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Domes, Spires and Waterways

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Domes, Spires and Waterways - Page Text Content

S: Domes, Spires and Waterways Tour 2011

FC: Domes, Spires and Waterways Baltic Sea Cruise 2011 | Denmark, Norway, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland & Sweden

1: Itinerary Baltic Sea Cruise 2011 7/6-7 Copenhagen,Denmark 7/8 Oslo, Norway 7/9 Aarhus, Denmark 7/10 Warnemunde, Germany 7/11 At Sea 7/12 Tallinn, Estonia 7/13-14 St. Petersburg, Russia 7/15 Helsinki, Finland 7/16 Stockholm, Sweden 7/17 At Sea 7/18 Copenhagen, Denmark

2: Copenhagen | a | The Little Mermaid A 1913 gift from Carlsburg Brewery | Wednesday July 6th

4: Navigating Copenhagen | we made it | We had trouble reading street signs and maps! | Where is the Scandic Palace?

5: The Spires of Copenhagen

6: Waterways Tour | The tour was included on our "Copenhagen Card" | The Opera House | The Naval Academy

7: It was a beautiful sunny day. The Danes were out enjoying the good weather too.

8: Tivoli Gardens

9: We had been advised to go to Tivoli at night to see all the lights

11: Although the lights were beautiful, we really enjoyed the gardens and were glad to have visited during the day. We also enjoyed the ballet performance.

14: Copenhagen is really a fun and energy friendly city. LOTS of bikers! And, wind energy. | We bought C OPEN HAGEN Cards to get from the airport. It included admission to lots of sights as well as transportation. | Stock Exchange

15: Where the Royal Family awaits to board their yacht | Hans Christian Andersen

16: Today's Forecast: High 64 Low 59 Sunrise 4:39 am Sunset 9:56 pm | Off to the Emerald Princess | Thursday, July 7th

17: Ships Captain: Giorgio Pomata Executive Chef: Giuseppe Pollara Built in Monfalcone, Italy | The Emerald Princess | Shore Excursion Essentials | 1. Camera 2. Money 3.Cr 4.

18: Oslo, Norway | The Opera House is modeled like a glacier. | City Hall is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded | The FRAM is a museum built over an exploration ship

19: Norway is a Hereditary Constitutional Monarchy with a population of 4,627,926. The population of Oslo is 540,000, | 1 USD = 5.41 Krone Oslo is Scandinavia's oldest capital although it is the smallest. It is one of the largest capital cities in the world in terms of area size. | Friday, July 8th

20: Oslofijord Cruise | Sculpture at Opera House represents an iceberg | Glacier Inspired Opera House | Mast of the ship Joanna

21: Akershus Castle | Holmenkollen - Olympic Ski Jump - 1952 | Santa Sighting | At Noon 72 degrees Sunrise 4:28 am Sunset 10:22 pm

22: The FRAM | The FRAM was built to forge through the polar ice cap. First of the Arctic and then the Antarctic. Built in 1892 it was used until 1912. It is a 3 masted schooner with a length of 39 m and a width of 11 m.

23: Artifacts of a seafaring people. Small boats were used to enter the Atlantic and Bering Sea.

24: When the ship docked in Aarhus, we were met by the Denmark Band. | Aarhus, Denmark | Saturday, July 9th | Girls Rock

25: Aarhus is the second largest city and the largest port in Denmark. The language is Danish, but English is a predominant second language. The climate is mild with no extremes of heat or cold. In the summer months the average temperature is 67 degrees & in the winter it's 34 degrees. | Noon 68 Sunrise 4:35 Sunset 9:54

27: Old Town (DenGamle By) is an open air museum of over 70 actual houses brought here from different parts of Denmark and reconstructed as a provincial town. It is very similar to Greenfield Village. We spoke to a lady and her daughters that we excited about being able to go to the United States. At least this was part of the act. Most of the buildings date back from 1600 to 1900.

29: The Butcher The Baker The Candlestick Maker

30: The Danish Poster Museum

31: There are over 400,000 posters in the museum from all over the world.

