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Zomeo & Zombiet

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BC: We both, Zomeo and Zombiet walk out disobeying our parents, and move on with our lives. We both know it was wrong for keeping this from our parents, but we are old enough to make our own decisions in life. We wanted to be together, and thats how it's going to be. Ever since we first met, I have always had love for Zombiet, and now that I'm with her, I feel happy as any person could ever be...


1: Ahh.. The city before it was taken by it's greed; O the glory days, before we all fell apart. But, I shall not dwell in the pass; I am here to talk about the future, and it's saddest tragedy...

3: b | But first, I shall tell you how we fell apart in our time of greed. We tried to become immortal to live forever, but as you can testify, that went down the drain. We created zombies; at the time we had not known they had the ability to think, or even love. But, indeed they do. I have heard of such tales first hand. The unthinkable; loving each other to the very end, and here is their story..


5: There is a new order now, a new world ruled by zombies; humans have became nothing more than Cattle. They shop, and talk. They do everything humans once did, and they renamed our cities, streets, countries, and oceans. They have made their own world their own place of death.

6: This here is one of our character Zombiet's family store, which is very well known for fresh meat. It concludes a lot of delicious food, in which their family members use dead bodies, and take out their blood, and make a special sauce for the meat they provide.

7: And this is Zomeo's family store also, no human meat anywhere to be found or spotted; This place is for vegetarian zombies only.

9: Zomeo is a dead zombie who likes to eat grass and dirt for a living, and is taunted enough to scare people. He is suspenseful at times, and seems disinterested in people. He also seems distant towards people, and likes to be secretive sometimes, which becomes very disturbing in some points. Deep inside himself, he is upbeat, annoyed, and lightheaded; at the fact that he can’t detach himself from being romantic towards another individual. Zomeo is overwhelmed to feel his indifferent potential to admire and develop a passionate and tense relationship with this individual; named Zombiet. Although his parents are sincere, illiberal, and taunting; understanding but firm, Zomeo believes he courageously needs to overcome his potential, and to interfere with his parents, regarding his uneasy situation.

11: Zombiet’s families are jovial people, who love life; they are free spirit zombies who are open to all types of ideas that catch their attention. Her family has lived in United Zombie of America for centuries; they are very popular and loved because of their personality. But something that the Zombiet family doesn’t like is vegetarian food. They love meat and they eat it like there is no tomorrow. They love the big, chunky, juicy, tasty meat. They love waking up in the morning to the fresh smell of beef in the morning. The tingly sensation they get in their stomach when the smell of meat travels from their nostrils to their stomach creating a loud and growling stomach fresh in the morning. Zombiet’s parents have always been easy going with her respecting her decisions and letting her life her life. They have always told her that life is nothing but a path of a long journey, a long rollercoaster, and one must make a wise choice when the roller coaster goes down and twists to the side, keeping in mind to have faith; to push way the dark clouds that interrupt the ride because life is for the zombies who live; not for the dead. They never tell Zombiet how to live her life because they want her to find her own path.

13: According to Zomeo, what happens in his everyday life can be excruciating, and unbearable in some situations. As he wants to have a depth and a sincere relationship with Zombiet, his resentful parents stop him from doing that. Zomeo and Zombiet are frightened that they will be distant for a very long time, due to Zombeo’s parents detaching them away from their relationship. His parents are causing them to break apart, since Zomeo is never allowed anywhere, but to be comforted at home, with his parents. He is, at ease; unfavorable with this situation, and is furious that his parents are always harsh towards him. He tries to stay distant towards his parents, and also tries to disregard the rules by certainly figuring out a way to see Zombiet more often.

15: Zomeo was looking ingredients to make his famous salad. Of the corner of his eye, he seen a slightly disgusting, beautiful; white as a dove zombie. Her eyes were as dark as it could be. Her arms slightly falling off; but wait, something was wrong. There was blood dripping from her teeth! On the grassy meadow, there laid the carcass of a baby cow.

17: Zomeo slowly turns towards the floor but sits back down. Zombiet walks over to him, and approaches him and sits next to him, holding each other's hands. "Hi, I'm Zombiet, what's your name", said Zombiet. She does a playful smile "Hello beautiful Zombiet, I'm Zomeo"; he shyly looks down at the ground. Zombiet calls Zomeo "cute", and does another playful grin. Zomeo does a crooked smile, in which is making Zombiet giggle. She pushes him playfully, they get up, and grabs each others' hands, and Zombiet gets close to his lips, and smiles. She turns around and walks away. Zomeo is amazed on how he feels about her, and he just met Zombiet.

19: Zombiet and Zomeo are in the meadows again, but this time, it's at night. It's dark, and the only light on is the moon, stars glowing in the sky; shining bright. "I never felt this way about you Zomeo, your exactly what I've wanted in my life", said Zombiet. "I don't want our families to tear us apart". "I feel the exact same way between us", said Zomeo. "I..... I Love You Zomeo", said Zombiet. "I love you with all my heart Zombiet, and I will always do", said Zomeo. Zomeo grabs her hand. They gaze into each others' eyes, and Zombiet begins to lean in, and so does Zomeo. They begin to kiss, and suddenly they hear a noise in the trees behind them. They were caught RED HANDED!

20: Her older brother Zam had caught them; kissing each other, and not knowing they were together, when they shouldn't be. "AH HA! I knew you were up to no good. Here you are kissing a grass and human lover", said Zam. "Please don't tell on us, I want him", said Zombiet. Zomeo is in shock, but he manages to stay calm, and tells Zombiet that everything will be alright, and that he will still love her no matter what. "Please I beg you, please do not destroy my relationship between Zombiet and I. That would just make me really upset, and I really love Zombiet with all my heart", said Zomeo. "You shouldn't even be with Zombiet, your disobeying the rules between your mother and father", said Zam. "Well, I will do whatever it takes to see Zombiet everyday, and to continue my relationship with her. You cannot destroy my relationship between us", said Zomeo. Zomeo and Zombiet both walk away and try to figure out what to do from this point on. They both try to discuss on how they both can see each often, and to not get their parents between them....

21: "How is it fair that your parents are trying to pull us apart", said Zombiet. "I know it's not fair, but I unfortunately cannot contradict my parents", said Zomeo. "So are you going to stop seeing me because of them", asked Zombiet. "No, I just don't know what to do, my parents are not easy people to deal with", said Zomeo. "Lets just sneak out and think about it, it's not fair for us to be miserable because of your parents, and we are not going to give up because of them", said Zombiet. "Your right, lets do it", said Zombiet.

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