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Final Alaskan Cruise 2012

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Final Alaskan Cruise 2012 - Page Text Content

S: Alaskan Cruise 2012


FC: Alaskan Cruise 2012

1: ALASKA | ALLRED'S ALASKAN CRUISE | June 30th - July 7th 2012

2: "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing" - Maggen | "There was a good balance of time spent with family" - Lynette | July 1st, 2012


4: "These are memories that I will always keep with me." - Brent

5: "It's always wonderful to attend church services when you are on vacation." - Anita | "Sunday services were awesome, but we had to step out of some fresh air after squeezing 18 people into one cabin." - Maggen

6: Our Family

7: "Thanks Mom and Dad for providing such an awesome family experience!" - Reid | memories


9: "Mixing it up with different family members at the Savoy, Santa Fe, and Pacific Moon Dining Rooms." - Brent

10: "Dinners as a family were extra special. We truly enjoyed the wonderful company and delicious meals." - Eileen

11: "Hoping that this is what Heaven will be like – being with the ones you love and not worrying about eating too much dessert." - Brent

12: Ketchikan, Alaska

13: "Look ... we found Reid's Building!!" | "The sights and adventures were amazing, but the company was even better!" - Marie | July 2nd, 2012

14: “Thanks for introducing us to the fun times on a cruise ship. Every time we go on a cruise in the future, we will remember our first cruise – the one with you.” - Brad | July 2nd, 2012

15: “Mendenhall Glacier was breathtaking! Anita and I walked up Nugget Falls trail and enjoyed ourselves as we watched the kayakers making their way to the face of the glacier." - Stephen | July 3rd, 2012

16: “Kayaking to Mendenhall Glacier with Brent and Kristyn was an amazing, surreal experience.” - Brad

17: "It was surreal to kayak around the icebergs and fun to go under the glacier too!" - Marie | "Loved kayaking around the Mendenhall Glacier getting up close and personal." - Kristyn | July 3rd, 2012

18: "We loved the anticipation as we watched and waited for the whales to surface. Just being there with family made the experience a whole lot more meaningful! " - Maggen

20: "We were so excited to spend some time alone with family in such a beautiful place" - Reid

21: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. - Cathy Allen | "I don't think I will ever see as spectacular of view as this one! It took my breath away!!" - Maggen

23: July 4th 2012 | "Being able to walk off the ship and explore seaside towns was so much fun!" - Anita

24: "There is nothing quite like the 4th of July in Skagway" - Lynette

26: "ALL ABOARD" | White Pass & Yukon Railway | 4 JULY, 2012

27: "The Yukon trail was amazing; especially when you are standing outside the train cart!" - Sun Joo | "Lots of great laughs on the scenic train ride!!" - Eileen

28: Float Plane in Skagway

29: Delight in the beauty that surrounds you!

30: BEAUTIFUL | "How can we thank you enough for this cherished memory? Alaska will always hold a "warm" place in our hearts thanks to you, Mom and Dad." - Eileen | "The Eagles were like black birds. They were everywhere in the trees." - Lynette

31: BONDI BEACH is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometer long and is located on the east coast of Australia and is a suburb of the city of Sydney. | "There seemed to be a waterfall everywhere you turned. It was majestic" - Maggen | July 4th, 2012 | "Lots of really great laughs!!" - Brent

32: "I could get use to someone doing dinner for me forever!" - Marie | July 5th, 2012

33: "Wow! Is this what it feels like to be pampered?" - Sun Joo | Family Formal Night | "Eating meals with siblings was a highlight on the trip" - Anita

34: “I may not be able to try all of the different items on the menu, but I am sure going to give it a good try!” - Brad

35: “Hey good lookin', Come here often?" - Glen

37: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | July 5th, 2012


39: "We were thrilled to watch the calving and breaching of the glaciers in Glacier Bay." - Kristyn | July 5th, 2012

42: "The panoramic views were amazingly beautiful!" - Reid

43: "I loved whale watching on the bow of the ship huddled together for warmth." - Kristyn

44: "Brent and Reid are especially good at ridding (non-moving ) mechanical bulls, ha ha." - Eileen

45: "I enjoyed having silly and crazy moments with everyone (especially Reid), some of which you probably shouldn't know about." - Brent | July 6th, 2012

46: "Finding a good spot to play Bananagrams was more challenging than playing the game!" - Anita

47: "We ruled the ship! Move over people who are eating - here come the Allreds and we are ready to play some games." - Reid

49: "I wouldn't have wanted my 40th any other way. Thank you!" -Reid

50: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. Thanks for the memories! We will cherish them forever!