32: All churches in Denmark have a boat in them. It is representative of the spiritual journey and a reminder of those lost at sea. | The Cathedral The oldest and tallest vaulted church in Scandinavia | Constructed 1190-1300

33: Fresco of St. George with a dragon | The Church was originally built in the Romanesque style. After a fire, it was renovated in the Gothic Style. | In the 16th Century there was a conversion from Catholicism to the teachings of Martin Luther.

34: We rode the train to Sachsenhausen for 2 1/2 hours. It gave us a chance to do some reading and enjoy the beautiful scenery. | Today's Forecast | High 68 Low 61 | Sunrise 4:55am Sunset 9:40pm

35: SACHSENHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP | This camp was a labor camp not an extermination camp. It is the size of 500 soccer fields. It was designed to hold 6000 people. But 60,000 were here. This was supposed to be a model camp. Prisoners had to buy their own tickets to come to the camp or be brought by the police. There weren't many Jews in this camp because they were supposed to be exterminated. | Layout of the Camp | Sunday, July 10th

36: Sachsenhausen Work Camp

38: All Students in Germany are required to visit a concentration camp | We had an exceptional guide. He suggested books: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas and The Wave. | The Firing Range

39: The camp was established in 1936. It became a training school for all SS Officers. It was used primarily for political prisoners until the end of the Third Reich in 1945. It then became part of the Soviet Occupation Zone until 1950. In Tower A, pictured on the left, was an 8mm Maxim machine gun. Here the administration watched over the entire camp. | These pictures were painted on the walls in the basement of the kitchen

40: In each of the triangles on this monument are the names of the people who died at this camp. The monument with the men on it has the names of the country of origin of the camps prisoners.

41: B ERLIN, GERMANY | Dedicated to the German People | Presidential Palace

42: The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1789 to celebrate the victories of the Prussian army. Today it is an emblem of Berlin to many people. It was also one of the crossing points in the Berlin Wall when the city was divided.

44: This memorial made a huge impression on me. Our guide did such a fantastic job of explaining the memorial from the artists perspective. All around the memorial are buildings with lots of windows. The artist may have been trying to express that during the holocaust the citizens of Germany could see what was going on if they would just look outside their window instead of failing to see what Hitler was doing. | HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL

45: The stones start off small to represent the fact that the communist party wasn't too big and wouldn't be a problem, but as you walk through the stones get bigger and bigger and the walk goes lower. Before your know if they are taller than you. This represents the fact that the communist party and Hitler took over and made everyone walk and act the same way.

46: The upper right shows where the Berlin Wall once stood. On the bottom right, Judy is standing with one foot in the former East Berlin and one in West Berlin. The left is a close up of what remains of the wall.

47: The is an open air museum with art work on the Berlin Wall,.


49: Checkpoint Charlie is where the Russian and American tanks once faced off at this former border crossing between east and West Germany.

50: Eleven days aboard the Emerald Princess. Seven countries to visit and two happy sisters.

51: THESE ARE A FEW OF OUR FAVORITES THINGS Two days at Sea, Art Auctions, Swimming, Sitting on the Deck, Reading, Movies Under the Stars, the Spa and Eating | Art | Monday, July 11th Forecast: High 67 Low 62 Sunrise 5:41 Sunset 10:33 pm | FIRST DAY AT SEA

52: A day at sea involves formal dining. A chance to get dressed up.

53: We meet such interesting people, from all over the world, when we go to the Dining Room.

54: Tuesday, July 12th

55: Today's Forecast: | High 67 Low 61 | Sunrise 4:f32 a.m. | Sunset 10:32 p.m. | Parliament of Estonia | Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Copy of 17th century from Moscow | The half moon emblem at the top represents the victory of Russia over the Turks | Drama & Music School

57: The top of Tallinn | "Fat Margaret'"

58: The flower baskets remind me of Anchorage | The cobblestones are 100-150 years old. The cobbles (the round stones) are 700 years old.

59: Tallinn is a quaint town with wonderful charm. It is considered to be one of the best preserved medieval cities and where Skype was invented. | 300 Year Old Clock | The center of town life since the 11th Century is the Town Square.

