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S: Denny Adelman

FC: Denny Adelman

1: It all started in Akron Ohio. A very young Denny decided it was time for him to go to work. And guess where he went!

2: EMBARKING ON A ONCE IN A LIFETIME | Denny misunderstood "Senior Prom"

3: Samples of some of Denny's early work.

4: Always looking for a reason to celebrate, Denny found his niche in the Akron Ohio JCPenney store.


6: Denny has seen JCP through many changes

8: And for Denny - it's always been about the people.

9: THAT WAY | GO THIS WAY | And the Beer!

10: Hi Denny: YOU ROCK! YOU ARE THE BOMB! YOU'RE ALL THAT.....and more! WOW! I never thought the day would come that I would be congratulating you on your retirement. Where did the time go when we would breeze into town, put a store together, have a little fun, and then return home tired and worn out but anticipating the next trip? Those were some of the most important times in my career. That is when I could learn even more from you and the other store environment folks. I will never forget the first time I met the infamous Denny Adelman. We were opening the 7 stores in Washington D.C. We had all heard of Denny, but who is this guy really? Little did we know we were in for the ride of our lives. You taught us to be professional, always push to be a little better, and notice the details. "Yes", we thought you were a little crazy when you presented us all with our buttons that said "NO STUFF"! How would we ever make a store look good without that old, dusty, plastic greenery? What about those precious, nasty, flea bitten books from the goodwill store that we use in men's clothing? How will we ever make it through this? This Denny guy has lost his mind. Doesn't he know we spent $100. on those treasures? Of course, you were right. You were a pioneer in our world and we are all the better for having you in it.

11: I hope you are able to fathom the impact you had on our lives (both personal and professional). You were the first person to ever see my first house. My family and friends had not even seen it yet. You gave the Denny seal of approval and I knew it was the right house. You single handed increased the quality of store environment management throughout your region. We thought of ourselves differently-not to mention how we were thought of by others. We were proud to be managers in our region. You brought the talent out of us and taught how to use our talent and increase our value to the store. You helped us see our potential when we all did not get it yet. Denny, we also had plenty of fun times. I will never forget being at the Rodeo in Dallas with our group. Most of us were like fish out of water with our plastic hats and cheap boots. Did we stick out like sore thumbs or what? A group of us elected you as official "Button Boy" of the hot tub. When it was time to get out and push the button to make bubbles you were our man. That took real talent that the rest of us just did not have. We could always count on you to push us to our limits in a store and then relax and have some fun later. We are all the better for knowing you and having you as our leader. I will always have the most respect and admiration for you. I owe my career to you. I hope your retirement years are all that you hope and dream. Congratulations on this milestone in your life. I hope someday you will be writing in my memory book about the crazy things I do. Please take care of yourself and your family. As always, you are welcome in my home anytime you can get away. Our favorite hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach is no longer there, but the memories remain in the sand and in my mind. Best of luck to you and please don't become a stranger. With all due respect and sincerity I say "Thank You and see you later my friend". Best Regards, Curt W. Conn

14: Denny

15: Denny What can I say? You won me over the first time we met. The funny, over the top, way you ask for help. The pitiful tone in your voice when you need something. And of course the sound of your boisterous laugh that I can hear all the way down at my desk. I tease you, but honestly there are so many things I will miss about you. Your laugh is definitely at the top of my list. That look you get on your face when you ask for my help. And the way you always check on me and start my day with a smile. I wish you and Jean decades of happiness in this new chapter. You have given so much to us in your 43 years with Penney’s it’s fitting you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am excited for you and Jean as you start this new adventure and a little envious too! Take care, my friend, and know you will be truly missed beginning June 1st. Ok, maybe June 2nd. All the best, Amy Starr

