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Disneyworld 2012

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Disneyworld 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Disneyworld, November 10th through November 17th, 2012

FC: Disneyworld November 10th through 17th, 2012

1: Made for Addyson & Mikaela With Love. ~Mom~ | Published in 2013

2: We're On Our Way! | The day before we left, Mikaela came down with croup. But she was a trooper on the plane!

3: Traveling to Disney consists of: a car ride, bus ride, train ride, plane ride, train ride, bus ride, and then a boat ride. Whew! | November 10, 2012

4: We've Arrived | After a long day of travel, we couldn't have been happier to arrive at our final destination: The Wilderness Lodge Resort at Disneyworld! After briefly checking out our room, we all headed down to the restaurant for a quick meal prior to heading to the park to see the castle for the first time this trip.

5: Bunk Bed Room | Addyson and Mikaela loved having their own beds! | November 10, 2012

6: Our First Boat Ride

7: November 10, 2012

8: Our first ride was It's a Small World. There were so many people that first night that we had to wait in line to ride for 45 minutes. Then we ended up getting stuck on the ride for 30 minutes! As the whole family was exhausted from a day of travel, we didn't stay until the park closed, but we did get in quite a few attractions before we left for the night!

9: November 10, 2012 | Time to Ride

10: Tiana was so sweet with the girls! They even got to twirl their skirts a bit. What a great first character greeting! | November 10, 2012

12: A Most Magical Time | Stunning

13: The lights on the castle looked like icing on a cake! And Main Street was just as beautiful as we had remembered it. | November 10, 2012

14: Sleepy Time | November 10, 2012 | After a long travel day, it was time to head back to the hotel for some shut eye. And not a moment too soon for some of us!

15: Our First Full Day | We started off all of our full days with breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Cafe | November 11, 2012

16: Cruisin' Over To...

17: November 11, 2012 | The Magic Kingdom! | We spent our first full day with the castle and Christmas decor!

18: Alice & the White Rabbit | November 11, 2012

20: While Mom stood in line to meet Merida, Dad, Addyson, and Mikaela rode the teacups...twice!

21: November 11. 2012 | Addyson and Mikaela were SO excited to meet the newest Disney princess, Merida. She even had a bow and arrow that the kids could try!

22: We got to see the new double Dumbo ride set up, including the new interactive cue. Fortunately for us, there was no one in line and we walked right on twice!

23: Most definitely one of our favorite rides! | November 11, 2012

24: Mikaela's First Roller Coaster | Mikaela's First Roller Coaster | We had been talking this ride up to her for months and she was very excited.

25: November 11, 2012

26: Chip and Dale | We spent the rest of the day singing their theme song. | November 11. 2012

27: Rescue Rangers | Awww, sloppy chipmunk kisses!

28: The Runaway Train | Mikaela was so good while waiting for everyone to ride. We sat with her by the exit of Splash Mountain and she waved to all of the wet riders!

29: Dad was so excited to ride the big roller coasters with Addyson, because he missed out during the trip to Disneyland in 2011. | Addyson rode this ride 4 times! | November 11, 2012

30: We were concerned at first that this ride wouldn't be open while we were there, because it was continually down for maintenance. But we were SO excited when they opened it up!

31: Splash! | Splash! | That's right. Addyson and Dad rode Splash Mountain! | They worried about getting wet, but were lucky when they were placed in the back seat. They hid behind everyone in front of them and only got hit with a few drops of water. | November 11, 2012

32: Peter Pan | November 11, 2012

33: But Peter, how do we get to Neverland? Fly, of course. Fly? It's easy! | All you have to do is to...Ha! That's funny! What's the matter? | Don't you know? Oh, sure. It''s just that I've never thought | about it before. Say, that's it! Think of a wonderful thought!

34: November 11, 2012 | Tinkerbell | We headed over to Pixie Hollow and shrunk to the size of thimbles to meet some fairy friends.

35: Periwinkle | Addyson later told us that Periwinkle was her favorite character she met all trip!

36: Dinner at the Crystal Palace | November 11, 2012

37: Our first character meal was at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends. We had never eaten there, but had a blast and will definitely make the trip back during our next vacation!

38: A Trip to Agrabah | November 11, 2012 | After dinner we headed over to Agrabah to meet with Jasmine and Aladdin. This prince and princess are always one of the girls' favorite meetings!