61: The gate at the left is called "Fat Margaret". This is one of six towers to Lower Town. In August of 1989, two million people formed a human chain across the 3 Baltic Republics to mark the 50th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pack. They demanded their independence and received it with out bloodshed in 1991. | View of our Ship from Upper Town.

62: Forecast 7/13/11 High 74 / Low 57 Sunrise 5:05 Sunset 11:07 | Forecast 7/14/11 High 72 / Low 57 Sunrise 5:06 Sunset 11:15 | Dobre Utra Sankt Peterborg | Population- 4.8 million

63: Emperor Peter I longed for a sea port. So, he had the peasants of Russia build his "paradise" on a marsh on the Gulf of Finland. Thousands of lives were lost in the process. It became the capital city and was named for Saint Peter. The city was officially established on May 27, 1703. | Rostral Column | This kid followed our boat on the canal cruise by running from bridge to bridge. Even turned a flip once.

64: PETEROF PALACE | One of many imperial palaces North of St. Petersburg. This was the favorite of Peter I. The architecture is 17-18th century. | Opened 15 August 1723

65: The statue of Samson opening the lions mouth commemorates the 25th anniversary of an important Russian victory on St. Sampson's Day. | The Grand Cascade

66: Peter and Paul Cathedral is located within the fortress. The fortress was originally built under Peter the Great. between 1703 and 1733 on Zayachy Island along the Neva River. It was the first recognizable landmark in St. Petersburg. Peter the Great' main reason for building the fort was for protection against a potential attack by the Swedes. Foreign Attack never came to St. Petersburg. It was used primarily as a prison and torture chamber. | Peter and Paul Fortress

68: The cathedral is the imperial burial vault, containing the tombs of Russia's royalty. Peter the Great along with most are buried in identical white marble sarcophagi. Alexander II and his wife, Maria Alexandrovna are in Jasper sarcophagi, made by the workers of the Urals' plant, as gratitude for abolishing serfdom | The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

70: We were taken to this former residence of the Yusupov family to see how the wealthiest Russian family lived in the 19th century. It is also famous for being where Grigori Rasputin was murdered in 1916. He was a mystic who was believed to have too much influence over Emperor Nicholas II and his family. He had helped bring relief to their son with hemophilia and subsequently influenced the politics of the Emperor. So Felix Yusupov and others conspired to kill him in the basement of this home. According to legend, Rasputin was given cyanide, shot several times and then thrown in the river. Rasputin's influence played a major role in the 1917 fall of the Romanov dynasty. | Why should we visit Yuspov Palace?

71: Yusupov Palace | There is a theater in the Palace

75: An Evening at the Ballet ~ SWAN LAKE ~

76: St. Isaac's Cathedral | 101.5 meters high, it took 40 years to build (1818-58) The Dome is plated with gold and has 12 angels surrounding

77: The church is a Greek Cross Style. One central dome with four others in the corners. | Mosaics around the top of the dome are huge. Look at Judy standing beside one.

78: The Hermitage | The Hermitage was once the Winter Palace for the Emperors. Catherine the Great had an addition constructed to house her expanding art collection. It has grown to include five buildings. There are about three million exhibits.

80: Leonardo da Vinci | The Madonna Litta 1490 | The Madonna with a Flower (The Benois Madonna) 1478

82: The Hermitage collection rivals those of other great museums. And, still no climate control. This photo of the Neva River was taken through an open window right next to the works of Da Vinci. We started our tour before the museum opened. The line was really long when we exited. I was appalled at the sight of a bear on a leash and drinking milk from a bottle. I wonder where he goes at night? To the home of his handler? What happens when he gets bigger? :-(

83: The Palace Square | The portico of the New Hermitage is flanked by Atlantes. The Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts are displayed here.

85: Peter the Great wanted the city's residents to share his love for sailing. There were no bridges over the Neva until the 19th century. The current day bridges are distinct and unique.

