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Eastern Cultures Scrapbook

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FC: My Trip to Southern Asia | by Elizabeth Drda

2: B A N G L A D E S H | where I went | Shait-Gumbad Mosque It's called the "Sixty dome mosque" but actually has seventy-seven domes! It was built in the 15th century--I had a great time marveling at the architecture! Painam Nagar It's a ghost town, built in the late seventeenth century that has about 50 mansions owned by wealthy Hindu merchants. It was abandoned because of the anti-Hindu riots in 1964. It was kind of creepy, but very interesting to see! Tea Gardens in Sylhet I had a relaxing afternoon sipping tea and strolling around. It was so peaceful and a great place to visit!

3: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Bangladesh | 1 There are about 440 wild Bengal tigers living in Bangladesh 2 "Bangladesh" means country of Bengal in Bengali 3 It is uncommon to not have 3 generation live in one house 4 Cricket is the most popular sport 5 Almost half the population lives on less than one U.S. dollar per day 6 It's on the largest river delta in the world 7 The population is 150,493,658 people 8 Their currency is called the "taka" 9 Has the 3rd largest Muslim population in the world 10 Children touch an elder's feet, then their chest for respect

4: My Favorite Fods from Bagladesh | Cuisine from Bangladesh is primarily fish, vegetables and rice or lentils. +Doi- yoghurt with charred sugar +Jhai- shrimp or crab fried with ground red chili sauce +Jhol- sweet water fish stew with rice, vegetables, and lentils

5: B H U T A N | Where I went | Burning Lake This small lake was so spiritual and peaceful. I went for a walk in the woods and threw money in the lake for good luck. I especially loved seeing all the colorful prayer flags! National Institute for Zorig Chusum This school focuses on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. I was able to walk into and watch some of the classes and purchased some art made by the students! It really introduced me to the culture. Thumphu ChorTen This is the primary temple of Thumphu, a small village. I liked seeing a lot of the traditional village culture! and life. The prayer wheels were very interesting to see.

6: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Bhutan | 1 It is called "Land of the Thunder Dragon" by its people 2 The country didn't have any paved roads until 1960 3 Exports energy to India as part of its economy 4 The life expectancy is 66 years old 5 Number of tourists are limited by the government 6 Only about 10% of the land is fertile (Valleys) 7 Have a hereditary absolute monarchy 8 Is half the size of Indiana in the U.S. 9 Banned television until 1990's 10 Over 50% of its kids don't attend school

7: My Favorite Fods I ate in Bhutan | Bhutan's cuisine is mainly meats like chicken or yak, but they also eat a lot of rice and soups. +Red rice (sometimes mixed with white rice) +Ema datshi- chili peppers and cheese +Jasha maru- chicken and tomatoes

8: I N D I A Where I went | Taj Mahal I went at sunrise to visit the Taj Majal because it "changes color" depending on the light. It was spectacular! I also loved marveling at the 15th century architecture. The entire experience was wonderful. I would totally go again! Kanha National Park This park was the setting for the "Jungle Book" so for me it was a must-see. I saw tigers, rode elephants, and went on a breathtaking safari. So worth it! Yoga Lessons in Mysore I took yoga lessons in an old traditional Indian home and garden. It was so exhausting, but relaxing!

9: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in India | 1 Cows are allowed to wander through the streets 2 Only country that has both lions and Tigers 3 Your social status is determined by your birth 4 Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry all originated here 5 Believe marigolds symbolize happiness and good fortune 6 Indian Railways employs over 1 million people 7 Cherrapnuji, India is the wettest place on Earth 8 The country buys more movie Tickets than the U.S. 9 Is where chess originated 10 No official religion

10: My Top 10 Favorite Foods I ate in India | Indian people do not eat beef, so they eat other meats. Spices and tea are also very important. +Tandoori- roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices +ImarTi- candy made from lentils +Masala- spiced chai or black tea

11: M A L D I V E S Where I went | Alimatha Island It's the best known area in Maldives for scuba diving and snorkelling. And I have to say I agree! I saw so many kinds of fish and other sea creatures. It was my highlight of my trip! Kurumba Water Sports I spent an afternoon doing extreme water sports like waterskiing, sailing, fishing, sea kayaking, and lots of other activites. It was really exhausting but worth it! I learned so many new things and how have many new hobbies! Spa Resorts in Kurumba I spent a relaxing day getting veli spa facials, a body wrap, massage, yoga, and my favorite--a chocolate body scrub! I absolutely loved it.

