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S: Emma Rose Witvoet April 2011

1: Dear Emma Turning six is always the best birthday for me to celebrate with my grandchildren... yours I must admit will be bittersweet... you are the last one out of my four grandchildren turning 6 so it could be my last trip to Disney. I get so excited just knowing I will be spending several days with you in the most Magical place on earth. Watching your little face beam with wonder and excitement... from the time we are on our way to the airport experiencing your 1st flight until the time we get back home. I once had a dream that I would be able to take all of my grandchildren to this wonderful, exciting, week of pure fun. With hard work and faith I was able to pursue that dream. I hope this book captures the memories we shared at Walt Disney World. | All my Love Nana

2: Here you are on the way to the airport... you were very excited & tired it's 5:30 am

3: The lines we SO long at the airport that I didn't think we were going to make our flight. As we were going through security... they realized this was your FIRST flight... so they sent us to the priority line. We had to run to our gate - the plane was already boarded! As we went into the plane they closed the doors behind us... I told you it was going to be a Magical day! | I gave you a little Disney Princess tablet on the plane and you decided to keep a diary for each day we were gone. You were just learning to read & write This is the 1st page of your diary Your 1st flight was a little bumpy and we had some turbulence... you were about to watch a movie... you looked at me... you were pale ... and said "Nana I think I am going to be sick". I had you lay down and very quickly you fell asleep. When you woke up the stewardess was asking if you wanted a soda and some cookies. You were very happy, soda & cookies at 7:30 in the morning... I told you, it was going to be a Magical Day! | We need to thank Aunt Katie for your hat... it will turn out to be a charmer on this trip!

4: Catching the bus to ... DISNEY's ALL STAR MOVIES RESORT | Our bus ticket

5: We were the 1st ones in line waiting to catch Disney's Magical Express bus to our resort. Everyone thought you were so cute with your fancy outfit, your hat and your "princess" suitcase. | Our luggage tag

6: When we checked into the resort everyone commented on your hat. They gave you two pins - one for your birthday the other for your 1st trip to Disney. So, we put them on your hat

8: Aunt Karen brought you this inflatable raft when she came to spend time with us at Disney. You named him "DOLPHI" You had instant friends at the pool. When you put Dolphi in the water... everyone wanted to try it!

9: Aunt Karen Great Grandma Murray Nana Emma | All Star Movies Resort Pool

10: Dinner with The Gang! | Dinner reservations were for 6:35 on 4-22-2012 Having dinner with the characters was the best way to start our week. When we left for dinner we grabbed your hat I forgot to mention... Disney printed your name on the pins that I attached to your hat. From the time we walked in to dinner everyone was saying "Happy Birthday Emma" Goofy brought you a cupcake and everyone danced and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! What a magical dinner!

13: Here you are with your hat & Daisy

14: After having dinner at Chef Mickey's Aunt Karen you and I went to the Magic Kingdom for an evening of fun. We went to Mickey's house first. The sign said a 30 minute wait, but to my surprise... there was no line, we walked right in. Mickey and Minnie were just standing there. We were the only people in the show. Mickey started dancing with you and even had time to give you your own private "Magic Show" He made a dove disappear while it was in the cage

16: Winnie | the | Pooh

17: It was about 1:30 AM we came around the corner of the castle and you saw POOH that was the highlight of the night!

18: 12:00 sHE WON'T GIVE UP | Still going strong she has been up since 5:00 AM | 2:30 AM | 12:10 AM | 1:30 AM | The Park Closed at 3:00 AM

19: What a busy and exciting day you had today you were up at 5:00 AM, you had your 1st plane ride, when we got to Disney the 1st thing you did was go swimming Then off to Chef Mickey's After that we went to the Magic Kingdom with Aunt Karen This was the 1st time I have ever been to the Magic Kingdom at night time... IT WAS GREAT!! Although we did not see many characters we rode EVERYTHING! There were no lines ... no waiting... I can't believe you stayed up so late!

20: While you were swimming with Aunt Karen.... I was talking to your parents on the cell phone. You were about to get a big SURPRISE. Your parents were not back in Illinois I was telling them where we were located at the pool. Aunt Karen was keeping you busy so your parents and sister could sit down on the chairs where we had set down our towels. Once she turned you around you were looking for me and... You said to yourself that girl looks like my sister! Then you saw your parents and quickly got out of the pool to give hugs to them. | A | for | You!

21: Your parents flew to Florida to spend time with us in Disney a few days after we got here

22: We tried to take your hat off for this picture...but... Belle "Loved It" she even asked you to keep it on so everyone could tell you apart since you were dressed alike

23: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, located in Norway in the Epcot park was a Once Upon A Time storybook breakfast for you! The breakfast took place in a medieval castle themed restaurant. You were treated like royalty. The princesses lead you around the restaurant where you danced, posed for pictures and signed autographs after eating breakfast | The princesses knew we were celebrating your birthday so they gave you a card and each of them signed it

24: ARIEL | Birthday Cupcake

25: While we were eating breakfast all the princesses gathered around. They brought you a cupcake and sang "Happy Birthday to You!" Fruit & Cupcakes were your breakfast

26: Snow White

27: Cinderella | You wrote... I went to eat with the princesses and I went to go to EPCOT

28: Notice you do not have on any shoes... we were late getting to breakfast. You had on a brand new pair of fancy white sandals that had a strap on the back. Because we were walking so fast you had blisters by the time we got to the Royal Table So... No Shoes You had so much fun dancing & eating with the princesses

29: Upon | Dream | Once | A | Princess Aurora asked where your shoes were

30: Mulan | After eating breakfast with the princesses We were walking to get you a pair of flip-flops when we noticed Priness Mulan just standing by herself. We walked over to have her sign your book... She spent a lot of time talking with you

31: Jasmine | Princess | Prince | Eric | Even dad wanted to meet Princess Jasmine

32: Mary Poppins

33: Alice | In Wonderland | I'm late I'm late for a very important date...