18: Dear Denny, I will never forget the first time I met you, it was 1989 and it was in Kingston, MA store 2413 Store Opening. Everyone was buzzing about Denny, “Wait until you meet Denny” they would all say, “He’s coming”, “He’ll be here any minute”. I remember asking my boss, who is this guy? You would think God was coming to visit.... Little did I know!!!!! I remember when you showed up! I was like, that’s Denny??? OH LORD! The receptionist had to page you for a call and she paged “Dennis Adelman” and you came in and read her the filth, you said, I am ”Mr. Adelman” and I thought OH LORD! There are way too many memories, I just want you to know the impact you have had on me, my career, my life! I will never forget what you have taught me! All the Fun times we would laugh and the not so fun times when you made me cry.... The tremendous impact you have had on all of our stores! That is a legacy that will never be forgotten! I Thank you Denny from the bottom of my heart! You have been such a great mentor and friend! I wish you and Jean the most amazing retirement! It is only the beginning!! Know that you will be missed! Much love & Respect! -Rob Scichilone

22: Denny - Congratulations on your retirement. You have been a great mentor and friend. You have a great eye for details and I have learned a great deal from your leadership during our time working together. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Best regards to my friend, Al Simmons District Manager 8116

23: Denny, Congratulations on 42 years of service that is awesome. I know your partners here in the Home Office and out in the Stores over the years have appreciated your dedication to the JCPenney Company for “42 Years”. Denny, you will be remembered for a very long time. Thanks for your help with all the New Stores, Renovations and Small Projects over the years. The JCPenney Company on May 31, 2012 will lose a valuable asset when you retire. I hope the next 20 years are filled with awesome days at home and great times with family and friends. Denny whatever is next for you – I know you will be successful, have a great retirement. Enjoy, Roy Reades

24: Denny, Dennis, fastest walker in the building ... ...when he wants to get somewhere quick. It’s been said that if we could pick you up from your head, your legs would still be going full throttle like the energizer bunny. Well my friend, it’s time for your departure from the pink palace. A knight that has been released to live a life of freedom, without going into an everyday battle. You will be missed. I will always remember the time I first met you. We were opening the 7 stores in the Northeast. I was up there with Terzo, coming down the escalator and there you were. One look at me and you asked "What are you doing here?" No hi, no hello, just “what are you doing here”? I didn’t know you from Adam, but at that moment, I new who you were. Your reputation preceded you. I simply said I am at the Home Office now. In my mind I LOL. You said, and I quote you, NO ONE TOLD ME THAT. I walked away. Did not talk to you till you came into the fold at the HO. You sat across from my office. So sweet, you would come into my office and asked for help. My answer was “NO”. Payback was sweet. As time went on we came to know each other and now Friends. Old age does this to us, you know. Denny we have always had good times, reminiscing about the old days, happy hour at Chili’s, dinner with friends, gatherings and you know what we will continue to do so. This is not farewell between you and me,but simply me wishing you the best that life has to offer. Embrace everyday and live it to the fullest. Be Happy. God Bless you and Jean on your new venture together into RETIREMENT LAND. Take Care Fermin Sandoval

28: Ah Denny you have brought so many moments to my life that I will always remember. You were a great inspiration to me and I have so much admiration for you. You may have not known that, because though I can be vocal about other things my feelings towards people I respect I have a tendency to keep to myself a lot of the time. Mainly because when it does come out I sound like an excited school girl just seeing Justin Bieber for the first time! I have to keep some control! I enjoyed opening Valley View with you in '97. What fun we had work and partying at the hotel with the team. I think that was the last time I ever sat in a hot tub with someone from the Home Office. I remember when you first got your supped up red jeep and brought it to the store and gave me and John Mays a ride in it listening to your hard core music...ABBA! The fun we had at Roy Calhoun's Birthday party when I first met your wife Jean, who made a backing up noise while entering my lap to give me a lap dance....beep beep beep....AWKWARD!!! "Hi cutie I'm Jean, Dennis is my husband! Do you know Dennis?" She pointed you out right when you looked over at me. I mouthed to you "Help ME!!!". You just smiled and turned to get your beverage. Thanks...thanks a lot! Yes I remember the moments , some scarring, but with some enjoyment that I did get some intimate moment with you to know the other side of Denny Adelman. I am glad I did. YOU are a great person and I wish the very best for you on your retirement. ---------------- Jon Bloackburn

