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Elijah of Buxton Elijah

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FC: Eli Freeman's Journal By: Natasha #24 Mrs.Burnett's Class | Eli Freeman's Journal

1: Elijah of Buxton Eli's Journal By: Natasha #24 Mrs.Burnett's Class

2: June 14, 1859 Evenin’ Journal, My name’s Elijah Freeman, and I’m an escaped slave. People call me Eli, though. I live in a small town called Buxton,a settlement where escaped slaves live. Buxton is on the border between Canada and the United States. I’m eleven years old and I’m pretty famous ‘round here ‘cause I was the first child to be borned here in Buxton. So many strange things have been goin’ on in Buxton. The preacher has a mysterious gun that he once actually let me shoot! Also, the preacher told Cooter (my best friend) and I ‘bout the Hoop Snake, it bites on its own tail before it attacks you and when it bites you, you swell up I’m becoming quite scared ‘cause the preacher told us those snakes might be in our settlement! Ma says that I’m always actin’ fra-gile ‘cause them snakes could be anywhere near us!

3: II I warn't that fra-gile ‘cause I was scared that we’ll all get bitten and die! I then forgot ‘bout all this fra-gile and not fra-gile thing and decided to go fishin’. However, first I helped Mr.Segee with cleaning the barn and doin’ chores. I had to swat the flies off the mule, his name’s Old Flapjack, clean up the animals and wash their hooves, and shoveling the manure. Later on I went fishin’ and I caught 10 fish, but then the preacher came and threw four back into lake! I still had enough to give to Mrs.Brown, Mr. Leroy, and Ma, Pa, and me. Oh, sorry Journal. Got to go to bed! ~Eli Freeman.

4: June 27, 1859 Hey Journal, I’m back again and I wanted to write about some problems happening in our settlement. When Cooter and I went to our lesson with Mr.Travis, our teacher (Mr.Travis) started winding up Cooter’s ear just ‘cause he was smilin’ during the lesson! I couldn’t believe it! I tried to stop him, but no, he still was winding up his ear. When our lesson was over, I had to rewrite Familiarity breeds concept 20 times ‘cause that was our lesson and I actually tried to stop Mr.Travis. Yet, Cooter had to write Familiarity breeds concept 125 times! As well as that, me and the preacher went to a carnival in Chatham and saw a lady shoot grapes,stones, and marbles at different targets! We then went to another tent and saw a conjurer! I waren’t very fra-gile, but I did scream when the conjurer’s eyes turned his eyes another color! Later on in his show, he took a white boy sitin’ next to me from the audience and started hypnotizin’ him! I couldn’t believe it! The preacher said that I had to come with him to the carnival ‘cause I needed to help our town. He said he wanted me to be in the show to earn money for the settlement. Well, that’s all to wrap this up. ~Eli Freeman

5: All about the journey | Good times | July 1, 1859 Dear Journal, I remember a very funny event happenin’ a long time ago I forgot to tell you ‘bout it. It was a warm autumn day, Ma and Pa decided to have a little picnic. Me and Cooter wanted to fool my Ma and show her who's the fra-gile one. We found a huge toady-frog near the bank of a river and put it into her knittin’ basket. We wrapped it ‘roud the sweater she’s knittin’. Later on, Ma and Pa set up their rocking chairs on the stoop. Me and Cooter ran to a ditch and hid there and Ma and Pa started chattin’ on. Ma once picked up the knittin’ basket, put on her spectacles but then put the basket down on the floor again and started talk with Pa again! Ma finally decided to continue weavin’ and when she unwrapped the sweater and suddenly, her eyes widened and she froze, holding on to Pa’s arm. She quickly stood up and started hoppin’ ‘round hitting her skirt as if it was on fire! Me and Cooter had laughed so much we couldn’t stop. “ Did you see how she ...!” I tried to complete the sentence, but it was just too funny! Cooter was ripping the grass tryin’ to say “ And... and... when she...!” but he couldn’t finish the sentence either! Dad did laugh with us a bit, but then he started gettin’ mad at us. He cleaned up Ma’s rocking chair and her knittin’ basket, but we were still laughin’! That time was very amazin’ and very enjoyable! Well, that’s all I got for today! ~Eli Freeman