51: Dear Mom and Dad, Going on an Alaska cruise has been a dream of ours for a long, long time, and doing it with family members made the experience even more special. Thanks for making it possible. We loved the cabin you arranged for us... its location demonstrated (once again) that we are your favorites! With the deck right outside our door, we were able to sneak out and get a closer peek at the magnificent glaciers in College Fjord and Glacier Bay. Stephen especially enjoyed his early morning jaunts as he watched the crew go through the docking evolution. One of our favorite parts of the cruise was the evening get-togethers in the ship's restaurants. How fun to simply sit back, relax, laugh, and catch up on each other's lives as we admired Chad’s special Medal of Merit (earned by surviving the zip line). Of course, dinner wasn’t complete without a chocolate mousse LOVE BOAT. We appreciated Dad’s advice to explore inland after the cruise, and the memories produced are priceless. Spending a few days with Reid and Maggen was an adventure. We even celebrated Reid’s birthday at the North Pole, because he insisted on driving to Fairbanks at 2:00 in the morning! The Highway Patrol was also on hand to celebrate. Plus, our eight-hour bus ride, at the back of a bumpy school bus, to see Mt. McKinley will not be forgotten. We especially cherish the time spent together as a couple in Anchorage, Seward, and the Kenai Peninsula where we experienced a dog sled ride, walked on Exit Glacier, ate at Snow City Café, explored Earthquake Park, and watched a salmon run. Plus, Shannon’s thoughtful gift of first class tickets for a glass-topped train ride through Alaska's breathtaking countryside holds an extra special place in our hearts. When we consider the amount of planning, work, organization, persistent, and refereeing that you had to go through in order to pull this off, we can never thank you enough for your generosity. The trip exceeded all expectations, and the memories it created will be prized for a lifetime. Anita & Stephen

52: Dear Mom and Dad, As we think of our ‘Alaskan Adventure’ we go back to childhood vacations. For Lynette, Expo 74, Yellowstone, Disneyland, Mesa Verde, Nauvoo, the Oregon coast, Golden Spike, Dead Horse Point, Grand Canyon and so many more. To us our Alaska trip was an extension of all those great times spent together. You saw something you wanted to share with your children and as with most things – got us excited long before the event took place. Kind of like having $50 and spending it 25 ways in your mind before it was actually spent. Alaska continues to be a fond memory of so many new things, places and time spent with the people we love. For us it is a dream to now return the favor and take our own children there someday. It is dark and cold in Alaska now, winter has set in, but for Gordon and me it will always be a wonderful memory of long summer days, with people we love and the beauty of Heavenly Father's creation all around us. Every day was an adventure for us; we enjoyed everything and looked forward to the next new place as the boat sailed gently along through the night while we slept. Eagles, whales, sea lions, glaciers, lighthouses, the 4th of July in Skagway, a bike ride down the mountain and sun sets on the ocean are a few of the many things we think of when we remember the summer of 2012 spent with both of you and all of your children and spouses. Thank you and may all our memories of life with our family be as sweet. Much love, Gordon and Lynette

53: Dearest Mom and Dad, We want to thank you for your generous gift of taking us on an Alaskan Cruise! This experience was one of the most enjoyable and memorable travel experiences we have ever had. It far exceeded our expectations in beauty, excitement and just plain fun. We are so grateful for the opportunity it gave us to spend time with family and improve and greater develop our relationship with family members. We were thrilled to travel through Alaska and take in the stunning beauty we had only heard of through the years. Each stop provided us with such fun adventures too. The float plan over The Misty Fjords, The Whale Watch and visit to Mendenhall Glacier and the train ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route will be forever lasting and fond memories to us. In addition to these memories, though, we will look back at family dinners, our Sunday Meeting, impromptu birthday party (Reid sure did make us laugh), time spent playing games and some late night disco dancing, as equally wonderful and amusing memories. This trip fulfilled Eileen’s lifetime dream of visiting Glacier Bay. Thanks so much for making that possible. It was magnificent! We love you with all of our hearts and are so very thankful each day for the blessing of having you as our very dear parents. Please know how grateful we are to you for the gift of this amazing cruise. We will cherish it and our fond memories for the rest of our lives. Our love, Glen and Eileen

