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Where Amazing Happens

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S: Where Amazing Happens By:Patrick Myers and TJ Salu

BC: When the regular season ends, the playoffs start. They are intense and down to the wire. This covers everything from assists to awards. Only one if these teams teams will take the NBA Championship, and this book gives you the chance to find out who it is. "If you like the the NBA, than you'll love this" All Saints Students | Where Amazing Happens

FC: Where Amazing Happens By:Patrick Myers and TJ Salu

1: Where Amazing Happens June 3, 2009 Portland, Oregon By: Patrick Myers and TJ Salu Copyright All Saints Studios

2: Table of Contents Intro Playoff Race* All-NBA Teams Coach of the Year Mvp Defensive Player of the Year Most Improved Player Rookie of the Year Sixth Man Sportsmanship Award *Due to time there will be no Finals page, so please watch on ABC or look up on NBA.com

3: Intro Sixteen teams will make it past the regular season, but only one will go home with the glory. This is where Kobe vs. Lebron happens. This is where Celtics vs. Lakers happens This is Where Amazing Happens.

4: Round 1 1Lakers vs. 4Jazz In the season everything was looking great for the Jazz, but towards the end they broke apart. Just to their luck they got to play the #1 seeded Lakers. In the first game nothing went the Jazz's way other than Carlos Boozer's 27 points The Lakers took game one, 113-100. Kobe Bryant had 24 points followed by Ariza with 21. In game 2 the Lakers again controlled the tempo, winning it 119-109. For the Jazz, Deron Williams had 36 points and 9 assists, and for the Lakers, Kobe had 26 points and 9 assists, followed by Gasol with 22 points. In game three the Jazz needed a win, and they got it. With two seconds left Deron Williams hit the game winner. The final score was 88-86. Coming into game 4, the Lakers wanted it badly, and they got it. The Lakers won it 108-94. Kobe had 38 points,while the Jazz's Williams and Boozer had 23 points each. After that it looked like all was lost for the Jazz, and it was! They lost game 5, 107- 96. Kobe had 31 points followed by Lamar Odom's 26, and for the Jazz, Ronnie Brewer had 16 points. The Jazz's hope oof reaching the Finals was gone. They played hard, but it just wasn't enough. Deron Williams and Kobe Bryant share words.

5: Round 1 2Nuggets vs. 7Hornets Here is round 1: the Denver Nuggets vs. the New Orleans Hornets. Coming into the playoffs the Nuggets were hot, and the Hornets were not. It showed in game 1 when the Nuggets took it 113-84. Chauncey Billups of the Nuggets had 36 points and 8 assists, while Chris Paul of the Hornets had a double-double of 21 points and 11 assists. The Hornets got blown out in game 1 and wanted revenge, but that did not happen. The Nuggets came out and won 108-94. Billups again dominated with 31 points, and for the Hornets David West had 21 points followed by Paul's 13 assist. After losing two in a row the Hornets got angry. It worked! The Hornets won game 3, 95-93. Chris Paul had 32 points and 12 assists, giving him another double-double, while Carmelo Anthony had 25 points. The Nuggets couldn't believe it. In game 4 the Nuggets crushed the Hornets,121-63, almost doubling the Hornets. Anthony had 26 points, the Hornets David West had 14 points. This series looked over, and it was.The Nuggets took game 5,107- 86. Anthony had 34 points and West had 24 points followed by Paul's 10 assists. The Nuggets won the series 4-1 and advanced to the next round. Chris Paul defends Chauncey Billups