30: Denny, I wish you the best in your future life travels. I didn't have the privilege of working with you, but I did get to meet and visit with you on several occasions. You are quite the comic and always kept the room spinning with laughter and hysteria. Never a dull moment with Denny around. May your future be as bright and as wonderful as you can imagine it to be..... Best of Luck! Michelle Ezell

31: Denny, It is my loss to have not had more time to learn from you. The blessing will be to see your work in the eyes and stride of those you have mentored. Through my colleagues, you will inspire me. Through the changes to come, I will think of you often. Thank you for your inspiration! Congratulations on your retirement! Age is opportunity no less, Than youth itself, though in another dress, And as the evening twilight fades away, The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Best Wishes, Sherry Ionta DMEL #8136

32: Denny, I want to thank you for your 42 years of nothing but the very best to Commitment to Excellence to our home,jcp. You have been a huge player to everything and every decision made through all the changes the company has gone through. Your smiling face and strong personality will be missed by all. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful happy, healthy journey on this new road to personal success. Thank you for everything Denny! Kindest regards ----- Donna Simmons

33: Denny, They say you measure a man's success by how he lived his life with one simple question, did he live life with passion. You my friend lived your JCPenney life with passion! Thank you for the forty plus years you have given to the company. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and embracing spirit will be missed by all you have touched. Your legacy lives on with all you have mentored! Congratulations on your retirement! I know you will live it too with passion! All my best, Tim

34: Denny They say when you leave JCPenney, 5 minutes after your gone the work will go on and people will not remember who you were.Denny Who? Well I think that is true in most cases, but you are certainly the exception. Who could forget the Denny walk? Who could forget the famous Denny quotes?”That’s just bull shit.”. “Have fun with that.”..“Your in the weeds.”.”No.” and my personal favorite “Why would anyone think I would be an expert on floral arrangements and wedding planning?” Who could forget the way you gave of yourself? Who could forget your honesty? Who could forget the way you care for the people in your life? Who could forget you? Your footprints are deep, because you took the time to care. Thanks for being a great mentor, and thanks for being a friend. MIKE

35: I will miss “the King”. Denny as “the King” not only opened every single JCP store, but is also “the King” that has closed/renovated/relocated/expanded/consolidated/retrofitted every single JCP store in the company. I don’t think there is a store layout out there that you don’t know by heart! I will miss the “Denny Slideshows” covering topics like the history of the jcpenney logo since the company’s inception, how to protect the jcpenney brand, or what “to do” and “not to do” when it comes to store execution. You’ve taught me so much in the last two years that I will never be able to repay that debt. I will remember to not get disengaged in meetings (like some do), be mindful of what doors my comments may open or close, to always use bullets in notes, and to always protect the store at all costs. You will remain on speed dial for restaurant/tourist recommendations for all cities in the East Coast. I congratulate you on such a full career, and hope that you enjoy critiquing our store changes in the years to come. I envision email punchlists in my future from you. Thank you Denny for everything. Don’t make me miss you too much! Suzanne Allers Aka “little one”

38: Denny, What can I say about your importance to the Company, Region, Districts and Stores. You have been great, a true jcpenney partner! Denny, you truly exemplify the meaning of HCSC; you have touched so many peoples careers and lives. As I sit here, I begin to think of so many Denny stories that I have heard throughout my travels in the Northeast Region the last seven years. These stories bring laughter and joy to my heart. Denny, we can never replace you but instead we will simply close this chapter of your life and allow you to move onto the next phase. Enjoy your family and friends and may retirement serve you well. Melvin Paxton SVP, Regional Manager Northeast Region

39: I will never forget the time when Matt, Lori, and I traveled to Manhattan and helped Vicki get ready for the Grand-Opening for the New Manhattan store....we all met up with Denny one night on the roof top of the Hotel where there was a restraunt. We had a few drinks and Denny ordered 4 really good PIZZA's. These pizza's were HUGE. We left nothing behind, they were soooo good and we were stuffed! We laughed all night and had a great time on top of the roof over- looking New York. That night will be forever in my memory and how I want to remember a great guy who I wish nothing but the best...good health, great times with friends and family, travels to him and his dear wife Jean! Robyn and I will MISS you dearly. We love you! Barbie Gennock

