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General Travel

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S: Study Abroad Fall 2010- LMU- New Europe Program

BC: New Europe Program LMU Fall 2010

FC: Emily's European Adventures

1: Emily Bucher Familie Billen Siebengebirgsstr. 89 A 53229 Bonn Germany | Study Abroad Fall 2010 | My Adventures Through Europe | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O

2: Bonn...Home Sweet Home | My Room | 1st Day of School | Beethoven's Hometown | AIB | Bonn Cathedral | The Girls | Welcome Party | Rhine River

3: 1st German Beer | Belles in Bonn | 21st Birthday | Puetzchens Markt | Bonn Christmas Market | Snow in Bonn | Night Out on the Town

4: Aachen | Bacharach | Braubach | Adventures through Deutschland

5: Cologne

6: Eifel Region | Monreal | Frankfurt

7: Mainz | Maastricht | The Rhine

8: So the first trip of the many adventures to come was surely one for the books! Little did we know that our train ride from Bonn to Amsterdam was the beginning of a long adventure. Getting to the bus stops at the train station in Amsterdam, it took 3 people to tell us the right bus to take and every one of them gave us weird stares...which we came to understand later on in the night. Getting on the bus, a man (well actually an angel) drew us a map of where we had to walk to in order to get to our hotel. He said you are going to be walking for a while so hopefully your bags aren’t too heavy The bus then dropped us off at a bus stop in the middle of, cows and all. After walking for a about an hour through fields, cows and a random neighborhood (in pitch black mind you) we made it to our hotel...15 miles outside of Amsterdam. We knew this trip was going to be interesting from the moment we stepped off that bus. | Amsterdam

9: Putting aside the hotel fiasco and having to take a taxi to the nearest bus station in order to take the bus about 30 minutes into town...we finally made it to central Amsterdam. We walked all day long and covered many of the main parts of Amsterdam: The Rijks Museum, the Iamsterdam sign, canal tour and The Anne Frank House. After our long day of walking, we got dinner for Claudia’s birthday at a less than mediocre Italian restaurant and ended up at McDonald’s after. We ended our trip with a trip to the Red Light District...that was an experience and once is enough haha.

10: Zurich was amazing! The town was so cute, filled with little cobblestone streets leading everywhere and surrounded by picturesque Swiss buildings. The Limmat River flowed right down the middle of town, leading to Lake Zurich. Churches and clock towers popped out over the buildings and the town was most beautiful at sunset. Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, was breathtaking with the mist of the crashing water surrounding you. Renting bikes was a great way to see the sites as we tried our luck riding through town with the locals. Our ride led us to the Lindt Chocolate store, where we all indulged in our fare share of chocolate purchases. | Switzerland | Zurich

12: Welcome to Interlaken & Jungfrau Region, Switzerland | The best part of the trip to Switzerland was when Claudia and I went on a day bus tour into Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland. We got to go on a train up into the mountains and stop at little villages of Wengan, Kleine Scheidegg and Grindelwald along the way. The villages were the cutest things I have ever seen, what you would picture in your head when you think of Switzerland...but cuter! I found my dream home and some of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life! The scenery was breathtaking and pictures do not do it justice. I truly left my heart in Switzerland.

14: Belgium | Brussels | The start to our 6 day excursion with the AIB began in Brussels, Belgium. We went to the European Union, then went exploring throughout the city, since we only had a couple hours there. In the city, we indulged in some delicious traditional Belgium fries and had a walking tour with Viktoria. Our short day trip in Brussels ended with real Belgium Waffles, which were to die for.

15: Bruges | After Brussels we drove to Bruges, which is known as the Venice of northern Europe. The buildings were all so intricate with detailed roofs and were surrounded by canals going in and out off the town. In Bruges, we stayed at a hotel that was a boat, life jackets and all! It was absolutely adorable. We had a bike tour through the countryside of Bruges, which was breathtaking. There were windmills, miles of trees, grass and animals. After this we ventured off to France to see the gorgeous city of Paris!

