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What a Wonderful Life

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BC: By Tim WIlson Italian Steelers Publishing Co.

FC: What A Wonderful Life By Tim Wilson

1: What a Wonderful Life Tim Wilson Italian Steelers Publishing Co.

2: WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author's rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

3: Table of Contents Preface 5 Forward 6 Dedicated to 7 Make-a-Tim (makes 2 fruitcakes) 8 My Head is not on Fire 9 A Magical Night 10 My Top Ten Favorite Steelers 11 Definition 12 A Cold Fall on a Hot Summer's Day 13 Grandpa 14 Technical Edisaster 15 The Wonderful World of My Words 16 Wanted 17 The Concept of Fairness 18 An Interview with a Legend 19

4: Preface I decided to begin this project because I found my life to be more interesting than I had believed it to be. I have done a lot more than some people over the course of my life and have been through more in my life than some people have. I also want to be able to find this later on in life and see what all I’ve done and what still needs to be done in order to complete my goals. I learned that anyone’s life could be interesting if you look at it all in one quick glance. I also learned to be more positive about my life because a lot more good has happened to me than bad. What I want the reader to take from my work is that your life is just as interesting as mine, and that the positive has more of an impact on your life than the negative.

5: Forword Tim Wilson is the type of person who can take any environment, no matter how bad, and make it positive. His energy can pick you up on even the worst of days. He’s genuinely a wonderful person and has the ability to get along with anyone. Along with all this, Tim is brilliant. He’s in advanced classes and displays more understanding of the material than even the older students. There is not a doubt in my mind that he will continue his streak of excellence. He has a bright future ahead of him. Signed, Hana Kafri

6: Dedicated to This book is dedicated to my beloved mother and grandfather, who were always there for me whenever I needed it. They have always cared for me and raised me to be the person I am today. I will never forget all that they have done for me and the times we spent together. I will never, ever forget the kind and caring people that they are to me.

7: Make-a-Tim (makes 2 fruitcakes) 1-cup weird 1-teaspoon yeast -cup anger 3 cups flour 1-cup soymilk -cup lazy -cup crazy 1-cup nuts 4 cups chopped fruit 1.Pour the soymilk, flour, and yeast into one large bowl. Set mixer on low and mix until consistency is nice and thick. 2.Throw in the nuts and fruit and continue for 2 minutes on low. 3.Put the rest of the ingredients into another bowl except for the lazy and stir until bright green. 4.Pour your green mix into the batter and continue to mix for 3 minutes on low. 5.Pour the batter into 2 eight-inch cake pans and cook on body temperature for nine months. 6.Sprinkle on the lazy and wait 15 years until enjoying.

8: My Head is not on Fire Everyone has an embarrassing moment where someone gets hurt somehow, some physically, some mentally, and others emotionally. One embarrassing moment caused me to hate what is a perfectly harmless game. Third grade afterschool program, day before April Fool’s Day. No one was more excited than me, I always loved to prank others. Today, my counselors thought it would be a good idea to head over the Hutchinson gymnasium located next door to the cafeteria. There, everyone got a game of kickball started by counting off by twos. The game began with a great start; I had already caught two balls and scored four home runs. The tally was looking in favor of my team, but the tide seemed to change as the game dragged on for another half hour. The opposing team launched into a good luck streak and while my team was just running around like chickens without their heads. Then, pop fly straight down the middle, coming directly at me. I had just barely missed the catch by a hair and the ball bounced on my foot and went over to the wall. I became so focused on the ball and the sport that nothing, not even the fire extinguisher located right above my head, would divert my center of attention. I grabbed the ball and immediately jumped up in an attempt to throw the ball towards home. As my head made contact with the fire extinguisher, a silence rippled through the gym as the others saw a faint rivulet of blood poured down from the top of my cranium. The counselors instantaneously leaped up and rushed over as everyone started to scream, but I could not decipher why they were screaming until I noticed a throbbing ache. I reached up to touch my head and found a pool of blood on my scalp. I started to scream in pain and agony as the counselors dragged me into the cafeteria and picked up the phones to call my mom and an ambulance. Everyone stared at me like I was a freak at the carnival, unable to say a word or even move my way. One of the counselors brought me an ice pack, but it did little to help the now hammering twinge. Finally, my mom pulls up just minutes before the ambulance. She immediately grabbed me and pulled me close when the doctors who came to my aide whisked me away. They put me onto a stretcher and wheeled me towards the ambulance while attaching an IV and elevating my head. I still remember my mom yelling after me “I will be right behind you, it’s alright honey.” I was not able to give much attention to her because the doctors were talking so fast and loud that I could hardly understand anybody and confused me further. They then put something into my IV, the pain died, and I began to feel very funny. The rest of the trip to the hospital was filled of a ton of questions that I wasn’t really in the mood to answer. When we finally got to the hospital, I could tell my mom could see the pool of blood sitting upon my head. We then had to go through standard procedure of getting height, weight, age, and personal information, which was a major drag. Then we had to wait for hours and hours until finally they put the stitches in and allowed us to leave in order to go to sleep. The next day I had to miss school, all day I did nothing but play on my PlayStation 2 and watch TV. It was an experience was both enjoyable and frightening to experience.

