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Brian Jackson Mixbook Journal

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1: * Prologue Letter Of Introduction Dear Mrs Wyatt, i am a very athletic, cool , and funny person. im very easy to get along with. as a student im great, only thing that teachers may hate is that im very social. i would love to be treated fair because im going to treat you fair. i feel comfortable reading aloud and presenting projects because i have done it so many times before. i absolutely hate to read because for some reason i can never remember what i read because the passages are so long. im pretty good at writing but i prefer to talk to the class my strongest skills are listening , my weakest skills are testing. i would like to come out of this class with an A. that would be a big accomplishment for me. my skills are im a very good football player, my interest are girls and my hobbies are about anything. im most proud of making it to the 12th grade and being successful so far in football. one thing i must do in my lifetime is to make it out the struggle for me and my family.

2: BOAST * my name is Brian i ball like im black. im amazing you can ask about me. im a athlete and i can play any sport. straight cargo's and chinos i dont wear jorts. im a cool person easy to talk a chef at the crib I'll cook you beef stew.they say sally sold seashells down by the seashore. football fan run fast like im frank gore. i play football so imira call me football head hate south point red raiders so thats really dead. i show up shine and smack cause i never slack. during school im Brian but on the firld b-jack. im bout to end this boast competition never close. i serve you up as you was breakfast grits egg's and toast

4: #1 My plans after high school i plan to graduate and go to dental school at NC state or enter the pre-dentistry program at NCCU. but i also want to play football in college. whatever college i go to if i dont get a scholarship i will just walk on and try out for the team. i also want to get a job so i can pay for all my college supplies and shoes and clothing. after i get my four years and grad school over with i hopefully will be working as a dentist and making good money. then later in life while im successful i hope to have a great family and be living outside of Gastonia. if my dental career continues i will then have my own dental care.

5: #2 Background i have a pretty good background. i live with both of my parents i have a sister name Nicole Jackson and a Brother name Ryan Gordon, the both graduated from Ashbrook. i am the youngest. i have a dog its a lab and her name is Candi. Im from gastonia, i went to sherwood, grier, now Ashbrook.

6: #3 One English Liked Not Liked i enjoyed - going to dollar general with Mr. Paul, watching the movies, and acting out parts as characters. whenever we went to dollar general we had bought toys and socks for the kids in africa who were needy. also the great gatsby was a good book it was my favorite book we read. I didnt enjoy - all of the reading we had to do by ourselves. it feels like i cant focus when i read alone i also didnt like all the quizzes we too everyday

7: #4 Hobbies My hobbies are to play football and all other sports. my interest are girls and helping people. i play football for Ashbrook im a senior im #5 and i play receiver/slot. we are 2-0. for activities i like to go places and hang with all my boys and friends. i like going to different places ,shopping and i love shoes and clothes. i also love winter time.

8: #5 whats in a name my name fits me ,another name wouldnt sound right for me. Brian is my surname and O'neal is my middle name. my name is not christian but that doesnt mean i have a bad name.i am named after my dad but im not a junior. my middle name goes with shaquille oneal. i have weird initials "BJ" you know what people think.! i have no symbolic meanings

9: #6 alphabet A-agile quickness movement B-basic producing C-churchly-relating to church D-defensive-defending against E- elusive elude caption F- fierce savage G-given specified H-helper one that helps I-impetuous forceful energy J-jolly good humor K-keeper one that keeps L-likeable well liked M-mature grown up N-mice kind O-outstanding wonderful P-peaceful laid back calm Q-quick moving rapid R-registered qualified S-simple easy going T-thankful happy rejoice U- understandable easy to understand V-voluntary free will to help W-welcome greet Z-zoned out of it

10: Likes dislikes #7 football liars all sports cowboys shoes cheaters clothes reading family thieves friends 3rd period girls fried chicken philly eagles nosey people gatorade japanese food

11: #8 sensory experience over the summer i went to plenty of cookouts. it would be steaming hoy and the sun would be blazing down on us. my favorite food out of all would be the mac and cheese. the smell of fish would just make it even better. it was also fun to see all my cousins and family all together. we would play a lot of games and football. the best part was hearing the music play and the sound of food cooking in the pots or grill. when its time to eat all the food stacked on your plate just the feeling of touching the food sets it off.