40: “Denny, it has been a pleasure working with you. I am going to have to have Lynn, Suzanne and Mike to call me and yell out to me on the phone as it is going to be too quite around here with you retiring and them making the move to another part of the buildingI want to wish you the very best in your retirement and now that you and your wife will have all this extra time on your hands you can come out to listen to me and the bandsomething that you have been promising to do!” Janie Mansfield

41: Congratulations Denny on more than 40 years with JCPenney! What an accomplishment! Remember all the “fun” we had during the PD101 class a few years ago? I think it was an advantage to our team to have your region as a case study. You knew the stores well! What a crazy and exhausting week! I wish you much happiness in the next chapter of your life. I truly hope you enjoy your retirement!!! Lori Lessmann

42: Dear Denny, It seems like just yesterday that I met you. It was a highlight for me; there you were at the Avon launch. I'd heard about your "greatness" and was excited to meet you. :-) With sweaty palms and a nervous stomach, I finally got up my nerve to introduce myself. I told you how glad I was to finally meet you. Yep...back then, I was excited to flatter you! LOL!! In Denny fashion, you looked at me, said nothing and walked away! A short time later, I'm assigned to the home office and guess who I sit next to? Lord help me...YOU!! LOL!!! I remember telling you during my first week that I didn't like you and you were mortified! I thought you might cry!! :-) Those events were the kick start to an awesome friendship, in which I have so many fond memories!!! I'll never forget our beer days at Chili's, where the event allowed "Denny the Great" to vent his many frustrations! I quickly learned that your just a big ole' baby!! All joking aside though....Denny, you are a wonderful friend and very talented guy. It really has been my privilege to work along side you over the years and a greater privilege to call you my friend. I am really happy for you and Jean as you enter your retirement years. I love you guys and am so thankful to be a part of your family. I'm going to miss you at the office, but look forward to a continued friendship in the years ahead! God's blessings to you and your family in this next chapter of life! Sincerely, Debra

43: Denny, When I first began working in the Home Office and the Lewisville sets, you stood out among many as the person who knew how “to make it happen” and always had the best interests of the stores in mind. Never shying away from tackling difficult challenges, you constantly “raised the bar” for all of us. Thank you for all that you have taught me. I know we have joked many times about the over arching “presence” of Denny who thinks all associates, stores, and districts belong to him – but truly you have been the face of Store Environment for years. Denny, no one can replace you because you are one-of-a-kind. Whatever will we do when you are gone? Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. Brad

44: Denny So you’re leaving And I’m so sad Wish I could yell, scream Get real mad But I can’t Cause I’m just happy And glad for you And all the things You’ll get to do Cause you’re retiring And even though You’ll be missed I know you’ll be In retirement bliss Thinking of us Cause back here In JCP land We don’t always Show our hand And say what’s on our minds But I don’t mind Saying this In fact I actually Must insist Thank you for everything you have taught me and for believing in me!! Laurie C. Holman DMEM 8135

45: Denny, I believe I have the distinction of knowing you the longest. It was 1981 as I recall. You were tooling around the District in your Red Camaro working for Ed Smith the District Manager. I was working at store 1071 for Chris Kraft in “Display”. We had several years in the District together before you moved on to the Region in 1986. I cannot believe how the years have flown by. I still cannot thank you enough for going to bat for me so I had a shot at following you in the DVMM position. They were BIG shoes to fill even back then. You have always been a great teacher and advocate for all of us in the field. Your unique insight will truly be missed. I truly appreciate your guidance over the years, but more than that our friendship. You and Jean have been close friends for 30 years. I wish you both the best in this new chapter. Duane

46: Denny, I hardly know where to begin. When I think of you I think of .. Your commitment, your humor, your thoughtfulness, your talent, your honesty, your dedication, your kindness, your wisdom, your brilliance and oh yes your conceit! After all – It is ALL about you and you are “King Denny”. We bow to your greatness! How do you manage to make people love you? (Well – MOST people.) I remember. The first day I met you – You were in 10 market region – I was opening a new store and you were VERY intense. How does anybody talk that fast, about so many different things and never speak in complete sentences? When I got to the hotel that night – and everyone was there – you were holding court. You were gathering everyone’s unused drink tickets. After all you wouldn’t want them to go to waste! You went to the market and bought barbeque supplies and grilled in the parking lot for everyone. And the laugh. Who can forget the laugh?

