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S: Australia and New Zealand 2007

FC: Australia and New Zealand 2007

1: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Winter Study Abroad Program January 2nd - March 20th 2007

2: Aussie Bound! | On Our Way!

3: Thursday, January 4, 2007 Well after 26 hours of traveling, a car ride, 2 planes and a bus ride, WE FINALLY MADE IT! Mom drove me up to LAX Tuesday night and our flight left around 9:30pm. We had a 12 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand and then a 3 hour flight from New Zealand to Brisbane. Once we arrived, we checked into the Taringa Garden Apartments. I’m living with 3 really cool girls named Patty, Tara and Nicole. After getting unpacked, we walked over to the moll in Indooroopilly. This moll has everything! It’s crazy. It even has a grocery store inside the moll! It’s actually a pretty good idea once you think about it. After shopping we came back to the apartments and had a BBQ with everyone in our group. Everyone is really nice and it's been fun getting to know them so far.

4: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary | Friday, January 5, 2007 Today was so cool! We took a bus to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We got to take pictures with koalas and hang out with kangaroos! They have a huge field where you can lay around with the kangaroos and pet them. It was so awesome! Especially for only our 2nd day in Australia! Then we went to the University of Queensland, which is where we are studying. We got a tour and had a welcoming ceremony. Next, we took the bus downtown where we walked around Queen Street, which has a huge moll. One thing is for sure, Australians know how to shop! I bought a cell phone so now mom and dad can call me with a calling card and it won’t cost me a thing!

6: Byron Bay | Saturday, January 6, 2007 This morning we took a bus to the Gold Coast. We first went to Surfers Paradise but it was raining really hard, and the girls wanted to go to Bryon Bay. We caught a bus down to Byron which is such a cute town! When we first arrived, we didn’t have a place to stay so we got a little panicked. We went to an accommodations place and she said the only thing left in the whole town was a 2-bedroom apartment for $360. So of course we “had” to take it! We split the apartment 6-ways and it turned out to be pretty sweet. We spent the whole day walking on the beach and shopping in the town. It was so much fun.

8: Sunrise in Byron Bay | Sunday, January 7, 2007 This morning we got up at 5am to watch the sunrise from the lighthouse. We walked to the lighthouse and the view was gorgeous! It took about an hour to walk there and it was definitely worth it. We even got to stand on the most easterly point of Australia! It was really cool. After that, we got some breakfast and headed back to Surfers Paradise.

10: Sunday, January 7, 2007 Surfers is a lot more touristy than Byron, which wasn’t quite as nice. We mostly just sat on the beach for a couple hours and got burned! And the beach was so pretty that none of us minded. Then we headed back to Taringa and rested up for our first day of school. | School can be rough! | Surfers paradise

12: University of Queensland | Cal Poly Students and Faculty | Monday, January 8, 2007 This morning we headed to “Uni” as the locals call it, and had our first day of class. Our Cal Poly classes don’t start until next week so we’re just having a few lectures on the history, environment and political aspects of Australia. Thankfully, we were finally able to get on the internet! It’s really expensive to log on at our apartments so we’ve all been waiting to get on for free. After class we went grocery shopping again and took it easy the rest of the night. | Vegemite anyone?

13: Vegemite anyone? | Playing Aussie Rules Football | Tuesday, January 9, 2007 We had another day of classes including the history of the Aborigines as well as a lecture on Aussie speak. It’s really interesting to learn about why they pronounce certain words differently and some of the slang they have. First of all, they love abbreviations. Breakfast becomes “breckie,” sandwich is “sangah,” and afternoon is “arvo.” Also, they call the bathroom a ‘toilet,” girls are “birds,” and a man is a “bloke.” We also got to try an unusual Australian food....Vegemite! It tasted pretty awful. After class, a bunch of us made dinner together and went out to a bar called The RE. Plus it was really fun to get dressed up and hang out with everyone. It just makes me more excited for my 21st birthday, which is in less than 1 month! | Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Today we learned how to play Cricket, Aussie Rules Football and Netball. Cricket was my favorite because it’s really similar to baseball. Aussie Rules Football was pretty fun too because it’s kind of like a combination of rugby and football. Netball was similar to basketball but there’s no backboard and the players are restricted as to where they can go. Later that night we went to the Regatta which is known for its college night on Wednesdays. Then we returned to Taringa for a little fort-making in the apartments! Hahaha

14: Brisbane

15: Exploring the City

16: First Nights Out in Brizzy

17: Headin' out with the Girls!

