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2010 Lucky 21 Convention and Trip

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2010 Lucky 21 Convention and Trip - Page Text Content

S: 2010 Road Trip and Sweepstakes Convention

FC: 3rd Annual Summer Road Trip & 2010 Bloomington Sweepstakes Convention Lucky 21

1: 3rd Annual Summer Road Trip and 2010 Bloomington Sweepstakes Convention Lucky 21 Pictures by John Miller, Greg Johnson and others Text by Greg Johnson

2: Day 1 - Grand Rapids, MN to Des Moines, IA June 24th - 6:02am to 6:15pm Miles traveled - 490

3: Our first stop of the day was for breakfast at Kelly's Kitchen in Palisade, MN. Kelly cooked up some yummy turkey and wild rice omelets for us!

4: After Kelly's our next stop was at the Big Walleye in Garrison, MN. That held us until we arrived in Faribault, MN where we found this big Tin Man family! We stopped at the Buddy Holly crash site again this year - we noticed a few changes...there was a giant pair of glasses where the path to the crash site begins and the path itself had been widened. Corn was growing in both fields - last time one field was planted with corn and one with soybeans. There were a lot fewer pot plants on the path and around the crash site, and those few were mostly dead.

5: We didn't get to check out the Surf Ballroom on our road trip a couple of years ago cuz they were closed the day we stopped by, but they were open this trip! We arrived early in the afternoon and a crew was finishing setting up for the band Sevendust who was playing that night. I thought it was a bit odd that they would be playing there! We wandered around the ballroom area and took several pics - it's a really neat place! It looks like a lot of the original booths are still there. | After about fifteen minutes we finished with pictures and put the trolls away in their traveling bag and we were standing there doing our final looksy around the ballroom when the tour manager came up to us and asked if we were part of the local crew! We both said no and she said that we had to leave - we got kicked out of the Surf Ballroom!

6: The first OLSer we met on this trip was Sparkle8! | We had a big dinner planned with Xan later so we just had some snacks while Sparkle and her gang had one of Smitty's huge tenderloin sandwiches! | Sparkle and her gang! | After visiting with Sparkle we headed over to Xan's - she and Brian had a yummy dinner planned for us! Fresh Iowa corn on the cob ROCKS!

7: Day 2 - Des Moines, IA to Des Moines, IA June 25th - 10am to 3pm Miles traveled - 250 After a good nites sleep our plan was to check out some Iowa area attractions then go out to dinner with Xan, Brian and Beanie. We started out with one of the many covered bridges in Madison County then traveled to Adair where we checked out the site of the first train robbery in the west.

8: In Audubon we met up with the infamous Albert the Bull! There is no doubt that he is a bull! In nearby Kimballton is a replica of the Little Mermaid. Our new companion Lucky Ducky enjoyed swimming in her pool! In Elk Horn we saw a windmill from 1848 that was brought over piece by piece from Holland!

9: We had two last stops on the way back to Des Moines. The Freedom Rock near Menlo. A guy paints new designs on it every year! Back in Madison County we visited the famous Roseman Covered Bridge. | The Roseman bridge is supposedly haunted by an escaped convict who was trapped on the bridge in 1892 by sheriff deputies. The man rose up through the roof of the bridge and disappeared, never to be seen again!

10: We picked up Brian and went to Taki Steakhouse where we met up with DJsPrincess for some sushi and chop-chop food! Luckily our cook was better at cooking than comedy!

11: We took some after dinner pics and headed home stopping at a cemetery in the middle of the road that has been there since the 1800's! Baked and I shared a sofa bed at Xan's...guess which side was mine!

12: Day 3 - Des Moines, IA to Laramie, WY June 26th - 9:30am to 3:30am Miles traveled - 750 Our first destination was Big Mama's Kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska! But on the way we saw this giant VW spider in Avoca, IA and the Golden Spike Monument in Council Bluff, IA. In Omaha we saw the Sapp Brother's Coffee Pot Water tower!

13: One of the things we like to try on these road trips are food places we see on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and other food shows. We stopped in Omaha to try the oven fried chicken at Big Mama's Kitchen! We started with an Afro Burger - HOT! SPICY! HOT! We then tried the chicken, I had it plain and Baked had his with gravy. Neither one of us liked it - to me it just tasted like flour coated chicken, but the sides of corn bread, coleslaw, man 'n cheese and fried okra were AWESOME! I even ate a little of the fried okra!

