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A Nightmare Come True

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S: A Nightmare Come True

BC: Not bad i like the story but it had a few spelling and grammar errors. --AJ | ERNTSTO ITS OK | Really cool that was a good story! -Jenna

FC: By: Travis Adams | A NIghtmare Come True

1: Dedicated to My Mom for teaching me every problem has a solution no matter what the challenge

3: Sitting in the cold dark box was horrible. I could do nothing but sit there. Then there was a sound coming from all directions. I couldn't believe it, was it my time? Was I one of the lucky few who were going to be chosen? A voice came on the loud speaker, “The sale has started. I repeat the sale has started.” This was the day I was waiting for. All my dreams would come true. Just that very moment it happened, box was being picked up and carried away. I was being bought and I was going to be the best I could be, I was going to be a shoe, anyone could ever have. When I got to my owners house I was so excited, but I knew nothing about my owner. I didn't know if it was a guy or a girl. I didn't know their name, how old they were, what they liked or did or worse what if I didn't fit. I started to freak out. I asked my brother, “Tom what if we don't fit?” He replied, “If we don't fit we will be returned and bought all over.”

5: After he told me that I started to relax and calm down. When I was put down there was so many smells. I could smell a dog and dirty diapers. In the back ground there was a baby crying and a boy yelling, “Mom is that my new pair of shoes?” “Yes,” the mom replied. This was it, the start of my adventure. But not just by myself, I had my brother and my new owner. The look on his face was priceless. You knew he loves me by the way he described me. He looked at his mom and shouted, “I love them mom. I love the red steak down the side. I love how the rest is black. Mom I just love them, thank you” He picked me up first and looked at me. The smile gets bigger when he sees I'm the perfect size. He slides me on and ties me tight. I have the perfect amount of room. This is just perfect, nothing could mess it up. It feels so good to have a foot inside me instead of a stupid little piece of paper to hold my shape. After a few weeks with being with my owner I found out a lot about him. I found out that his name is George, he BMX’s and he loves to play basketball. So far one week I have played basketball for hours at a time. Also my time is spent by speeding down sidewalks and roads on his bike. This is not only fun but tiring too. By the end of the day the souls on the bottom of me were on fire. Not only do we ride George's bike but we also walk and hang with people. “Hey Tom hasn't this been the best week ever,” I said happily. “Not for me,” Tom said angrily, “I stepped in gum.” I just laughed in my head. Tom looked over at me with a dirty look. He knew I was cracking up inside.

7: Day by day pasted and got better every second. I can't believe how big the world really is. It's so much better than being stuck in that little shoe box. One morning George was getting ready to go to school and walked past me. I didn't know why he did this. He put on an old pair of shoes and walked out the door and left me. “Hey Tom do you know what that's all about,” i said puzzled? “I have no idea, “Tom replied. Did I do something wrong I asked myself. I have tried to be the best show possible. When George returned that day he had new shoes. It had only been a month, what could have happen. Was I not good enough for him? Was he done with me, I started to worry. “Tom I think he is done with us,” I said. “I know,” said Tom. He was about to continue to talk but then George's mom butted in. “Now George this is a brand new pair of shoes. You only wear these when you go to school. Also you never wear them when riding. You wear your old shoes when you go and ride.” “But mom,” George whimpered, “That pair of shoes is too small.” “I don't care George, you have to wear that pair of shoes when riding and that's final,” George' s mom yelled.

9: After that George just stood there with his head down. He had nothing else to say. He knew if he did he would get yelled at. When they walked away I started to think about what really mattered, what I was going to do about me being too small? Would George stop and not listen to his mom and wear his new shoes anyway, or will he listen and use me when he rides. What if he stops riding just because of me. I can't believe this, it's a nightmare come true. Three weeks went by and George still used me but once and a while he would use his new shoes when he went to ride. After each week I thought more and more about how I'm still being used and it doesn't really matter that I got smaller. I'm still used but just not as much. So there is a good and a bad to this nightmare. One day George decided to work on his bike and take off his brakes. He said they made it to heavy and that's what the pros do. That wasn't the point though. The point was that he was going to need to stop but how? This was going to be a problem. The next day when George was riding he was going fast and a car flew out in front of him. He had no brakes and we were going to crash. Then out of nowhere he takes me off the pedal and puts me in between the tire and the bikes frame. We skidded and stopped right before the car. George let out a breath, but I let out a scream of pain. Not only was I you used to stop but I was in pain. I could feel the rub on the bottom of me rub away. The pain was unbelievable. I had never felt anything like it before. I looked over at Tom and yelled, “Did you see what he just did to me!?”

11: “Yes I did and I can't believe it, are you okay,” he asked me? “No I'm not, I'm in so much pain and it burns,” I whined in pain. “I hope that doesn't happen to me, “Tom prayed as he thought of the pain I was going through. I felt bad for myself and Tom, we both had to go through that horrible pain each and every day. I hoped he would never feel the pain I had to feel today. It was just not right for any shoe to feel this. I would wish this pain on anyone in the world no matter what they did. Two months had gone by since my first time being used as a brake. Ever since then it never stopped. George would switch back and forth with Tom and me. After the second and third week I got used to it, but it still hurt a little. Today was also five months that I have been George's shoe. I was told by the sixths month the worst thing happens to a shoe. It starts to get a hole in it. This was a nightmare I had since I was first made. I was afraid that since I was being used as a brake that I would get a hole even faster. By next week I could feel something happening when George put me in the brake. It felt like I was being separated from myself. Could it be could it have finally happen. Yes it had happen; I had gotten a hole in me. My life was done; George would never wear me again. He would just throw me away and get new shoes. This was unbelievable, how could this happen to me. I was the perfect shoe and no I'm destroyed.

13: When we got home to the house George told his mom. “Mom look what happen to my shoe,” George told her in a depressed tone. The look on her face was so normal and she showed no sign of anger. She reached into a drawer and grabbed something. It was tap, why would she grab tape. She handed George the tape and told him “You will have to put tape on every month so be prepared.” My problem was I guess fixed. It wasn't really a solution but it was good enough for me. After that night my life was good. Tom and I are still George's for now. He has a little brother that is going to ride brakeless and George is getting too big for me. So I guess I'm going to stay in the family. It kind of feels good to have a new owner. I can't wait till I'm put onto a foot that isn't trapped by me. I guess my life is just staying over with a new person and I can't wait. After all our adventures I learned that with every problem there is a solution.

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  • Title: A Nightmare Come True
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