18: AUSTRALIA ZOO | Thursday, January 11, 2007 Today we went to the Australia Zoo, the home of Steve Irwin! Sadly Steve was of course not able to be there. We just walked around all day and got to visit all the exhibits and the Crocoseum! The whole place was really cool but I was definitely worn out by the end of the day.

20: Sunday, January 14, 2007 This weekend we went to North Stradbroke Island, which is just off the coast of Brisbane. It was so beautiful! On Friday, we stayed on the beach and worked on our tans! Then we went out to dinner at the Masonic Club, for the “elite” of Stradbroke Island. Then we came back to our hostel, which was definitely an interesting experience. Six people in one room was a tad difficult, but fun. Then Saturday, we laid on the beach again and met a few Aussies. We played some cricket, soccer and gridiron (aka American football). The night was really fun and we headed back to Brisbane today. | Stradbroke Island

21: Making friends! | Point Lookout

22: Nights at the Regatta

23: Nicole and Tara

24: Sunday, January 21, 2007 I just got back from the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef! This weekend was so much fun. On Thursday, Kara, Alyssa, Tara, Andrea and I flew to the Whitsunday Coast Airport and shared a hotel room for the weekend. On Friday, Kara and Andrea went scuba diving while Alyssa, Tara and I walked around Airlie Beach and relaxed on the lagoon! The city is really small and the beach was gorgeous. Then on Saturday, we all took a boat tour and went out to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. It was so pretty! We walked to the lookout point and laid on the beach for a while. We returned to the boat for lunch and headed over to Tongue Bay where we went snorkeling! Yes, I finally went snorkeling! And it was actually really fun. Later that night, we got cleaned up and went out for dinner and dancing! We flew home today after a great weekend! | Whitsunday Islands

26: Whitehaven Beach

27: Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

28: Thursday, January 25, 2007 Today we went to the Musgrave Park Cultural Center where we learned all about the Aborigines. We learned a few of their dances and got to paint boomerangs! Then for lunch, they served us rice, biscuits and kangaroo! Yes, we actually ate kangaroo. It was okay, but not my favorite. Then we got to practice throwing boomerangs and found out that it’s actually pretty difficult. On our way home, we stopped at Mt. Coot-tha, which has a gorgeous view of Brisbane and the river. | Musgrave Park Cultural Center

29: Australia Day | Friday, January 26, 2007 Today was Australia Day! We started out the day by going to the governor’s palace. And the coolest part is that she’s a woman! The house was really cool to see. Next, we headed to South Bank to watch some Cockroach Races! There definitely wasn’t much of a point to them but they were pretty funny just to see. After that we just walked around the town all day, went shopping, and came back later that night to watch the fireworks.

30: Sunday, January 28, 2007 On Sunday, my roommate Patty and I went downtown to check out the Botanical Gardens and do some shopping. It was cool because I found my birthday dress! We had lunch on Queen St. and I had SUBWAY! It was my first Subway sandwich since I’ve been here and it was so yummy! | Our first Starbucks in Oz!

31: Holding a sea turtle egg! | Bundaberg Rum Distillery | Mon Repos Turtle Hatchery | Sunday, February 4, 2007 This weekend our whole group went to Bundaberg and Fraser Island. It was so much fun, and the best part was that it was all prepaid so we didn’t have to fork over any more cash! We started by driving to Bundaberg, which is about 3 hours north of Brisbane. Bundaberg is famous for Bundaberg Rum! We took a tour of the factory and everyone got to try the rum. We even tried the molasses from the distillery, but it was awful. Later that night we went to the Mon Repos Turtle Hatchery. We got to watch a female turtle lay her eggs on the beach! It was pretty cool. And we even got to move the eggs to a safer spot.