6: July 7, 1859 Hey Journal, Remember some time ago I told you ‘bout the preacher leading me to the carnival? Well, let me tell you that moment in more detail. It was a dark night and me and the preacher went to Chatham, where the carnival was at. We went inside the first tent, with most famous Madame Sabbar. We put an American dime into a white man’s hand who was standin’ at the entrance of the tent. All I know about Madame Sabbar known for slaining over 540 Swedish Moth lions! And the interestin’ part about that, she only used her very own slingshot! I was guessin’ she was an amazing shooter. In that tent, we found a seat and saw Madame Sabbar shoot out 6 candles off a cardboard wall will some simple rocks and her “lucky” slingshot! Then, she had her eyes covered by a blindfold and she started to put grapes onto her slingshot and to shoot them at a boy that was travelin’ ‘round the tent’s stage. At the end of Madame Sabbar’s performance, the preacher took me to ‘nother tent where there was a conjurer changin’ his eye color. I did scream with the rest of the audience, but then a white boy sittin’ next to me told me it was all a fraud. He decided to stand up and have “a little fun”. The conjurer saw the boy standin’ up and exclaimed for him to come up to the stage. He started hypnotizin’ him! He made him take off all his clothes! I was very surprised about that. Finally, the boy put his clothes back on and ran out the tent gate. The preacher again, took me out of the tent and walked up to the Conjurer and told him that I could shoot better than Madame Sabbar. The reason is he wanted me to help the settlement by joinin’ the carnival to raise money for Buxton. We had some races with Madame Sabbar, and believe it or not, I have won

7: against her! I was then talkin’ to the boy who was gettin’ hit by Madame Sabbar with those grapes, while the preacher was talkin’ to the conjurer. Suddenly, the preacher grabbed my arm and we left the tent. I wanted to ask the preacher why we left without sayin’ goodbye, but I thought it would be quite rude. When we came to my home, I climbed into my bed and and the preacher left right after that. I started thinkin’ ‘bout the carnival and all that other events happenin’ that day ‘till I finally fell asleep. That was some odd day, huh journal? Well, got to go to Mr.Travis’s lesson! See you! ~Eli Freeman

8: July 11, 1860 Hey Journal, I’m still kind of thinkin’ that the day me and the preacher went to the carnival isn’t as weird as the day today. Mrs. Holton is a really nice person, I’m tellin’ you. She gave Mr.Leroy twenty two hundred American dollars in gold to him! He immediately needed to buy his family from slavery.The preacher lied about a man in Michigan who could help Mr.Leroy buy his family back. Since the preacher “knew” where that man lived, he went with Mr.Highgate and Mr.Leroy stayed in Buxton. Then, I was fishin’ and Cooter told me that Mr.Highgate was shot and the preacher rode away with the money! Mr.Leroy snatched me away one afternoon, when the adults were havin’ a meetin’ on what to do to the preacher. Mr.Leroy "kidnapped" me and told me to come with him to Michigan and find they preacher and take Mrs.Holton’s money back. When we went there, we had rode on Jingle boy, a horse, to meet a man named Benjamin Alston. He had helped Mr.Highgate recover a bit. He helped us out and we followed that path. Suddenly, Mr.Leroy had fallen off of Jingle Boy. When he fell off, his eyes were closing, he couldn’t breathe, he had died. He wanted me to help find the preacher, and buy back his family. I decided to do as he had told me and I raced off to a barn where Benjamin Alston had told us to go. I found six slaves there, they were captured! I then found the dead preacher in that same barn! Scary, huh! They had a baby slave as well. I wanted to free them, but I couldn’t! I didn’t know how! The ma slave told me to take her baby, Hope, to Buxton and let her be free. I did as she told me and I went off to Buxton. My were filled with tears when me and Hope were ridin’ away on Jingle Boy. I then went back to Buxton, with Hope near me. We were finally home. Home in Buxton. ~Eli Freeman

10: February 6, 2014 Dear journal, My name is Natasha and weirdly, I found this journal on the street. It had said “Eli Freeman's Journal” on the cover and decided to read it. This journal was written amazingly with detail, it reminds me of a book I read not so long ago, but I still have questions to this Eli Freeman. One question, did you enjoy living in Buxton? Why or why not? Another question, what are your thinkings about the Carnival of Oddities? I myself did enjoy a small part of the Carnival. Though I have never met him, I think it would be great hanging out with Eli Freeman. First, I would greet Eli and meet some of my friends with him. Eli sounds like a very friendly person and I think he could get along with anyone! Next, I would show him around our city of Longmont because there are many farming fields in Longmont where Eli might want to work.

11: Let the journey begin | Maybe I could even show Eli a history book explaining that slavery was abolished! Finally, I would take Eli to my school Flagstaff Academy. I believe Eli will enjoy my school much better than Mr.Travis’s lessons because our teachers don’t wind up our ears! I think that Eli would a nice friend to me and to anyone else he met. I wish I could tell you more, but I have to go to volleyball practice! Check with you later! ~Natasha T.

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