6: Round1 3Spurs vs. 6Mavericks Here are the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks, the rivals from the the state of Texas. In game one Dallas beat the Spurs, 105-97. The Mavericks Josh Howard had 25 points, and the Spurs Tim Duncan had 27 points followed by Tony Parker's 24 points and 8 assists. In game 2 the the Spurs came to play. They won 105-84. Tony parker had 30 points in the first half and ended up with 38. The Mavericks Jason Terry had 16 points. Dallas then got to fly home, and that's where they won game 3, 88-67. Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavs had 20 points and Tony Parker had 12 points. Then the Mavs got confidence and came out and won game 4, 88-67. Tony Parker of the Spurs had 43 points, followed by Duncan with 25 points, and Josh Howard of the Mavs had 28 points. The Spurs now were down 3-1 in the series, and things were not looking good. In game 5 the Mavs came out strong and won 109-93. Dirk Nowitzki had 31 points, and Tony Parker had a double-double with 26 points and 12 assists. The Spurs had just lost the series 4-1. Their hopes of another Championship were over. The Mavs now had a chance to make it to the Finals. 1-time MVP Dirk Nowitzki defends 2-time Mvp Tim Duncan

7: Round 1 4Blazers vs. 5Houston Coming into this series the Portland Trail Blazers did not want to play the Houston Rockets. In the season the Blazers won one game out of the four that they played them. This was definitely not the team they wanted to see at the start of the playoffs. In game 1 Houston showed Portland why that they were not the team they wanted to play, coming out and winning it 108-81. Houston's Aaron Brooks had 27 points and 7 assists and Yao Ming had 24 points, while Portland's all-star, Brandon Roy had 21 points. Coming into game 2 Portland couldn't believe their loss at their home court, and came out and won game 2, 107-103. Roy had 42 points, and Aaron Brooks had 23 points. The next game, game 3, was close, but Houston won it 86-83. Houston's Luis Scola had 19 points, while the Blazer's Brandon Roy had 19 points and Steve Blake had 10 assist. In game 4 the Blazers put up a fight, but lost by 1, at 89-88. Roy had 31 points and Houston's Luis Scola had 21 points. Now the Blazers needed a win, and they got it, winning it 88-77. Brandon Roy had 25 points and so did Lamarcus Alderidge, and Houston's Luis Scola had 21 points. Porland was now down 3-2 in the series and needed another win, but that did not happen. They lost 92-76. Alderidge had 26 and Ron Artest of Houson had 27 points. It was all over for the Blazers . They lost the series 4-2. 7'6" all-star Yao Ming defends all-star Brandon Roy

8: Round 1 1Cavaliers vs. 8Pistons The Clevleand Cavaliers were looking great coming into this series. They only lost two games the entire season at their homecourt. The Detroit Pistons on the other hand, made a mid-season trade and started to fall apart, now putting them at the #8 seed. In game one Cleveland showed why their #1 beating the Pistons, 102-84. The Cavs Lebron James had 38 points, and the Piston's Rodney Stuckey had 20 points. Game 2 was a little closer, but the Cavs still won 94-82. Lebron had 29 points and Mo Williams had 21 points and 7 assists for the Cavs. Detroit's Richard Hamilton had 17 points. Detroit was now going to be on their homecourt, which was probaly the only place they were going to get a win, but that didn't happen. The Cavs won 68-79. Lebron had 25 points and 9 assists, and Hamilton had 15 points. Now the Pistons really needed a win, or they were done, but they were denied. The Cavs won 99-78, taking the series 4-0. Lebron had 36 points and 8 assists and Mo Williams had 24 points. The Cavs had just swept Detroit. All-stars Mo Wiliams and Lebron James attempt to drive to the basket

9: Round 1 2Celtics vs. 7Bulls The Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls are both very experienced in the playoffs. They both have at least 6 championships each and have been known for some of their players. In the season who would have thought that the Bulls would be in the playoffs? Last year they were one of the worst teams in the NBA, but thanks to some players that stepped up, such as Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose, they made the playoffs. In game 1 the Bulls won it in overtime(OT), at 105-103. Derrick Rose had 36 points for the Bulls, and Rajon Rondo had 29 points and 7 assists for the Celtics. Game 2 was also a very close game. The Celtics won 118-115. The Bull's Ben Gordon had 42 points, and the Celtic's Ray Allen had 30 points and Rondo had 16 assists. Game 3 suprisingly was a blowout with Boston winning it 107-86. The Celtics Paul Pierce had 24 points and Rajon Rondo had a triple-double with 20 points and 11 assists and rebounds. The next game went in to 2OT and the Bulls won it, 106-104. Ben Gordon had 22 points and Derrick Rose had 23, while Boston's Paul Pierce had 29 points. Game 5 was a nailbitter with Boston barely winning it in OT, 106-04. Ben Gordon and Paul Pierce had 26 points. In game 6 Chicago forced a game 7 by winning it in 3OT, 128-27. Ray Allen had 51 points, and the Bulls John Salmons had 35 points. In game 7 Boston had homecourt advatage and took advantage by winning the series 109-99 and 4-3 in games, ending it for the Bulls. Ben Gordon had 33 points. Ray Allen is defended by Ben Gordon

