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General Travel

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FC: The Kush Ancient Civilization By: Justin Johnson & YuYu Chen

1: The Ancient Kushan Civilization flourished in what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northern India. They thrived from 50 A.D. to the mid 200's. The Kushan Civilization were Central Asian people, originally from northwest China. They settled as 5 kingdoms in Afghanistan. | The Ancient Kush Civilization Ruins | The Kush Civilization Ruins

3: The Kushan Empire had a lot of natural resources such as Iron, Copper, Gold mine deposits. They also had forests of ebony and other woods. Their Ancient Civilization was border by the Blue and White Nile rivers, it was also border by the Atbara river. | Geography

4: Clothing

5: The people of Kush thought of themselves as Egyptians and so they dress as them. Their clothing is made of plant fiber they grew. the mens would be half naked with a skirt and the women would have long dresses. the nobles would usually have fancier ones. the linen of the plants is very light and good to waers in the hot weather

6: Religions | The Kush believed in numerous gods. The pyramids they built were to honor their gods. | Religions

7: The Kush were like the Egyptians, they believed in the same thing. They believe in the afterlife and gods. They mummified the dead, built pyramids that have flat tops for the tombs. However the Kush had a few more gods like the Three-headed Lion. | The Kush were like the Egyptians, they believed in the same thing. They believe in the after life and gods. They mummified the dead, built pyramids that have flat tops for the tombs. However the Kush had a few more gods like the Three-headed Lion.

8: The Ancient Kushan Civilization made two main types of food, Ful and Kisra. The more popular dish was Ful. It was made of cooked beans and raw onions. They also ate flat Arabic bread and Kirsa bread that was a pancake type bread. | Food

9: Ful

10: Mask | Stone Carving | Art

11: Statue | The Kush created numerous amount of art work. They made stone statues of their kings and queens, crave pictures and writings. The temples they build is beautiful and mask for rituals are amazing. Besides that they also made colorful statues of the animals and gods.

12: Rain god

13: Myths | The people of kush and other African tribes told many myths about their gods and how the world was created. One of them is about the legend of Khoi who was a village man who cares a lot for his people.The village was dying soon because there was no rain. So Khoi battles death and became a rain god | There are also legends about lions turning inti humans or humans turing into lions when bitten by them

14: Language

15: The people of Kush speaks two main types of language. The first is Meroitic and second is Nubian. There are also other languages found in the area of the Kush like Egyptian mixture. | Some can still read these text on the pictures,

16: Government

17: The Kushan Civilization was made up of monarchy. A monarchy is when a king or queen rules an independent empire or civilization.

18: Hyroglyphics | Methods of Writing | Hyroglyphics

19: The Kushan people often used hyroglyphics, hieratic, and domatic scrips. It was usually written on backed bricks and sandstone. There writing was like the Egyptians. But most of Kushan writing was sacred. It was called Meroitic, named after Meroe. | Meroitic

20: http://ethnology.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/11.jpg | http://www.adventurers.it/images/boston%20mfa/Coffin-Face-Egypt-web.jpg | http://www.egiptologia.com/images/stories/historia/peftjauawybast/figura13.jpg | http://nefertamu.tripod.com/ovid.gif | http://www.ancientscripts.com/images/berber4.gif | http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_dH3ZETZ8ZlM/SIAbL4rZeOI/AAAAAAAAAIo/TcheYS1aGjE/s400/image001.jpg

21: Wrestling was the most popular athletic thing in Kush. Most of the athletics were held in an arena. | Athletics

22: Capitol: There have been three different capitols; Kerma, Napiata, and later Meroe. | Interesting Facts

23: Architecture | Areas around Kush is always filled with mysteries and buildings. Some attractions in Kush is the pyramids they built for their kings and queens and hold rituals. The pyramids are tombs for the kings and queens when the get mummified Besides the pyramids there is also the temples carve with beautiful pictures and confusing writings.

24: Sources | http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/egypt/art/pictures/rahotepnefret.jpg | http://www.k12.hi.us/~kapunaha/student_projects/unwrap/clothing.gif | http://www.dignubia.org/maps/timeline/img/b0330c-triad-musawwarat.jpg | http://maratray.chezalice.fr/images/religion/egypte/osiris.jpg | http://aeglaeca.org/wpcontent/themes/egypt_wp/images/Anubis | http://i.ytimg.com/vi/bQu_c5jZoac/0.jpg

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