16: is nothing like I have ever seen. There are so many huge old buildings it is unbelievable. Around every corner you either see a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or a detailed bridge going over the Seine. Our tour guide Julien was brilliant. He knew everything you could ever want to know about the city and he opened my eyes to a new way of looking at paintings and walking through museums. | Paris

17: Throughout our 4 day trip in Paris, we covered just about everything. We started off with a bike tour and surprisingly no one got run over! During our tour, we made stops at the Eiffel Tower, The École Militaire, The Hotel des Invalide (the old military hospital that looks like a palace!), and continued over to The Pont Alexandre III bridge, which goes over the Seine River. We finally made it to The Champs-Elysées and saw the magnificent view of the Arc de Triomphe in the background. We ended our bike tour with Le Louvre and the Sorbonne (the historic University of Paris). Besides the bike tour, we saw Notre Dame and got to go inside to see the beautiful windows and alter. The Latin Quarter was also amazing to see as it is the oldest part of Paris and is on its own little island in the middle of the city. Throughout the rest of the days, we had many more walking tours and visits to museums including Le Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay. The Eiffel Tower at night was the highlight of the trip and at the top we got to see the entire city lit up. Needless to say, we were all speechless. Finally, our trip ended with trips to Versailles and Montmartre, which were both amazing as well! Of course, who could forget the amazing food! The wine, baguettes, cheese and meat were delicious as well as the crepes! I could go back just for those!

18: Luck of the Irish! Ireland | I am happy to say that Dublin was amazing! We had so much fun in the town and hopping around the pubs! We started off our trip with a walking tour and took in all that Dublin had to offer. Quickly, we moved on to the Jameson Factory tour where we had a tour of the museum and a whiskey tasting. Comparing Scotch to Jameson to Jack, all of us found that Jameson was our favorite! The Guinness Storehouse was another factory we planned to go to and was one of the highlights of the trip. The museum showed you step by step how Guinness was made and what goes into the process. We also learned how to properly taste Guinness with our first glass of Guinness for tasting. After continuing up the top of the museum, we went to the Gravity Bar at the very top of the Guinness glass shaped museum! There we had a 360 degree view of Dublin and a complimentary pint of Guinness! We got there at just the right time, as the sun was setting. Magical! During our trips to pubs and The Temple Bar, I discovered my love for Magner’s Irish Cider as well as a pint of Guinness.

19: On our Paddywagon bus tours, we ventured out into the country to Wicklow County and Kilkenny. In Wicklow County, we went to Glendalough or “Glen of Two Lakes.” It was freezing, but the lakes were beautiful and covered with a thin layer of fog. The surrounding fields were glazed with frost and sparkling in the sun that came up over the mountain. Then we went to the town of Kilkenny and walked around the adorable streets, as well as Kilkenny Castle. Amongst our Irish adventures we indulged in some amazing fish and chips at Burdocks and went to Hairy Lemon for a traditional Irish meal! Irish Coddle, beer and Jameson Irish Coffees to top it off. Delicious!

20: Hamburg, Germany | Being one of the major port cities in Germany, it was very cool to see Hamburg and all it had to offer. We explored the many docks and watched tug boats as they pulled cargo ships throughout the port. The boats in the harbor were so unique, some even being restaurants and chapels. After walking through the city center and seeing all the buildings, we went to discover a park a little bit outside of the main city. Although it was raining, the park and all its fall colors was spectacular. It was amazing to see the actual changing of the seasons, as we don't get to see this at home. We frolicked in the leaves and ran throughout the park before we had to catch our train back to Bonn from our little German port town.

21: We had a quick 2 day visit in Prague, before leaving for Berlin. Our tour guide walked us around for our time in Prague and we saw many of the main sights. The Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall and the Prague Castle were some of the things we saw during our adventures. The view from Prague Castle was gorgeous, although a little hazy due to the clouds. One of the evenings we went to an Opera in the beautiful opera house in Prague. It was covered with gold and red on every inch of the interior. We also went to dinner at a Czech restaurant for a traditional Czech meal. I had stuffed pork with potato croquettes. It was delish! Overall, Prague was different than the other cities I have seen; much more of an Eastern European influence and very touristy. It was a good 2 day trip though and not as jam-packed as most of the school trips we have done. Definitely liked the time to just walk around and enjoy precious Prague! | Prague, Czech Republic

22: Even though it rained the entire time, our trip to Berlin was my favorite historical one by far! Whilst taking a 20th Century Europe course in Bonn, it was amazing to see everything I have been learning about in person. We saw everything! We went to see the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg gate, which was mind blowing. To think that 21 years ago, we would not have been able to just walk through the Brandenburg Gate like we did was very moving. Another place we went to of recent history was the Stasi Prison, Hohenschnhausen. It only closed in 1990 and was left just as the prisoners left it; sheets, beds, interrogation rooms...everything. | Berlin, Germany

23: The concentration camp we went to, Sachsenhausen, was another amazing experience. It was cold, rainy and foggy that day, which added to the moving effect; nothing like I have ever seen. We also toured the Reichstag, which has been completely redone inside except for a few areas where the original walls still remain. The dome at the top allows you to see a 360 view of Berlin, which was spectacular at night! Our last day, we split into different groups and each explored our assigned topics on our own. It was a cool way to explore the city on your own and have the freedom to do as you pleased. My group had the GDR and we went to the amazing DDR museum. We learned all about the daily life of the people in the East during the Cold War, which not many people tend to think about when they think of these times. It was interesting to hear the point of view of our tour guide as well, who lived throughout the time of East and West Germany division.