12: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Maldives | 1 Hghest island is about 6 feet above sea level 2 Coconut processing is a large part of its economy 3 !6 of its islands are threatened by global warming 4 Their president held a cabinet meeting underwater 5 97% literacy rate 6 Home to murderous giant clams weigh about 200kg 7 1190 islands 8 Lowest country in the world 9 Government-enforced alcohol and pork laws don't apply to tourists 10 Locals call it Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhorriyyaa

13: My Favorite Foods I ate in Maldives | People from the Maldives eat a lot of fish and coconut. Their meals are usually small and light. +Mas huni- breakfast made from Tuna, onion, coconut, and chili peppers +Roshi- simple flatbread +Garudiya- clear fish broth with chilies, onions, or curry

14: N E P A L | Garden of Dreams I walked around, looking at the plants and water features. I also dined at a nice cafe for lunch and was able To relax. Boudhanath Stupa The largest Lamaist shrine in the world was so beautiful at night! It was lit with hundreds of candles and the enlightened monks were chanting. It was beautiful! Hike to Mount Everest Base Camp Hiking to the base camp was interesting in itself, but meeting the people people who were gong to make the trek up the mountain was amazing | where I went

15: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Nepal | 1 Has greatest altitude variation in world 2 To say yes, shake your head. To say no, nod 3 Gautam Buddah was born in Nepal 4 Over 100 languages are spoken in Nepal 5 Its two biggest economies are tourism & energy 6 $1 in the U.S. is 77.4 Nepali rupees 7 Neolithics lived there 9,000 years ago 8 Touching someone's feet means you are from a class lower then them 9 About the size of Arkansas 10 45% literacy

16: My Favorite Foods I ate in Nepal | Cuisine in Nepal is mostly meat and vegetables, but with more grain than other countries in this area. +Thukpa- noodles, vegetables, chili powder +Momo- dumpling filled with meat, vegetables, or cheese +Khaja- popped or parched corn

17: P A K I S T A N | where I went | Mahata Palace My visit here was great! The grounds were well kept and there were exhibits and galleries to look at. I especially loved the architecure! Margalla Hills This was a rustic trail with breathtaking hills and nature. If you walked to the top, you could see the city behind you! I saw so many monkeys on my hike--they were so cute! Rawal Lake Near Islamabad, I went pedal boating and and birdwatching. There was also benches in parks to relax on and just people-watch.

18: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Pakistan | 1 World's largest producer of chickpeas 2 2005 Kashmir Earthquake happened on the Pakistani side 3 It gets up to 120 degrees F 4 National sport is field hockey 5 Less than half of kids age 5-9 go to school 6 Dowrys are still used for engaged women 7 24% of its population is impoverished 8 Has the 2nd Largest world Muslim population 9 English is its official language 10 Separated from India in 1947

19: My Favorite Foods I ate in Pakistan | Pakistani cuisine includes many kinds of meaT and lots of spices & flavor. Most of their foods are Hallal too. +Seekh Kabab- minced meat with spices grilled on skewers +Sindhi Biryani- meat, rice, potatoes, yogurt, spices, and vegetables +Laasi- watered down yogurt

20: S R I L A N K A | Dehiwala Zoo I saw elephants do really cool tricks and a lot of animals that live wild in Sri Lanka. I REALLY liked the jaguars! Polonnaruwa It's the 2nd most ancient of the Sri Lanka kingdoms. I walked around marvelling at the stone carvings, understanding the culture. Ranweli Spice Gardens I went on some really nice tours learning about growing spices! we got to see how they are dried and tasted some at the end of the process. | where I went

21: My Top 10 Fun Facts I learned in Sri Lanka | 1 Is the world's largest tea exporter 2 Called "Ceylon" before 1972 3 Makes most of its hydroelectrocity from waterfalls 4 Has only 11 universiTies in the country 5 Has the only elephant orphanage in the world 6 Had the first woman in the world to be democratically elected to head of sTaTe 7 91% literacy rate 8 One of the strongest economies in Asia 9 Called "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" 10 Sits in the middle of a TecTonic plate, so it has no volcanic/earthquake activity

22: My Favorite Foods I ate in Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan cuisine varies greatly be-cause it is spicy, yet has an island influence with coconut and bananas. +Kavun- deep fried oil cakes made from rice flour and treacle +Koola' ya- rice with curry spices +Kiribath- rice cooked in coconut milk

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