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Egypt - October 2011

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1: Egypt - Cairo to Cairo | 12 Days Cairo Marriott / River Tosca Oct. 20 - Leave Detroit Oct. 21 - Arrive Cairo / Transfer To Hotel Oct. 22 - Explore Hotel Oct. 23 - Citadel Of Salah al-Din / Muhammad Ali Mosque / Egyptian Museum Oct. 24 - Fly To Luxor / Karnak Temple / Embark Ship Oct. 25 - Dendera / Scenic Nile Sailing / Temple Of Luxor Oct. 26 - Valley Of The Kings / Hatshepsut Temple / Colossi Of Memnon / Sail To Kom Ombo Oct. 27 - Kom Ombo Temple / Sail To Aswan / Unfinished Obelisk / Aswan High Dam / Philae Temple Oct. 28 - Abu Simbel / Felucca Ride / High Tea At Movenpick Hotel Oct. 29 - Nubian Village / Sail To Kom Ombo / Sail To Edfu Oct. 30 - Edfu Temple / Sail To Luxor Oct. 31 - Fly To Cairo / Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show Nov. 1 - Pyramids Of Giza & Sphinx / Memphis / Sakkara Nov. 2 - Leave Cairo / Arrive Detroit | Egypt | or | Bust!!!

2: Oct. 21 - Arrive Cairo / Transfer To Hotel The Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino was built in 1869 as the Al Gezira Palace to host the Empress Eugenie of France (wife of Napoleon III) as the guest of honor for the inauguration of the Suez Canal.

3: Relaxing By The Pool, Enjoying The Beautiful Weather | Pita Bread Made Fresh Daily | Oct. 22 - Explore Hotel

4: Oct. 23 - Citadel Of Salah al-Din / Muhammad Ali Mosque / Egyptian Museum | hello | hello | The Egyptian Museum, built in 1900, exhibits more than 120,000 artifacts including the remarkable items recovered from the tomb of King Tutankhamun by renowned archaeologist, Howard Carter. | hello | The Mosque of Muhammad Ali (aka the Alabaster Mosque) is lit by a beautiful array of lamps hanging from its ornate ceiling. | hello | The Citadel of Salah al-Din was built in the 12th century as the center for government and a defense barrier against the armies of the Crusaders.

5: Alabaster Mosque | Purification Fountain For Cleansing Prior To Entering Mosque | Inside The Mosque | City View From The Citadel | Cairo Museum's Royal Mummy Hall houses 22 mummies including 11 kings and queens. It was interesting to see the progression of mummification techniques across the centuries.

6: Oct. 24 - Fly To Luxor / Temple Of Karnak / Embark Ship | Temple Of Karnak Model Karnak is the largest temple complex ever created by man. It was built and expanded over 1300 years and it took over 80,000 laborers across many generations to complete. It is comprised of three main temples, the largest dedicated to Amun, a great pharaonic god of fertility and reproduction. It also includes the Shashank Gate and Hall of Columns built by Ramses II, a giant obelisk built by Queen Hatshepsut, and the Granite Temple built by Thutmos III. The Great Holy Lake still holds water to this day.

7: K A R N A K T E M P L E | Ancient Mosque | Holy Lake

8: Massive Granite Obelisks With Beautiful Hieroglyphics | Intricate Carvings Cover The Walls Of The Temple | Seven Times Around For Good Luck!


10: River Tosca - Luxury On The Nile

11: Oct. 25 - Dendera / Scenic Nile Sailing / Temple Of Luxor | The Temple of Luxor is connected to the Temple of Karnak by the avenue of sphinxes. It was built over | The Temple of Hathor, built between 125 BC & 65 BC, is dedicated to the cow goddess, Hathor, who | possesses the power of healing. It is the best preserved temple of its kind in Egypt and exhibits a depiction of Cleopatra and her son Caesarion, fathered by Julius Caesar. | several hundred years beginning in the 14th century BC. It is known by locals as the "three churches" temple because it was built as an ancient temple, was later used as a Christian church, and now houses an active mosque.