9: A Cold Fall on a Hot Summer Day I was in Shenandoah National Park that hot July day for one reason, cliff diving, the daredevil’s thrill. At first, I was really wound up, I thought that large dive into bone-chilling spring water was going to be extremely easy. As I neared the edge, getting further anxious as I heard the roar of the falls, the cheers of those swimming down below. The smells of oak and maple trees danced around me as the sight of the edge excited my senses. I could hear the screams of laughter and joy echoing up from the water far below. The beautiful scenery of the waterfall was as picturesque as the Mona Lisa. The cloudy sky above showed peaks of sunlight that seemed to shine down on me. I thought that I was ready to stare Death in the face and laugh. When I reached the edge and peered down, my tune began to change. Everything around me began to spin as I began to feel very nauseous. My heart beat like a drum, my ears were ringing like the phone of a famous pop star, and my head felt like a mountain just sat on me. “Should I jump? Will I make it? Is it deep enough? What was I thinking?” All these thoughts were flying about in my head which felt like a jackhammer went off. I became very flustered and confused, and so I decided to chicken out. As I turned around to leave, I could hear a roar of boo’s banging against my eardrums as though everything and everyone disagreed with my decision. I soon found myself losing my balance and began to descend downwards. I spiraled into the freezing water below, the air whipped around me as gravity pulled me down, helpless to do anything. Looking up, the rays of sun that had shown down on me were covered as though not just the kids in my camp but the universe itself regretted my decision. I could see the people looking down on me from the cliff’s edge with looks of shock and horror. The wind began to blow and rustled through my ever long and flowing hair. As I turned myself around to face my doom, I made impact with the ice-cold water. Pain struck me like a knife in my stomach when I found myself belly flopping into the bitter, unforgiving spring not 30 feet from where I stood not even a second ago.

