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S: auschwitz

FC: auschwitz Victoria Ekeli period 5 5-11-09

2: Holocaust by Sudeep Pagedar how do you explain that term to a ten- year old boy who, one day, hears it mentioned by so me realitives? and even if you do manage to make him understand what it | acutally does means, do you also tell him that because he is A GERMAN JEW, perhaps, some day, he might be included in it...? or should he

3: just not be told, so that he remains calm and doesn't lose sleep over it? but what is sleep, in front of death? perhaps death is greater, perhaps the two are the same ; | we do not know yet but we'll know, by the end of the day; the cahmbers are yet some hours away. "to die, to sleep...to sleep, perchance to dream..." how did shakesspeare relise that? did he know some Jew who was ersecuted too? perhaps he was wrong, maybe he was right... anyway, i suspect we'll find out by tonight.

4: AUSCHWITZ THE COMPLEX Auschwitz was the largest death camp. How big you probably ask well it had three main camps which all enforced hard labor. one of them though funcuntioned as a killing camp for a long period of time.These camps were located approximately 37 miles west of Krakow. The three camps in Auschwitz are Aschwitz I made in May 1940; Aushwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau) made in early 1942; and Auschwitz III (Auschwitz-Monowitz) made in early October 1942.

5: the railroad to auschwitz | this is a map of auschwitz I ,auschwitz II (auschwitz-birkenau) | the front gate into auschwitz

6: Auschwitz I Auschwitz I is the main camp of all three. It was the first camp established near oswiecim. the SS authorities captured more prisoners to expand the physical contours of the camp.In the beginning of Auschwitz the SS cleared 40 square kilometers (15.44 square miles) for what they called a "development zone". Auschwitz I served three main purposes: 1) incarcerate real and perceived enemies of Nazi regime and German occupation authorities in poland for an indefinite period of time; 2) to have available forced labors for deployment; 3)serve as a site to phisically eliminate small groups of people. Auschwitz I had a gas chamber in the basement of the prison block.Later there was a permanent one built in a seperate building. There was a hospital in barrack (block) 10 that they used for experiments.

7: this is a map Auschwitz I

8: Auschwitz II Auschwitz II or Auschwitz-Birknau began in the vicinity of Brzezinka in October 1941. Auschwitz-Birknau had the most prisoners. It was divided into more than a dozen sections sepeerated by barbed wire. This Auschwitz played in the center role in the plan to kill the German Jews.

9: this is the barbed wire that seperated the sections in Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birknau)

10: Auschwitz III Auschwitz III, also called Buna or Monowitz, was made in October 1942 to give prisoners a home or a bunk in this concentration camp. Auschwitz wwas a labor education camp for non-Jewish prisoners who were told they violated the law.

11: Auschwitz III

12: This is a latrine the prisoners had to work in because the guards were afraid of disease | a typical dormitory in Auschwitz | this is where they would keep the polish children

13: the building to left is the hospotial where they conducted there experiments

14: top left- this is were they would take people and execute them it is called a death wall bottom left-these are children in the Auschwitz gates

15: this is what is left of the gas chambers to the right in the picture is were they would get ready to take a shower

16: Reflection this project made me feel like i could make a difference in the world. By difference i meen so this did not happen ever again. That would be horrible and with the tecnolige everybody has now i do not know if we would be able to stop it. This project in my perspective was hard to do because just haveing to look at all these pitures and let alone read and hear these stories. you have to believe in it, it can't be fake like some people say. Auschwitz was the worst thing i could ever dream i myself would not know where to begin to even think what that place looked like or what those people looked liked. i could not even dream about being that skinny or having bearly any food. i have learned a lot of things while doing this project such as Auschwitz haad three parts to it. It was not just one big building. They did experiments on people in the hospitals there.in the hospitals they did not help you if you were sick they let you die.

17: Auschwitz II had the most prisoners in it and people who were from Auschwitz I went to Auschwitz III by train or they would march. Auschwitz I was used mostly as a killing center more than the others. the other two centers were used as labor centers. Auschwitz was violent and cruel to people.they executed them with a shot gun and they sent women and children who could not work into gas chambers but lied to them telling them they were going to take a shower. Auschwitz I, II, III were horrible places that hopefully no one would create again.

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