32: Sunday, February 4, 2007 On Friday, we drove to the coast and took a ferry over to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world! The best part of the whole weekend was our bus driver! He was crazy and we were basically off-roading the entire weekend! First we went to the beautiful Lake McKenzie. Unfortunately it was cloudy, but still really pretty. | fraser island

33: Next, we found our hotel, which was complete with a bar and karaoke! We all hung out and sang “Friends in Low Places,” “Ring of Fire,” and “Respect!” It was so much fun. And we even sang “My Girl” to our teachers! The whole night was really fun. On Saturday we went to Central Station and walked through the jungle. And we got to drink from a freshwater creek.

34: Indian Point

35: The coolest part of the weekend was when we took a plane from the beach and flew over Fraser Island! It was really cool to see the island from above. Next, we went out to Indian Point which was named by Christopher Columbus because of the Aborigines. We also got to see the shipwrecked “Maheno” on the beach. Today, we went to Lake Wabby and laid on the beach for a bit before heading back to Brisbane for school on Monday. | The Maheno | Lake Wabby

37: My 21st Birthday! | Thursday, February 8, 2007 Well yesterday was my 21st Birthday! And of course my friends definitely came through for me. I woke up to chocolate chip muffins, orange juice, grapes and decorations all over our apartment. Then for dinner, Nicole, Patty and Tara made dinner for me and I had my very FIRST sip of alcohol! I had a Vodka Cruiser and it was okay. Haha. After dinner, a bunch of people came over for cake and ice cream. It was so yummy! We didn’t go out Tuesday night because we had a midterm the next day. Then last night was even better! All the girls got dressed up and went out to Café 21 for dinner. After dinner we went to a bowling bar! It was so much fun! We had a few more drinks and bowled for a while. After that we went to the Regatta and got free drinks the whole night! We got about $200 in free drinks plus a $50 bar tab for next time! I didn’t drink too much and I realized that I only like the fruity stuff. And even those have a weird flavor haha ohhhh well.

40: Sydney Harbor with my girls! | sydney | Sunday, February 11, 2007 This weekend we went to Sydney! It was so cool to see the Harbor Bridge and opera house! On Thursday we took a dinner cruise around the harbor! The dinner was so good and we got free draft beers, wine and champagne. I decided it was a good chance for me to try them and I can’t believe people actually drink that stuff for fun. Haha I thought everything was disgusting! But I hear they’re an acquired taste.


42: On Friday, Tara, Kara, Patty and I went to Bondi Beach. The beach was so gorgeous but we only stayed there a little while. Next we headed to Sydney Olympic Park, which was home to the 2000 Olympics! We got to see the Telstra Stadium, Aquatic Center and the cauldron where the torch was held! The base of the cauldron has the names of all the medal winners. We also got to see the Hockey Centre, which was so cool! And I even got to borrow a stick and ball and play on the field! I couldn't believe it! | Sydney 2000

43: After the Olympic Park we all went to dinner at the Hard Rock Café! On Saturday, most of the girls went to an opera at the Opera House, but Patty and I saw everything in Sydney! We went to the Sydney Aquarium and the SkyTower. We also walked through the botanical gardens and down to the Opera House. It was great to see stuff that you normally only see in pictures!

44: Under the Sydney Harbor Bridge

45: We went home Saturday night and went to the RE later on. While we were there it started raining and we were dancing to “Sweet Home Alabama” in the rain! It was so much fun! | Dancing in the rain!

46: Sunday, February 18, 2007 We stayed around Brizzy this weekend and decided to check out some of the local stuff. On Friday we went to this little Indian Restaurant down the street from our apartment. It was actually pretty good! On Saturday we headed downtown and saw a bunch of the museums including the Gallery of Modern Art and the Natural History Museum. | Classy! | Wine in a box!

47: Gallery of Modern Art | Natural History Museum

48: After visiting the museums, we went to the Brisbane Reds Rugby Game! It was so much fun and we finally figured out where all the hot Aussie boys are! The only bad part of the evening was that my camera broke! I was so sad... but luckily today my friend was messing with it and fixed the lens! Basically he saved me $500! I was so happy! After the game, a bunch of us jumped on the trolley and headed out to Fortitude Valley for some bar hoppin'!