10: A Magical Night In 5th grade, I had starred as the Genie of Aladdin. Out of nearly 300 students, the casting directors chose me as the Genie. I still remember the joy from when they announced “Genie: Timothy Wilson” I had immediately jumped up and screamed with joy “I got the part! I got the part! I GOT THE PART!” Meanwhile, my classmates cheered for me as well as groaned because several had also tried out for the role of the Genie. I ran to CASA, otherwise known as my after school program to anxiously wait for my mother to arrive in order to share the good news with her. She was so psyched hearing that I would be starring in my 5th grade play that she hugged, kissed, and congratulated me until it was time to go to bed. The next day the music teacher gave me a schedule of when the rehearsals would be for the upcoming couple of months, all of which was during school hours, granting me freedom from the tedious work that we worked through time after time. The dry runs were loads of fun; I made new friends, missed schoolwork, and was able to learn all of my lines. At times, it would get monotonous to go over the same scene repeatedly, but it became loads of fun and helped improve my memory. There was never time for me to learn the choreography for the songs that I sang, and that fear constricted me like a snake because I thought that I would look like a fool in front of hundreds. The pre-show at Pinebrook helped me to get over my fears as I realized that I had everything down pat and that everyone was there not to laugh at me but to cheer me on. I had never messed up my lines once and realized that being backstage waiting for my turn to go up would be loads of fun. Dr. Avery, the director of the play, was very lenient, allowed the cast and me to have fun and run around just so long as we were silent, and did not mess up the play in any way. Finally, after four or five months of preparation, opening night dawned upon not just me but the entire cast. Some of the cast was nervous as they saw just how big the Freedom auditorium really was, but I was excited to perform in front of a colossal theater. It was three times as large as our main gym at Pinebrook. In front of us was a sea of tan chairs and the tech box way in the back. The bright spotlights glared down on us as we fumbled around on the stage like a bunch of drunks. We could hear Dr. Avery barking stage directions to us as we tried to follow through. We had one last rehearsal before the play began and everyone soon felt calm as we got used to the size of the stage and the crowd that would soon fill the entire auditorium. When the play did begin, it was extremely weak, no one felt truly prepared for the swarm of eyes glaring straight at us. Then we soon forgot about the horde of people and focused on what we were doing. When I finally came out of the lamp, I felt like as though if no one could ever be happier. I said all of my lines clearly and with no mistakes. As soon as the music for “Never had a Friend like Me” came on, I sprung into action and, using a little bit of blues tap dancing, wowed the audience. I can still remember the entire song, and I will sometimes catch myself singing it to an imaginary audience. As the play began to wrap up, the cast began to feel like we had given it our all and succeeded. Afterwards, everyone congratulated the entire cast on a job well done. I had even signed my autograph for two seniors that had gone to Freedom. That had made me feel special and had set me down a path that I will not soon forget.

11: Wilson, Timothy M. Proper Noun: 1. Quirky short male born in Florida. 2. Young teenage boy with large imagination and small voice. 3. Smart male with good work ethic and excellent grades. Peculiar\pi-kyül-yr\ adj [ME peculier, fr. L peculiaris of private property, special, fr. peculium private property, fr. pecu cattle; akin to L pecus cattle- more at FEE] 1. characteristic of only one person, group, or thing :DISTINCTIVE 2. different from the usual or normal: a. SPECIAL, PARTICULAR b. ODD, CURIOUS c. ECCENTRIC, QUEER syn see CHARACTERISTIC, STRANGE. Tim Wilson is a very peculiar character to get to know, but a one-of-a-kind kind of person. Pique vt piqued; piquing \pk\ [F piquer, lit., to prick- more at PIKE] (1669) 1. to arouse anger or resentment in: IRRITATE 2. a. to excite or arouse esp. by a provocation, challenge, or rebuff b. PRIDE syn see PROVOKE. Tim Wilson is piqued easily by whistling or humming, esp. when concentrating on homework or on an activity. Mimesis \m-m-ss, m-\ n [LL fr. Gk mimsis, fr. mimeisthai] (1550): IMITATION, MIMICRY. Tim uses mimesis in order to mock someone doing something very stupid or playfully irritate friends. Energetically \en-er-jet-ik\ adv 1. possessing or exhibiting energy, especially in abundance; vigorous: an energetic leader 2. powerful in action or effect; effective: to take energetic measures against crime. Tim energetically puts in all of his effort into doing the task at hand whenever he plays competitive sports. Unto \uhn-too; unstressed uhn-tuh\ prep 1. to (in its various uses, except as the accompaniment of the infinitive) 2. until; till. Tim’s motto for life is to “do unto others what others do to you.”