41: November 11, 2012 | After a short visit to Tomorrowland, we met Buzz Lightyear!

42: November 11, 2012 | High Flying Night Time Fun

43: Dumbo at night is one of our family favorites. This time, we were able to see the two new castles in New Fantasyland!

44: Up | and | Down | November 11, 2012 | We were able to get an entire row of 4 horses so we could all ride the carousel together!

45: We watched the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular fireworks show from behind the castle. After that, we were all exhausted and went back to our room to find a puppy made out of a towel!

46: We all started the day at the Great Movie Ride, then Dad and Addyson went over and rode 3D Star Tours. | November 12, 2012

47: Hollywood Studios was Mikaela's least favorite park because there was only one ride that she could ride. But we all thoroughly enjoyed the 3D Muppets show! | Hollywood Studios

48: 104 Days of Summer Vacation | November 12, 2012 | Phineas and Ferb is one of the girls' favorite TV shows, so we had to stand in line to meet the two!

50: Toy Story | November 12, 2012 | After the ride, a green army man walked up to us and took a picture with the girls.

51: Chillin' with Frozone | We were actually in line to meet Frozone and Mr. Incredible, but his kids were acting up so Mr. Incredible had to leave. | November 12, 2012

52: Let's See a Show

53: November 12, 2012 | It was hot and there were a ton of people that day. We made sure to take plenty of breaks, including taking the time to watch the Beauty and the Beast show and the Little Mermaid show.

54: Dinner Under the Stars | We were so excited to eat at our favorite restaurant, the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

55: Santa Goofy | November 12, 2012

56: The girls loved trying to catch the "snow" on their tongues. This was the first snowfall we had seen this winter season!

57: The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights is always a highlight of the holiday season at Disney. There are millions of lights! November 12, 2012

58: Since Mikaela didn't get to do much that day, she got to pick what we did next. She said meeting Mickey Mouse "with the magic hat" was her favorite thing of the day! | November 12, 2012

59: We headed back to the resort that evening, grabbed some hot cocoa, and sat on our patio for a bit. We love vacation! | One other highlight of the day: Addyson rode the Tower of Terror. She HATED it! But we loved that she gave it a try!

60: Only At | When we woke up the morning of the 13th, this GIGANTIC five story tall Christmas tree had sprouted in the middle of the Wilderness Lodge lobby. It was beautiful and by far the family favorite tree from the whole week! | November 13, 2012

61: Builders in Training | While waiting for breakfast each morning, the girls got to build with Lincoln Logs. By the end of the week, they were pros at building small homes and towers.

62: Epcot

63: Although it's one of our least favorite parks as a family, we had a great time. Addyson got to ride Soarin' twice, We rode the Nemo ride five times, the girls got their traditional dog tag style necklaces, and we got to meet some fun characters around the park. | November 13, 2012

64: While waiting for Dad to get done on his Mission to Mars, Addyson entertained herself by building a water bottle tower!

65: Just a Spoonful of Sugar | Mary Poppins was the first character we met that day. | November 13, 2012

66: A Stop in China | November 13, 2012

67: Beautiful Epcot

68: We weren't sure at first what the story of Duffy was about. But the girls were immediately enamored with him and the Mickey paw stamp on his behind!

69: November 13, 2012

70: The Highlight of our Day

71: November 13, 2012 | The first princess we met at Akershus was Belle. This being the first princess meal all trip, the girls were super excited!

72: We met Mary Poppins, Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel during dinner.

73: November 13, 2012 | Cinderella even showed us her glass slippers! | We had never seen Addyson more excited!

74: November 13, 2012 | A New Favorite Princess | If the girls took anything away from this trip, it's how much they both adore Ariel.

76: November 13, 2012

77: Spaceship Earth is even more magnificent at night! When we got back to the hotel, we spent some time planning our next day's adventure.

78: The Yeti is Calling... | The ride that gets the busiest is Expedition Everest, so we hauled it to the back of the park to start there. | We spent our next day at Animal Kingdom. | Imagine our surprise and excitement when Addyson was tall enough to ride! She was a yeti foot tall!

79: November 14, 2012 | Mom and Addyson rode the ride first. SO proud of our roller coaster junkie! | She wasn't sure that she wanted to ride again right away, but we made her go with Dad. In the end, she was glad she did!

