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ABC Culture Book of Tibet

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ABC Culture Book of Tibet - Page Text Content

FC: ABC's of Tibet

1: A | rt | One form of art that tibet is famous for are Thangka. Thangka's are made out of special silk and embroidery making it not flat like most paintings, but three dimensional. Thangkas are used to express the Tibetan bhuddism and mostly all thangka paintings are tibetan dietys. | other arts that tibet is known for is their music, which is chanting, and how it's used to tell and teach stories about famous bhuddist dietys.

2: B | uildings | Tibet is a very mountainous region, meaning people living there have to innovate new ways of building structures on the sides of mountains. The inhabitants of Tibet have done this very well with their monasterys and gompa's. Mostly all gompa's can be found in the Tibet region of asia. They're used as places of learning and living for bhuddist monks. | Buildings in tibet are usualy built outa of cement, rocks, wood, and other building materials with walls sloped in at 10 inches to incredibly survive earthquakes while on the side of a mountain.

3: ommunication | C | Tibet, even though the most mountainous region in the world, has some modern forms of communication. In major tibet cities, cellphones are common, and recently in lhasa 3G service is now provided to smart phone users in the area. | Even though cellphones and service are available, a majority of tibetans live in the mountainous region of tibet usualy in big monasterys or gompas. This means that hand written letters delivered by horse or runners is very common also.

4: D | ress | In tibet, people can be seen in many types of clothing. But, tibets most common and traditional clothing are robes and khata's. The robes tibetans' wear are usualy made out of weaved wool, and its traditional for women to wear dark colorful wrap around their blouse. | A Khata is a ceremonial scarf usualy to symbolize purity and good will. Most tibetan khatas are white, representing pure heart of the person giving it, and it is usualy given at parties, birthdays, or weddings.

5: E | conomoy | The economy of tibet relies primarily on agriculture. Also, tibet is almost completely covered with mountains, meaning that terraces had to be cut into the sides of mountains to allow farming. | The main cash crops of tibet are rye, wheat, and barley. | tibet has a very low technology based economy. The rugged terrain and lack of roads and railways keeps modern farming tools and other advanced products from reaching farmers, who rely on farm animals and ancient techniques of farming.

6: F | amily

7: G | overnment | Tibet is a region of the Peoples Republic of China, meaning that even though it is a massive region with its own governing body, it still has to follow all of the guidelines and rules that the Chinese government gives them. | Even though china has rule over Tibet, the government in Tibet isn't completely communist. It's actualy a peoples government, led by a chairmen to represent the province. | The people of tibet have also formed their own non-official government, called the tibetan government in exile. It was formed by tibetans against all the horrible violence that the communist chinese government has caused against tibet, since Tibetans are descriminated against and thought as inferior

8: istory | H | Tibet, even though being one of the most harsh regions on earth, has had a very deep history. | Major historic events of Tibet all started around when the Tibetan empire was formed. The Tibetan empire stretched all the way from Bengal to Mongolia. During the reign of the Tibetan empire, Buddhism was introduced into the region. This is probably one of the biggest milestones in Tibetan history, because now the most dominant religion in Tibet is Buddhism, and it basically depicts the way Tibetans live, styles of architecture, and even how its' history is written | over the years, tibet was controlled by multiple different nations. Great britan, nepal, bhutan, and finally china. | Ever since china claimed tibet as its' own, conflict has almost been non stop between the chinese communist government and the tibetan people. | an example would be whenever the PLA (peoples liberation army) went into tibets forbidden city of lhasa, and tried to capture the dalai lama. The dalai lama escaped due to the Tibetan people defending his escape into India. Their, in india, the tibetan refugees where given free land and have built schools, monasterys, and homes for tibetans who escaped with the Dalai Lama

9: I

10: I | con | when people think of tibet, they usualy think mountains, buddhists, and the potala palace | the potala palace is located in the center of the forbidden city of lhasa. It was built by the fifth dalai lama, started in 1645 through 1694. It was used as a central governing body for tibet. The palace has servived many conflicts, including the tibetan uprising, where the chinese military launched shells through the window of the pallace

11: J | obs

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