34: Beauty | Beast | and the

35: You loved watching the play | You thought Belle's dress was beautiful | You thought Chip Potts & Cogsworth were cute & liked the way the "Beast" was dressed

36: Character Greetings | It All Started With A Mouse | Star Struck | One Magical Moment | Character Meet & Greet | Your smile was so big while you were waiting in line

37: Megical Memories | Waiting in line was well worth it... meeting the characters was so much fun! Goofy was the best, he tried to dance with you but you were a little shy. | Minnie Mouse | Donald Duck | Goofy

38: DUDE! | I was like "woaaah" and you were like "woaaah"

41: Meeting Chip & Dale was quite an experience for you... they were hugging you... dancing with you and having lots of fun! | and

44: Great Grandma Murray went with us to see "Illuminations Reflections of the Earth"

46: Miss De Vine | I told Emma about a beautiful person I had read about called DeVine. She is located in Animal Kingdom and hangs out in the path from Asia to Africa I was told she is very hard to find. She is a very beautiful walking plant and blends in with all the other plants. When she walks she is very graceful and never speaks. | Emma spotted her as she was leaving the park.

47: Pinocchio's Best friend | Jiminy Cricket

48: G | o | o | F | Y

49: While we were in Camp Minnie Mickey, we noticed Daisy, Huey, Dewey & Louie Looks like they are about to join Mickey, Pluto and Goofy for a relaxing day of fishing

50: King Louie | Terk | Baloo

53: Bug Eyed

56: Celebrating 6 Soon to be 7 365 days of Cake Brer Bear came over and he said "you know what I like?" I like girls from Illinois who ride dirt bikes. Well, here they are Brer, we got some brand new friends ... E-M-M-A, Emma & Autumn. They ride dirt bikes better than me and you. Autumn is number 33 and Emma is 2. Just hanging around, riding dirt bikes everywhere.... know what we need to do? We need get a BIG dirt bike for Brer Bear! We would be riding dirt bikes all over riding dirt bikes everywhere Riding dirt bikes.... Autumn, Emma & Brer Bear! These girls are at Disney with Snow White & Cinderella Princess Autumn Princess Emma who is celebrating turning 6 and almost 7 | While in Animal Kingdom your dad noticed this guy who made up songs about kids. So he asked you both a few questions and then sang this song to you

58: We walked into the Festival of the Lion King,,, the usher greeted you.. Hello Emma and Happy Birthday. He said I have your reserved seats right here in the front row. Front Row... all because of those pins on your hat. Once seated dad was picked to be the Warthog... he had to make a funny noise and lead our section.. We were so excited he was picked, we forgot to take a picture of him! We all Loved the show!

60: Rafiki

61: Pocahontas | When you saw Pocahontas you thought she was beautiful. She asked you where your tribe was from but you didn't know the answer. The answer Crete Illinois

62: T | igger

63: EEYORE | meeting | Eeyore was so sad looking but he was soft & cuddly cute!

64: Stitch is Autumn's favorite Disney character... She was excited to see him again... she met him two years ago on her trip

65: Autumn & Mom having a playful moment | Autumn & You deep sea diving


67: CurrencyWithCharacter | This year's Disney dollar has a birthday cake and a purple balloon Since we are here to celebrate your 6th birthday | I bought one for you

69: Meeting the fairies was the longest line we waited in... and it was HOT out! It was worth it... you were happy to meet them!

71: 2011 | Mom was smitten with Flynn Rider. They were giving each other the smolder look!

73: You have never met Aunt Annette or her daughter Natalie. They live in Florida. They came to share a few days with us while we were at Disney. | Dad & Aunt Annette got motion sickness when they rode the ride inside the Haunted Mansion

74: PRINCESS AND THE FROG | Just as we got to the area to see Princess Tiana & Prince...Naveen. they were going on a break. You waited in line, while I went to wait in line for Tangled. Tangled's line was extremely long and no shade it was plain hot. We were the last ones in. .

76: After a long day in the Magic Kingdom I had a surprise... we had reservations for 9:30 04/27/2012 at Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party! Once in the terrace we found our table with our name on it. The table had Mickey Mouse shaped confetti. The terrace over looks a large pond and you can perfectly see Cinderella's Castle. As you can see the buffet was nothing but SWEETS!!! of course we tried it ALL! Once dark the fireworks started at 10:00 we could see them from our terrace. | You bought a balloon with your money from Great Grandma Murray

80: Emma Witvoet | 04-22-11 | We did this ride as a family... I never laughed so hard...

85: You thought Blizzard Beach was....

86: Downtown Disney was a lot of fun your were impressed at the Lego store Woody & Buzz were made from legos

89: While we were in Africa we came across this vendor who was playing this xylophone. He started to sing and your mom was dancing in the street. Dad got the whole thing on video


92: Our resort at Orange Lake River Park had a great pool area. It had a large water slide called the Hippo ...bungee swing trampoline...

93: Even dad joined in the fun | while mom caught all of the activities on video | Time out for a nice cold drink

94: This was our last picture we took before leaving our resort to go to the airport. We had a ceremony for the balloon great grandma bought you. Since we were not able to take it on the plane. Dad tied a note to it expressing what a great time we had in Disney Then we watched it float away.

95: Thank You Disney

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