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Andrew's Mixbook

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FC: Rash

1: I would like to dedicate this to Bork, who was my illegal lawyer who got my whole family out of Mc.Donald's work prisons

2: Dear Journal, A kid i hate named Carlos Mink put a cream on his face that caused a rash and blamed it on me, so now everyone thinks i am a walking disease, on top of that he is trying to steel my girlfriend. I was called down to the principals' office and given a | Strict warning and sent home and i had to take all of my classes there. I was kicked out of school. "Whats up BoorkMeiser" This is what Bo always says to his computer program. | Entery 1

3: I went to the mall looking for my girfriend | but when i found her she was with Carlos Mink. I approched him and we started exchanging words. | I attacked him throwing my fists at his face but really did not get any good punches. | The guard bot in the roof took me out with a tazer and i was held in jail for a little. | Entery 2

4: Entry 1II My parents took all the money they could from there savings to hire the best lawyer for me, after we were sentenced to go to court that next Monday | My parents had only a few million V-Bucks which could only get us about 5 minutes with a lawyer. "You will have to work on a prison farm if you do anything else" That is what the principle said to Bo when he got in trouble a second time. p.65

5: We arived in the court room and sat wile i was convicted of assult and being sentenced to about three year in a McDonald's work prison. I had made bail so i could stay at home until i was called to go to the work prison and start my 3 year sentence. | "Carlos Mink is a fool and an idiot!" this is from when Bo is in court and he is thinking about how he would not be there if it were not for Carlos Mink. p.66 | Entry IV

6: When the time came for me to leave and have to go to the McDonalds work prison i went and took a plane with a few other | inmates like me. There was one really large kid who i guessed was about 300 pounds who i had to sit next to. | When we arived i still and no clue what i would be making but everyone said that i hope you like pizza. | "I have to sit next to some fat kid?" this is what Bo was thinking in the story when he had to sit next to a very large kid on the plane ride to the work farm. p.93 | Entry V

7: Once we stepped out of the plane there was a smell of pizza everywhere so i guessed that we all would be making pizza. After we stepped out a big man | started yelling at us to get aggenst the fence and stand straight. It was like being in the millitary for the first 2 hours, some of the longest hours in my life. This prison was like nothing i have ever seen before though, there were sharp corners everywhere and no one wore walking helmets, the floors were hard cement and the walls were cinderblock. | Entry VI

8: when i arived at my cell i put my stuff on the bottom bunk a sat and looked out the window, a few moments later i heard the cell door slide open and that one 300 pound guy i had to sit next to on the plane walked in. At first i was terrified of being alone in a cell with him, he could crush me, no problem. | Eventuly after a few large farts later we became friends and i found out that he was here until he lost about 100 pounds. here in this factory we made pizzas and i was the peperoni placer. It took four guys to make a pizza, the dough guy, the sauce guy, the cheese guy, and me, the perroni guy. | Entry VII

9: "His farts are like bombs and i cant get away from them because i am locked in a cell!" This is what he told Bork wile he was talking to him form the work farm. p.96

10: at the gold shirt tryouts all of the about ten people i came with on the plane, including Rhino, my cell mate, were lead into a fiend inside the prison gates, the gold shirts were there, all of them. Hammer, the drill guy from our arival was there with a football. Football has been illegal here for the past about 15-20 years. Hammer threw the football and i was asked to go get it. I ran down the field and picked it up, he told me to run it back to him no matter what. when i turned around hammer was yelling at me to bring it to him, and all of the gold shirts were comming at me. | Entry X

11: I somehow managed to run past them all without getting hit. I gave the football to hammer and he said i made the team, so did Rhino, he walked down the fiend and not one gold shirt could take him down. | "All the gold shirts were big tough and mean looking and they all looked as if the wanted to hurt me" This is what Bo was thinking as he went agenst the gold shirts in the gold shirt tryouts. p.113-114

12: I found out that the gold shirts were all about football, we learned how to play and they made us tougher. I also found out that we were being trained to play aginst another prison, hammer was gambling with other guys like him about us. he had about 5 million V-bucks on us winning the | game. We ended up tieing that game and were set to play them again. But before that could happen. Bork appered on the windO i was on that night, he told me that there was no reason for them to keep me in prison and to black mail Hammer with football to let me out of prison. | Entry XI

13: The blackmail worked and he said he would let me out of prison that next morning. And he did, they through me out the front gate and said i was free to go. But i was stuck in the middle of the tundra with the nearest town 33 miles away.I ran through the tundra and escaped all the polar bears. | "I was scared out of my mind and was about too crap myself when i saw the bear" This is what Bo said when he saw the polar bear wile he was escaping the farm. p.197-198 | Entry XII

14: I eventuly made it back home and bork also got my brother and dad out of prison too, but my brother got arested at a bar before he made it back home and went to prison. My dad also could not stay at home because of his temper and signed a contract to work at a work prison. I had to leave the country and go to south America where there are many less laws and live there now. | "I don't know what it is about my family but we just can not stay out of trouble" This is what Bo said when he gt home at the end of the book. p.245 | Entry XV

15: "One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything, except a good reputation." ”-Oscar Wiles This means that you can survive anything you want to except daeth | "Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope" -Unknown This means that without hope you are lost and can not survive... | “"If the United Nations is to survive, those who represent it must bolster it; those who advocate it must submit to it; and those who believe in it must fight for it."” -Norman C. This can go for anything but it means that if you want something to stay than you should work for it and devote yourself to it. and don't give up...

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