10: Round 1 3Magic vs. 6 76ers The Orlando Magic had a great season keeping there record just behind the #1 seed Cleveland and the #2 seed Boston, but for some odd reason Philidelphia 76ers gave them some trouble in the season, most likely because of Andre Iguodala. In game 1 the 76ers beat the Magic, 100-98. The 76ers' Andre Iguodala had 20 points and 8 assists and rebounds, and the Magic's Dwight Howard(Superman)had 31 points and 16 rebounds. The Magic couldn't believe they had lost, so they won game 2, 98-87. Courtney Lee had 24 points for the Magic, and the 76er's Iguodala had 21 points and Andre Miller had 30 points. Now the 76ers got to go play at their homecourt and they took the advantage and won game 3, 96-94. Iguodala had 29 points and Superman had 36 points. Now Orlando was stunned, and extremely mad, so they came out and won game 4, 84-81. Superman had 18 points for the Magic, and Andre Miller had 17 for the 76ers. Now Orla- ndo had some momentum and won game 5, 91-78. Andre Iguodala had 26 points, and the Magic's Superman and Rashard Lewis had 24 points each. Now the 76ers really needed a win or they would go home, but they didn't get it. Orlando won it, 114-89. Andre Miller had 24 points for the 76ers, and Rashard Lewis had 29 points for the Magic. It was all over for the 76ers, they had just lost to the Magic 4-2. All-star Dwight Howard (Superman) dunks it

11: Round 1 4Hawks vs. 5Heat Coming into the season who would have thought that Miami Heat would be in the Playoffs? Last year they were in the top three worst teams in the NBA, probaly because MVP candidate Dwayne Wade was injured. This year he is averaging about 30 points a game, Now they are ready to HEAT things up against the Atlanta Hawks. In game 1 the Hawks controlled winning it, 90-66. Dwayne Wade had 19 points for the Heat, and Josh Smith had 23 points for the Hawks. Then Miami came out and won game 2, 108-93. Dwayne wade had 33 points, and Mike Bibby of the Hawks had 18 points. The Heat then got some confidence and came out and crushed Atlanta, 107-78. Wade had 29 points and 8 assists for the Heat, and Josh Smith had 13 points for the Hawks. The Hawks were now mad because they had just lost two in a row and came out and won game 4, 81-71. The Hawk's Mike Bibby had 15 points, and Heat's Wade had 22 points. Atlanta also won game 5, 106-91. Wade had 29 points, and the Hawk's Joe Johnson had 25 points. Now the Heat nee- ded a win, and they got it winning 98-72. Wade had 41 points and Mike Bibby had 20 points. Now one team would have to go home, and that team was Miami. They lost 91-78. Wade had 31 points, but now it was over for the Heat, losing it 4-3. Dwayne Wae is contested by Josh Smith as he shoots.