14: Our next stop was at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska. I used to order the type of engine in the bottom center pic while I was in the Navy!

16: We continued our trek across Nebraska with a stop at one of the Trail of the Whispering Giants in Cottonwood, NE. Our next stop was in Hastings, NE where Kool-Aid was invented! Outside the visitors center we found the Kool-Aid Man's footprints!

17: There is an exhibit about Kool-Aid in the Hasting Museum of Natural and Cultural History. There was also an exhibit about the history of guns and I got to dress up! After the museum we went downtown to the actual birthplace of Kool-Aid!

18: Our next planned stop was at the Heartland Military Museum, but they were already closed. Apparently after hours they turn the grounds over to the geese! It was getting late so we stopped in North Platte, NE at Penny's Diner for a buffalo burger and a chili burger. While I was busy working uploading pics and updating the trip thread, someone else was playing around in chat!

19: Right next door to Penny's Diner is the Fort Cody Trading Post. We left Nebraska briefly so we could visit Colorado. We were in Colorado about fifteen minutes! By this time it's well after midnight but we kept heading west!

20: We finally made it to Wyoming! We stop in Pine Bluffs to see a giant Virgin Mary statue. About 1:30am we stop at Warren Air Force Base and asks the guards if we can take pictures of the missiles. They say we can as long as we don't take pictures of the guard shack. Baked almost gets us arrested after he starts to drive onto the base to go around the guard shack! It's after 2am and we're still not done! We stopped at the Ames Brothers monument in Buford, WY. We tried maneuvering the cube and using the headlights to light up the monument....nothing worked. We drove a few miles more to a rest stop where we crashed in the Cube while the giant head of Abraham Lincoln watched over us!

21: Day 4 - Laramie, WY to Salt Lake City, UT June 27th - 6am to 3:30pm Miles traveled - 400 We were determined to get some good pics of the Ames Brothers monument, so we went back there first thing in the morning.

22: Driving away from the monument we saw an antelope out on the prairie! On our second pass through Laramie we stopped at the Chief Washakie statue and a copper dinosaur. Most attractions are easy to find...we spent forever finding this one because it was hidden by buildings and trees Jebus, NeanderTroll and Professor OLS were not excited about the scenery in Wyoming!

23: We stopped at a rest area where we found a prairie dog town and saw a big elk! The scenery improved once we reached Utah, here's Jebus at Devil's Slide in Weber Canyon, Utah. We got to Dallasdol's house and cleaned up a bit before the SLC gtg that evening. John1948 couldn't make it to the gtg, but dropped by to visit for a while!

24: The Salt Lake area gtg was held at the Red iguana - great food and drinks!! Even the trolls and dolls got into the hijinks! The SLC gtg was the biggest one of the trip!

25: After dinner Dallasdol and her hubby showed us around Salt Lake City! We visited Temple Square and the State Capital. Dallasdol and her hubby ROCK!

26: Our first stop of the morning was the Colonel Sanders statue at the very first KFC. Nearby was another Peter Wolf Toth statue from the Trail of the Whispering Giants series. On the long drive from SLC to Reno out in the middle of nowhere is "Metaphor: The Tree of Utah". Finally Wendover Will welcomed us to West Wendover and to Nevada! | Day 5 - Salt Lake City, UT to Reno, NV June 28th - 9am to 6:30pm Miles traveled - 570

27: The trek across Nevada continued with a brief stop in Elko, NV to see White King, the world's largest polar bear! The temperature was starting to rise outside but the A/C kept us cool inside! Many of the rest stops along our route had historical markers about the old wagon trail we were following. "Traveling Through Hell" speaks the truth of this stretch of highway.

28: After arriving in Reno we met up with Tinamarina71 and her hubby and they showed us around! First we saw the original Reno arch, then went for some all you can eat BBQ ribs at Gecko's in the Circus, Circus casino. The ribs rocked! But the corn on the cob was some of the worst I've ever had! Nearby we stopped at the more famous Reno arch downtown. After dinner they took us up on a hill overlooking Reno for some great night time views of Reno! Tinamarina71 and her hubby ROCK!

29: Day 6 - Reno, NV to San Francisco, CA June 29th - 6am to 12:30pm Miles traveled - 250 | Our first stop of the day is the Donner Party Monument near Truckee, CA. The base of the statue is 22' high, the depth of the snow the settlers suffered through! In Sacramento, CA we stopped at a giant Coke cup! Soon we were heading across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco!

