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S: All About the Navy: Cameron Davis

1: Naval History Air Craft Carriers Joining the Navy Equipment An interview with a Top Gun Instructor My Bio | Table of contents

2: Naval History In this part of the article you will learn about Navy history. Balloon carriers were large wooden barges used in the civil war. They were used for looking out for enemies, so a person would get in the balloon and look through a telescope down where the enemies would attack. The first fixed wing aircraft was launched in 1903. The French navy had the La Foudre; it was the first U.S. seaplane carrier. | USMC

4: Aircraft Carriers Did you know that modern day aircraft carriers evolved from balloon carriers? They were large wooden barges that carried big air balloons. In this article you will learn about the aircraft carrier itself, history of the Navy, the sailors who live on the boat, as well as the jets and helicopters that fly off the carrier. Did you know that a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier has 2 nuclear reactors and that an aircraft carrier is 1000 ft. long? They also cost $17 billion dollars! Maybe that’s why only France, India, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Thailand, the UK and the USA. There’s even one that is way bigger than this one, it weighs 80,000 ton’s, holds over 5,000 people, 100 air craft and 8 nuclear reactors! It’s called U.S.S Enterprise.

6: Joining the Navy In this part of the article you will learn what sailors had to do to actually be a sailor. Also you will get to know about some of the sailors who fought for the United States. The first thing you have to do to be a sailor you have to talk to a recruiter, and talk about what you want to do as a sailor. Next you have to talk it over with your parents, because most of the times they really don’t want you to join because of the risks. The next step is to fill out an application, informing them of your social security number, giving them your birth certificate, and they check you for a criminal record. Then after you are finished filling out the application you can start off with some training. You also have to be in good shape, they just don’t want some non-healthy person walking in asking for an application! After that, you’re ready to be a good ol’ sailor!

8: Naval Equipment Do you ever wonder what kind of jets Navy pilots fly in these days, or how most jets get past enemy radars, or how fast do jets go? Well in this part of the article you are going to find out the answers to all those questions! An average jet fighter picks up speeds from 0 to 165 in 2 seconds, now that’s sick! The F/A 18 Hornet has a speed of mach 1.8. It is the first strike fighter. This fighter has a range of 1,275 miles, which means it can fly that far with out running out of fuel! It has a wingspan of 44.9 feet, they have some long wings. This better be a good jet because it costs 29 million dollars! But the Hawkeye cost way more than that, infact it costs nearly $100 million, to be exact it costs $80 million! You might ask yourself why the navy needs a Hawkeye. Well the reason why they need a Hawkeye is because it goes out in front of the other fighters and uses its radar to detect enemies. Now if that didn’t happen then the fighters wouldn’t know that the enemies were coming and they would be able to catch them off guard and attack. This jet weighs 53,000 pounds, that’s a lot of weight! It has a wingspan of 80 feet W.O.W!

10: NA | Naval Helicopters The aircraft carrier has two main helicopters. First there is the Sea Hawk then there the Sea Dragon. To start of with there both anti-submarine war-fares. So now I am going to tell you about the Sea Hawk and Sea Dragon. Well first the Sea Dragon costs $10 million. It goes 180 knots max! W.O.W. Now for the Sea Dragon. The Sea Dragon is 21,000 to 23,000lb. Now the Sea Hawk. The Sea Hawk is 53 feet 8 inches.

12: My interview with a TOP GUN INSTRUCTOR I interviewed Lt. Cunningham and this is what I asked him and what he said. First I asked him what it’s like being in the navy and he said that it is fun but challenging. Then I asked him why he wanted to join the navy and he responded with he likes to serve his country. Then I asked him what he teaches his students and he said he teaches them the basics of flying and fighting in a jet. Next I asked him if it was fun to teach other people and he said yes it is. After that I asked him what’s the toughest part about being in the navy and he said that it was being away from his family.

14: This is the Story About Me The most exciting thing that happened to me was when I got to ride with my cousin on his red and blue Suzuki Motorcycle. We went 164 mph. Now that is some Speed! We went pass Penn Park at lighting speed. Then we went to the gas station where I smelled the fumes from the hot pipes. We got some pretzels and I thought, “Man that was really awesome!” Hi, my name is Cameron Davis. I am 9 years old. My address is 714 south Queen St. I was born in Bakersfield, California. My mom and dad’s name are Jolisha Swords and James Davis. I enjoy living in York, PA. My favorite sport to participate in is baseball. At practice we do sprints, throwing, batting practice and stretching. Baseball really keeps us in good shape. I have awesome teammates who let me go over to their house after practice. We have a clubhouse that’s painted like the American flag. We love to talk about baseball and our stats and how to improve them.

15: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Bakersfield, California. As I said that is my home town. Also, my sister is there. It is always hot. That is why I like it there because I always get to play outside. My personal heroes are my parents. The reason why is because they always talk to me when I am feeling down and I really love them! I like how they care for me and always make shore that I am well dressed! The hardest I remember laughing was when my sister was acting like a boy! First she didn’t twitch. Then she started to talk like a boy. And to finish it of she even made a boy face! The saying I use most often is I know. The reason why is because people think that I am always wrong when most of the time I am right. If I had the opportunity to host my own talk show, the three people I would choose to be my guests are Mr. Martin, Mrs.Pessingnelloi, and Mrs.Elby. The reason why I would pick them is because they always want to help someone when they need it. The show would be about Learning about the Navy and I would call it Learning Navy Academy (LNA). I love my parents because they love me, they care about me, and they take care of me! My favorite animal is the Rot-Wriler because they look cool and if I ever get in to a jiffy he’ll be my back up. My favorite thing to do in school is gym. The reason why is because you can play and exercise at the same time. Another reason why is because it is fun! And that was the story about me.

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