47: Fast forward to the first day I reported to the home office. You schooled me on how to make my temporary living in a nasty motel more bearable. You bought me shelves for my family pictures. You taught me how to navigate the office and the people. You made my transition from the field to the office much easier. Fast forward to my assignment as an RSEM. Lesson one – NEVER check your luggage. Lesson two – When doing a DBS – do it live not recorded. Lesson three – Never work on Friday (I’m still learning that one.) There have been so many times that you have helped me and have just been my friend. How can I repay you? You have always been there for me. You lend an ear when I need to vent. You offer another perspective to consider. You challenge me to be better. You and Jean deserve the best of everything as you enter this new phase of your lives. As I reflect on all of the people I have worked with over the years your leaving makes me recall Dorothy’s words to her first friend in Oz.. “ I will miss you most of all.” Lynn Atkins

48: Let me start out by giving you some history. Without it, you will not fully appreciate the circumstances. I had heard of a DSEM (Version 2.1 of our acronym) position opening in Charleston, WV while on a week long excursion to the Long View, TX store to help them finish out after a remodel. Mind you, this would be my second attempt at becoming a DSEM with my prior attempt being made with in Region 2. I made a couple of phone calls and Lisa Fortson agreed to speak to Dennis Adelman of my interest. I had only met him once previously at a dinner in Lewisville, TX. This was a Friday afternoon. The following Monday, I report to work at my store knowing that my Store Manger was out of town on vacation (He had left the previous Wednesday for Florida). Now we all know Monday’s are a bit busy on a normal day, but I was blessed with the fortune of the following upon my return to work: The truck was 4 hours late, the freight elevator is down, numerous call offs (One being my right hand Visual Associate with a sick child and a promised update call later in the day.), the aforementioned Store Manager on vacation, the ASM has called out sick (figured that one out once I completed a floor tour), and the floor looks like an episode of “Stack Outs Gone Wild”. I have Hunk pillows in Fine Jewelry (adjacent to the diamond case, because we know, placement is everything!), Cookware in Men’s and a towel/bathrobe statement at my Women’s mall door. These are just the most notable of many well planned items littering 2 levels of sales floor. Things are just peachy

49: Now anyone who knows me, even in the slightest, knows that there are a couple things I don’t do well without. Cigarettes and Lunch are the highest on the list. Now with all the wonderful Monday happenings, I have not had time for lunch and I am left running to the food court to obtain anything deemed fitting for consumption in the fastest manner possible as I have a broadcast to watch at 2:30. Ah and wouldn’t you know, lady luck laughed at me and McDonald’s has no one in line. I obtain a nutritious Happy Meal of chicken nuggets and fries and mad dash back to the store with 15 minutes to spare to partake of my lovely meal before the broadcast begins. I make myself cozy in the Store Manager’s office, crack the lid on my nuggets and proceed to eat when a page overhead informs me I have a call parked on 101. I am sure this is my Visual associate with an update on her child’s status and I reach over and dial 101. Mind you I have a half eaten chicken nugget in my mouth and the conversation goes something like this. Me: I mumble through a half eaten chicken nugget “Hello, this is Kathy.” Caller: “Hello, this is Denny Adelman, RSEM for Region 1. I wanted to see if you were available now to talk about the DSEM position open in 8125.” Me: Inhaled chicken nugget! I proceed to dislodge the nugget and the impromptu job interview fills my remaining space of time before the broadcast starts. By the time the call ended, I knew he preferred to be called Denny, I had a clear understanding that DSEM’s report to DM’s in Region 1 (but not really, they report to Denny.), a promise to expect a call from the DM, and a sore throat from almost choking to death on a Chicken McNugget! Needless to say, I got the job and have forever been grateful for the day Denny almost killed me. I will miss you more than words can express. You will always be one of my dearest friends and mentors and I can’t believe how blessed I have been to have the privilege to work with you for the last 4 years. Your Friend Always, Kathy