30: After we arrived in San Francisco Panda, her mom Wanda and Mark took us for some Dim Sum in Chinatown! | All the food was brought out on carts and you just pointed at what you wanted to eat. We were adventurous and let Wanda do most of the ordering! | One of her favorites is boiled chicken feet! The best method of eating them is to stuff the whole thing in at once, smoosh it around in your mouth and spit out the bones. It tasted like chicken!

31: After lunch we walked around Chinatown and saw some of the delicacies in the shops like fish heads and live frogs! I got kicked out after taking the frog pic cuz they must have thought we were from PETA! Then we walked up to Coit Tower, recently featured on The Amazing Race! There were great views of the Bay Bridge and Lombard Street from there!

32: We went down to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 next. First we saw a sea lion statue then we saw some live sea lions!

33: Jebus met a new friend down along the wharf, but we didn't see the world famous Bushman. Awwwww!

36: Another stop on The Amazing Race was the Lucasfilms HQ on the Presidio! We saw the Yoda statue then went inside where they have a very cool lobby!

37: For dinner that night Mark and Panda took us for Korean BBQ! The octopus and the kimchi were awesome! | Mark and Panda ROCK!

38: Day 7 - San Francisco, CA to Monte Rio, CA June 30th - 9am to 11am Miles traveled - 80 | It was an awesome drive up to Monte Rio! Once there we met up with Tamo, her daughter and Delta and Smokey!

39: After visiting for a bit we went for a stroll and saw the Russian river and the entrance to the infamous Bohemian Grove! Then we took a drive to the coast and visited Goat Rock Beach. Tamo and her daughter thought it was a little too windy, but it made for an awesome surf!

40: After Tamo's hubby Paul got home that evening we went to Stumptown Brewery for dinner. The burgers and garlic fries rocked!

41: After dinner Jebus had a little skinny dip in the Russian River! We had an awesome time in Monte Rio. Tamo, her hubby Paul and her daughter ROCK! So do Smokey and Delta. We can't wait to go back someday!

42: Day 8 - Monte Rio, CA to Monterey, CA July 1st - 8:30am to 7pm Miles traveled - 245 | Our first stop of the day was at Stinson Beach where Jebus had fun in the surf and met another new friend! We continued down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Muir Beach Overlook. We examined the remains of the coastal defenses that protected San Francisco during World War II.

43: We passed through San Francisco again on our way south and found yet another vantage point for viewing the Golden Gate Bridge! Before crossing over we made our way to Rodeo Beach where we had a yummy picnic lunch that Tamo had packed for us!

44: After getting through San Francisco we decided to head inland to visit Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The drive was gorgeous and the Redwoods were awesome!

45: After a brief stop in Castroville to see the world's largest artichoke we arrived in Monterey. We found a place right on the docks and had mussels, crab salad and fried oysters! After dinner we visited the Dennis the Menace statue!

46: We began the day by visiting a gray whale statue in Pacific Grove, CA. It looked like a dead whale on the beach to us! We continued south on the Pacific Coast Highway seeing some great views of the ocean! | Day 9 - Monterey, CA to Thousand Oaks, CA July 2nd - 8:45am to 9pm Miles traveled - 335

48: We stopped at one beach where a bunch of seals had taken up residence! There was another little critter there that took a shine to Baked!

49: In San Luis Obispo we visited the famous bubble gum alley! | We met up with Christel in Buellton, CA for a yummy lunch! Outside the restaurant was a plaque for an important historical event!

50: After checking in at our hotel in Thousand Oaks we decided we had enough time to visit Malibu State Park and hike into the site where they filmed my favorite TV show of all time: M*A*S*H! It didn't take very long before we started to feel like we were in Korea!

51: And then....we were there! The site is awesome! Stakes mark out where the various camp buildings stood and on weekends they put out a replica of the sign that stood in the compound.

53: All that really remains at the site is a burned out ambulance and jeep. Baked and I posed in the center of the Swamp! It was getting late by the time we left the site and before we got back to the car it was completely dark! Luckily we had some LED lights that clipped to our hats!

54: After our M*A*S*H hike we were pretty hungry so we hit an In 'N Out Burger! We were told these were the BEST burgers and we agreed that they were pretty AWESOME!