50: Sunday, February 25, 2007 Well its finals week! But it definitely doesn’t feel like it, at least compared to my normal schedule. I have 2 projects and a paper due this week and a soil science test on Wednesday! And after that we’re done with school until the spring! It’s awesome because we basically get a month of spring break! This weekend was really fun. On Thursday and Friday we had a field trip to Applethorpe and Stanthorpe. First we went to the Wine and Tourism College where we did some wine tasting and toured the campus. Then we stopped at the McMahon family orchard, which was probably one of my favorite parts. We got to ride around the orchard in vegetable bins and take a tour of the orchard while sampling everything on the way! We got to try apples, peaches, raspberries and tomatoes. And they were all so good! On Thursday night we had dinner at this great Italian place named Anna’s Restaurant.

51: On Friday we drove to the Girraween National Park. We hiked up to Castle Rock and got to see the whole park from above. The hike was pretty cool but the view was the best part. Before heading home we went to the Ballandean Winery, where of course, we had another wine tour! The vineyards were so pretty and we had a yummy lunch before heading back to Taringa. On Saturday, Patty and I went to Streets Beach on South Bank. It’s a downtown beach! It’s cool because it’s chlorinated but it’s entirely made of sand on the bottom! Then today, we hung out around the apartments and worked on our tans yet again! If I’m going back to the U.S., the one thing I have to have is a good tan! The day was so nice and we enjoyed the sun while doing some homework and getting ready for the week. It’s crazy how fast this trip has gone and I’m leaving for Tasmania next Saturday! I have a lot to plan before we leave for Tasmania and New Zealand!

52: Fun with the Girls! | And here’s a little note from Kara to remember the evening..... Hello to you Lisa. I hope that when you read this you remember how kick ass Australia was. Because right now we are in Australia. Actually, we are at your apartment. I am drunk and you are starting to maybe slightly think about drinking some of the yummy drinks we make for you every day. I think that this time you like it, so we will see what happens. But now for some real stuff, AUSSIE KICKS ASS. We go to school only three days and the other days we go to cool places. NEVER FORGET IT!!!! FUN TIMES! LOVE YOU ROOMIE GIRL. Lets get crazy tonight, Fergie says so!

53: Friday, March 2, 2007 Yesterday our whole group went to Dreamworld! It was kind of a celebration for finishing school and getting ready to leave Brisbane. The amusement park was pretty fun. It’s not much compared to the parks we’re used to in the U.S. but still cool. We went on almost all the rides and I even went on some of the upside-down ones! A bunch of us went out to dinner that night, did karaoke at The Victory and danced at the Exchange. Today I’ve just been packing up all my stuff in the apartment and getting ready for Tasmania! | Dreamworld

54: Last night out in Brisbane...

56: Goodbye Brisbane!

57: Hello Tasmania! Saturday, March 3, 2007 Today, Alissa and I left for Tasmania! We flew from Brisbane to Melbourne, had a short layover, then flew to Hobart, Tasmania. We picked up our Yaris rental car and had an interesting time figuring out how to drive on the left side of the road. After getting the driving down, we made our way to the Central City Backpackers hostel and stayed our first night in Hobart. | Learning how to drive on the other side!

59: Sunday, March 4, 2007 We woke up early this morning and got our trip started! We stopped to get coffee and some groceries (peanut butter and jelly mostly) before we drove about 90 km to Port Arthur. We spent the whole day there, did the general tour, got dinner, found our hostel and did the late night Ghost Tour. It was pretty fun. And a little freaky! There's a ton of history and old stories of prisoners that died there. Plus the whole day was cold and dreary, which was perfect for a day at a prison. After the tour, we headed to the Port Arthur Caravan and Cabin Park to get some rest. | Port Arthur

60: Freycinet National Park | Freycinet National Park

61: Monday, March 5, 2007 We got up early again this morning and drove to Freycinet National Park and ate lunch at Richardson Bay. We walked around the park for a while until it started to rain. We continued driving west about 1.5 hours to a small little town called Ross. After a few nights of hostels, we decided it was finally time for a real hotel! We had to splurge....and it was so nice. We cleaned ourselves up and went to a nice little Italian place for dinner called Zeps, in Campbelltown just north of Ross. Next stop, Launceston!