12: #9 metaphorical definitions 1. fun is enjoying whatever you like doing. 2.happiness is having your fam. 3.sorrow is someone that dies 4.pain is gettin hurt in football is getting your fav. thing. 6.calm is listening to music 7.athletic is brian jackson 8.relaxing is vacation 9.comfort is pleasant 10. mad is losing

13: #10 Color Your world Yellow is a color you wear in the summer time to be fine. Green is the color for wealth that gives you health. White is the color of pure that doesnt bring fear. Brown is the color of my skin that makes you like a fin. Red is anger so watch out for danger. Blue is the sky where all birds fly.

14: #11 Room Sweet Room my room is a room to remember. if you like sports i have sports in my room, football and basketball. i have a ashbrook football fathead with my number on the helmet makes it personally my room including my baby pictures and family. The PS3 makes my room even funner.

15: #12 Personal Metaphors Animal- honey badger Car- bentley Clothing -dressy clothes Day of Week- friday Food-Japanese Color-gold Movie-friday night lights fragrance-polo Type Of Building -tall Plant- Elephant Ear Instrument-Guitar Shape- circle Furniture-Table Song -Gon Hit that 50 Season -Winter TV character - Bugs Bunny Cartoon/Comic-Juggernaut Machinery-chainsaw natural phenomenon- tsunami Word-ANIMAL!!!

16: #13 Symbolic Recipe i am tablespoon of sweet cup of athlete teaspoon talkative pint nice gallon good looking quart of funny first you get the tablespoon of sweet. then you add a cup of athlete. after thats you put a teaspoon of talkative,then you put in a pint of nice. next you put a big gallon of good looking and a quart of funny. mix it all together then you have an amazing person.

17: #14 All purpose Excuse this morning i woke up late because my phone was broke and i didnt have anything to wake me up. then i went in the bathroom and couldnt find my tooth brush, when i found it the water wouldnt come on because the water line had shut down. then i started putting my clothes on but my zipper had broke on my jeans so i had to find another pair and iron them. when i was getting in the car my key broke off in my ignition and wouldnt start. it finally came on . when i was on the way to school the traffic light broke and i had to direct traffic, im here now

18: #15 Telling Tales when i was young i remember when i played outside with my sister and neighbor.we played almost everyday.but on that one day we decided to be wild and find a tree to climb up in our yard. it was the biggest on there and it looked strong enough. we started to climb and i get halfway up there and i slipped on a limb and fell off. before i knew it i had landed on my head and knocked myself out. when i woke up i had mulch all over me ,my sister thought it was hilarious so i just went in the house took my shower and went to sleep.

19: #16 mysterious place there is this fantasy that is like a huge sports plus building. it has a huge 100 yard field with an automatic fan club in the stadium screaming. there is is a basketball court a tennis court and a baseball field. its like a sports heaven. the after you are done you get treated like a real athlete. you get a ice bath a paycheck and a pack of gatorades.

20: #17 unfinished sentences 1.i usually worry about my future 2.i feel angry when i lose moody when im aggravated happiest when i win and have a good game. 5.i feel confident when im balling 6.i feel frustrated where were down as a team 7.i feel depressed when i have a bad game 8. i am comfortable being around my people nervous before i play sentimental my last game | #17 unfinished sentences 1.i usually worry about my future 2.i feel angry when i lose moody when im aggravated happiest when i win and have a good game. 5.i feel confident when im balling 6.i feel frustrated where were down as a team 7.i feel depressed when i have a bad game 8. i am comfortable being around my people nervous before i play sentimental my last game

21: #18 in other words 1. "i got to make this move i have to do this now if they dont know your dreams then they cant shoot them down" 2. "ima kill the game and invite witnesses" 3."my life is a uh depend on how you dress her". 4."i had a dream i could buy my way to heaven" 5."work hard die hard" 6."i love myself so much everyday i buy a gift" 7."whats a start when the most important fan is missing" 8."i can do it all" 9."work hard play " 10"ima star how can i not shine"

22: #19 Flashback if i could relive a moment it would be the times i have with my family and my "bros". those are the funniest times i have, there are so many moments i cant pick just one.