12: Cleopatra & Caesarion | Cleopatra's Cartouche

13: After conquering Egypt, the Arabs used the sandstone temple walls to keep their swords sharp. | Crypt entrance. It's a tight fit! | The Temple of Hathor in Dendera is the most well preserved temple we visited. The roof is still intact and we were even able to go up to take in the view. It is also the only temple visited on our trip that had a crypt -- which we were able to explore! A group of archaeologists are in the process of restoring the temple which includes removing centuries of soot from the ceiling to reveal the amazing colors on the painted carvings underneath.

15: T E M P L E O F L U X O R

16: Oct. 26 - Valley Of The Kings / Hatshepsut Temple / Colossi Of Memnon / Sail To Kom Ombo | Colossi Of Memnon | Valley Of The Kings | Hatshepsut Temple

17: After centuries of tomb raids in the pyramids, the kings decided to hide their tombs in the mountainside. They chose this valley because of the pyramid shaped mountain shown in the picture to the left. | Howard Carter's House | Howard Carter Inside King Tut's Tomb | Tombs Of Nobles | The colors inside the tombs of King Ramses III, IV, & IX are still vibrant after more than 4500 years.

18: Temple Of Hatshepsut at Deir-el-Bahri Queen Hatshepsut always referred to herself as a king and insisted on being depicted as a male. In fact, she is the only queen buried in the Valley of the Kings. Her mortuary temple was constructed into the mountainside adjacent to the Valley and its colonnaded design changed the course of architecture in ancient Egypt. | hello | hello

19: A L A B A S T E R W O R K S H O P | The Colossi Of Memnon Two seated statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III have stood guard in front of the site of his memorial temple for 3400 years. At a height of 60 ft, the statues gaze eastward toward the rising sun, as Memnon means "ruler of the dawn".

20: Whirling Dervish! | Belly Dancer | Nubian Show | Galabeya Party - Lots Of Fun! | The Harem | Egyptian Buffet | Pre-Dinner Smoke | When In Egypt -- Dress Like An Egyptian | N I G H T T I M E

21: E N T E R T A I N M E N T

22: The Temple of Philae was moved to the island of Agilqiyyah when the High Dam flooded the original site. | Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple dedicated to the crocodile god, Sobek, and the falcon god, Horus. | The Unfinished Obelisk was commissioned by Queen Hatshepsut but construction was halted after cracks were discovered on its face. | The Aswan High Dam was completed in 1970 and created the world's largest man-made lake, Lake Nasser. | Oct. 27 - Kom Ombo Temple / Sail To Aswan / Unfinished Obelisk / Aswan High Dam / Philae Temple

23: Kom Ombo Temple Over 300 crocodile mummies were discovered in the vicinity of the temple, built between 180 BC & 44 BC.

24: K O M O M B O T E M P L E | Sandy The Snake Charmer | Nilometers were used to predict floods. The water level indicated expected crop output, setting taxes for the year. | Giant Deep Relief Carvings | Taking It All In | View Of Kom Ombo From Our Suite Window | High Relief Carvings | Ancient Calendar

25: U N F I N I S H E D O B E L I S K | A S W A N H I G H D A M

26: Philae Temple | The Submerged Island Of Philae | Cleopatra's Cartouche | Kiosk of Trajan | Two Lions Guard The Temple Entrance | The Temple Was Built Around This Carved Granite Stone | Temple Interior

27: The two temples at Abu Simbel were also moved to avoid flooding from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. | The Egyptian Felucca is the traditional method of transport up and down the River Nile. | High Tea at the top of the Movenpick Hotel offered fantastic views of river life and downtown Aswan. | Oct. 28 - Abu Simbel / Felucca Ride / High Tea At Movenpick Hotel

28: Abu Simbel The site of two temples, one in honor of Ramses II (aka Ramses the Great) and the other in honor of his favorite wife, Nefertari. The King Ramses temple exhibits carbon drawings for unfinished carvings believed to have been abandoned at the time of his death to begin work on temples dedicated to his successor. | Temple Of King Ramses II

29: Temple Of Nefertari

30: The Felucca Ride Was Quiet & Relaxing | The View From The 13th Floor Of The Movenpick Hotel Was Breathtaking!