25: Ciao Milano! | Being that Milan is a fashion paradise, we had to start off our trip walking around the fashion district and seeing all the designer store displays. The people there are definitely fashion forward. There was also a shopping district for the less financially inclined...hahaha. So we walked around that area and found the Abercrombie store with a line down the block. It was ridiculous! Abercrombie is a destination for young Europeans I am sure. As far as buildings, the Duomo in Milan was gorgeous! The outside was not black and dirty like most cathedrals we have seen. The inside was spectacular with its multi-colored stained glass windows and amazing altar. It was definitely one of my favorite cathedrals I have seen here. We also walked around some amazing parks, one of which had the Arco della Pace. The castle in Milan was an entrance to one of the parks and was surely a grand entrance. Besides the people hassling you to buy an umbrella or light up toy, Milan was quite pleasant. It was a relaxing weekend with good company and good food! The gelato was amazing as well as the Panzerotti from Luini’s! Would could not love Italia?

26: When in Roma! | Rome was everything I expected it to be and more! The gelato, pasta and pizza were just some of the many fantastic things I experienced over the weekend. Despite the rain and thunder storms, we saw all the major sights. The Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel were only a few of the many amazing things on the agenda. It is a gorgeous city with remnants of history around every corner. From one street to the next we found amazing chapels and centuries old Roman ruins. Our tour of the Vatican was awesome and our guide was from San Diego! She was so knowledgeable and made our visit to the Vatican even better than what I expected! I cannot wait to go come back to this amazing Italian paradise! Ciao Bella!

28: We started off our adventures at Westminster Abbey and walked around the church with an audio tour. I was surprised by how many royal people are buried there, so many memorials and lavished tombs. From there we went on the Underground to Buckingham Palace. Mind the Gap! There we saw the changing of the guard, tall black hats and all. For lunch, we went on a hunt to find the Chipotle! The best lunch ever! I have missed it so! After lunch, a little shopping was in order, as we ventured to Harrods and walked around the Chelsea area. Adorable! In Chelsea, we also saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Next, the London Bridge and Christmas drinks at Starbucks were well in order, due to the ice cold chilling weather! Then, we went to the Tower of London and saw the crown jewels! Finally, we went back to the tea store we found at Picadilly and I got a teapot. Perfect end to my fantastic weekend in London! I would have loved to stay longer though!

29: London, United Kingdom | From the moment I heard them call trash rubbage on the airplane, I was in love! I could have just sat around listening to them talk all weekend and I would have been happy! When we got into town, we picked up our London Passes and were off to walk around. It was absolutely freezing, but seeing London at night was totally worth it. We also discovered a Christmas market along the Thames by the London Eye, which was a nice surprise!

30: Budapest | Although it was freezing the entire weekend, Budapest was definitely a trip to remember. When we arrived in the evening, we were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed like family in our hostel. Carpe Noctem, our hostel run by Australians, felt like a home in Budapest. They made us feel so welcome and helped us out with anything we needed; from sightseeing tips to nights out, they did it all. As far as sightseeing, we went to the Terror Museum first. It was centralized around the decades of Nazi and Communist repression in Hungary. The images and videos were truly moving. As far as the city, we explored both the Buda and Pest sides. The Pest side was more of a city feel, with long streets and tall buildings on either side. In Pest we saw Hero's Square, The Vajdahunyad Castle, Opera House, St. Stephen's Basilica, The Jewish Synagogue and The Szechenyi Baths. Crossing the Chain Bridge, which was the first bridge to connect Buda and Pest, we ventured onto the more hilly Buda side. Buda was filled with many sites of amazing views. We walked up to both the Buda Castle and Matthias Church, where there were spectacular views of Parliament and all of Pest. Views from the snow covered Citadel were also breathtaking. Budapest by day was just as amazing as Budapest by night. All the streets were lined with holiday lights and the Buda monuments were shining bright over the river. The night also brought our once in a lifetime Cinetrip experience. For our friend's 21st birthday we went to a bath turned into a club for the night. It was definitely a night to remember. Over our short weekend in Budapest, we covered it all. From learning the true pronunciation of Budapeshht to climbing to the heights of Buda, Budapest was a very unexpected treasure.

33: Ben | Ruth, Irmgard, Paula and I | Rochelle and I with Irmgard | My German Family

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