23: #20 remember things present Music sports football family friends money clothes shoes favorite hobbies

24: #21 As time goes bye-bye one thing i want to do is make it to college and play football and become a dentist. those are my future goals. i have already said goodbye to high school football and im going to miss it. i didnt want it to end this early and i wish i had another year. my specific goal is just to be successful.

25: #22 My Own List Of Lists 1.People who influence me ~ Tyrann Mathieu ~ My Aunt ~Baron Davis ~My dad ~My sis ~Mr. Mason 2.Places that make me happy ~Church ~Gym ~Walmart ~Malls ~Sport Places ~Friends Houses 3.Places i would like to go ~Heaven ~Honduras ~ A Island ~Italy ~Europe ~Mall of america | 4. Things in people i like ~personality ~humor ~style ~being cool ~clothing ~girls 5.Thing in people I dislike ~being aggy ~nosey people ~mean people ~loud people ~people who stare ~people who lie 6. Things that worry me ~failing ~losing my family ~being successful ~getting a scholarship ~leaving my family ~losing my sis

26: 7. Things id like to know how to do ~play guitar ~wrestle ~build a house ~fix a car ~write ~play organ/piano 8. Things that have moved me ~Eric Legrand story ~sad stories ~people who made it ~things that i relate to ~true stories ~inspiration 9. ideas that intrigue me ~me making it ~am i gone be famous ~where will i live ~what i will be remembered as ~am i going to college ~will i become a dentist | #22 10. My personal favorites ~football ~interest in dentistry ~shoes ~clothes ~games ~my family

27: MAP OF LIFE #23 1.MARCH 3RD 1995 BORN AT 8:00 2. 1996 On Christmas Day i ate wrapping paper 3. 1997 i got my first haircut after i had long hair. 4. 1998 i always broke stuff. 5. 1999 i started playing B-Ball and we won the championship. 6. 2000 i was in kindergarten at Sherwood. 7. 2003 i was in 3rd grade is was a FUN year 8. 2005 i was in 5th grade i placed 2nd in the 80 yard dash. 9. 2008 i was in 8th grade and i was FAT 10. 2009 i was a freshman and played baseball. 11. 2010 i played JV football 10th grade o-line #67 12. 2011 I moved to tight end had #84 i didnt get in at all :( 13. 2012-2013 i started slot/receiver #5 had 396 yards 3 Td's 100 yard games and was known for playing and making big plays, going to play in college now im skinny!!

28: #24 A Day in the life there was a guy name Brian Jackson who played football. he was a great player that made crazy plays. he was#5 and play receiver/slot. he was also a smart student who attended Ashbrook high School. he plans to go to college to become a dentist and continue to play football he is looking at 6 schools in georgia and 2 schools in NC . before you know it you will be reading about this kid.

30: #25 cheer yourself up! watching football going fishing talking to my sister and bro reading the bible working out talking to my boys listening to music being alone laughing sleeping eating

31: #26 Look who i look up to I admire the NBA player Baron Davis. he is my favorite player and i look up to him as a great person. when i was 4-7 years old i had the same number as him when he played for the hornets i look up to the LSU player tyrann mathieu his nickname is the honey badger. because even though he is small he is fearless and has the heart of a lion. i admire my sister because she is the coolest person you will ever meet. she is just like me and i can talk to her about anything.

32: #27 One Medium Suitcase in the medium suitcase i would pack all my good clothes and shoes and pack my money up. i would go to the store and buy the remainder of my stuff. all you have to do to make the clothes fit is roll them up.

33: #28 The perfect Present i would ask for all the knowledge in the world, you can never get enough knowledge.

34: #29 Memorable Event my most memorable event was when i scored my first touchdown of my life. it was this year my senior year against crest homecoming game. it was the craziest touchdown ever. i caught it with one hand and took it to the CRIB!!! the crowd went crazy you can look it up on my highlight tape on youtube. it was a 56 yard touchdown best day of my life

35: #30 How To.. how to survive football practice. there is really not a way to survive football. you just have to be in shape and be prepared to get hit and be able to take it. but football is a violent sport . it involves a lot of running and you have to get used to getting hollered at. i survived 3 years at Ashbrook.

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