54: Mom and Dad, No one can deny that the Allred family is one for adventures. Our Alaskan Cruise was a Grand Adventure that included only the family's adult couples. It will be something that I will always remember and cherish. I appreciate all you did to make it possible. I am fully aware of the effort, time, and money that goes into organizing and coordinating such an activity. What a special opportunity it was to spend so much time with each other, collectively and separately. I know that you did not want to impose a schedule of activities and it was great how much fun we all had spontaneously with each other. Kristyn and I were able to kayak with Marie and Brad to the Mendenhall Glacier. We partied with Chad/Ann Marie, Eileen/Glen, and Reid/Maggen on the Yukon Express. We joined many family members for the 4th of July Parade in Skagway. We danced the night away a couple of times with Reid/Maggen and Eileen/Glen. Our nightly dinners together were particularly special and fun, where we were able to sit by someone different every night. It allowed us to sneak some extra time and discussions with everyone, especially Anita/Steve and Lynette/Gordon. Each individual event or time was a special memory. Collectively it made for an absolutely wonderful week. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me in my life. As I have shared with you in the past, I feel that I had close to the perfect childhood. I could not have asked for better parents that loved me, cared for me, and raised me in a home grounded in the gospel. No one could be so fortunate. I am trying to be as good of a parent to my children and hope that they will be able to look back on their lives similarly. You have set the bar high, but have given me the motivation to be like you. While you set the tone for my life's adventure, I am fortunate to have married someone that I love dearly and have continued it with. I know you sometimes worry about us and our travels, but you also know that we are well grounding in the gospel and love our children. Anyway, you have no one else to blame for my Wonderlust but yourselves. Until the time we moved to Belgium, I was just a Provo boy. In fact, I write this as I am looking out over the Old Course and North Sea in St. Andrews, Scotland. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you for being the examples you are. Thank you for providing us with a great experience on the Alaskan Cruise. Brent

55: Mom and Dad Allred, When I first met Brent of course I was attracted to his good looks, intelligence, and faith but it wasn’t until later when I got to know his family that I thought, “I really hope things work out with Brent because I would love to be part of this amazing family”. Thankfully I have been a part of the Allred family for the past 24 years and it has blessed my life in many, many ways. I am deeply grateful for the love and support that both of you have shown me, your son, and our children. You have always treated me as a daughter and your grandchildren know that you love and care about them. What a great blessing to have in-laws that you truly love and respect. Thinking back on our Alaskan cruise I feel tremendous gratitude for your generosity and kindness in bringing us all together to enjoy such an amazing trip that created so many wonderful memories. I know that it took years to plan and execute and it was a significant financial investment on your part. We will forever be grateful that you made it all happen and we were able to enjoy the Allred adults for an entire week while viewing the gorgeous state of Alaska. I loved the dinners, games, and interaction on the ship with your family. I also loved the beautiful hikes, train ride, kayaking, and 4th of July parade that we enjoyed on land. I thoroughly enjoyed having so much time with Brent and it reminded me of the days before we had children when we really could talk without being interrupted. I dearly love my husband and will forever be grateful for the way you have raised him in the gospel setting such a great example for both of us. I thoroughly enjoy the entire Allred family with each brother, sister, niece, and nephew being a joy to know and love. You have not only created an eternal family but you have led it with love and righteousness. Brent and I hope to be able to follow in your footsteps with our own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. As you know I have amazing parents but I could never have imagined that I would gain another set of outstanding parents by marrying Brent. What a totally unexpected but fabulous gift. Thank you so much for the Allred Alaskan Adventure and for being such kind and generous parents. We will never forget that week and look forward to making more memories with the greater Allred family for many years to come. I love you, Kristyn

56: Mom and Dad Allred You have provided our family with an experience that is invaluable. I am grateful for the relationships that we have been able to develop over the years, and this added a new element to it. It was fun to be able to just focus on each other and make memories that enhance our family. As you look over the Alaskan memory book that Maggen has spent a lot of time putting together, I hope you are able to relive the special gift that you have given us. You are amazing parent. I thank Heavenly Father for the careful placement He has given each of us. Especially, for the fact that I was blessed to be a part of it. As I raise my family, I constantly find moments and opportunities for traditions and Gospel teachings that I learned from you. You are simply amazing parents. I love you, Marie

57: Dear Dad and Mom, We are not quite sure where to start in thanking you for our trip to Alaska! This trip to was a blessing to us in so many ways! We cannot begin to express our thanks in the adequate way but we will try!! Your unselfish act in providing us with this trip does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! It came in a time in our lives where we desperately needed the break. It was a welcome relief to have a change from our busy daily tasks (kids, work, housework, etc). This trip allowed up to leave that all behind and get the rest we so needed! We sure did a LOT of sleeping!! It was nice to not be wakened several times a night by our 3 children (mainly for Maggen on this)! To have a full night of sleep was blessing enough!!! Another wonderful thing that this trip offered was the chance for us to spend time with our family members. We both felt that we got to know each of them in a more personal way. We got uninterrupted time with each of them! We had our late night dancing, our food fests, our excursions, our formal nights, those fabulous family dinners, those “in room” chats, and so much more. We loved the time we were able to spend with you both! You are both amazing examples to us and we are very perceptive to the many sacrifices you make and the way you serve each and every one of us. Thank you both for that!!! We left the trip fully reinvigorated and ready to carry onto our next adventure. We left with love in our hearts for our family and grateful to you for giving us the chance to have that. We will forever have fond memories of Alaska and it is because of you that we do so!! Much love! Reid and Maggen

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