55: Day 10 - Thousand Oaks, CA to Ridgecrest, CA July 3rd - 9:45am to 8:30pm Miles traveled - 225 | OMG! I've often wondered what I'd say or do if I ever met a member of KISS. I finally got to find out while we were in Los Angeles. Before we left on the road trip we found the home addresses of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley! After finding Gene's addy and checking with Google maps we confirmed Gene's addy to be true. We ended up with 2 addy's for Paul - neither of which we could confirm to be true or not. Anyways, our day in L.A. was going to begin with going to Gene and Paul's houses to take pics of me standing at their gates. I thought KISS was still over in Europe finishing up a tour so I didn't expect to see anyone. We drove to the first addy we had for Paul, stopped and I hopped out and took a few pics then got back into the car. We didn't want to spend too much time at either house cuz we didn't know how fast security or police could show up. After quickly getting a few pics I hopped back into the car and we started to pull out and I happen to notice a 2nd gate, it's open and a car had pulled out and stopped. I look over at the car and see a person standing outside the car talkin' to the driver. OMG! It's Paul Stanley! OMG! Paul Stanley is standing talking to somebody. OMG! It's Paul Stanley! I tell Baked 'OMG! It's Paul Stanley! Stop the car. OMG! It's Paul Stanley!' I'm sitting there in a daze. OMG! It's Paul Stanley! I keep thinking to myself 'What do I do? What do I do? OMG! It's Paul Stanley!' Baked tells me to get our of the car and go talk to him. OMG! It's Paul Stanley! So I get out, turn towards his direction and yell out 'Hey Paul' and he immediately yells back 'No, now get out of here!'. So I get back into the car and we drive away. OMG! I met Paul Stanley! OMG! Me and Paul Stanley spoke to each other! OMG! I met Paul Stanley! I turn to Baked and said 'OMG! I met Paul Stanley - let's go see if Gene is home!'. Sadly, Gene wasn't waiting for me at his gate. I did hear that Gene was in Vegas the day before we got there though. OMG! I met Paul Stanley!

56: After meeting Paul we visited several other KISStoric sites in Hollywood! Among them two former locations of Casablanca Records, KISS was the first artist on their roster. Next we visited the Rock Walk of Fame at Guitar Center. They also had a mural of Gene and lots of cool memorabilia! We found the KISS star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

57: We met up with Lissie and explored more of Hollywood! We saw Jack Benny's house, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Keifer Sutherland's star, Grauman's Chinese Theater and Ripley's Believe It or Not and the Hollywood sign! After all that we enjoyed some yummy frozen yogurt at Cefiore!

58: For lunch we went to Pink's - we stood in line for about 2 hours for hot dogs! We got a nice tan and some great tasting dogs! Baked had a Bacon Burrito hot dog and I had a Chili Cheese hot dog. I can see why Pink's is so popular with the celebs in Hollywood!

59: Filled with hot dogs we start our drive to JesterPester's, first stopping at Magic Mountain - the place where they filmed the classic KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park! We also stopped at Blackbird park in Palmdale, CA before driving through a beautiful sunset! We arrived at JesterPester's late in the evening and I got to meet Jester!

60: Day 11 - Ridgecrest, CA to Las Vegas, NV July 4th - 9:45am to 5pm Miles traveled - 295 | The trolls met some new friends in Jesters backyard and got a warning about traveling through Death Valley! We had a great time staying at JesterPester! JesterPester, her hubby, son and Jester ROCK!

61: After the warning from Jesters gnomes and then seeing the warning signs in Death Valley, Jebus and NeanderTroll decided to strip down in order to beat the heat!

62: As we continued through Death Valley we came across a 20 mule team wagon. It may have just been the heat (115 degrees!) but we saw a giant flying cookie! And then we were there....Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the United States!

63: We survived Death Valley and hurried on to Las Vegas where we met up with Col. Jim and her hubby and Panda and Mark for dinner at Le Burger Brasserie! They have an awesome Eiffel Tower onion ring appetizer! Afterwards we watched the Bellagio's water fountain spectacular and enjoyed the Ceasar's Palace fireworks!

64: Day 12 - Las Vegas, NV July 5th - 10am to 3pm Miles traveled - 35 | Our first stop of the day was the Pinball Museum - it doesn't look like much on the outside but they've got tons of working pinball machines that you can play inside. I finally got to play a KISS pinball machine and Baked found one that he's hopin' Santa brings him for Christmas! For lunch we went to Hash House A Go Go...their portions are HUGE!