86: Church of the Spilled Blood | This church incorporates a memorial to the site where an attempt was made on the life of Emperor Alexander II

87: Constructed between 1883-1907

88: The Church of the Spilled Blood marks the spot were an attempt was made on the life of Emperor Alexander II. During the Blockade a shell fell on it, but did not explode. In 1961 it was defused. During the Soviet period it was used for vegetable storage. The interior is almost completely mosaics.

90: The outdoor shopping at the bottom of the page was across from the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood

91: We were serenaded many different times during our stay in St. Petersburg. The gentlemen playing the instruments at the top played American patriotic tunes. Imagine being in Russia and hearing American music. This would not have been possible in the past.

93: In Port St. Petersburg Russia | This was the only port where we got stamps in our passports. There were 7 other big ships in port along with us.

95: Today's Forecast: Cloudy & Rainy High 64 Low 65 Sunrise 4"28 am Sunset 10:32 pm | Fruit Sold from the back of a boat | We took a boat ride over to Suomenlinna Fortress. It was built during Swedish rule in the 18th century. When the Russians overthrew the Swedes, they made it their own, happy to have a sea port. | Our Grandmother, Lillian Lindburg (Lindroos) emigrated from Helsinki as a child

96: This fortress guards the south harbor of Helsinki. The government owns the land and most of the houses. Most of the residents are military and artists. The Maritime Academy is here.

98: ~The spire on the left is at a church. It's also a lighthouse. A lighthouse for the soul as well as the mariner. ~When the Swedes ruled, they built a dry dock (above). SURPRISE! There are no tides, so it's useless for building boats.

99: After we went to Suomelina Fortress we came back hoping to see the changing of the guards, but we couldn't find them. INstead we came across this band. The drum major is so tall that an oriental couple wanted to get a picture next to them. Tall vs Short

100: Stockholm Sweden | Saturday, July 16th Today's Forecast High 64 low 54 Sunrise 3:58 am Sunset 9:35 pm

101: This ship was seen in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. It's the Bounty. | Another Canal Cruise | Crane painted to look like a giraffe | Stockholm is built on 14 islands | We had to go thru the locks

102: High Hopes Stockholm has lots of Domes, Spires and Waterways. There's the only double spired church in Scandinavia and an iron spire replaces a crumbled original. Note the men raising the flag over the royal building.

104: After our cruise tour, we spent some time exploring the city and doing some shopping.

106: On the way to and from Stockholm the ship picked up a pilot that guided us through the passage in the fjord . The passage is 58 miles of narrow turns in the confined water of the fjords. It was beautiful to see the different curves of the passage.

108: 2nd and Final Day at SEA | Princess Cruises | Sunday, July 17th

109: Golf & Shuffleboard | 7/17 Forecast: High 70 Low64 Sunrise 4:24 am Sunset 9:45 pm | Living Large


111: On the last day of the cruise Princess had a special presentation of the Santa's that were involved with the conference on the ship. The Santa's dressed in their velvets with their wives and gave gifts to the children. They even had snow.

112: Singing Christmas Carols

115: We were out on the deck when we noticed the beautiful sunset and to make it even better there was a ship that was going to pass at just the right moment.

116: Dragor | Monday, July 18th

117: Once a small fishing village, now an exclusive place to live. It was Copenhagen's first vacation location after the law mandated paid time off from work. The dogs in the window told if the fisherman husband was home or out at sea. Facing in meant he's home, facing out he's at sea. In 1943, two days before the Danish Jews were to be arrested, most sailed from Dragor to Sweden, sparing their lives.

118: There are two sides of the canal going through Copenhagen. The "Proper" side and the "Naughty" side. Nyhavn means New Heaven and is on the proper side. The Copenhagen Redlight sign is on the naughty side.

119: It's a church and an observatory | The childhood home of Hans Christen Anderson is marked with a plaque on this red building.

120: 18 years ago this stone pig was anonymously left here. It is a satirical statement about what happens in Parliament.. | Monday, July 18th

121: Whimsical Copenhagen

122: The Royal Winter Palace Originally built for noble families. It's actually four houses. Current resident is Queen Margaret & family

123: Farewell Copenhagen We had a great time!

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