12: Round 2 1Lakers vs. 4Rockets The LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets were looking pretty good coming into round 2. The Rockets had just beaten the higher seeded Blazers in 6 games and were looking to upset another team. In game 1 the Rockets beat the Lakers at their homecourt, 100-92. Yao Ming had 28 points for the Rockets, and Kobe Bryant had 32 points for the Lakers. Now the Lakers wanted game 2 really bad because they got beaten at their homecourt. They got that wish, winning it, 111-98. Houston's Ron Artest had 28 points, and Kobe had 40 points. In game 3 the Lakers got revenge on Houston, winning at the Rockets homecourt, 108-94. Kobe had 33 points, and Ron Artest had 25 points. a unfortunate accident also happened that night, Yao Ming broke his foot. Now the Rockets couldn't believe they got beat at home so they made it up by winning game 4,99-87. Pau Gasol had 30 points for the Lakers, and Aaron Brooks had 34 points for the Rockets. After that homecourt was the key to success. LA won game 5,118-78. Artest had 14 points, and Kobe had 26 points. Then Houston came out and won game 6, 95-80, to stay alive. Kobe had 32 points for the Lakers, and Brooks had 26 points for the Lakers. Now it was game 7, and as I said earlier homecourt is what matters. Well it does! The Lakers had homecourt and won game 7, 89-70. Pau Gasol had 21 points for LA and Brooks had 13 points for the Rockets. The Rockets tried, but could not pull of another upset. Kobe Bryant tries to block Yao Ming

13: Round 2 2Nuggets vs. 6Mavericks Coming into round 2 the Dallas Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets were looking great. They both had won their series 4-1 and played extemely well. The Mavs had just beaten the 3 seeded Spurs, and showed no problems. Now it was time to decide who was the better team. In game 1 the Nuggets tried to show that their better winning it, 109-95. Dirk Nowitzki had 28 points for the Mavs, and Carmelo Anthony had 23 points and Nene had 24 points for the Nuggets. The Nuggets also controlled game 2 winning it, 117-95. Nowtizki had 35 points, and Nene and Anthony had 25 points each. Now Denver had major momentum, which led them to barely win game 3, 106-105. Nowitzki had 33 points and 16 rebounds, while Chuancey Billups had 32 points for the Nuggets. Now the Mavs needed a win or they were done, and they got it in a nailbitter, at, 119-117. The Nugget's Anthony had 41 points, and the Mav's Nowitzki had 44 points and13 rebounds. The Nuggets couldn't believe they had just lost in game 4, so they made it up in game 5 winning it, 124-110. Nowitzki had 32 points, while Anthony had 30 points and Billups had 28 points. The Mavs had squeezed a upset in the first round, but not this time losing the series 4-1. Carmelo Anthony attempts to score on Dirk Nowitzki

14: Round 2 1 Cavaliers vs. 4Hawks Coming into round 2 the Cavs were looking hot. They had just swept the Pistons in round 1, and were hungry for more. The Hawks were the lucky team that got to play them. In game 1 the Cavs smacked the Hawks, 99-72. Lebron James had 34 points, and Mo Williams had 21 points for the Cavs, Josh Smith had 22 points for the Hawks. Game 2 was also not very close with the Cavs winning it, 105-85. Lebron had 27 points, and the Hawk's Maurice Evans had 16 points. Now the Hawks got to go to their homecourt, which was probaly the only place that they would get a win, but the Cavs did not like the idea of that, so they won game 3, 97-82. Now the Hawks really needed a win or they would be sent home in shame. Unfortunately for them the Cavs won game 4, 84-74. Lebron had 27 points and 8 assists, and Delonte West had 21 points for the Cavs, and for the Hawks Josh Smith had 26 points. The Cavs had swept the second series in a row and were showing no letting up. Mo williams shows his excitement! Lebron throws a pump fake at Josh Smith

