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Dalmatian Coast (1) Greece and Albania September 2011

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Dalmatian Coast (1) Greece and Albania September 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Dalmatian Coast (1) September 2011 Greece and Albania

FC: Greece and Albania Photographs by Paul A Gitman

1: Athens, Acropolis

2: Athens, Acropolis, Erectheion

3: Athens, Acropolis, Erectheion, Porch of the Caryatids

4: Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon

5: Athens, Acropolis

6: Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon

7: Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike

9: Athens, Acropolis, Odeon of Herodes Atticus

10: Athens, Acropolis, Odeon of Herodes Atticus | Mosiac remains

11: Athens, Acropolis, Theater of Dionysus

12: Athens, Arch of Hadrian which was entrance into Temple of Olympian Zeus

13: Temple of Olympian Zeus

14: Temple of Olympian Zeus

15: Temple of Olympian Zeus

16: Athens, Roman Agora, Gate of Athena Archegetis which was entrance to the Roman Agora. The Agora was the center of commercial activity of the city during Roman Times. It was constructed between 19 and 11 BCE by the Roman Emperor Augustus to accommodate the commercial enterprises of the city, with shops, storerooms and offices.

17: Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds Designed by a famous astronomer (Andronikos of Kyrrhos) to be an elaborate water clock (on the inside), sundial (on the outside), and weather vane (on the top)

18: Athens, Library of Hadrian

19: Athens, Library of Hadrian

20: Athens, Overlooking Lykavittos Hill and Ancient Agora, Stoa of Attalos | Athens, Ancient Agora Stoa of Attalos

21: Athens, Ancient Agora Stoa of Attalos

22: Athens, Ancient Agora Stoa of Attalos

23: Athens, Ancient Agora Odeon of Agrippa | Remnat of road adjacent to Ancient Agora.

24: Athens, Ancient Agora, Temple of Hephaistos. It is thought to be the best-preserved of the Greek Temples. Constructed between 449 and 415 BCE, this temple is of the Doric order.

25: Athens, The Filopappos Monument Constructed sometime between 114 and 116 CE. This monument is the tomb Caius Julius Antiochos Philopappos, who was a member of the royal family of a small Hellenistic kingdom located in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria.

26: Athens, Ancient Agora, Church of the Holy Apostles | Athens, Acropolis at night, view from our hotel

27: Athens, Lysicrates Monument. The Monument was constructed in commemoration of a choral victory that took place sometime around 335 to 334 BCE. | Athens, statue across from Temple of Zeus

28: Athens

29: Athens, Parliament Tomb of Unknown Soldier

30: Athens, Pnyx The Pnyx was was the official meeting place of the Athenian democratic assembly (ekklesia) | Acropolis

31: Olympic stadium | Athens, Synagogue

32: Athens, Kerameikos The biggest and most important necropolis in Athens

33: Athens, Church of Kapnikarea | Athens, church

34: Athens, The Sanctuary of Zeus and the chapel of Haghia Marina (c. 1250) | Athens, overlooking Lykavittos Hill

35: Athens, Tortoise | Statue decorated with shopping bags. Near Temple of Zeus

36: Athens, Church of Agios Elefrtherios built in 13th century

37: Corinth Canal

38: Itea, Greece Olive trees growing in the valley

39: Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo For many centuries this was the religious and spiritual center of the Ancient Greek world. The cult of Apollo became established at Delphi 11-19c BCE | Delphi, Sacred Way

40: Delphi, Temple of Apollo where the Oracle sat

41: Delphi, looking down on Theatre and Temple of Apollo

42: Delphi, The Treasury of the Athenians

43: Delphi, Temple of Apollo | Delphi, looking down on Theater

44: Delphi, the Stadium

45: Delphi, Museum

47: Delphi, Museum

48: Traveling to Ithaka, Greece

50: Traveling to Ithaka, Greece Walled city | Ithaka, Greece

51: Ithaka, Greece , Port of Vathi early morning

52: Ithaka, Greece, Port of Vathi

54: Ithaka, Greece , Port of Vathi

55: Ithaka, Greece , Monastery of Our Blessed Virgin. The Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa, the protector saint of the island.

56: Ithaka, Greece , Monastery of Our Blessed Virgin | Ithaka, Greece, Bell Tower in Anogi Hamlet

58: Ithaka, Greece ,Town of Stavros

59: Ithaka, Greece, view leaving Vathi

60: Albania, Harbor of Sarande, sunrise

62: Albania, Harbor of Sarande, sunrise

63: Albania, Harbor of Sarande | Albania, Sarande On the first day of school children bring flowers to their teacher.

64: Albania, Sarande Building destroyed by city because there were no valid building permits | Albania, Sarande Building used as garage for old cars

65: Albania, Butrint (UNESCO World Heritage Site). 4th century BCE sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius

66: Albania, Butrint 3rd century BCE Theatre

67: Albania, Butrint A Roman bath-house of 2nd century AD (top)

68: Albania, Butrint A well in the Forum (Agora), the civic and commercial heart of the city. Can see the rope marks from hauling well water up from below

69: Albania, Butrint the Agora | Albania, Butrint, 6th century baptistry

70: Albania, Butrint, Lake Gate. Hellenistic gate in the 4th century BCE walls | Albania, Butrint The Great Basilica, early Christian church of 6th century

71: Albania, Butrint, Venetian Tower constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries

72: Albania, Harbor of Sarande

73: Albania, Sarande, Lekuris Castle and bunkers

75: Albania, Porto Palermo Ali Pasha's Castle, built in the 19th century for his favorite wife | Albania, Porto Palermo.Our ship,

76: Albania, Porto Palermo, Ali Pasha's Castle. Concert given by flutist Vendim

77: Albania, Porto Palermo Ali Pasha's Castle

78: Albania, Porto Palermo, Ali Pasha's Castle, sunset

79: Albania, sunrise heading to Port of Durres

81: Albania, Kruje Old capital of Albania, walled city

82: Albania, Kruje Museum

83: Albania, Kruje Market

84: Albania, Kruje remains of fortress | Albania, Kruje Market

85: Albania, Kruje

86: Albania, Kruje Ethnographic Museum

87: Albania, Tirane Statue of George W.Bush | Albania, Tirane, Opera house | Tirane, National Historic Museum

88: Tirane, Palace of Congress | Tirane, Parliament Building | Tirane, University

89: Albania, Tirane

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