12: My Top Ten Favorite Steelers: 1.Hines Ward- His plays are just amazing and his retirement speech moved me to tears. 2.Troy Polamalu- Known to create amazing plays when he needs to. 3.Terry Bradshaw- The best quarterback in Steelers history had one heck of an arm. 4.“Mean” Joe Greene- pummeled down all that stood in his way 5.Lynn Swann- Had the ability to jump higher than any one man on the field. 6.Ben Roethlisberger- Able to get out of a tough situation and make the big plays. 7.Jack Lambert- The attitude of the Steelers in the 70’s 8.L.C. Greenwood- an amazing and dedicated player 9.Mike Wallace- crazy fast and able to outrun the defenders 10.James Harrison- Awesome defender who will stop at nothing to bring the offensive line back This is a Top 10 list of my favorite players from my absolute favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. These people chosen above are some of the best players out there at any given time. This shows that I do know some Steelers history and that I am learning even more as time goes by.

13: Grandpa My grandfather was one of the best in the world’ no one could love me more, everyone except my mother of course. He was there when I needed him and it was always fun visiting, I have not one bad memory of my grandpa. My favorite activity at my grandpa’s was to get up on the computer and play Old Maid or Chess. I always loved to sit there and play when it was raining outside. When the weather was nice, we would play baseball, drive the miniature car we had, or climb the huge tree in the backyard. My brother and I would always try to climb as high as possible, up until either grandpa got us down or we decided to do something else. We would also hang with Jacob, who was a childhood friends that lived right next door past the garage. He and his little sister would come over and we would all drive the car around or play tag or other fun activities that we would do. One of our neighbors, Ann, had an old playground in her backyard from when her daughter Rachel was a kid. We always loved climbing in and just hanging there on the hot days when grandpa did not get out the little pool. I also remember, after every dinner when we were watching TV, we would always get a Popsicle or ice cream if we did not cause any trouble throughout the day. I also remember that I would read Macbeth some nights, even though I had no idea what anything meant. One of my favorite things about going was Sasquatch, and no not the mythical creature of the woods. My grandpa had a pitch-black cat who absolutely loved company. She would always jump up on grandpa’s lap at night when she was not sleeping on the couch or in our room. I remember that that cat would always get her tail stepped on by grandpa any time he went to the fridge, probably to try to get some food as cats and dogs usually do. Grandpa was always there for my mom at any time of need, no matter what he would always pull through. He loved my brother and me fiercely and would do just about anything for us. He was always kind, loving, and dependable to not just us but to all of his neighbors. He was a genuine man who lived a long and prosperous life, even with some bumps in the road. I know that he would never do anything to put my brother or myself in any kind of harm even if his life depended on it; he always wanted to make sure that we were safe and happy. I will always love and miss him even though he is no longer around. I had a lot of good memories of my grandfather, from Willy’s just down the road to North Park Club Lounge to just hanging out around the house to the Denny’s we would always go to right before visiting. Climbing the tree was always a favorite activity along with going to Wal-Mart and over to the neighbors. I also enjoyed when he took us over to our aunt’s so we could hang with Ally and Nino, both of which are through high school and college as of now. I don’t think I ever had a bad memory when at my grandpa’s, he always played with us and laughed with us and made us happy. Even when he wasn’t around, I still had a smile on my face when I talked to him on the phone, he always did care about what was going on in our lives. There is no way that I could ever forget my grandfather, there is no force on Earth that could ever come close to it.