15: Round 2 2Celtics vs. 3Magic This series was one of the most watched in the playoffs. It was intense and down to the wire. Many thought that Boston Celtics had this series, but was that true? Lets find out. In game 1 the Magic took it, 95-90. Rashard Lewis had 18 points for the Magic, and Paul Pierce had 23 points for the Celtics. In game 2 Boston wanted revenge and got it winning 112-94. Boston's Eddie House had 31 points, and Rashard Lewis had 17 points. Now the Magic had their homecourt and won game 3, 117-98. Paul Pierce had 27 points, and Rashard Lewis had 28 points. In game 4 the Celtics got the Magic back for winning at their homecourt and won 95-94. Glen Davis had 21 points and the winning buzzer beater for the Celtics, and Dwight Howard had 23 points and 17 rebounds for the Magic. The Celtics also game 5, 92-88. Rashard Lewis had 19 points, and Glen Davis had 26 points. Now Orlando needed a win or they would say adios to the playoffs. They got it winning 83-75. Dwight Howard had points for the Magic, and Rajon Rondo had 19 points. Now the Celtics had homecourt in game 7, but it didn't make a difference. The Magic won 101-82. Hidayet Turkoglu had 25 points for the Magic, and Paul pierce had 23 points for the Celtics. The defending champion Celtics had just lost the series 4-3 and couldn't pull of another. Now the Magic had to play the unbeaten Cavs. Dwight Howard tries to block Paul Pierce

16: Conference Finals 1Lakers vs. 2Nuggets Here were the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets facing off in the Western Conference Finals. The Lakers have much experience in the Conference Finals, winning 5 of the last 9 of them, while the Nuggets haven't been in one for over 20 years. Now it was time to decide, Who is the Best in the West? In game 1 the Lakers won 105-103. Kobe Bryant had 40 points for the Lakers, and Carmelo Anthony had 39 points for the Nuggets. Denver had barely lost game 1, so they made the Lakers barely lose game 2, 106-103. Kobe had 32 points, and Carmelo had 34 points. The Lakers had just lost at home, which is unusual, so they beat Denver at their homecourt, 103-97. Carmelo had 21 points for the Nuggets, and Kobe had 41 points for the Lakers. The Nuggets were now pumped up from losing game 3 at home, so they won game 4, 120-101. L.A.'s Kobe had 34, and Denver's Chuancey Billups had 24 points. Now the series was tied up, but the Lakers took advantage winning game 5, 103-94. Kobe had 22 points, and Carmelo 31 points. Lucky for Denv- er they had game 6 at their homecourt, so they had a chance to stay alive and win game 6. Sadly for them that chance was blown away when LA won game 6, 119-92. The Lakers had just won their sixth Confernece Finals in the last 10 years, but the Nuggets had just blown their chance to go to Finals for the first time in 25 years losing the series 4-2. The Lakers were off to yet another Finals, but this time they were 110% determined to win. Carmelo Anthony is defefended by Kobe Bryant

17: Conference Finals 1Cavaliers vs. 3Magic The Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers had made it to the Conference Finals. Now it was time to declare who deserved to go to the Finals. In the season Orlando had given the Cavs some trouble, with the Cavs only winning 1 out of 3 games they played each other. In game 1 the Magic barely won 107-106. Lebron had 41 points. In game 2 Lebron James sunk the game winner at the buzzer, to give the Cavs the win at, 96-95. Lebron had 35 points for the Cavs, and rashard Lewis had 23 points for the Magic. The Cavs had almost lost two in row at home and weren't looking so great, so Orlando took advantage, and won game 3, 99-89, at home. Lebron had 41 points, and the Magic's Dwight Howard had 24 points. The Magic now had momentum and also won game 4, 116-114 in OT. Howard had 27 points and 14 rebounds, and Lebron had 44 points. Now the 1 seeded Cavs were down in the series 3-1, and needed a win. Lucky for them they won game 5, 112-102. Lebron had 37 points, and Hidayet Turkoglu had 29 points. Now the Magic had game 6 on their homecourt, which was not good for the Cavs. Could the Cavs pull it off, or were they done? If you answered that the KIng and his team were done, than you are CORRECT. Orlando won 103-90. Lebron had 25 points, and Howard had 40. The 1 seeded Cavs had lost 4-2, sending Orlando to the Finals. Howard dunks on the Cavs.

