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S: Amazon Adventure

BC: This is an adventure of twenty-five young kids. They get lost in the Amazon Rainforest and are forced to find their way back to civilization. They only had the resources they could find. Would you like to be in their position?

FC: By: Shelby Wilson | Amazon Photo Album

1: This Book is Dedicated to my Family David, Angie & Kenna March 2010

2: Hi! My name is Shelby Wilson. I am in Mrs.Amos' 6th grade class. We were flying to Rio de Janeiro on a class field trip when the flight attendants reported that we had serious engine trouble and we might crash! My stomach dropped like a hundred pound sack! I couldn't believe it! I was way too young to die! I wanted my mommy and daddy so bad right then! Out of nowhere the plane started spiraling out of control! Everyone was screaming and crying. I didn't want to die! The plane dove straight down. I thought we were going to go straight through the canopy. We suddenly stopped. I wondered if we hit the ground so hard I broke my neck and couldn't feel anything. When I looked out the window, I couldn't believe what I saw! The canopy had broken our fall!

3: The plane after it crashed!

5: Everyone on the plane sat where they were and cried for a little while. Pilot Colton Ward came on the speakers and announced that we had to get out of the plane. I wondered how he was planning to get about twenty-five crying kids down to the floor of the rainforest! It was two hundred feet below us! He told us to come to the front of the plane one by one to get out. We instinctively started from the back and worked our way to the front. As i stepped out of the plane, I couldn't believe what I saw! There was green treetops everywhere! You could hear birds singing from every direction! As we followed Captain Ward down into the trees, it seemed as if the trees came to life! Birds were everywhere! The sounds they made were so beautiful! We climbed down branches and slide down vines until everybody needed a break. I sat and listened to the beautiful birds until they lulled me to sleep.

6: I was awaken to the sound of rain and the feeling of damp clothes. "Ugh" I thought . I have always hated being wet. As I rose from the branch, I saw that everyone had gone to sleep. I thought of how much I wanted to be in my own bed, my soft sheets covering me with a warm blanket over me. I couldn't wait to get home. That is if I ever do. When everyone else was awake, we started on our journey down to the floor of the rainforest. After about seventy-five more feet down we were told to stop. All of a sudden a group of monkeys swung straight pass us to another tree! They were so cute! I wish I could hold one of them! After the group safely passed, we continued our journey.

9: After another ninety feet down I thought I heard the leaves rustle. "Wind" I thought. Then I heard it again, this time only a few feet away. I lifted up a branch, and right there was a green, moss covered sloth! It was so gross, yet so cute. I never thought I would ever get to see one. If only I had a camera. I stood there watching it until we were told to keep moving. The ground was only a little ways down. I was so happy!

11: After twenty-five minutes of hard climbing, we reached the ground! I couldn't believe it! I stood on hard ground and looked at my surroundings. It was so beautiful! There were all kinds of plants, everywhere! There were flowers, bushes, and a bunch of others I can't even name! The plants were every color you could ever imagine. There were ones you wanted to smell ( we were told not to :( ), ones that looked like they were going to eat you, and ones that were mysterious. I wished I could bring some of them home for my grandparents! I couldn't wait to get home to tell them everything I had seen. They would never believe me! I wondered if they even knew we were in the Amazon Rainforest.

12: We continued walking until there was a loud "Reeer" from the bushes. We all jumped and looked behind us. There in the bushes was a huge, hungry jaguar! Most of us were whispering "Good kitty, good kitty". It gave us an odd looking face and said "I am King Jaguar, king of the Amazon Rainforest. What are you doing in my rainforest?" We all stared in amazement for a little while. Who knew a jaguar could talk. He growled again, and all of us answered in one long sentence" Were just kids please don't eat us. Our plane crashed and were trying to find our way out. We just want to get back home!" "Well, well. I guess I can help you. There is a tribe of locals just a few miles up stream. From there they can tell you how to get to a major town.

13: Then you can fly away, fly away home. Follow me." King Jaguar said in a ruff, deep voice. We followed him through the rainforest for a good seven hours. Up ahead I saw a fire. " Hey, look," I called out. Everyone cheered with overwhelming joy. "You have to go from here. They're nice people. Tell them I sent you." He replied to all of our cheers. He quickly disappeared into the dense forest foliage.

14: We quickly walked into the village and stared in amazement. It was like a whole town! The only difference was that it was in the Amazon Rainforest. There were people selling and buying things, people working, and people were cleaning. I had no idea why they were sweeping out their huts when the floors were dirt! A tall man came up to us and said something in a foreign language. After he realized we spoke English he told us "Welcome. Who sent you and what do you want?" "King Jaguar sent us. He said y'all could help us find our way out." We all answered in quite voices. We were very weary from our long walk."You will stay here over night. In the morning we will head out. It should only take a few hours. We will travel by canoes on the Amazon River. Have a good night," the tall man quickly told us. He guided us toward a small hut and said that the boys could rest in it. The rest of the girls, including myself, followed him a couple of huts down. As soon as he left, we all layed down on the mats and quickly fell asleep.

17: We were awaken to the sound of drums, chanting, and bells. We got up and walked toward the sounds. When we finally reached our destination, it was unbelievable. It was like a huge party but with dancing. We soon started dancing with all of the natives. It was so fun. They taught us their dances and some words like hello, goodbye, and thank you! We soon got very weary and went to bed. We were awaken to the sound of rain and someone entering our hut. The tall man, which we still hadn't learned the name of, told us it was time to head out. We quickly arose and left the cheerful village. As we went through the forest on the way to the river, the tall man would grab fruit and odd looking stuff from trees and hand it to us to eat. Most of it was very Good. As we headed through the jungle, we saw a bunch of wild life. There were spiders, anteaters, elephant/ dog looking things. We also saw jaguars, which never bothered us. We learned how to distinguish between poisonous plants and non-poisonous plants. We soon reached the river where canoes were waiting to carry us to civilization.

18: As we traveled downstream, excitement steadily grew inside of me. I was actually going to get to see my family again! As we traveled downstream we saw a ton of life. We saw otters the size of a large, tall pig. I got really scared and moved to the inside of the canoe. We also saw snakes and alligators! The alligators were huge and we steered way around them. We also saw dolphins! They were pretty ugly though. We soon made it to civilization and went to the police station. I found out that our parents knew all along. The whole thing was planned! I got so mad, but was really glad to see my parents! When we got back to America, we went straight home and I slept till school the next day!

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