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A Memorable Journey

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FC: Maya Brandon | A memorable journey

1: "I got to get away from here!" I kept telling myself. I lived in a little town called Hawthorne, NV and i was BORED OUT OF MY MIND ! I couldn't take it anymore. I had to take a journey, explore the world. I was determined to do it.

2: So i guess I made a bit of a mistake by not introducing myself to you before I started complaining about my life story. Well, Hi!my name is Tatyana and I am 17 yrs old and ready to explore the world(: I know you guys are probably thinking. how is a 17 yr old girl going to explore the world? Right? Well, honestly i'm not sure I have the answer to that question just yet, but i'm determined to take this adventure and find out.

3: THAT WAY | GO THIS WAY | This idea came about when I was sitting in History on Monday morning. We were learning about all over the world and all the different types of cultures. So I thought, why not go see for myself instead of sitting in class taking boring notes that makes my hand ache because of how much I have to write and carrying around a history book that is so heavy it makes my shoulders hurt. I didn't want anybody to go with me, not even my bestfriend Keysha. I wanted to do this all by myself and meet all kinds of different people. I guess at that time, I wasn't thinking about the dangers of a 17 year old girl traveling the world alone.

4: I came home later that day and ran straight up to my room, i was more determined than ever to get out of this town and explore the world. I had about $6,000 saved up from all my past birthdays and holidays, i was actually saving up for a car, but oh well now. "Tatyana, what are you doing in there? you didn't even let me know you were home young lady!" my mom said to me outside of my door. "Sorry mama i'll be down in a second" i yelled back. I didn't want her to walk in and see all my bags packed, so i stuffed all of them under my bed and walked downstairs.

5: RALPH WALDO EMERSON | The next morning i grabbed my bag and my passport that my grandpa had gotten me for my 16th birthday and was gone! I left a note for my parents telling them i wasn't running away, and that where i was going was safe (even though i didnt know that for sure.) As i got to the airport, i didn't really know where i wanted to go first, but i knew i wanted to be OUT of the country, so i chose Paris! I bought my ticket and i was off!

7: 9hours later i was finally in Paris. I started to get scared but at the same time i was SO excited! I couldn't stop smiling as i looked outside at the pretty bright lights and all the different shopping places. It was the most beautiful city on the planet! The first thing i did was look for a hotel, i found one about 20mins away from the airport and called a taxi. The hotel i chose was called Le Meridien Etoil. I guess i should've studied French before i came to Paris,France right?

9: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMORIES | My first night in Paris i went sight seeing! I was headed for the Eifle Tower and when i finally got there i was in awe. It was beyond beautiful, the lights were shining so bright it looked like a huge bright Christmas tree. There were so many different types of people there, from black, to white and even some asian. They were all looking at it in astonishment as i was. I noticed this one handsome looking guy standing by the water. It was as if he was trying to make eye contact with me to get my attention. Well, it worked. I slowly started walking over, still confused about what i was doing. But i wasn't in the mood to think, just take chances. So i did

10: WE WANDER FOR DISTRACTION, BT WE TRAVEL FOR FULFILLMENT. | HILAIRE BELLOC | As i approached him, he smiled so wide the first thing i noticed was how perfect and white his teeth were. He was beautiful. His face was perfectly round and had no flaws. His eyes were green and they had a pretty bright sparkle in them. "Hello, my name is Miguel. I'm sorry for staring, but i couldn't help it, you are just so beautiful". He said in a voice that made all my insides melt,I smiled. "Well, thank you, my name is Tatyana. "I would love to show you around Paris, if you would like" Miguel said. I know i was taught to not go with strangers, but i was to wrapped in his smile and beauty that i couldn't say no. So, i went, and i will always regret that decision.

11: Long story short, he kidnapped me that night. He doesn't believe in "Americans" visiting his city. Who knows why he thinks that way, but all I know is that I was not staying around to find out. He acted like a gentleman just to pull me into his little trap. And, because I was so wrapped up in "taking adventures" I didn't think before I acted, and that got me into some serious trouble. So, later on that night, after I escaped that beautiful physco man, I found my way back to the hotel where I was staying at, got my passport and I was off to a whole other country. I did not want to take the risk of running into him all over again.

12: Italy! I made it, I finally reached one of the countries I been longing to visit! The first thing I wanted to do as I got off of the plane was try REAL pizza made here and see if it was any different from the way Americans made it. I loved every single part of Italy and it was just as beautiful to me as Paris was. (Well maybe Paris was more beautiful). My adventure in Italy though, was not what I expected it to be, and here's why...

14: Of course, the very first night I got there, the first thing I wanted to do was go sight seeing as I did in Paris and so I did. This time, I knew better than to go with any strangers, but I didn't quite know how to read a map, so I went out on curiousity and didn't use a map all together. Boy did that get me into some trouble! After about 2 hours of exploring Italy, I realized that I had no clue where I was at! I had no map and no phone. Luckily though, I had money. I looked for all the possible signs I could that would lead me to a hotel. After the incident that happened in Paris, I was way to frightened to ask anybody for help. Finally, after 3 hours of being lost in a far out country, I got the guts to ask somebody for help. I picked a waitor from this pizzaria place in Verona,Italy, and he helped me all the way back to my hotel. The very next morning I was off again!

15: I had no idea where I wanted to go next. So as I sat in the airport thinking, I finally decided to call back home and let my parents know that I was safe. My mom yelled at me so bad over the phone I thought my ear drum was going to burst. I knew she was upset with me and I knew me leaving the country without her knowing was completely wrong. So I didnt even bother to argue back. I took the yelling and I knew i had it in for me when I got home. I took the next flight out to America and I was home the next day. My mom was angry, but at the same time, she wanted to know the places I went and the certain things I experienced. She was in awe on how I did all of that by myself. Lets just say though, I left the handsome french guy who really turned out to be a physco kidnapper, out of the story. I guess what she don't know won't hurt her right? Now it's back to boring Hawthorne, NV once again.... but that is one experience I will most definitly never forget.

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