51: The Tale Of Dennis Adelman Where do I begin to tell the tale of jcp icon Dennis Adelman? OF COURSE I had heard of him before I actually met him, I inherited a bunch of his stores when I took a DSEM job in upstate NY. Every store that I visited it was the same thing “That is NOT how Denny told us to do it!” After a couple o’ months of hearing about the man the myth, I called the guy up on the phone and POOF! he had another devoted Follower. In fact Denny changed my life forever, without his support I would still be in Rochester NY bounced out of my ASM job and working as a check out girl at Wegman’s hmmmm not such a bad life BUT on second thought; had I not relocated to Big D I would have missed out on all of the crazy “bar talk” evenings w/ Denny and the thrill of the grill in his idyllic backyard. We have a Christmas tradition of taking in culture and searching for the perfect bloody mary, that’s what I love about the guy, the traditions. The Penney company will not be the same without the guy, he has touched and altered so many lives, if he believes in you, there is not a more ardent supporter. When I retire I want to meet him weekly for coffee and revelation. I love the legend and I love that kook from Ohio who became the legend. Suzanne Fleenor

52: The Great Denny Adelman I am not sure when I first met Denny It might have been 3 months after becoming a DVM (many titles ago) when I went to Lewisville for a SET and worked in the Children’s Department. It might have been February 2005, my first New Store Opening. I was in Region 2 then and Brad Johnson was my RSEM (but I think they were even called something else). I can remember Denny telling me to put the floral statement in one place and Brad telling me to move it to another place. I can remember Denny having it out with my Window Coverings Field Manager (or whatever they were called) over the proper placement of blinds on the window fixtures. But I really got to know Denny when the magnetism of Region 1 pulled my District into the orbit that spins around Denny Adelman. When Denny visited my District the first time, he stood in spotlights that were pointed at the floor, talked about powering up corners and turned fixtures on an angle. This was a drastic (and welcomed) change from our past life that revolved around “JLP” (just like the picture). Angling fixtures flew through my District like wild fire. You would go in a store and the entire store had been turned on a 45 degree angle. Sometimes the angle wasn’t exactly 45 more like an odd 30 or 60. I had to explain to Denny that we would have to baby step our way into this new frontier.

53: For the first 2 or 3 years that I was in Region 1, Denny gave me a hard time about sitting on the fence between Region 1 and 2. Of course, at that point, I had been in Region 2 a lot longer than Region 1 so I still had more friends in my old Region. You gravitate toward who you know. But gradually I came to understand why Region 1 seemed like a hard to penetrate, exclusive, close knit group. It was because Denny encouraged a team atmosphere across the Region, pairing up new DMEMs (DVMs/DSEMs/DMELs) with experienced ones, sending us to help with new store openings and giving us a hard time when we distanced ourselves from the group. I think I have 100% moved into my new home in the last few years and now Denny is leaving us. I appreciate all of the times Denny lent an ear when I needed to vent. I appreciate the fact that Denny understands my sarcasm and could understand the underlying meaning behind it. I appreciate him backing me up when I (very often) butted heads with construction people during my many renovations. . Most of all, I appreciate his warm welcome into Region 1 and into this exclusive group of people I can now call my friends. Good luck with all of your future endeavors! We will miss you! Audra