14: Technical Edisaster That fateful day, who knew that I would never be able to take the Geometry test I studied so hard for? It was 5th block, Tech Ed. We were working on our CO2 cars that were going to be raced in less than a month. I was ahead and decided to work on another car for display in order to waste some time. I remember I modeled it on an older Ford Mustang with a spoiler and a big-block engine. I had already finished the basic shape and began to work on detailing when my friend came over and told me that there was no room for a CO2 tank, so I told him “it is just for fun, my racing car is over there.” He then picked it up and looked at it; afterwards he began to talk to me while I continued to use the band saw to detail my work. (For those who don’t know, a band saw is the blade of the saw wrapped around two wheels and spun at high speeds with a motor. The blade of the band saw quickly became stuck in the wood on a knot, so I hit the off button and began to pry the car out. The blade was slowing down when the wood gave and was shot through the machine, with my hand still holding on. It happened in a split second; I felt a sudden shot of pain in my hand and pulled away. I then let out a sudden scream in pain as I noticed the blood oozing from my middle finger and the milky-white of bone showing through the cut. My Tech Ed teacher then shut off all machines and rushed me straight to the nurse’s office. The nurse called my mom after giving me some paper towel and a bag of ice and told me to keep pressure on my finger. My mom immediately rushed over as I began to feel disoriented and sick to my stomach from the loss of blood. I was then rushed over to the Urgent Care in Stone Ridge where I was immediately admitted and taken to a room. They laid me down, gave me fresh paper towels to put on my finger, and took me to get an x-ray. Luckily, the bone was not cut and there was no foreign material so they stitched up my finger using 13 blue stitches. They then gave me two splints so that my finger would heal straight and medical tape. The splints didn’t work too well because they were easily malleable and were bent into a weird shape that is now the shape of my middle finger. I went back to school in time for the second half of P.E., which I regret having to miss because we were just starting to volleyball. I had to keep the splint on for 3 weeks, which went way past Christmas. My whole winter vacation was ruined because this whole event occurred one day before winter vacation. After the three weeks, I then had to go into physical therapy in order to gain movement in my middle finger again because I was unable to move it at all. I went through a series of exercises including opening and closing a jar of coffee, playing with silly putty, and squeezing a stress ball. Soon we stopped going because we felt that we knew enough of the exercises to do it at home. This whole experience was very traumatizing and caused me to drop Tech Ed after 8th grade. I still get asked “what happened to your finger” whenever someone notices either that I can’t straighten it or when they notice my scar.

15: My wordle expresses exactly who I am, whom I idolize, and what I love. I’ve always believed that my lucky number is 13 because I have never been lucky in the past. I love the Steelers and the color Black and Gold. Lil’ Wayne and Eminem are my favorite rappers in the business. Fire represents my temper, which can get out of control. I used to be obsessed with magic and dragons when I was younger. And, most importantly, I am, and always will be AWESOME!

16: Wanted Reward: $5,000.00 (US Currency) Convicted criminal of grand awesomeness and making everyone else feel inferior in levels of awesomeness. If anyone knows where this criminal is, please report him to the Federal Bureau of Extreme Awesomeness.

17: The Concept of Fairness Have you ever said to yourself “Life is sooo unfair?” Yeah, well get over it. Lifew is unfair to everybody, just in different ways. Now, I know what you are thinking, rich people have it easier than the rest of the people that are ‘poor’. But have you ever been mobbed by paparazzi just for walking out? Those who are richer than you don’t always have it easier and they most likely worked their way into that position by either being innovative or skilled in a high-paying profession. No, I’m not saying poor people don’t suffer too; they undergo different problems than the rich people. My concept of fairness is that we are living and breathing and that good and bad things will happen to everybody. And sure, some are born into better situations than others, but that doesn’t mean that they are happier. If you do not feel like life is fair, then ask you to walk a mile in their shoes and see the world from their point of view. Why people think life is unfair is just insane, just because you are feeling bad doesn’t meant that the rest of the world is to blame And trust me, if you think life is bad here in America, I would personally pay for you to take a trip into Africa so you can see what real suffering is. Happiness is not from things, ever hear the saying “Money doesn’t buy you happiness?” Yet most complain that they don’t have nice things or a lot of money or a big house or a fancy car. Happiness is all about having people around who love you and want to help you, especially in a time of need. Everybody in the world does endure some pain and sadness, the richest man in the world could also be one of the loneliest people in the world. Money can cause more problems than solutions, just ask those who had it all and then lost it before ever really enjoying it. These people include, but not limited to, Nick Nolte and Meg Ryan, drawing a blank? These two were big time Hollywood actors in their earlier years. Since their acting careers, Nick Nolte has been arrested several times and Meg has struggled to land acting positions. Everyone is so focused on just what goes on with their life that they do not realize that what they are going through really isn’t all that bad. If you want dreadful, turn on the news and just watch for a while. I’m sure you will be changing your tune afterwards. Everyone goes through awful situations, what counts however is that you learn how to deal with bad situations and try to either avoid getting into it or putting a positive spin on it. Life is hard, and complaining about how awful yours is rather than trying to do something about it won’t help. Those you perceive have a better life than you probably went out into the world with hopes and dreams and the determination to make them reality. There are also some people that are just luckier than you are, you just need to get over it. You also have to learn that yes, you do wish that you were in someone else’s position. But there are people who also want to be in your position because they are worse off than you are. Just remember that yes, life is hard, but it is hard on everybody. And just because you do not feel good about where you are doesn’t mean that you need to ruin everyone else’s life by complaining about it.