80: Time for a Safari Ride | Both girls loved searching for the animals. And it was great because the animals were really active in the morning.

81: November 14, 2012

82: King Louie and Baloo | King Louie didn't give autographs, but he gave the best hugs!

83: Doug and Russell | We weren't expecting to meet the stars from Up, but we're sure glad we did. | November 14, 2012

84: Although we had already met Santa Goofy, Mikaela REALLY wanted to meet Pluto.

85: November 14, 2012 | The rest of the day we spent watching the Lion King show, the Nemo show, eating, riding dinosaurs, and just enjoying being together.

86: We caught a picture of Dad riding Everest! He's in the orange shirt in the last train car... | Addyson is explaining the ride to Mikaela...

87: Watching Dad ride Everest made Addyson want to go again (she rode a total of 4 times!). So, while we waited for Addyson and Dad, Mom and Mikaela got some ice cream. This was our only ice cream the entire trip and tasted fantastic! | A Sweet Treat | November 14, 2012

88: It seems we are always seated by the animated gorilla that moves every 20 minutes and Mikaela hates it. What a great dinner to end the perfect day!

89: Mikaela didn't eat any of the chocolate volcano. Not like her at all... | We got to the resort and found two towel doves. We also went swimming that evening! | Love when they come out screaming "Vol-Can-O!" | November 14, 2012

90: November 15, 2012

91: Our first stop in Magic Kingdom was Town Hall to meet the princesses, specifically Rapunzel. Mikaela had been up ALL night with the flu and was not feeling well. In fact, she threw up all over Dad just before we met Cinderella. Poor thing, couldn't catch a break this trip! | Another Day in the Kingdom

92: Rapunzel | She is the reason we stood in line at Town Hall. There's no other place to meet her at the Magic Kingdom and it was worth the wait!

93: The girls met Stitch with Dad while Mom was riding Space Mountain. | Stitch | November 15, 2012

94: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! | We were thrilled when we found the Fairy Godmother on the side of the castle! Mikaela was sleeping, but Addyson was sweet enough to get her autograph in Mikaela's book, too! | November 15, 2012

95: All week long, New Fantasyland had been closed to anyone but annual pass holders. If it weren't for the Fairy Godmother, we wouldn't have wandered this way and found it open to the public! | We were able to walk through the Beast's castle, meet Gaston, ride through Ariel's world, and even met Ariel. They also had a new story time with Belle experience, but we knew Mikaela wouldn't have made it and saved that for another day.

96: First Glimpse | This was our first glimpse at the inside of the castle. It was magnificent! The chandeliers were unreal. You actually felt transported to the movie! | November 15, 2012

98: Mikaela woke up just in time to meet Gaston. There was no line, you just stood around him and he pointed to who was next. He made a big deal about having two lovely ladies hugging him! | November 15, 2012 | Gaston

100: Look at This Stuff, | Isn't it Neat! | November 15, 2012

101: The Little Mermaid ride at Disneyworld was the same ride we had ridden at Disneyland. But the exterior was a phenomenal reproduction of Prince Eric's castle! The cue was interactive, and included interactive games with little digital crabs.

102: The new Be Our Guest Restaurant was a quick service for lunch, so we jumped on the opportunity to eat in the castle. Each group that walks in is handed a magical rose (location transmitter). With that rose, you order your food, find a place to sit, and they bring your food out to you. It was very impressive indeed. It was even snowing on the other side of the large bay of windows! Stunning! | Mikaela slept through most of our castle visit.

103: Lunch in | the Castle | November 15, 2012

104: The Castle's Other Wings | The famous wilting rose from the movie was present in the form of a hologram. | After lunch, we all decided to explore the other rooms the castle had to offer. We started out in the West Wing. It truly did feel cold and drafty and the presence of artifacts from the movie transported us to another time and place.

105: The study consisted of mosaicked hand laid tile floors, tapestries depicting famous scenes from the movie, and an amazing "music box" as the center piece. | November 15, 2012

106: Yee-Haw | November 15, 2012 | Addyson's was having a cowgirl party soon, so we couldn't pass up the chance to meet our favorite cowpokes, Jessie and Woody. | Mikaela slept through this character greeting, too.