55: To my dear friend Dennis, Where do I begin? Do I go WAY back in the past and bestow the virtues of Denny Adelman when he was the master of all, and the king of everything. Or do I start with the present and bestow the virtues of Denny Adelman that he is the master of all, and the king of everything. Hmmmsome things just don’t change. Before you go riding off into your subdivision’s sunset (most likely in a golf cart), performing some hybrid cross between a prison warden / HOA president meets a meter maid, there are some things you absolutely need to know. I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I can honestly say if it were not for you, my life would be completely different. Who knows where I would be if I had not been an RSEM, thanks to you. And boy, did I learn from you Even though you thought I never needed you, I always did And what did I learn from you? Always be passionate about the stores. They are our lifeblood and the reason we are here. And be even more passionate about the people. Stopping at a micro-brewery before a midnight store visit is not really a good idea. Even if its my store your visiting. Lighting is the most important store environment element. Ever. Family time is a great thing. There is always time for Family Time. Friday’s are made for working, but should always be handled by taking PTO and not working Always travel through Anchorage, Buenos Aires, or Cairo to get to the Northeast. This will ensure lifetime Platinum membership at American Airlines. Never look down when you walk. You might miss a light that is not placed correctly. Always take field reps, contractors, and project managers out drinking. It will be initially expensive, but the paybacks are limitless. Shiner and Salmon should be retired to your backyard Speaking in complete open ended thoughts and sentences are truly effective if you truly want to make a point. Just some small examples: o“What the.” o“Those f*****s” o”That’s it, its over. Why don’t they just.” But the most important thingsBe passionate about your friends, enjoy your life, and not just laugh.but laugh hard. It’s kept you young all these years, and will continue to after your time at jcpenney. I am proud to call you one of my closest friends, and certainly the most genuine person I have ever met. You will be missed every day at jcpenney but not for what you know, but for what you bring every day. You. Be well my friend. Miss you already. Sean | Denny – King of All Things He Deems Important

56: Dear, Dear, Dear Denny, this really happening? I must say that you truly are one of my favorite people in this crazy place we call the jcpenney home office! I remember my first week in my new job as RSEM and we were opening a new Box B store in Burleson TX and that I was to go to the store with YOU! You asked if I needed a ride to the store and you volunteered to take me. I did not know you but willingly accepted the offer. It took a 45 minute ride with you in your sweet Red Jeep to figure out that I was in for a WILD RIDE working as an RSEM with you. I loved it! From the first day I met you I knew you were going to be more than just a were a mentor, a friend, an advisor, a comedian, and the list could go on. It still amazes me that WHERVER you go.people have the same reaction when they see you..OH MY GOD.DENNY..HOW ARE YOU.GREAT TO SEE YOU..this is just such a reflection of who you are and what you meant to so many people in this CompanyYou made a difference Denny.not just in the work you produced but in the difference you made in so many lives throughout your years with jcpenney. I am just so glad that I got to be one of them. I wish you ALL THE BEST my friend.Love and God Bless, Your Friend, Rob Sorum

57: My ode’ to you in “Denny Speak” Denny, Denny, Denny, I need you . . . . is that a picture of your dog? Can you please, not forget about me when you retire. . . . No wait, I mean, I need to write a note about that . . . . You are the bright spot in my day and it’s not the same when you are not in the office . . . . oh, no, I mean the shiny spot. . . speaking of shiny did you see the tile job in Baltimore?. . . . Have I told you today how much I appreciate you? . . . . you know, you should put that in a powerpoint, it will really send the message. . . wait, can you help me with that, I don’t know how to do that. . . . Do you need a coffee? . . . . You are going to truly be missed my friend . . . . I can’t believe they scheduled a meeting for Friday afternoon? . . . . Well, gotta go. . . . love you, mean it! My ode to you in “Jen Speak” Denny- words cannot express how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and laughing with you over the past year. You are the sunshine of my day and I am going to miss you more than you know. I want to thank you for easing my transition to the office, including me, driving me crazy with your requests and being a good friend. I wish you and Jean the very best in this next chapter of life. Best wishes! Jen Craig

58: Famous Dennyism's: Hi Rob, good to see you, before we get started...... NO, I don't have any capital money to give you so don't ask!!! Seriously, I wish you nothing but good health, ride with the top down and enjoy a great beer! Here's to a great retirement. All the best, Rob Arnold District Manager

60: And although there are many a Dennis out there...

61: There is only one Denny!

62: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out. - Walter Winchell A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. - Bernard Meltzer Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. - Anais Nin Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty. Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it. If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn’t jump with them, I’d be at the bottom to catch them. Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. My best friend is the one who brings out the best of me. - Henry Ford True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. Lots of your friends want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. - Oprah Winfrey True friends are very difficult to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget. A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself. - Jim Morrison A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg Even if you are half cracked.


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