31: Oct. 29 - Nubian Village / Sail To Kom Ombo / Sail To Edfu | The scenery along the banks of the Nile is ever changing as you sail from city to city. | Welcome to our Nubian home

32: This traditional Nubian home is shared by three brothers and their families. One brother is a farmer, another is a weaver, and the third is a fisherman. All Nubians keep crocodiles in their homes for good luck, a tradition that dates back to the ancient times of worshiping the crocodile god, Sobek. With very little rainfall in the region, many rooms are constructed without roofs and with sand floors. The houses remain cool due to their clay wall construction. | Nubians Are Expert Furniture Craftsmen | Relaxing During A Brief Stop For Tea At A Nubian Hotel | Crocodiles In The Living Room!! | Water Filtration System Using Sand And Gravity

33: Nubian Village | Essence Factory

34: Local merchants tie up to River Tosca as we move down the river. They toss up their merchandise with amazingly accurate aim. | Life On The River Nile | The lock at Esna. We passed through twice, once in each direction. | A woman washes her clothes at the water's edge. | Men try to catch their dinner by casting a net and smacking the surface with an oar to scare the fish into it.

35: Kids Wakeboarding On The River | Where The Sahara Desert Meets The Nile River | Hotel Where Agatha Christie Wrote "Death On The Nile" | Young Boy Spotting Sparrows For His Hunting Companion

36: Oct. 30 - Edfu Temple / Sail To Luxor Edfu is the second largest temple in Egypt, constructed between 237 BC and 57 BC. It was built to honor the falcon god, Horus.

37: Don't forget to look up. There are amazing carvings on the ceiling, too. | Our one horsepower motor - MARIO!!! | Holy Ark used to carry Horus’ statue during processions.

38: E D F U T E M P L E

39: Left To Right: June, Tricia, Bob, Rob, Sandy, Bob, Karen, Rick, Wayne, Linda, Ros, Ahmed, Marilyn, Gale, Carol, Bill, Patricia, Sterling, Fred, Brenda | G O O D F O O D | G O O D F R I E N D S

40: Cairo Tower At Night | Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show The amazing story of the people and culture that built these ancient wonders is revealed as the colorful lights are cast upon them. | Oct. 31 - Fly To Cairo / Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show

41: S O U N D A N D L I G H T S H O W

42: Government subsidized bread brings long lines to the bakeries. | Sheep for sale on the side of the street. | Streets are shared by all types of transport. | THE STREETS OF CAIRO | Ancient mixes with modern.

43: The Pyramids of Giza have inspired awe since the 25th century BC when they were built as the final resting places of three Pharaohs. The largest is the Great Pyramid of Khufu and it was the first of the | Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt. Many artifacts have been discovered here including a colossal statue of Ramses II and the Great Alabaster Sphinx, which is the second largest sphinx in Egypt. | Sakarra is the home of the oldest pyramid complex in Egypt - the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. It dates back to 2686 BC. On the grounds of the same complex is a tomb dug deep into the sandstone | Nov. 1 - Pyramids Of Giza & Sphinx / Memphis / Sakkara | three to be completed. The second largest is the Pyramid of Khafre, son of Khufu. And, the smallest is the Pyramid of Menkaure, grandson of Khufu. Each was built smaller than the last to honor the memories of their fathers. | for the sole purpose of hiding the canopic jars containing his vital organs. King Zoser believed that if his tomb was raided and his mummy was stolen, his ka (life spirit) would still be able to enter the afterlife as long as his organs remained entombed.


46: L A S T R E M A I N I N G A N C I E N T

47: We crouched to descend the narrow passageway into the heart of the pyramid where we were able to explore the burial chamber. | W O N D E R O F T H E W O R L D | Pyramid Of Menkaure

48: THE GREAT SPHINX | Built during the 3rd century BC, it is the oldest monumental statue on earth.

50: M E M P H I S

51: S A K K A R A


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