107: Nothing better than a hot pretzel in the most magical place on Earth! | Snack Time!

108: Out of all of our Disney trips, this is the first time we'd ever visited Ariel in her grotto. | Ariel was stunning in her fin! | Under the Sea

109: She's Alive! | This was the most animated Mikaela had been all day. It's a good sign when she's acting goofy! | November 15, 2012

110: Gaston's Tavern even sold apple cider with a foamy marshmallow top to mimic the beer he drinks in the movie. | In 2014, the final phase of New Fantasyland opens: the dwarves' mine train! | Gaston's Tavern | November 15, 2012

111: Addyson rode Barnstormer and tea cups several times while Mikaela was sleeping.

112: We had our first Disney certified Magical Moment: a Disney employee paid for Mikaela's name on her hat and said "This is a Magical Moment!" So Cool!

113: November 15, 2012

114: We had bought the girls lanyards with 15 pins each prior to our trip. We hadn't done a ton of pin trading, but the little bit they did the girls really enjoyed! | Addyson got stickers while pin trading. The first thing she did was share some with her sick sister! SO sweet!

115: Yep, more spinning in the tea cups! | November 15, 2012

116: Although Mikaela still wasn't feeling well, she refused to give up and both girls got to meet Cinderella again! | November 15, 2012

117: This was the most Mikaela saw of the castle. She got sick all over the table shortly after arriving and Mom took her back to the room. The hostess moved Dad and Addyson to a new table.

118: November 15, 2012

120: It's Snowing! | When Dad and Addyson left the park, they got to see snow falling on Main Street for Mickey's Christmas Party. How beautiful! And the maid had left us a bunny rabbit made out of a towel. | November 15, 2012

121: Feed the Birds | The next morning Mikaela was feeling a bit better, had slept all night, and really wanted to go have breakfast with us at Chef Mickey's. We all came across a ton of birds outside of the Contemporary hotel. | November 16, 2012

122: November 16, 2012

123: Another one of our favorite restaurants is Chef Mickey's. | Goofy was the first character we had a chance to meet!

124: The girls were so excited to meet Donald and Minnie for the first time this trip. Pluto and Mickey were also favorites! | November 16, 2012

126: We made the trip to Downtown Disney to have the girls' pictures taken and their faces placed on resin princesses using a 3D printer. | Addyson chose to place her face on Cinderella and Mikaela chose Belle. The whole process took 30 minutes to get their pictures taken. | Since the princesses weren't to arrive for a few weeks at home, the girls each received a necklace and bracelet as a take away.

127: After the D-Tech Me experience we did a little shopping in Downtown Disney. The stores looked amazing all decked out for the holidays! And Dad bought an awesome Buzz Lightyear jacket! | November 16, 2012

128: We still had to meet Daisy Duck, so after Downtown Disney we went back to the Magic Kingdom. | Daisy

129: Minnie | Minnie Mouse loved the girls' pink pettiskirts! | November 16, 2012

130: Sweet Treats | While watching the candy artists do their thing making snowmen out of marshmallows, one artist asked if the girls wanted a chocolate covered marshmallow. We of course said sure, and she proceeded to make the girls their very own marshmallows with regular chocolate and white chocolate. Mikaela had only a very small bite of hers, but Addyson really appreciated the sweet treat!

131: Since Mikaela was felling better, we all went and rode the Barnstormer again. | November 16, 2012

132: Although we didn't get the chance to ride this trip, we always love watching the Disney Railroad steam past. | Full Steam Ahead

133: Tomorrowland and the People Mover | November 16, 2012

134: Dinner at the Starlight

135: Mikaela got sick while we ate dinner, but really wanted to ride the tea cups afterwards! | November 16, 2012

136: Back to the Sea

137: November 16, 2012 | Mikaela wanted to meet "Ariel with the fin" so we went back to her Grotto.

138: Since Mikaela was feeling better, we did the Enchanted Tales with Belle. Addyson was chosen to play Mrs. Potts and Mikaela played a plate. The animatronic Lumiere was AMAZING! | November 16, 2012

139: One Last Character | Experience

140: Now It's Time | We all made one final trek to the Magic Kingdom to wave goodbye to the castle.

141: To Say Goodbye | November 17, 2012 | We're already planning our next trip for January 2015!

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