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Europe Trip 2008

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BC: We had the most amazing vacation! Between the art in Florence, the water of the Mediterranean, Limoncello in Sorrento, the creepy salesmen at the Bazaar in Turkey, the history of Ephesus, Cassie throwing up in Rome, and the taxi driver trying to rip us off in Greece, how could you ask for more? | MikeFoster and Sarah Gwisdala and Brett McKnight and Cassie Hostick

FC: EUROPE 2008 | Rome | Sorrento | Naples | Ephesus | Istanbul | Athens | Katakolon | Florence | Marmaris | Vatican City | Italy | Turkey | Greece

2: "The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo." --Mark Twain | Rome

3: I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin with syllables which breathe of the Sweet South" George Gordon Noel Byron | I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin with syllables which breathe of the Sweet South" George Gordon Noel Byron | I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin with syllables which breathe of the Sweet South" George Gordon Noel Byron | I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin with syllables which breathe of the Sweet South" George Gordon Noel Byron | I love the language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth, And sounds as if it should be writ on satin with syllables which breathe of the Sweet South" George Gordon Noel Byron

4: First Day in Rome | "Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life" -Anna Akhmatova | Fountain of the Naiads in Piazza Esedra | Our first taste of vino and pizza in Italy

5: ITALY | Foster in the Pantheon | Gladiator at the Colosseum

6: Church of St Peter in Chains San Pietro in Vincoli al Colle Oppio | Lighting a Candle for Grandma Gwisdala | "The Miracle of Chains" by Giovanni Battista Parodi | Frescos by Giacomo Coppi (1577) | Reliquary containing the chains of St. Peter | Michelangelo's Moses statue in the basilica

8: Roman Forum | Colosseum | Hypogeum (underground)

9: Arch of Constantine | "THE VITTORIANO" ROMAN PARLAIMENT BUILDING | Roman Forum

10: June 2008 | Travelling | in Rome | a | life is good | Arch of Constantine

11: Fountain of the Four Rivers "Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi" at Piazza Navona | "Church of Gesu" Mother Church for the society of Jesuits | "I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble" Augustus

12: Trevi Fountain

13: Piazzza della Rotonda Pantheon Obelisk | Piazza delle Quattro Fontane "River Tiber" | Piazza delle Quattro Fontane "June" | The Pantheon | Tomb of King Humbert I and Margerita Savoia | Top of the Trevi Fountoain

14: Train Ride to the Cruise

15: Carnival Freedom

16: Fun on the boat

19: Dinner on the Cruise | "It is now time for the showtime now"

22: Ice Ice Baby | Karaoke and Dancing

23: "Brass Monkey" | Dancing on the Cruise

24: Naples | Mt Vesuvius | Castel Nuovo (1279) | Statue of St Antonino in Tasso Square

25: This is the main square of Sorrento. Sorrento is part of the breath-taking Amalfi Coast. It overlooks the Bay of Naples, Mt Vesuvius, and Pompei. Sorrento is famous for the production of Limoncello (a delicious liqueur made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar) | Sorrento

27: Sorrento, Italy

28: Sorrento

29: Naples "Castel Nuovo" often called Maschio Angioino | drinking limoncello

30: Marmaris

32: Ephesus | Soon to be Doctors | The rod of Asclepius is an ancient symbol | parasitic worms was common. Physicians treated | skin. just in front of the worm's path. As the | wound the worm around a stick until the entire | physicians advertised their services by displaying | The Rod of Asclepius | associated with the Greek god Asclepius of medicine | and healing. In ancient times infection by | this infection by cutting a slit in the patient's | worm crawled out the cut, the physician carefully | animal had been removed. It's believed that | because this type of infection was so common, | a sign with the worm on a stick.

33: On the front arch, the keystone is a bust of the mother goddess Cybele and on a semicircle in the back is a relief of the head of Medusa. | In the Domitian Square: Nike, "Winged Goddess of Victory". Her draped garment was the inspiration for the Nike logo. | HADRIAN'S TEMPLE

34: The Library of Celsus | What is this strange place? | Fun Fact: the library was connected to a brothel

35: Carved into the stone walkway are the likeness of a woman's head, a left foot and a bird. This is believed to be the world's first advertisement, and an early form of graffiti for the local brothel. The brothel was connected to the Library by a tunnel. | Ephesus Brothel

36: The marble walkway leading to the main square has gouges in it that were originally meant to keep peoples sandaled feet from slipping on wet days. | Original mosaic tile that was once the floors of wealthy Romans' homes | EPHESUS

37: Public Forica: These are the Ephesus bathrooms, Notice the seating area; below it was a drainage system to remove the waste. This was a public area just for men. Not sure what the women did? Their water supply and sewage system was impressive for 2,000 years ago

38: St. Paul visited Ephesus twice between A.D. 44 to 62 to spread the message of Christianity. However, the Ephesian blacksmiths who created and sold statues of the Goddess Artemis felt their livelihood was threatened by the new religion. St Paul was brought to the Great Theatre where he was judged and found guilty. He was imprisoned and later thrown out of the city. | Brett as St. Paul giving a sermon | Ephesus Theatre where St. Paul preached | E | P | H | E