19: An Interview with a Legend. May 10, 1996, there are several children born on this day. But one, one child would change the world. His name is Timothy Michael Wilson. In 2014, he graduated high school and began college at Pennsylvania University. After eight years, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Management and Business Marketing. He then put his goals into action by first traveling Europe in order to learn the histories, gather artifacts, and learn the foods. “I knew that in order to accomplish my goal, I first needed to learn the various foods.” He began by first seeing the sights and learning the languages. After a couple months of sightseeing, he started to get off the beaten track and headed off to smaller towns. “I figured that the foods in the big cities were widely known, so I decided to find some new recipes and hope that I could be allowed to use them.” At first, he was unsuccessful and was known as “The Recipe Thief”. After a while, he finally found some people who were willing to give to him some of their recipes. That is when people realized that he wasn’t a thief but a businessman looking to bring unknown foods to the populous. He then was loaded with a variety of new and exotic foods from all over Europe. In 2030, he finally headed back to America shortly before World War 3. He then enlisted in the army and in 2033, he was sent home due to an injury to the leg. “I was unable to walk; I thought that my dreams of becoming world known had come to a close.” He soon bought out an old restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy and sprung into a life of riches. His business techniques impressed his old college teachers and his new foods astounded the world. “My business became a big hit, it seemed as though I was meant to be a businessman.” Once realizing his wealth, he finally settled down and married one of his high school crushes. “I never thought that I would actually marry her, it astounded me when she asked me out at the high school reunion of 2034.” He soon had a kid, which he decided to name Thomas after his beloved grandfather. Life was always about adventure to Tim, he always would travel back to Europe every couple of years in order to try to find new foods or artifacts to bring back to his restaurant. “I always visited those who helped me and tried to help them in any way possible. It seems like the right thing to do, and they enjoy the things I give to them. In 2040, he opened up a charity for special ed. kids in order to further research on what causes these problems and how they can be reversed. In 2041, his child was diagnosed with a serious case of diabetes. He went into shock and closed his business for three months. After coming out from hiding, he restarted business, which was now better than ever. “Yes, I know that what I did was not the proper way to handle the situation, the whole crisis was just thrown at me all at once.” In 2042, he opened yet another charity, but this one, in light of his son, was for kids with diabetes. Now age 50, he resides in the outskirts of Seattle in a normal sized house. He is considered one of the most generous and richest people on the face of the Earth. When we asked if he would want to change any decision he ever made, he replied with another question; “If I were to change anything in my past, then would I still be here talking with you?” He lives with his wife and child. They have even been able to go with Tim on some of the trips to Europe, when it was not strictly for business reasons. His wife has recently opened a charity for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other serious memory loss diseases. Business is still booming and he has already spread his business throughout Europe, most Asia, Australia, and South America. When asked if there was any more goals that he still has, he replied “Besides moving business into Africa, I plan to spend quality time with my family and pass my business on to the vice president of my company in a few years.”

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