62: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 Alissa and I left Ross this morning and drove 1.5 hours Northwest to Launceston, which is such a cute town! We checked into the Launceston City Backpackers, which was one of our nicer hostels so far. We made our way to the Launceston Gorge and hiked around for a while. It was so pretty! Afterwards, we walked around town and made use of the free internet at the Launceston Library. We went to Coles' grocery store and made soup and wheat rolls for dinner. We tried to take it easy after splurging on dinner and a hotel the night before! We stayed around the hostel and talked with a few other travelers! | Launceston

63: Pit stop for coffee!

64: Strahan | Wednesday, March 7, 2007 Today we drove 3.5 hours southwest to Cradle Mountain National Park and Strahan, on the western side of Tasmania. In Strahan, we first set up a place to stay at a place called Cosy Cabins, then got on the World Heritage Boat Cruise, which traveled through Macquarie Harbour! The boat ride was so windy! We stopped at Hell's Gates, which is known for its choppy and difficult passage, and we even saw some sperm whales! Then went to Sarah Island, which was the first home to convicts even before Port Arthur. We got to walk around for a little while before it started to pour! We got back on the boat and had a great dinner, including Milo (Aussie hot chocolate...but it wasn't very good though). We traveled along the Gordon River, which was gorgeous! We talked to some older people on the boat, headed back to the cabin and got more free internet!

67: Cadbury Chocolate Factory | Thursday, March 8, 2007 Today we drove another 4.5 hours southeast back to Hobart, completing our trip! On our way, we stopped at a few trails with waterfalls and great walking paths! Once back in Hobart, we went to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory for a tour and free goodies. Plus the gift shop was really cheap so we got some yummy treats to take home!

68: We left the Cadbury Factory around 4 p.m. and wandered around Hobart for a while. We went to Salamanca Place, which is famous for its street vendors on Saturday. We also checked out Elizabeth Pier and had dinner at Fish Frenzy. We just walked around without any agenda, which was really nice! When it was time, we turned in our rental car and camped out in the airport, hoping to not get kicked out! We ended up sleeping in the custodians locker room (turned into the most uncomfortable night I've ever had) and flew out on the first flight at 6 a.m. to return to Brisbane! | Tasmanian Totals Distance Driven = 1500km (930 mi) Hours in the Car = Too many too count Amount of Roadkill = Way too many

69: Friday, March 9, 2007 After our “interesting” night in the airport, we arrived back in Brisbane and returned to Taringa Gardens. After starting some laundry and repacking for New Zealand, I met up with Tara and we enjoyed our last day in Brisbane. We first went to UQ to use the internet, then took the CityCat to Queen Street and went to Pancakes on Broadway! They were so good. We spent the rest of the day shopping and Tara went to the Botanical Gardens. We also made one last stop to get some kebabs! They were so yummy! | new zealand | Saturday, March 10, 2007 Tara and I met up with some other people from our group and we all flew to New Zealand! We arrived around 6:30 pm after a 3 hour time change from Australia to New Zealand. (NZ is 3 hours ahead) Making us 19 hours ahead of the U.S.! We checked into the Base Hostel in downtown Auckland and walked around to see some of the sites including the Auckland Sky Tower and the wharf.

70: Sunday, March 11, 2007 Well we knew we wanted to go to Waitomo but we had no idea how we were planning on getting there. We woke up early and headed to the bus station, hoping to get to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves by 1pm. Fortunately, we caught a bus there and made it in time! We did the Black Abyss tour with the Legendary Black Water Rafting Company. First we abseiled 100 ft down a cave and rode a zipline down even farther. Our tour guides were really cool and showed us everything in the glowworm caves. Then we jumped off a cliff into the river on inner-tubes! The water was between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit and it was soooo cold! We went tubing on the river and finished by climbing up the waterfalls inside the caves. After getting out of the caves they gave us warm showers, soup and bagels.

72: Christchurch | Monday, March 12, 2007 Tara and I then spent the night at Juno Hall (a small cabin/hostel) and rode the bus back to Auckland. We returned just in time to catch our flight to Christchurch, NZ on the south island. Once again, we checked into the Base Hostel and hung out at the bar inside the hostel. They were playing pretty good music and we spent the rest of the night hanging out with some Kiwis!

73: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 After some good weather the past couple days, it finally started to rain this morning. We took a shuttle and picked up our rental camper van. The van is so cool! It has a refrigerator, stove, sink, microwave, and the table folds out into a full size bed. First, Tara and I stopped by Pac & Save to buy some groceries, and then we were on our way to Greymouth!