18: All-NBA Teams All-NBA 1st Team Dwight Howard, Orlando Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Lebron James, Cleveland Dwanyne Wade, Miami Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers | All-Defensive 1st Team Dwight Howard, Orlando Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers Lebron James, Cleveland Chris Paul, New Orleans Kevin Garnet, Boston | All-Rookie 1st Team O.J Mayo, Memphis Derrick Rose, Chicago Brook Lopez, New Jersey Russel Westbrook, Oklahoma City Michael Beasley, Miami

19: o | Coach of the Year In these last few years, as the Cleveland Cavaliers head coach,Mike Brown has brought them to the Conference Finals 3 times in 3 years. This year he led his team to the best record in the NBA. He has brought them together and made them play as a team. He knows how to use the talents of his players, like Lebron James. He also developed the one thing every team needs to win a championship, defense. Now he won the Coach of the Year. Next on his list is the NBA Finals. As this coach grows, so will his team.

20: Lebron James! The King! The Chosen One! He dominated the season and is already considered like Michael Jordan. He beat out the best players in the league, Kobe Bryant and Dwanye Wade. The name of his award really describes him, Most Valuble Player, MVP. It was a hard fought race, and only one could win. Lebron won averging 28.4 points, 7.2 assists and 7.6 rebounds. In the playoffs, he lead his team to a great 8-0 start. Then they played the Magic. In that series he was averging 38.5 points! He really proved he deserved the MVP award in the playoffs. He is 24 and is already the best player in the league. We can exept much more from this young kid. | MVP

21: Dwight Howard dominated this year. He led the league in rebounds and blocks, giving him the nickname, "Superman". Every team was afraid to try to score in the paint, probably because of Dwight's 231 blocks this year. Also when the shot went up, Dwight was going to get it more often then not. He had 1,093 rebounds. | In the playoffs he is just picking up where he left off. He is averging 20.4 points a game and took down the best team in basketball. He led his team to the finals and waiting for his prey. Can anything stop this man-handling machine? | Defensive Player of the Year

22: Most Improved Player | I think Danny Granger "wowed" everybody this season. Who knew that he would play as godd as he did. He averaged 25.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3 assists. Stat wise he played better than Portland's Brandon Roy. Even though his team didn't do so well, finishing 36-46, he never gave up and really proved himself in this leauge. We can only sit back and wait for him to improve and develop even more. He has become a great leader and great example to kids around the country.

23: This year Derrick Rose really proved himself as the #1 draft pick. He was great the whole season. He averaged about 17 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds a game. He was the first rookie to score in double figures the first ten games in the season since Michael Jordan. He was the first rookie to win the Skills Chalenge at the NBA All-Star Game. After a mid-season slump, he help make a push, as the Bulls clinched the 7th spot in the East. After a very exciting game one, which Derrick had 36 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds, he helped push his team by the defending champs, the Boston Celtics. Derrick was phonomenal this year. He really deserved this award. | Rookie of the Year

24: 6th Man of the Year This year Jason Terry played fantastic. For the Dallas Mavericks, he was the "Go to man". He was an offensive threat. averaging about twenty points (19.8 to be exact.) During the regular season, when he was playing well, nothing could stop him. To many, this was his come back year. A few years ago everything was going his way. He lead the Mavs to the NBA finals. Then, for two years, he was in a slump. This year he climbed out of his shell and made the comeback, that we all wanted to see. He lead the Mavericks past a very fundamentally sound San Antonio Spurs team. He played well in that series averaging 13.4 points. They needed each and every one of his points. Then in the Conference semi-finals, they played the number two seeded Denver Nuggets. He was a great leader during those hard losses. He played well averging 15.2 points. He is a great leader and a good teamate. He won this award for a reason.

25: Chancey Billups won the Sportsmanship Award this year. If you ever watch him, he is just the best teamate you could have. If he made a good play he would give credit to the player. He plowed his way through the season. He was always encouraging his team. Even though he had a few flagrants and technicals, he said, "You still can be a good sportsman and play hard, and most of my technicals were for defending my teamates. He lead the Nuggets to the number two seed in the West. In the Playoffs he is averaging 22 points. After a mid-season trade which he was traded from the Pistions to the Nuggets, he was able to go into a new system and succeed. He is a great all around leader. That's why he won this award. | Sportsmanship Award

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