason. She was out of the camp alone. I went up to talk to her. | Entry #5 (continued) "He used me, why would would he do that?" (249) Dovepaw cried out to me when i approached her. I tried to calm her down by telling her everything would be o.k. Tigerheart used her for getting herbs for his clan. She was so upset. I wish i could help, but this is between her and her sister.

7: Entry #6 As i walk out the den, i hear Firestar say "You will help him, even if it means a trade." (301) They do say that "Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average." (Jim Rohn) Now i know what Tigerheart was talking about, using Dovepaw for herbs! Stealing her sister and keeping her held captive and making a trade. I have to care for everyone in the camp when they are gone. They're going back to get Ivypaw. I hope everything goes well and no fighting happens. That would just add on to the whole problem. Why in leafbare is everyone to bitter? Even the ones who have everything they could ever want.

8: Entry #7 I could hear them shouting to the Shadowclan warriors. Cloudtail's voice was loudest out of all. "Give her back to us!" (321) The herbs were traded for Ivypaw. Littlecloud would now be saved thanks to the herbs we gave them. Ivypaw came back later that day. No injuries on her, i guess Blackstar does have a heart after all. Dovepaw didn't react the way I imagined she would. She was very calm. She gave her sister a death stare that glanced over me when pulling away.

9: Entry #8 This morning I was looking at the supplies we had to survive this leafbare. The herbs we gave to Littlecloud wasn't alot. We still didn't have enough herbs in case of an emergency. I started thinking to myself terrible things, "What if they die? This would be all my fault!" (345) | Lionblaze told me not to worry. Everything would be o.k. As long as Starclan(ancestors) keeps telling us to stand alone and wait for a battle, that's what we have to do. No one knows what the battle even is. The other clans are keeping quiet about it.. I don't know why though.

10: Entry #9 First it was arguing and now it's fighting. What is wrong with her? Maybe if she would tell someone what is on her mind she could be helped. Just because I'm your son doesn't mean you can yell at me and fight me just because we don't have enough medical supplies. Luckily, I only bled from the cut on my arm that she created. I felt my claws cut her ear by a little bit. Graystripe charged over and yelled to both of us "Stop! We don't need anymore blood to fall." (401) Leafpool sulked away and for some reason, I didn't want to move from the spot i was standing.

11: Entry #9 (continued) When i woke up in my den that morning, Briarlight was still fast asleep ever since yesterday afternoon. I went out on a walk, Shadowclan warriors were playing on the ice covered lake. I spotted Flametail amongst them. He looked like for once he was relaxed. Suddenly, the ice gave way beneath him and he fell into the water. Everyone just stared, I ran toward the lake and jumped in to save him. Once i grabbed him a voice kept telling me to let go. Sadly, I did. I walked home slowly that day, I was freezing.

12: Entry #10 When i got back to camp, I settled down in my den. I whispered to myself, "why is Starclan doing this?" (426) Briarlight overheard me and joined in my conversation with myself. I told her what happened with Flametail and she probably though i was insane by not saving him. Her words made sense to me. Almost like "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great." (Mark Twain) | On the next page is a picture of what Jayfeather looks like. My friend made it as well. >

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