39: S | U | S | Our Amazing Tour Guide

40: Istanbul, Turkey

42: Blue Mosque | "Sultan Ahmed Mosque" Built 1609-1616

43: One notable feature of the Blue Mosque is its six minarets. This is very unique, most mosques have four, two or just one. According to some accounts, the Sultan directed his architect to make gold (altin) minarets, which was misunderstood as six (alti) minarets. The six minarets caused a scandal, as the mosque in Mecca also had six minarets. The problem was solved by adding a seventh minaret to Mecca's mosque

44: Hagia Sophia | Built 360 AD

45: Constantine II ordered the constr-uction of the Hagia Sophia "holy wisodm" in 360 as a Christian church. Nearly 200 years later, fires and riots destroyed the original edifice. The church was later rebuilt. In 1453 it was converted into a mosque, by making additions such as a minaret. Later the faces depicted in the church's mosaics were covered in plaster due to the Islamic prohibition of figurative imagery. It is now a museum.

46: The Serpent Column | "Loge of the Empress" located in the upper enclosure of the Hagia Sophia. From here the Empress and the court-ladies would watch the proceedings down below. The round, green stone we are standing on marks the throne of the empress. | Our Awesome Tour Guide in Istanbul | Brett trying to hold up the leaning stone pillars | Istanbul, Turkey

47: Grand Bazaar | Obelisk of Thutmosis III | Walled Obelisk | Byzantine Hippodrome | Basilica Cistern"Underground Cistern" was built in 532 BC during the Nika Revolt and was later used during the Byzantium Period as a reservoir for water storage for the Great Palace. Over 7,000 slaves worked to construct the cistern. Some columns are engraved with tears in memory of the hundreds of slaves who died during its construction.


50: Acropolis of Athens Built 447 BC | The Acropolis (high-city) was constructed for defense purposes. The Greeks used the higher grounds to study the positions of their enemies. | Parthenon was built as the temple of Goddess Athena | Estaaadium

52: Mercouri Vineyard | Katakolon, Greece

53: "One of life's gifts is that each of us, no matter how tired and downtrodden, finds reasons for thankfulness: for the crops carried in from the fields and the grapes from the vineyard" J. Robert Moskin

54: Beautiful Peacocks roam the estate | Katakolon, Greece | Mercouri Winery

55: Olive Groves | This vineyard is the second oldest estate in Greece.

56: "wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul, gives being to our hopes, bids the coward flight, drives dull care away, and teaches new means for the accomplishment of our wishes" Horace, Roman Philosopher (65-8 BC)

57: Mercouri Winery | Katakolon, Greece

58: Inside the Winery

59: "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized" Andre Simon

60: Mercouri Classroom and Family Church

62: Florence, Italy | Views from the top of Giotto's Bell tower at the Duomo. An exhausting 414 step climb!

63: Santa Maria Del Fiore (Duomo)

64: Bargello National Museum Florence, Italy | "Jason and the Golden Fleece" Pietro Francavilla | But I am le tired... | Marzocco Lion (symbol of Florence) | "Perseus with the Head of Medusa" Benvenuto Cellini

65: In 1401 Florence held a competition for a set of bronze doors to be made for the Baptistery. These doors were to celebrate the sparing of Florence from recent scourges such as the Black Death in 1348. Seven artists were asked to submit bronze samples depicting the Sacrifice of Isaac. The image had to include the father and son, as well as an altar, a donkey, a hill, two servants and a tree. (thats a lot to put into that small of a space!) Ghiberti (left) won and Brunelleschi (right) was the runner up. | "San Paolo" huge cannon cast in 1635 with the head of St. Paul at the end | Marble Statue "Ocean" by Giambologna | Life imitating art

66: Florence | Made in

67: Baptistery Doors (left): dubbed by Michelangelo as worthy of being the "Gates to Paradise" Ghiberti won the competition to build the doors. It took him 27 years to condense the New testament into ten panels to produce a defining masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance.

68: Vatican Museum

69: Mary possibly doing the Heisman Pose | YMCA (we're going to hell)

70: Vatican Museum

72: St Peter's Basilica | Vatican City

73: "On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

74: Fountain of Holy Water blessed by Vatican Nuns | Last Tour Guide of the Trip | St. Peter's Basilica | Michelangelo's "Pieta" Jesus on the lap of Mary after the Crucifixion

75: Everything in St Peters Basilica is enormous. The letters outlining the ceiling are 6.6 ft tall! | List of Popes

77: This is when we asked the police if we were allowed to drink wine while walking around on the street... They didn't understand what we were asking, yet they whipped out a corkscrew and started uncorking our wine.. Guess we got our answer! | Swiss Guards of the Vatican. Uniforms courtesy of Michelangelo.. He probably should have stuck to painting

78: Ironic Moment of the Trip: Sarah got kicked out of a church for bearing her shoulders in the middle of summer.... while viewing a statue of the Ecstasy of St Theresa

79: "Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy." --Bertrand Russell

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