74: Tuesday, March 13, 2011 We drove 4 hours and about 320 km west across the mountains to Greymouth. Once we arrived, we checked into our first camper park. Our van is powered so we just plug into a powered site and we have electricity for a space heater and microwave. We went out to dinner and on our way home we bought some Cadbury Drinking Chocolate which was sooo yummy! We also got some ice cream bars called Jelly Tips, which an Australian recommended to us! | Greymouth

75: Happily trying out New Zealand desserts!

77: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 This morning we drove 150 km and made our way to Fox Glacier with a stop in Hokatika. This area along the west coast is known as Jade Country and has a bunch of jewelry shops. We did some shopping in Hokitika and continued on, passing by the Franz Josef Glacier and eventually to the Fox Glacier. | Hokitika

78: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 We checked into the Fox Glacier Campervan Park and walked around town. While confirming our hike for the next day, we ran into Kara! We were hoping to meet up and luckily we found her! That night we made a pasta dinner in our camper van and played games like MASH to keep ourselves entertained. Unfortunately, it got so cold that night! It was about 5 degrees Celsius that night, which is about 30 degrees Fahrenheit! | Fox Glacier

81: Thursday, March 15, 2007 I hiked a glacier today! It was so cool. Tara and I met up with our tour guide and hiked the Fox Glacier along with Kara and her sister Crista. They gave us cramp-ons to walk on the ice and then we walked all over! It was really cool to see and it was so odd to think that I was walking on a huge mass of ice! After hiking the glacier, we returned to our camper van, made some lunch and continued driving.

82: Thursday, March 15, 2007 We drove another 150 km south to Haast, which is our last stop on the coast. We made some soup for dinner and finally took a shower! It had been a couple days haha. Last but not least was the sunset view from our camper park! It was so amazing!

84: Hanging with the ducks! | lake hawea

85: Friday, March 16, 2007 Today we drove from Haast to Queenstown, stopping at a bunch of sites along the way. One of our first stops was at Lake Wanaka. The lake was so beautiful! We walked around the town for a little while then continued on to Queenstown.

86: Queenstown

87: Saturday, March 17, 2007 Last night we checked into the camper park and got a spot for our van. Today, we walked around Queenstown! We started by walking up the hill to the base of the gondola! We rode the gondola up the mountain and the view was gorgeous from the top. We could see all of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. At the top of the mountain they also had skateboard-type toys to sit on and ride down the hill! We had a blast. Later that night, we got some awesome desserts! Turns out New Zealand has the biggest variety of Big Kit Kat Bars I've ever seen!

88: Sunday, March 18, 2007 Today we went horseback riding! Tara was dying to ride horses the whole time we were in New Zealand. We had a great time! I haven't ridden a horse in so long so it was really fun. The day was pretty overcast but in only drizzled a little....thankfully it didn't rain! After horseback riding, we returned to the city and did a few more touristy type things around the city!

90: Monday, March 19, 2007 Today was our last day in Queenstown! We tried to go skydiving but because there was too much wind, we couldn't! So instead, we decided to go on the shotover jets through the Shotover River Canyons. Afterwards, we stopped at our favorite burger joint for the second time in 3 days...Fergburger! They have the BIGGEST burgers I've ever seen and they are so good!

91: Best and biggest burgers ever! | Last walk around Queenstown

92: Monday, March 19, 2007 After leaving Queenstown in the morning, we met up with some of the people from our program later that night back in Auckland. We decided to have one great last night abroad! Tara and I went out with our friends Bobby and Frost. It was definitely a great time!

94: Skydiving over Auckland, New Zealand | Tuesday, March 20, 2007 Today was our very last day abroad! And I can't believe what we got to do today....SKYDIVING! It was a very last minute change of plans but our friend Bobby was scheduled to do it so we decided to join him! It was so crazy but I'm so glad I did it! Tara and I were definitely nervous as we were getting ready but it was such a blast! Can't believe we actually did it!

98: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 So we finished skydiving just in time to get to the airport to catch our flight home! I can't believe how great this entire experience has been and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Back home we go now! Back to the real world!

99: Oh, the places I've been!

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