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Watch yo' windows

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1: Leeroy was pedaling fast down the road. He'd planned this sleepover for almost 3 months now. He stole a quick glance at his watch while under a streetlight--8:37 PM. For some reason it took him longer than usual to get to Willis's house. Finally, he got there. Willis greeted him "Finally! Your here! Come upstairs! I have something HILLARIOUS to show you!

2: "Woah. It's raining pretty hard. I hope my mom doesn't get into any traffic at all." "Why?" "I got nothing to eat." "Ah I see." *Tink Tink* "There it is again! Dude did you hear that?" | "Alright." Willis led him upstairs to his room. "This is soo funny." Willis said as he showed Leeroy a recorded episode of Family Guy. They watched various other shows that night, too until Leeroy got tired at some time around 11:30 PM. "Dang man, I'm getting kinda tired. I laughed so much my sides hurt!" Leeroy said. "Yeah dude. That was ra-- *Tink Tink* Wait. Did you hear that noise?"Willis said as he looked outside.

3: "Yeah. Probobly just the rain aga--AAAH! A tall man with a purple hoodie, black sweats, and a rainbow color Bandana on his head Leeroy thought for a split second. OMG. He was on Family guy! The Infamous "Bed Intruder | "Ya'll come with me or I'll shootz ya. Follow me Outside!!" The bed Intruder ordered. Willis glanced at Leeroy real quick. He recognized him, too. "Oka-" "NO TALKIN!!" The bed intruder intruded. They jumped from the window down into Willi's mom's prized flowerbed. They both were scared out of their minds.Any wrong move could lead to a bullet in the brain."Don't want ya'll sneakin up on me while we get there." TBI said as he shanked them both with a tranquilizer (meant for use on huge animals) in the stomach. Everything slowly faded for both of them.

4: Leeroy woke up to deafening music blasting so loud you couldn't understand the lyrics or anything. The whole area around him was white except for a black part which he could not see very well, and a wall next to him. He thought he was going mad. "I c-cant see anything. Oh lord, why me? I lost my sight. Oh my." Willis mumbled crying softly. "There has got to be a way out of here..." Leeroy thought to himself, because saying it out loud would be useless. All of a sudden, everything went dark, and all you could hear was this sickening grinding sound. "Oh god. Please let this stop. Why didn't I just stay home? I should have run..run..when I had the chance." Leeroy thought to himself.

5: Thinking of running made Leeroy's feet move a little and he realized he was next to someone because he felt a leg. Could it be? The Grinding sound stopped as quickly as it mysteriously started, and the lights flickered on. "Whats that on my leg? I can feel it. Oh if only I could see what it was then I could relax." Willis thought. He kicked back at whatever it was. "Ouch!" Leeroy exclaimed. "Leeroy! Your alive!" "Yeah man. You alright?" The wall must have moved. "No...not at all. I can't see. My eyesight is shot." "We need to get out of here." "Yes. We do." "We need a plan...I'll look around for a possible escape route. I don't know what this guy wants with us, but it's bad. I can tell. You stay here and listen. I heard somewhere that when you lose one sense, another is heightened. If you hear anything abnormal, yell for me." Leeroy said with newly gained confidence. "Alright." Willis replied. Leeroy got up and started looking around. There wasn't anything in the white parts, so he went to the black part of the room. He caught a glimpse of a sleeping man, The Bed Intruder. He appeared to be passed out from the medication that was opened on the counter.

6: Also on the counter, was the pistol that The Bed Intruder pulled on them before. Without thinking, Leeroy grabbed the weapon. It appeared to be fully loaded. While walking away silently, he saw a door. Oh how he wished he could leave right then, But no. He couldn't leave his blind friend to fend for himself. He had to save him too. He hastily went over to where Willis was stationed, and said "I found a way out!" "Really? That's great! Oh right, I can't see so what good is it?!" "I'll lead you there. I have his pistol too, so we can make sure this never happens to anyone,ever again." "How did you find this out again?" Willis asked. "He OD'd. He's asleep right now." "Lets roll."Willis said. "Alright. Stand up and grab my arm. I'll lead you there." Willis did so, and they quickly arrived at the black area of the place. "Get ready." Leeroy warned, as he aimed the gun at The Bed Intruder's chest. BANG. The Bed Intruder's body went limp. "LETS GO!!!!!"Leeroy yelled, bolting for the door. when he opened it, he immediately got hit with a barrage of smells which he recognized belonged to the Little Ceaser's just down town.

7: With Willis still on his arm, he jogged in the direction of Sheriff Johnston and his son Tobias's house. They could definitely get help from them. "IMMA GET YA'LL" A familiar voice screamed. "Oh Snap. We're screwed."Willis stated. "Not if we book it."Leeroy replied. Leeroy ran even faster, knowing that if he caught them, they were definitely going to die. "How the heck is he still alive?!?!?" Leeroy screamed to no-one in particular. They approached a gas station that was for the most part, empty. Leeroy realizing he still had the gun in his hand, shot desperately at one of the gas pumps. KABOOOOOOOM A Huge mushroom cloud resulted. "That was a close one. He's gone for good whaddaya say Willis...--Willis?"

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