65: The only KISS item we saw at the Hard Rock Hotel was this mural. | The pawn shop from the TV show Pawn Stars, next time we're in Vegas we're gonna try and find where they film the actual show. The pawn shop is tiny compared to what you see on TV. This chest was featured on the show a month or so before - it's for sale for only $10,000.00.

66: I got lost in Vegas - sorta. Joanne and Jim got us tickets to a show - the group is called Human Nature. They are 4 white Australian dudes who do a Motown tribute show! I had to chuckle a bit during the 2nd or 3rd song into the set when I swear they must have had at least a 100 Vegas-style dance moves/gestures/etc squeezed into one song! Anyways, before going to the show we made plans to check out the Bellagio water show again and a few others along the strip before the Human Nature show. I indulged a bit in one of my favorite treats and then we head out of the casino. I got a bit sidetracked watching one of the gaming wheels spinnin' round and round - I ended up losing sight of Baked. The Bellagio is right across the street from Bally's so I go over there but didn't see him. I figured I'd go try and find the Imperial Palace - the place where the Human Nature show was - and hope to find Baked there or at least run into him along the way. It was much easier said than done. After walking from Bally's all the way up the strip to the Wynn's area and not finding the Imperial Palace or Baked I decided to head back to Bally's. I stopped and watched the first couple minutes of the pirate show in front of Treasure Island. I noticed a hotel/casino/bar worker sitting at her podium so I went up and asked her if she knew where the Imperial Palace was - she didn't. She said that I was the 2nd person who asked her that day - hopefully she finds out before the 3rd person asks her! So I continue to head back to Bally's hoping that Baked found the Imperial Palace and wasn't going to miss the show. After a few minutes of walking I spotted another hotel/casino worker and asked him if he knew where the Imperial Palace was - he just pointed and said to keep going that way, so I did. I knew that Harrah's and the Imperial Palace were somehow connected - but I didn't know if they were owned by the same people or were literally connected like Bally's and Paris are. When I got close to Harrah's I looked a lot closer at things and saw a building next to Harrah's with the words 'Imperial Palace'. I start heading towards the building and came upon a small open-air market or something like that and a band playing in a small amphitheater thingy. No sign pointing to the Imperial Palace even though I knew it was just on the other side! I ended up walking thru Harrah's hoping it connected to the Imperial Palace - no dice. So, feeling defeated I head back towards Bally's and happen to see a really small sign on a wall with the words 'Imperial Palace' and an arrow pointing towards it. I figured the Imperial Palace was just taunting me but decided to follow the arrow anyways. I finally set foot in the Imperial Palace! I asked the first hotel/casino worker I see where the Human Nature show was and he gave me easy directions to the theater. I got off the elevator and walked into the lobby and there's Baked patiently waitin' for me! We found our seats and about 10 minutes later the show started!

67: After the show we went over to Freemont Street. We got to see a person dressed up in the worst Spiderman outfit I've ever seen! While at Freemont we saw the KISS Over Vegas show!

68: Day 13 - Las Vegas, NV to Camp Verde, AZ July 6th - 9:45am to 11pm Miles traveled - 525 | Our first stop of the day was the Hoover Dam. Next we found Snoopy on a rocket in Wikieup, AZ. We stopped to visit StanzaRae in Bagdad, AZ. We found out it's neighbors with Nothing, AZ! Bagdad's economy is based on copper mining and StanzaRae's hubby showed us around the area in his cool truck showing us the copper mining area where he works!

69: Next it was on to Phoenix where we picked up Airalynn and the mini chatters! | We visited a memorial park for the USS Arizona. Stella seemed to want to drive us to the Arizona memorial in Hawaii first! We also checked out a memorial to Arizona's Navajo Code Talkers! | After dropping everyone off Baked and I were off to see this cool statue of the American Gothic couple!

70: Day 14 - Camp Verde, AZ to Holbrook, AZ July 7th - 5:30am to 3pm Miles traveled - 345 | We spent the night sleeping in the Cube under the watchful guardianship of the world's largest Kokopelli before we headed off to the Grand Canyon!

74: Other stops for the day were a couple of classic Route 66 stops....the Twin Arrows and Standing on a Corner in Winslow, AZ. Also in Winslow was another in the Trail of the Whispering Pines series. We also visited another big hole in the ground, Meteor Crater!

75: It was only about 3pm but we had seen and done a lot! We arrived in Holbrook, AZ where we had reservations at another Route 66 classic, the Wigwam Motel! It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places! After taking a little nap we found a little Mexican style diner and had an awesome meal and internet access!

76: Day 15 - Holbrook, AZ to Albuquerque, NM July 8th - 9:30am to 7pm Miles traveled - 280 | NeanderTroll felt right at home in Holbrook! We continued on through the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Parks. Along the way we found more Route 66 artifacts and a giant Kachina!

78: Today we crossed the Continental Divide! Right next to the sign is a yard with these two missiles in it! And right next to the missiles is another sign, guess this particular homeowner has had a few bad experiences! For the record we did not do any of the forbidden activities. | Late in the afternoon we arrived in Albuquerque where we had dinner at Los Cuates with Hopeful Winnings and her hubby and sons! We had some awesome Mexican food! After dinner they took us to an iconic Albuquerque attraction, known locally as the Chevy on a Stick. Hopeful Winnings and her family rock!

79: Day 16 - Albuquerque, NM to Amarillo, TX July 9th - 9:15am to 11:30pm Miles traveled - 590 | Before hitting the road we visited Geek Mecca, the location where Microsoft was founded! We stopped in Ft. Sumner, NM to visit the grave of Billy the Kid. The tombstone has been stolen before, so it is enclosed in a double cage!

80: We caught up with Bobbydean while we were in Roswell, NM and chatted with him for a bit. If ya can't meet us for lunch or dinner we'll track ya down...even at work! There are aliens everywhere you look in Roswell and a statue of Dr Robert Goddard - he's the father of rocket propulsion.

81: We arrive in Texas! We stop in Lubbock to see several Buddy Holly related sites including his grave site. We also visit Lubbock's famous prairie dog town.

82: Before leaving Lubbock we had a great catfish dinner! | It's starting to get late but we decide to keep going and visit a few attractions at night. Tex Randall in Canyon, TX was pretty cool at night....it hid how much he's really falling apart! We visited these mysterious legs out in the middle of a field. They really need more lights on attractions at night! We find a McDonalds parking lot to sleep in for the night, vowing to return to the legs in the morning!

83: Day 17 - Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City, OK July 10th - 6:30am to 1:30pm Miles traveled - 305 | If you ever need a parking lot to sleep in on the road we recommend McDonald's! They open early for a cup of coffee before you start your day! We went back to the legs in the field to get a better pic during the daytime, I like the nighttime pic better though. Next we visited the famous Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo.

84: In the Amarillo area we also found a Combine Ranch and a Slug Bug Ranch. We left a shout out to OLS Chat at the Slug Bug ranch! On our way across the Texas plains we visited a giant cross and a leaning water tower in Groom, TX.

85: We arrived in Oklahoma City and cleaned up at Trina's house before heading out to Cattlemen's Steakhouse. Baked and I were fighting in line but we started to behave when the cops showed up! We started dinner with Lamb Fries. They were yum yum yummy! They also had some awesome steaks there!

86: For dessert we went to Pop's! It gave everyone a chance to try out the wig's and glasses too!

87: Later that night everyone had to try on my boots. Trina had a bit of trouble staying on her feet! Baked got his hair worked on by the kids!

88: Day 18 - Oklahoma City, OK to Winterset, IA July 11th - 10am to 10pm Miles traveled - 530 | We stopped in Wichita, Kansas to meet up with Tawnjun and her daughter for lunch. It was a bit hot so while we were waiting for them Jebus and NeanderTroll cooled off for a bit in a fountain. I even had to go in at one point to rescue NeanderTroll! For lunch we ate at the Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill.

89: After lunch we visited some sites in Wichita, a memorial to soda fountain sit-ins, a horse made out of car bumpers and the Keeper of the Plains statue. Tawnjun was the last new OLS'er we met on the trip. We made our way on to Iowa as the sun went down.

90: Day 19 - Winterset, IA to Home! July 12th - 10am to 6:38pm Miles traveled - 445 | Road Trip Statistics Total miles - 6,947 Total states - 14 Total OLS'ers - 23 - 16 we had never met before States visited the most - NV, IA, NE - each twice OLS'er met more than once - Panda, Xan Total pics taken on the trip - over 4,000! Highest speed - 90.4 mph Average speed - 79.4 mph Highest temp - 115 - Death Valley Number of attractions visited - over 75 Biggest OLS gtg - Salt Lake City, UT State spent the most time in - CA - 6 days State spent the least time in - CO - about 15 minutes Most big rig trucks seen - FedEx Longest time on the road - 18 hours Shortest time on the road - 2 hours

91: Miscellaneous Notes I think I took more pics than Baked did on this trip - a first for me! --- Baked is addicted to Sonics! --- UPS trucks are hard to spot on the road - FedEx ones are really easy to spot! Just an observation on my part, I noticed while we visited many rest stops in several states NV rest stops were the worst - smelly and dirty AZ rest stops - most seemed to be closed IA rest stops seemed to have the strangest rule - NO SMOKING ANYWHERE BUT INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE For some of the pics the Funyuns are hard to find - but they are there! We played a game on this road trip - in honor of the new road trip vehicle. We played the Nissan Cube version of 'Slug Bug'. After the first couple of Cube sightings I changed the name to 'See a Cube and beat the crap outta Greg game'! Since Baked did the driving I couldn't hit him in fear of causing an accident. Baked could - and did at times - hit as hard as he wanted to without that fear. We're often asked which attraction or road trip is the best and I always reply that I don't have a favorite. Each road trip we've taken has been AWESOME in one way or another. Everybody we've met along the way has given us memories that we'll never forget! And finally, the thank you part. Baked and I are always amazed at the response we get when we've posted a thread asking for ideas and suggestions for an upcoming road trip. It's because of y'all that the road trips are as fun as they are! Baked and I would like to thank the following OLS'ers: Xan and her hubby Brian for letting us crash at your place, for letting us hang out, for the dinner and for the treats! Sparkle and her daughter Emily, Sparkles bf Desi and Emily's friend Madison for hangin' out with us in Des Moines! Beanie (DJsPrincess) for joining us for dinner in Des Moines! Dallasdol and family for letting us crash at your place, for the laundry facilities and mornin' coffee, for showing us around SLC and for organizing the SLC area GTG! John1948 and family for hangin' out with us in SLC! MrBamaAl, NoWhammies and daughters, SLCRose and hubby, Cat and Hubby for joining us at the SLC area GTG! Tinamarina71 and hubby Chris for letting us crash at your place, for dinner, for showing us around Reno, for the mornin' coffee and for the treats! Panda & Mark for letting us crash at your place, for lunch (hugs and thanks to Wanda for guiding us to some great food!), for showing us around San Francisco, for the mornin' coffee and for hangin' out with us in Las Vegas! Tamo and Paul and daughter Jessica for letting us crash at your place, for showing us around town, for dinner and the treats! Christel for joining us for lunch! Lissie and her mom (LVVegas) and dad for hangin' out with us and showing us a bit of Los Angeles and for joining us for lunch! JesterPester and family for letting us crash at your place, for the laundry facilities and the mornin' coffee! ColJim (Joanne and Jim) for the hotel room in Vegas and the tickets to a show, for the lunch and for hangin' out with us! StanzaRae and family for letting us hang out awhile, for showing us around town, the beer and the treats! Airalynn and family for letting us hang out awhile, for joining us for dinner and the treats! Hopeful Winnings and family for the hotel room, for the dinner and for hangin' out with us! Bobbydean and daughter for meeting up with us and for the treat! Trina and family for letting us crash at your place, for joining us for dinner and dessert, for the laundry facilities, for the mornin' coffee and the treats! Tell Dallas we'll be back again soon for another 'John & Greg Holiday'! Tawnjun and daughter for the lunch and for hangin' out with us! There aren't enough words to express our gratitude for the kindness and generosity each of you has shown us. It was AWESOME to hang out with old friends and to meet new ones! Y'all are the true definition of why OLS is the BESTEST website - Y'ALL ROCK!

92: 2010 Lucky 21 Convention September 2nd - 5th Bloomington, Minnesota | After our traditional stop at Kelly's Kitchen we arrived in Bloomington where we hooked up with Brent, Nicole, KB and Panda for some drinks....Panda had two!

93: On Friday Nesta came to speak to everyone at the convention! Below are some of the lucky winners from Friday and Saturday...Nicole, Panda and Ked's dw.

94: Saturday night was the banquet! But Baked and I slipped off to the MN State Fair to see KISS!

95: It was a beautiful night at the fair! We started with some great fair food before heading to the concert!

96: The concert was AWESOME! I think it was the best KISS concert yet.

97: The Lucky 21 Convention in Bloomington rocked! See y'all next year!

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